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A.I. Stingl, PhD nomadicscholarship@gmail.

com Galvanistrasse 17, 90459 Nuremburg, Germany

Curriculum Vitae
Research&Teaching: Social Studies of Science&Technology, Medical Humanities, Critical Thinking
Dr. Phil. (PhD), Sociology, FAU Erlangen-Nuremburg, 2008
MA, Sociology, Philosophy, American Studies/Cultural Analysis, FAU
BA-equivalent, Sociology, American Studies and English Linguistics, Philosophy, German Lit. FAU
Undergraduate Studies Economics, Empirical Social Research, Social Psychology&Anthropology, FAU
International Baccalaureate/Abitur (Kollegstufe12/13), Biology, Anglo-American Lit.&Cult. (Majors),
History, Social Studies, German Lit., Chemistry (Minors), Sigena-Gymnasium
Affiliated Research Faculty, Center for STS, Drexel University, Philadeplhia, PA
pending confirmation: Research Consultant, Department for General Medicine (Allgemeinmedizin),
University Clinic/Faculty for Medicine, FAU Erlangen-Nrnberg,
Visiting Fellow/Research Collaborator
2012 2015 University of Kassel, FB5 Gesellschaftswissenschaften (Faculty for Social Sciences)
Center for Logic and Philosophy of Science, CLWF, Free University of Brussels, Belgium
pending confirmation: Center for Applied Health Sciences, (ZAG), Leuphana University, Lneburg,
Contract Lecturer 2011 2014 Leuphana College, History-Cluster, Leuphana University, Lneburg
in development: Institute for Decolonial Political Economies, e.V., (Virtual Institute) Lneburg
2010 2012 Visiting researcher, European University Viadrina, Frankfurt Oder, INTRAG
2005 2008 PhD candidate Institute for Sociology, FAU Erlangen-Nrnberg
Sociology and Philosophy of Science, Technology and Medicine
Political Studies in Nomadic Polities, Technoscientific Organization, and Postdemocratic Leadership
Decolonial Options and Border Thinking in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Maths)
History of the Life and Human Sciences since 1700
Cultural Analysis and Qualitative Research Methods
Media-archaeology of embodiment: The digitalization of the human body in biomedicine and its publics
Epistemology and ontology of bio-medical research and technoscientific governance
Post-democratic societies, inequality and social justice in the age of bio-digital citizenship
Transmedial Imaginaries of Otherness and Digital Coloniality
N-Pragmatism, decoloniality and the geopolitics of knowledge, and semantic agency theory (SAT)
Normalization processes, biases in adopting new technologies and better practices using SAT
English (near-native fluency), German (native), French (elementary reading/listening comprehension)
EU Innovation Incubator: Innovative Course Design. Funding of all courses for Winter 2013/14
Invited Participant, German Ministry of Science and Education (BMBF) Workshop Psychological
Research instead of Ethics, University Tbingen, March 8 14, 2014
EU Regional Development Fund, Leuphana University, 'Innovation Incubator', Innovative Teaching
The West and its Other(s): Western Ethos and the Postcolonial Perspective, 'The Enlightenment View
of Humanity: Science, Public, State' (Winter 2012/2013), 'Care, Power, Information (Winter 2011/12)
Fellowship DAAD: (German Academic Exchange Services) Harvard Archives: Pusey Library and Baker
Library; Brown Archives: Hay Library (Euro 3155/$4730) August October 2008
Travel Grant DFG: ASA Conference, Boston, MA (Euro 1180/$1770) Aug. 1

4, 2008
Fellowship DAAD: Harvard Archives, Brown Archives (Euro3355/$4880) June August 2007
A.I. Stingl, PhD Galvanistrasse 17, 90459 Nuremburg, Germany
Summer 2015 Online Seminar Drexel
1. Care, Power, Information: Biomedicine, Ecology, Social Justice and Governance 3.0
2. The West and its Others: STS Perspectives
Planned courses from spring and ongoing 2014-16 details tbd.
