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Automatic waste material handling/transportation

system in industry
In Industries ( esp. in material processing workshops ), a
lot of waste material will be produced. Although this material may be
recycled/reused, a major concern in this regard is the handling process
that is employed for transporting the materials from the processing
location to the storage area. In most of the cases this is done manually
and sometimes by using machines like trolleys e.t.c. But in big
workshops many kilos of material is to be handled per day and
requires definite material handling path. The below discussed
handling system, we believe may reduce handling path and also
eliminates (to the maximum extent) human involvement.
Basic working of the system:
The automatic handling system consists of a tunnel
shaped passage through which a slider (having space for holding the
material) slides. Sliding is carried by suitable guides provided in the
underside of the passage. The passage is usually inclined to the shop
floor to permit the material to be transmitted to a higher elevation,
which then drops into the storage area.

Conical basin



Fig1 Outline representation
he workm men collecct the wasstes from their macchines annd
disposee the sam t conicaal basin arranged at the side of thhe
me into the
wall. When
W thee level off the wasste reach
hes a certtain limitt, a sensoor
placed in the baasin autom
matically switches on the syystem.
Th a valve mechaniism invollved in thhis system
he slide and m
is showwn in fig22. As shoown the sllide has rectangula
r ar slots onn both toop
and boottom facces whichh assist iin collectting as well w as disposal
d o
waste material.
m There iss an undeer plate which
w alsoo slides along
a witth
the slidder up too the spacce where the passaage openns (see fig g3). Wheen
the slide reachees the mechanica
m ally operaated valvve (providded to thhe
passage), the vaalve platee automattically oppens thus allowingg the wastte
to f alll into the slide. Thhe slide iss a cabin shaped structure
s which haas
enoughh space to o hold thhe waste. When thhe slide passes thee valve thhe
valve plate
p autoomaticallyy closes tthus non permittinng waste (if any) to t
fall thrrough the passage. By this w way the slide
s colleects the waste
w fromm
different conicaal basins and
a finallly transpoorts to thee storage area.

Fig2 slide
s and valve arrrangemennt
Thee storagee tank (fiig4) is a speciallyy shaped containeer
which has givenn taperedd surfacess on the opposite
o ssides. There is alsso
an escalator meechanism m. The sliide pushees the waaste to th he storagge
containner. At prredefined
d periods (may be once a week,
w deppending on
mount of waste produced per day)) the esccalator is operatedd,
the am
which transportts the wasste materiials to thee trucks, through which
w it iis
sent to recycling
g industry

Slide Waste

e container

Fig3 sttorage annd conveyying of waaste
9HHuman involvemennt can be drasticallly reduceed by wayy of the
proposed s
9 Material
M h
handling path
p can bbe greatly
y simplifiied. The system
m be placed at thhe extrem
may me corner of the woorkspace.

Fig44 System location (Red colo
or) at worrkspace
9 System helps in clean maintenance of the layout.
9 Confusion free workspace.

It is required to estimate the cost incurred in installing the
system and compare this cost with the cost incurred by manual system
(involving ordinary handling system of trolleys e.t.c.). Any other
limitations is to be evaluated by experienced personals.
The prototype of similar system will be developed and
brought at the time of contest with suitable charts (for explaining the
system clearly).
Idea developed by

V.Bhanu Chander,

Tirupati. India

Email :

Contact : 9052579495

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