elected Deputy for Women. Ms.

Karla Ochoa of UNM Council
8057 was elected Deputy for
Youth and Mr. Joe’L Trujillo,
Cofounder of UNM Council
8057 was reelected Deputy for
Young Adults.
UNM Council 8057 will host the
2015 State Convention in Albu-
querque, NM .
Vi gi l El ect ed t o Head NM LULAC Al ong
wi t h New St at e Of fi cers
New St at e Di r ector Made Tour to the
Nor th in Attempt to Reor gani ze Counci ls
Las Cruces, NM– Mr. Enrique
“Kiki” Vigil was elected NM
LULAC State Director at the NM
LULAC State Convention last
May 25, 2014. Former NM Sec-
retary of State, Mary Herrera was
also a candidate for NM State
Director. Ms. Herrera graciously
conceded and supported Mr.
Vigil for the position of NM
State Director.
Mr. Vigil was the former Deputy
State Director. He is a member of
Las Cruces Council 120. He re-
tired last January as the Task
Force Commander for the United
States Marshal Service. He re-
cently won the Democratic Pri-
mary race for the Dona Ana
County Sheriff. He will face off
with his Republican challenger in
the general election this Novem-
He replaces Ralph D.
Arellanes, Sr., of Al-
buquerque Council
8056. Arellanes was
term limited and ineli-
gible to run for reelec-
Also elected were
Jessica Inez Martinez,
as the new Deputy
State Director. She is a
member of Las Cruces
Council 120. She was also co-
founder of the UNM Council
8057. She was also a former
National LULAC Youth Presi-
dent. Ms. Lynn Baca of Silver
City Council 8003 was reelected
as the State Treasurer. Mr. Rich-
ard Garcia of Roswell Council
8051 was re-elected Deputy of
Elderly. Ms. Virginia Garcia of
Roswell Council 8051 was
state director swiftly made
changes and visits not withstand-
ing busy race for Sheriff. He has
changed the website and imple-
mented a News Letter for the
entire membership to access. He
made appropriations for State
Board and verifying that all enti-
ties within the state organization
Las Cruces, NM– State Director
Enrique “Kiki” Vigil and the NM
LULAC State Board members
were sworn into to office imme-
diately following the NM State
Convention held last month at the
Hotel Encanto in Las Cruces,
NM. Former State Director Mr.
Frank Cordova of Hurley Council
400 administered the oath of
office with Past State Director
Mr. Paul “Pablo” A. Martinez of
Las Cruces Council 120 and Mr.
Ralph D. Arellanes, Immediate
Past State Director. Immediately
following the elections, the new
Inside this issue:
Installation Las Vegas l 2
NHC Trailblazer Awards 2
NM LULAC State Convention
State Board Meeting Notice 3
State Director’s Message 4

Special points of interest:
 Vigil Elected New State Director
 State Director Tours Northern
 Installation of Las Vegas Council
 Santa Fe Council 33 to re-charter
 Hispanic Trailblazer Award and
 State Convention Highlights
New Mexi c o League of Uni t ed Lat i n Amer i c an Ci t i zens
2014-15 NM LULAC State Board