1. That Affair called Sex: Gender, Sexuality, Bodies (texts, practices & material vitalities), 2. Western, non-
Western, and Decolonial Transmedial Imaginaries of the Other(s), 3. Representing, Intervening,
TechnoScientific Governing (Introducing the History of Science), 4. Philosophy of Language (...and
Mind?), 5. Dual Language: Wissenschaft/Lifeform Lebensform/Science, 6. Life: Organism, Body, Mind,
7. Qualitative Methods in Studying Ableist Paradigms and Diffractive Body Experiences, Reading
Colloquia: a. Derrida Animal that therefore I am, b. Sanjines C. Embers of the past, c. Weber
Wissenschaftslehre (contd), in comparison to Husserl, Foucault, Harding, & Longino
Contract Lecturer Leuphana University, Lneburg
Winter 2013/14 Cluster Knowledge Makes History (Wissen macht Geschichte).
1. Truth or Dare, Trick or Treat? - Introduction to STS: Science Studies and the concept of Life
2. Care, Power, Information: Biomedical Ecologies, Social Justice, and Governance 3.0
3. The concept of the work[das Werk]: Work and authorship in literature, art, and markets
4. EU-Incubator: Special International Section Instructor (supplement for the Ringvorlesung)
5. Debate Workshop
Reading Colloquia: a. Dussel Ethics of Liberation & b. Weber Wissenschaftslehre
Winter 2012/13 Cluster Knowledge Makes History (Wissen macht Geschichte).
1. Europe and the Enlightenment View of Humanity: Public, State, Science
2. The West and its Other(s): The Western Ethos and the Postcolonial Perspective
Spring 2012 Cluster Understanding and Intervening (Verstehen und Verndern)
1.Before the State is after the State: Technoscientific&Postdemocratic Governance
Winter 2011/12 Cluster Knowledge Makes History (Wissen macht Geschichte).
1. Introduction to Philosophy of Medicine
2. Care, Power, Information: Social Justice, Digitalization, Biopolitics, and Health Care
Decision-Making and Narrative Empathy in Health, Illness and Lifestyle: Trinary Doctor-Parent-
Underage Patient Interactions, ADHD and Martial Arts in Patient Empowerment
Nomadic States: Bio-Medicalization, Techno-Scientific Governance & the Political Imagination
Agency between Ecologies, Vital Materialities, Radical Historicities. (with Sabrina M. Weiss)
The Persuasive Biopower of Digitalization and Medical Imaging in Doctor-Patient Interactions
A Heterotopology of the (Digital) Body in Science and Culture in North America 1846-1898
Enabled by Diffraction? The Hegemony of Ableism and Diffractive Body Politics
Integrative Care Ethics (with Sabrina M. Weiss, STS, Rochester Institute of Technology)
The Two Courts: Institutions and Rights after the Differentiation of Justice and (Courts of) Law.
Victim/Survivor/Emotions (with Michael Dellwing)
Phenomenology, Interaction Theory, Class and Identity in Gastronomy Workers (with Gareth Edel)
Ethnographic Experience: 1) Gastronomy Workers in Germany, 2) Martial Arts, Health, and
Development, 3) Medical Examiners in Pre-schools, 4) Local HipHop Event Culture
Independent Consulting Researcher (Postdoc.) for Project Developer in Public and Community Health
Original Research (Postdoc./Postgrad.): 1) Literature Review and Meta-analysis Obesity, ADHD, and
Academic Performance: Studies, Lifestyles, and Therapy Pathways, 2) The Curious Case of Arnold
Bergstraesser: Carl Friedrich versus Der Aufbau (1942-45), 3)The Biological Vernacular in the
Humanities and Social Sciences, 18
to 20
PhD Research Project: Conceptual History of Harvard University's Human&Social Relations Movement
Research Collaboration (Postgrad.): The Mass-Medial Transformation of Victim/Survivor Narratives
Research Assistant (Undergrad./Grad.): 1) Transnational Identities in Border Regions, 2) Consulting
Non-Profit Organizations: Cantina workers and abelist/disability challenges, 3) University Evaluation, 4)
Medical/Mental Fitness of Pre-schoolers
A.I. Stingl, PhD Galvanistrasse 17, 90459 Nuremburg, Germany
FPA Brands GmbH, 2006-2009
Member of the board (German ltd. inc.), Coaching, marketing, and personnel development
Research & Administrative Assistant at Institute for Sociology, FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg, 2002 2005
Individual tutoring in sociology, academic writing, academic advising 2003 2005
Syllabus creation, bibliographies, and course administration, research administration & grant writing
Library for Sociology, Social Research and Economics: Administration, desk & liaison
Editorial Board Member Book Series
Studies in Anti-Intellectualism and Academic Disengagement (Rowman&Littlefield; Editor: Michael Lynch)
Membership Committee, Candidate for Council Election 2014
American Sociological Assoc., Section Science, Knowledge and Technology (SKAT)
Invitee to German Ministry of Education&Research funded workshop Psychology instead of Ethics?
Co-Founder and Co-Director, Institute for Decolonial Political Economies e.V., Lneburg, circa 2014
Consultant (Leuphana College Semester Students) Film Screening & Discussion Event Plans
Documentary Girls Rising, Panel Role of girls and women for socio-economic development, 2014
Scientific Writer
Contract Expert Editor/Writer with Sabrina M. Weiss for PrivateGEN, Prof. Darbrock, 2013
Great Neck Publishing, Our World Series (2008/2009), EBSCO, Point of View Series, 2008 2009
Mentoring for American Sociological Assoc., Section Science, Knowledge and Technology (SKAT)
Founding Editor of Pompeii Journal for Junior Scholarship in the Arts and Sciences
Peer Reviewer for International Academic Journals, Conferences, and Funding Agencies
Recent peer reviewer actions: Central States Philosophical Assoc., Popular Anthropology, Anthropology & Medicine
External Examiner, PhD Thesis, School of Sociology, Australian National Univ., Canberra (2012)
Student papers supervised towards publication
National Correspondent for Germany in 2011 (term expired)
E Journal of Medical Humanities and Social Studies of Science and Technology
Conference Duties
Presider, ESS Meeting, Baltimore, 2014
Panel Proposal for Body of America, Health of America Conference (March 2014)
Co-Organizer (with S.Weiss) Double-Site Conference Invisibilizing Disabilty (planned for 2015)
Co-Organizer (with S.Weiss) Critical Realism, UKassel (planned for 2015)
Stand-in for Missing Presider, Panel, ESS Meeting, Boston, 2013
Assigned Presider, PCA, Washington, DC, 2013
Stand-in for Missing Speaker, Roundtable Session, ASA Annual Conference, Denver 2012
Assigned Presider, Roundtable Session, ASA Annual Conference, San Francisco 2009
Liaison for International Keynote Speaker, Symposium Peace and Stability in Europe 2001
Theater Gruppe 97, Producer & Director, Drama Group , 1997 2001
Social Welfare Service Nuernberger Nothilfe e.V.
Civic Service, Food for the Poor & Meals On Wheels Program 1996 1997
Supervising Tutor ,Nuremberg Lichtenhof, 1996 1999
American Sociological Association (ASA)
Section Memberships: SKAT, History of Sociology, Medical Sociology, Theory
Eastern Sociological Society
European Association for the Study of Science and Technology
Society for the Study of Symbolic Interaction (SSSI)
Kant-Society (Kant Gesellschaft, e.V.)
Green Party of Germany (Bndni90/Die Grnen) since 2009
A.I. Stingl, PhD Galvanistrasse 17, 90459 Nuremburg, Germany


Books (published/forthcoming)
(editing of manuscript, with Sabrina M. Weiss)
Tiamat and the Power of 3
: Enacting Otherness as a Disruptive Embodiment in Vital Materialism, Bioethics, Political Theory
(under contract option with Routledge, 2015)
Care, Power, Information: The Colonization of Digital Citizenship
(forthcoming, 2015)
The Digital Coloniality of Power: Class and Identity in the Era of Technoscience Governance Lantham: Lexington
(forthcoming 2014/15)
Anthropos's Scaffoldings. Studies in the Co-Evolution of Philosophy, Biology, Medicine, and Sociology.