June 2014
Volume 1, Issue 1
Nat i onal Hi spani c Cul t ural Cent er Hol ds Trai l bl azer Awards and
Honors for mer Ret i r ed NM Supr eme Cour t Just i ce Joseph Baca
sponse. NM LULAC will explore potential
litigation in a class action to support the His-
panic Horse Racers and Trainers. The NM
LULAC Civil Rights Commis-
sion will organize a meeting
with the Mexican American
Legal Defense and Education
Fund (MALDEF) to discuss this
pending issues with the State of
New Mexico Racing Commis-
(Continued from page 1)
are in compliance and in good standing with
both state and federal agencies. Mr. Vigil is-
sued a communication directive on the proto-
col concerning communication, chain of com-
mand and addressing information to the me-
dia. He recently travelled to Santa Fe, NM and
met with Mr. Alex Martinez , Executive Di-
rector of SER Jobs for Progress. SER is a
program founded by LULAC and the Ameri-
can G.I. Forum in Houston, TX in 1966. He
also met with other Santa Fe community lead-
ers in an effort to re-activate the old Santa Fe
Council 33. This Council along with the for-
mer members of the Los Alamos Council
founded the Santa Fe SER in 1970. Several of
the new members applying for
Charter and the use of the old
council number are members of
the Hispanic Horse Racers and
Trainers. This group has been
unfairly targeted by the NM
Horse Racing Commission.
LULAC has sent various letters
of concern on the treatment of
Hispanic Jockey and Trainers.
We have yet to receive a re-
Albuquerque, NM– On
Friday, June 20, 2014, the
National Hispanic Cultural
Center held their Annual
Trailblazer Awards. For-
mer NM Supreme Court
Justice Joseph Baca was
honored. Also, special
scholarships were given in
honor of the Justice Baca
to Joe Stevens and Erica
Baca whom are member of
UNM Council 8057. Mr.
Joe Stevens is the Council
President of UNM 8057.
He is also the Deputy Dis-
trict Director. Ms. Erica
Baca is the past president
of Council 8057. Both Joe
and Erica plan on attending
Law School at UNM.
St at e Di r ect or’s Nor t hern Tour
New Of fi cers and Members for m Las Vegas Ami gos del Nor t e
Counci l 8025 r ecent l y Sworn i n by New St at e Di r ect or
Las Vegas-NM– State Director, Enrique
“Kiki” Vigil visited Las Vegas “Los Amigos
del Norte Council 8025 in Romeroville, NM.
Mr. Dennis W. Montoya, JD, Council Presi-
dent and State Executive Director held a initia-
tion and oath of officer ceremony at Sheridan
Fire Depart in Romeroville south of Las Ve-
gas, NM.
This council’s main focus is judicial reform
and transparency in the process. Ms. Rebecca
Montoya has been inspirational in reactivating
this council’s activities and incorporating ser-
vices to the volunteer Fire Department in
Sheridan. Vigil stated, “we are committed to
traveling the entire state and to form new
councils and rebuild councils that held such a
major impact in New Mexico’s history”.
“we are committed to traveling
the entire state and to form new
councils and rebuild councils
that held should a major impact
in New Mexico’s history.”
Page 2 NM LULAC News
Meeting with SER in Santa Fe,
Justice Baca with NM LULAC
US District Judge Kenneth Gonzales and NM
St at e Convent i on Phot os
NM LULAC Stat e Board Meet ing
and Counci l 120 Annual
Barbeque to be held in Las
Cruces, NM
NM LULAC Women’s Hall of Fame:
Mrs. Emilia Vasquez and Mrs. Margie Marti-
nez were inducted into the NM LULAC
Women’s Hall of Fame. Emilia Vasquez is the
matriarch of Council 120. She has served as a
National Vice President for Youth. She was
also a former Dona Ana County Assessor. She
has been in the League since the late 1950s.
Margie Martinez has served in several district,
state and council level positions. She is from
Hurley Council 400. She has been a member
since the mid 1960s.
Las Cruces, NM– At the 85th Annual State
Convention NM LULAC presented State
2013 Council of the Years– Silver City 8003
2013 Woman of the Year– Diane Torrez of
Hurley Council 400
2013 Man of the Year– Joe’L Trujillo of
UNM Council 8057
2014 Educators of the Year-
Dr. Jennifer Gomez-Chavez, UNM Council
Ms. Laverne Martinez, Hurley Council 400
 Support for Maggie Rivera for National
 Resolution to Consider whether Herbal
Life and Hedge Fund’s internal business
disputes are relevant to the LULAC Civil
Rights Platform
 Support for Tradition Use of Lard Grants
 Revisit position in support of the Educa-
tion Department’s Core Value
Las Cruces, NM– The NM LULAC State
Board or Directors, the NM LULAC Institute
and CHILE PAC will hold its first quarterly
board meetings on Saturday, August 16, 2014
in Las Cruces, NM. Las Cruces Council 120
will host this meeting and will host the annual
Barbeque after the meetings at the residence of
the honorable State Director Enrique “Kiki”
Vigil and the first lady of NM LULAC Ms.
Melanie Altuna Vigil.
The agendas and meeting location will be
posted on the NM LULAC Website.