with a foreword by Sal Restivo, editing by David Heath, ms. finished 450 pages, under contract negotiation
(2014, co-author with Sal Restivo and Sabrina M. Weiss)
Worlds of Science Craft. New Horizons in Philosophical Science Studies. Surrey/London: Ashgate
Between Discursivity and Sensus Communis: The Co-Evolution of Biology and Social Thought from Kant to Neo-Kantianism,
Pragmatism, and Harvard's Human & Social Relations Movements Erlangen: OPUS, Univ. Erlangen-Nrnberg, 498 pages
Aufklrung als Flaschenpost oder Anthropologie der Gegenwart. Horkheimers und Adornos Immanente Kritik und Foucaults
Interpretative Analytik, Saarbrcken: VDM, 253 pages

Books (in progress)
(in progress)
The Material, The Elusive, and the Tangible: The politics and poetics of technological objects
(in progress with lead author Thomas Khlein)
Book on Medical Practitioners Images of Medical Practice.
(contract under negotiation, with J.I. [Hans] Bakker)
The Unease of the Mind: Radically Historizing the new DSM and ICD between Critical Theories in Sociology and Psychology.
(in progress, with Volker Wegener)
Law v. Justice: A discussion in letters between a social theorist and a practicing lawyer.
(in progress)
Here there be dragons! On the hetero-topological cartography of the uncharted human body and its state.
(in progress)
A Critique of Medical Reason: Conceptualization, Images, Narratives & Epistemic Defects in Doctor-Patient Interactions
(in progress)
Kant, the biologist.

Books (planned)
(planned with Gareth Edel)
A theory of gastronomic labor
(planned, possibly with M. Dellwing)
Victim and Survivor Semantics in Media, Politics, Everyday Interactions, and Personality Disorders. An interpretative analytics.
(planned for publication in 2016/17, co-authored with Sabrina M. Weiss)
A Bioethics with a Thousand Faces? From fragmented ethics to integrative care.

Edited Books
(planned for publication 2016, co-edited with Sabrina M. Weiss)
The Truth about Barking Cats and Yodeling Dogs. Vital Materialities and Material Vitalities of Anthropocology
(planned for publication 2016/17)
The Metaphysics of Thirdness: Lacan, Foucault, Deleuze, Serres.
A.I. Stingl, PhD Galvanistrasse 17, 90459 Nuremburg, Germany
a. Science, Technology&Medicine Studies and Media-Archaeology
(planned as coauthor with Sabrina M. Weiss and as lead author Ron Eglash)
Unspecified paper on Analog/Digital Information Ecologies and Biomedicalization
(planned, lead author, with Sabrina M. Weiss, Patrick Mesenbrock, Julia Gaertner)
The Decolonization of Media Knowledges and Cultures of Healing: Creating Relational Social Leadership from
Communication Power, Postcolonial Science Studies, and Health Care beyond the Digital Divide.
(in progress, with Sabrina M. Weiss and students)
The Vitreous Patient, to be submitted with Body &Society
Digital Fair-Ground: Explorations of the Patient Experience Between Social Justice and the Virtualization of
Health and Illness, Current Pespectives in Social theory, submitted to Harry Dahms, editor
(submission after final editing)
The Dialectics of Technoscientific Seeing: Medical Imaging Technologies as Persuasive Technologies
Manuscript, to be submitted to Science in Context.
The Mangle of Narrative Dialectics: Cyborg Gaze and Vitreousness
submitted with BioSocieties.
(accepted, pending editing with Sabrina M. Weiss)
Care, Information, Power, Telos
(forthcoming, with Sabrina M. Weiss)
Making Trouble: Mindfulness is Care and other lessons German Ministry for Education&Research (BMBF)
workshop Psychology instead of Ethics anthology, Brand, C. et al, eds., Wiesbaden: Springer
The powers of distraction, attention, and abstraction in the education of the citizens of our futures: the narrative
dialectics of attention ecologies for the techno-somatic class-room.
Leonardo Electronic Alamanc Special Issue: The Culture of Digital Education
Review of Heinz von Foerster (Albert Muller & Karl H. Muller, eds.) (2014). The beginning of heaven and earth has no
name: Seven days with second-order cybernetics. New York: Fordham UP, in: Bulletin of Science, Technology, and Society
Review of Shim, Janet K. Heart Sick: The Politics of Risk, Inequality and Heart Disease, NYU Press
in: Somatosphere
Medical imaging technologies as media of persuasion in:
Neuroscience and Media: New Understandings and Representations, Grabowski, M. ed., London: Routledge
Almost Great: A Review of Setlin, D. Imaging Illness
in: Symoblic Interaction
(2014 with Sabrina M. Weiss)
Mindfulness as/is Care: Biopolitics, narrative empathy and techno-scientific practices
in: Ellen Langer et al, eds. Handbook of Mindfulness Research
2013, with Sabrina M. Weiss)
ADHD and its ecologies and agencies: Before and beyond the label
Krankheitskonstruktionen und Krankheitstreiberei. Dellwing, Michael, ed., Wiesbaden: VS Verlag
Truths, Knowledge, Narratives of Selves.
The American Sociologist. Special Issue on Semiotics and Social Science, Vol. 42, 2/3, 2011
Digital Divide in: Impacts of Technological Change (Sociological Reference Guide) Ipswich, MA: Salem Press: 45 55
Jacques Ellul's Technological Societyin: Impacts of Technological Change Ipswich, MA: Salem Press: 14 24
Knowledge-Based Economy in: Impacts of Technological Change Ipswich, MA: Salem Press: 36 44
The Internet&Society in: Impacts of Technological Change Ipswich,MA:Salem Press: 56 65
Technology & the Mass Mediain: Impacts of Technological Change Ipswich, MA: Salem Press: 66 72
Technology and Surveillancein: Impacts of Technological Change Ipswich, MA: Salem Press: 119 126
A.I. Stingl, PhD Galvanistrasse 17, 90459 Nuremburg, Germany
Technology and Medicine in: Impacts of Technological Change Ipswich, MA: Salem Press: 127 137
Posthumanism in: Impacts of Technological Change Ipswich, MA: Salem Press: 138 145
The ADHD regime and situating neuro-chemical selves in whole systems
Kopnina, Helen/Keune, Hans(eds.) Health and Environment, Nova Science, 25 pages
A note on the question of virtualization of health and illness in the age of biological citizenship
TelosScope (Telos, Open Access), 5 pages

b. Philosophy, Cultural Analysis, and History
(in progress)
Cha-Do and The Zen of Kant: Dietetic dinner parties, Japanese tea ceremony and the cosmopolitan way of life
(in progress)
Foucault reads early Heidegger... no more?
(previously unpublished ms.)
In Kantian Space: Deleuze, Foucault, Whitehead as metaphysical astronauts
manuscript, 48 pages
In the shadow of Stiegler: Report on the first German workshop on Simondon and Digital Culture
Between the Shell and the Ghost: A hauntology of zombies in society
Dellwing, M. ed., The Fantastic Other, Springer
(submitted, with Sabrina M.Weiss)
Mindful of the body as a permeable leaky self submitted to: Journal of Consciousness Studies
Review of Sukopp, Th. Voigt, U., et al eds. (2010, 2nd ed. 2013)Interdsiziplinaritt, Wissenschaftl. Buchgesell.
(tentatively accepted)
Review of Dussel Ethics of Liberation
Studies in Symoblic Interaction
Review of The Body Problematic: Political Imagination in Kant and Foucault by Laura Hengehold, Penn State
Press in: Foucault Studies Vol. 15, 3 pages
(2011 open access, 2012 chapter)
How to Map the Body's Spaces: Using Foucault's heterotopology for the cartography of corporeal myths.
Conference Proceedings, History dept. Univ. of Bucharest, Claudia F. Dobre, et al, eds.15 pages.
Review of Money Matters: Economics and the German Cultural Imagination 1770 1850 by Richard T. Gray, Univ. of
Washington Press in: Canadian Journal of History, 3 pages
Sren Kierkegaard Great Neck Publishing, Our World. 5 pages
Cultural Scripts
for EBSCO Notes, 11 Pages
A.I. Stingl, PhD Galvanistrasse 17, 90459 Nuremburg, Germany
c. Sociology, Organization Studies, and Political Theory
(planned with Linnda Caporael)
paper on Evolutionary psychology, community perspectives, biopolities, health care policy-making
(planned, possibly with Mike Bare)
Body/no-body in social theories
Theory of Thirdness and the cultures of empathy: Peirce, Serres, Breithaupt and the figuration of 'the third'
(in progress)
After the State is before the State: Unruly Boundaries and Stately Concepts for Nomadic Governance (with
Braidotti, Deleuze, Foucault, Meyer, Rokkan, and O'Neill.)