St at e Convent i on Hi ghl i ght s
Page 3 Volume 1, Issue 1
Margie Martinez and Emilia Vasquez
2nd Congressional Debate (Lt-Rt): Roxanne Lara
(D), Immediate Past State Director, Pablo Marti-
nez, Congressman Steve Pearce (R) and State
Director Ralph Arellanes
NM Indo Hispano Veterans Honored at Convention
US Sen. Martin Heinrich, Palestinian Ambassador Maen Rashid
Areikat and National LULAC Treasurer Maggie Rivera
Las Cruces Mayor Ken Miyagishima, Amb. Areikat, Sen. Linda Lopez ,
Jose Perez, Hispanics in Energy with member of Council 120
I would like to thank the Immediate Past State
Director, Mr. Ralph Arellanes for his excellent
work and commitment to the League. These
are hard shoes to fill and I appreciate his work
and leadership that he served the last four
I truly believe that it takes a strong and power-
ful council to make a successful State Direc-
tor. I am thankful to Las Cruces Council 120
for their support and loyalty in my efforts in
becoming your New Mexico LULAC State
Director. God Bless you all.

Enrique “Kiki” Vigil
NM LULAC State Director

Dear Hermanas y Hermanos en LULAC:
It is indeed my honor and privilege to be
elected as your NM LULAC State Director. I
have proudly served on the State
Board as the Deputy State Direc-
tor. I was humbled and elated
that you all placed your trust in
me to elevate me as your leader
and Director of the largest His-
panic membership organization
in the country and state of New
As long as I am able to represent
you, I will do my utmost to par-
take in all of the activities and
support the local councils across
the state of New Mexico.
I have already travelled
up north. I will be at-
tempting to work with the past state directors
and my new deputy state director Jessica Inez
Martinez to build councils. We hope to reacti-
vate Santa Fe Council 33. We
want continue to organize in Rio
Arriba, San Miguel, Mora, San
Juan and McKinley counties.
We plan on visiting the south-
eastern part of the State to help
organize there. I look forward to
working with the Collegiate
Councils across the state and
committed on making LULAC
the training ground for future up
and coming leaders like Jessica
Inez Martinez, Joe Stevens, Val-
erie Arellanes, Karla Ochoa,
Erica Baca and Joe’L
Trujillo to name a few.
Message from St at e Di r ect or Enri que “Ki ki ” Vi gi l
The League of United Latin American Citizens, (LULAC) is this
nation's oldest and largest Latino civic membership organization.
LULAC was organized in February of 1929, in Corpus Christi,
TX. LULAC is a 501(c)(4) organization. Our primary focus is
education, civil rights, housing, economic development, domestic
equality and the upward mobility of Hispanics within our Ameri-
can society.
New Mexico was the second state to organize LULAC. Filemon T.
Martinez was the main New Mexico organizer. In some accounts,
he attended the first convention in Corpus Christi. He organized
several councils and recruited prominent New Mexicans such as,
Congressman Antonio M. Fernandez, several members of the New
Mexico Legislature. Including the late U.S. Senators, Dennis
Chavez and Joseph Montoya.
LULAC New Mexico was inspirational in advocating for the Uni-
versity of New Mexico School of Law and was the first American
University to implement a Latin American Studies. This innova-
tive program trained the first corps of Spanish speaking American
diplomats to Latin American countries.
Primary Business Address
P.O. Box 1324
Las Cruces, NM 88004
Phone: 575-312-1068
Fax: 575-527-2460
E-mail: newmexicolulac@yahoo.com
“All for one and one for all”
Visit us online at
Enrique “Kiki” Vigil
NM LULAC State Director 2014-15