(in progress)
Organizations and corporations in the age of post-democratic society and techno-scientific governance:
A heterotopological investigation into networked agency, agency collectives and quasi-states.
(in progress)
The Human Condition according to Kant and Jaspers in Parsons, Arendt, Canguilhem
to be submitted to American Sociologist
(in progress)
The legacy of institutions: Theory itself as an institution and conceptual issues in current Critical Realism
Almost Good: A review of Serlin, D., ed. Imagining Illness in: Studies in Symbolic Interaction
Reviews for Sensation and Modernity in the 1860s by Nicholas Daly, Chaotic Justice: Rethinking African American Literary
History by John Ernest, Electronic Elsewheres, Lynn Spiegl et al., eds., Between Culture and Biology, Heidi Keller et al. eds.
Originally for Southwest Journal of Culture, journal discontinued before publication. Now:
Globalization, The Social Construction of Reality, others ResearchStarters: Sociology, EBSCO Publishing,
a partial list can be found here:
The Melting Pot versus the Tapestry Debate
The Making of Modern Immigration: An Encyclopedia of People and Ideas. P. Hayes (ed.), Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO
Structural-Functional Analysis of Health and Medicine for EBSCO Notes, 13 Pages
The Inelegance of the Economies of Power and Influence in:
POMPEII Journal for Junior Scholarship in the Arts and Sciences, 49 pages (Original German)
Procedural Memory in Reflexive Modernities: The Transformation of the Opfer-Semantic and the Genesis of
the Opfer-/Survivor-Narrative in German Discourse, Online

A.I. Stingl, PhD Galvanistrasse 17, 90459 Nuremburg, Germany
d. Research Methodology
My B'n'B: On the attitude of 'before and beyond the concept x' in semantic agency theory
(in progress, submission pending editing of manuscript into two parts)
Searching for the body in the archive and an m.o. with Michel Foucault. The concept of the body between the
space of reasons and the reasons for space. Manuscript, 55 Pages, to be submitted in two parts with Foucault Studies
On Research Proposals. (plus Supplements 1&2), ca. 10 pages
Visual Sociology EBSCO Notes, 13 Pages

e. Teaching and Higher Education
(editing for submission)
Problem versus Discipline: The folly of the hegemony the narrow focus of discipline in science and scholarship
(re-submission after revision, with Sabrina M. Weiss)
I will help you with your needs not your whims. Note on the late-paper-dilemma
Manuscript, ca. 15 pages, under revisions for re-review Journal of Teaching in Higher Education
Needs, whims, and the late paper dilemma,
Riskantes Sprechen: Replik auf Gumbrecht (Speech Perilous: A Reply) in:
POMPEII Journal for Junior Scholarship in the Arts and Sciences, 10 pages

A.I. Stingl, PhD Galvanistrasse 17, 90459 Nuremburg, Germany
f. Presentations
(proposals for 2015 with Sabrina M. Weiss)
Panel proposal on The narrative dialectics of techno-scientific seeing: STS applies semantic agency theory (SAT)
Panel proposal on The ecology of agency beyond, before and after the humans, ASA 2014
(submission pending for 2014)
Suffering and being a survivor in the age of mass media: Narratives, myths and metaphor machines, SSSI 2014
(Decision and planning pending, tentatively 2013 with Michael Dellwing)
Debate on The uses and follies of theory Univ. of Kassel
(Decision and planning pending, tentatively 2013, with Sabrina Weiss)
Potential Lecture Postdemocratic state and technoscientific governance, Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA,
(Decision and planning pending, tentatively 2014)
Potential Lecture Postdemocratic state and technoscientific governance, STS Dept., RPI, Troy, NY,
(Decision and planning pending, tentatively 2014)
Potential Lecture Digital Humanities, STS/Public Policy Dept., Rochester Institute for Technology, NY
(Decision and planning pending, tentatively Summer/Fall 2013)
Potential Lecture ScienceCraft, ScienCivics, StateCraft and Other Forms of Thirded Solidarity, Univ. Oldenburg
(Decision and planning pending, tentatively Summer 2013)
Potential Lecture on Civics, STS, Narrative Empathy German Studies Dept. Prof. Breithaupt, Indiana Univ., IN
Nomadic Statehood, EASST 2014
(2014, with Sabrina M.Weiss)
Bringing the Body back in, SSSI 2014
On technical Objects,SSSI 2014
(2014, with Sabrina M. Weiss )
Matters of Care, ASA 2014
Tangibilities, ASA 2014
The Mangle of Narrative Dialectics, STS Italia 2014
Practicing narratives of selves in cyborg visuality. A semantic agency theory (SAT) perspective on ageing and
gendered selves. ESS 2014
(2014 with Sabrina M. Weiss)
Keep Calm and Maintain Homeostasis: How sociology just got more complicated thanks to bodyliness, social guts,
and leaky companion bodies. Mini Conference on Body and Embodiment (w. Turner, Orr, Pitts-Taylor), ESS 2014
Making Trouble: Mindfulness as/is Care
German Ministry for Education&Research (BMBF) workshop Psychology instead of Ethics, Univ. Tbingen
(2014) The rational, semantic, beautiful animal, Lecture Leuphana College, in a seminar by S.Weiss
Decolonial Options for Public Intellectuals in the era of Digital Coloniality, Leuphana, IPK, Colloqium
9/11 Guest Lectures:
Science, Technology&Environment Decolonial Options for the Postdemocratic Risk Society: Ecology&Capitalism
Science, Technology&Values Decolonial Options for the Postdemocratic Risk Society: Democracy&Capitalism
STS & Gender The Persuasive Power of Medical Imaginaries: Gender, Illness, Ageing
Care, Power, Information: The techno-aesthetics of patients lifecourses ASA Annual Meting, NYC 2013
(accepted for 2013;)
Before and beyond the binaries: Postcolonial perspectives on ADHD technologies 4S 2013
Time, Space, Image: The visual aesthetics of techno-scientific interactions of doctors, patients&publics SSSI 2013
Germany: Society, Politics, and Academia RPI, STS Dept. Leadership Seminar, Section A and B, March 27, 2013
A theory of nomadic Statehood Eastern Sociological Association Boston March 2013
served as stand-in for missing presider
(submission for 2013)
Suffering and Pain: Constructing and inhabiting narrative semantic sites, NEPCA 2013
A.I. Stingl, PhD Galvanistrasse 17, 90459 Nuremburg, Germany
(accepted for 2013, budget conflict)
Paper on Digitalization, SPH, Lisbon July 2013
(accepted for 2013, with Sabrina M. Weiss, budget conflict)
Nomadic States/Thirdness/Ecologies, Deleuze Studies, Conference, Lisbon, July 2013
(accepted for 2013, missing due to scheduling conflict)
States of Abundance and The Culture: Theorizing economies and governance beyond growth and austerity with
Iain M. Banks's novels. , American Popular Culture Assoc. 2013
(accepted for 2013, budget conflict)
Radical historicity & developing systems: Sex/gender persuasion, medical images, systems biology,
Systems Biology Panel (organizer: Niki Vermeulen)ICHSTM Manchester, UK, May 2013
Enlightenment, critique, and the nomadic political imagination. (with commentary by Bernhard Tilg), invited
presentation for seminar 'Aufklaerung und Kritik' (Tilg/Monsorno), Leuphana College, Lueneburg, Dec.1, 2012
(2012 Guerilla Paper)
Nomadic Statehood, Guerilla Talk during 4S, October 2012
Semantic gaps, epistemic deficiencies and the cyborg gaze: Medical imaging, gender, in the perspective of
postcolonial philosophy of science. NeuroCultures-NeuroGenderings II, University of Vienna, 2012
Styles of Suffering and Spaces of Pain: A narrative empathic theory, Society for the Study of Symbolic
Interaction, Annual Meeting, 2012
The post-democratic body and the bio-scientific state., ASA, Denver, August 17-21, 2012
Digitalized Humans in Human Ecology, Italian Society of Science and Technology Studies, Rovigo, Italy, 2012
Invited Lectures ADHD in the classroom English Teacher Education, FAU Erlangen-Nuernberg, May 22

(2012 paper accepted, but canceled due to scheduling conflict)
The body concept in images, BSA, 2012
(2011, double conference trip)
Medical Imaging and its narratives. Northeast Popular Culture Assoc., Western Conn. State U.
Medical Imaging as a persuasive technology? Society for Social Studies of Science (4S) Conf., Cleveland
How to Map the Body's Spaces: Using Foucault's heterotopology for the cartography of corporeal myths.
Conference on Myth-Making and Myth-Breaking in History, Univ. of Bucharest Romania
Bringing care back into health care: Bio-citizenship & Digital Divide
Conference on Science and Technology in Political Sociology, Rensselaer Polytech. Inst., Albany, NY
The body in medicine and society in 19
century America Research Colloquium, American Studies, FAU
Virtualization of Health Care and Biomedicine and Social Justice, ASA 2010
Knowing the Normal from the Pathological: The Genealogical Reconstruction of Attention and its Pathologies
under a Whole Systems Frame of Reference. ASA 2009
The Crisis of the Biological Citizen: ADHD as an Assemblage for the Early 21st century The British Sociological
Association 2009; Mental Health and Illness Panel
The Constitutive/Regulative Difference in the History of German Physiology and American Sociology and in
Contemporary Debates, Presentation at the British Sociological Assoc. Annual Conference (BSA) Warwick Uni.,
Talcott Parsons as a Pragmatist? Emerson, James, Meiklejohn and Parsons , Paper presented at the Annual
Conference of the American Sociological Association (ASA) Boston, MA, USA
Regulation and Medialitaet: Talcott Parsons Leben und Werk im Rahmen der Ideengeschichte Invited lecture at
the European Colloquium of the University of Flensburg
Cloning Dolly: Political and Philosophical Implications, Invited Presentation, AK Politik Sigena.
A.I. Stingl, PhD Galvanistrasse 17, 90459 Nuremburg, Germany
The Debate on Cloning, Invited Lecture, Dept. for Sociology, Empirical Social Research, and Social
Anthropology, WISO Faculty, FAU Erlangen-Nuremburg

g. Selected Academic Translations
Donald Levine (Ritzma Prof., Former Dean of the College, University of Chicago, IL)
Speech for the Bielefeld Lecture Series on Simmel, Sociology and Lebensansschauung: Two Pathways of the Synthesis
of Kant and Goethe in Georg Simmel (Soziologie und Lebensanschauung: Zwei Wege der Kant-Goethe-Synthese
bei Georg Simmel) (Forthcoming publication of the translation in Simmel Studies Vol.17/2: 239 263), The Aiki
Way to Therapeutic and Creative Human Interaction AIKI-Institut fr Gesundheitsfrderung und
Selbstentwicklung, May 19, 2007 (Eine Alternative therapeutischer und kreativer Interaktion: Der Weg des Aiki)
Hans Bakker (Prof., Sociology, University of Guelph, Canada)
The Weber-Rachfahl Debate: Calvinism and Capitalism in Holland (Part One), The Execution of
Oldenbarnevelt: The Means of Coercion (Weber) in Comparative-Historical Perspective (Part Two) (Die
Weber-Rachfahl Diskussion um Calvinismus und Kapitalismus in Holland. Auf dem Weg zu einer neo-
Weberianischen komparativ-historischen Soziologie); A Weberian Analysis of Class-Relations and Servile Labor
The New Sociological Imagination, Inana Yoga, and the Web of Life: Gandhi, Grant, Mills, Peirce (Die
Erneuerung soziologischer Einbildungskraft: Soziologische Vernunft, Inana Yoga und das Netz des Lebens)
Talcott Parsons
German Summary of Research Plan 1924/5, in dissertation ms., planned publication with PowerBank-transcript
Max Weber
Selected parts of Psychophysik der industriellen Arbeit, in dissertation ms., planned pub. of complete version
Rudolf Hermann Lotze
Selected excerpts from Lotzes works, in dissertation ms.