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THE MARTYRDOM OF MADELINE SLEZAK a screenplay formerly entitle $y Dale An ersen %&'(& !

Mele" Ri"#

Dale An ersen &))'& *ro+n ,alley -"+y S.ite (()/ D01 La era Ranc2/ *A 3&431 54&05'6056&' 7riters Re9 : (;33));

& FADE IN E<T= RO*KET LA>N*H -AD 0 DAY S>-ER? M>S>DAN0RI/ NORTHERN KOREA= SE-TEM@ER ('/ &'(3= KOREAN ->@LI* ADDRESS ,OI*E AO=S=B *o.nt o+n at ten= Nine= Ei92t= INT= *ONTROL *ENTER 7ITH A S-E*TA*>LAR ,IE7 OF LA>N*H 0 DAY KOREAN ->@LI* ADDRESS ,OI*E AO=S=B SeCen= SiD= FiCe= Fo.r= T2ree= T+o= @lastoff= Tense silence= T2en t2e LA>N*H *OMMANDER 9iCes t2e A0OK= S*IENTISTS c2eer= 8ENERAL RI*HARD @OLI,AR/ in an Ara$ ro$e an "effiye2/ crac"s a t2in smile= At 2is si e/ MELISSA @OLI,AR/ Asian/ in a 2iEa$ an f.c"0me p.mps/ an MAFOR MATTHE7 @OLI,AR/ E.rasian/ in an Army .niform= @OLI,AR Day one of o.r ne+ IraG/ Matt2e+= MATTHE7 Day one of yo.r ne+ IraG/ Fat2er= @OLI,AR DonHt piss on my para e/ $oy= I p.t a lot of $loo an s+eat into t2is= MATTHE7 72ose s+eatI 72ose $loo I T2e t+o men 9lare at eac2 ot2er= Melissa spea"s in Korean= MELISSA My 2.s$an is fille +it2 Eoy= His +is2 is to reflect on t2is 2istoric eCent in priCate +it2 2is family= T2e Korean Scientists $o+/ eDit= Matt2e+ t.rns 2is $ac" on 2is fat2er= A tense silence= @oliCar leaCes/ slams t2e oor= MELISSA *anHt my t+o men 9et alon9I E<T= @OLI,ARHS SATELLITE IN OR@IT 0 DAY SATELLITE TRANSMISSION AIn Ara$icB is 9reat= Hasten to prayer===


; E<T= ON A HILL O,ERLOOKIN8 THE LA>N*H -AD 0 DAY @oliCar actiCates 2is fin9ernail p2one= It flas2es= He to.c2es a memory c2ip to it= Anot2er flas2= Messa9e sent= E<T= @OLI,ARHS SATELLITE IN OR@IT O,ER 7ASHIN8TON/ D * 0 DAY T2e 7HITE HO>SE/ t2e *A-ITOL an 8o t2e REFLE*TIN8 -OOL $elo+=

SATELLITE TRANSMISSION is 9reat/ 8o is 0 0 A $.rst of $eeps an clic"s= T2en=

T2e transmission stops=

SATELLITE TRANSMISSION 0 0 8reat= 8o is 9reat= Hasten=== So.n of people +al"in9 in a 2all= A li92t/ c2irpy Coice= R>F>S AO=S=B No+ for t2e piJce e rKsistance/ t2is +ay/ please= E<T= KE,INHS OFFI*E IN THE 7EST 7IN8 0 DAY At a es"/ KE,IN H>RT/ smol erin9/ +2eelc2air0 $o.n / seCeral military me als pinne to 2is $reast poc"et= His fin9ernail flas2es= He t.rns/ moCes to t2e oor= R>F>S AO=S=B ,oilL= T2e OCal Office oor= One +or = DonHt= DonHt open it= ECer= INT= IN THE 7EST 7IN8 *ORRIDOR AT THE O,AL OFFI*E DOOR 0 DAY R>F>S MEADO7S/ a smart resser/ a resses fiCe INTERNS=

R>F>S T2is oor is sole property of t2e -resi entHs 9ate"eeper/ *2ief of Staff= I= Etc2 t2at on yo.r $rain= KeCin/ in t2e corri or/ si9nals= R.f.s/ 2an INT= THE O,AL OFFI*E 0 DAY Senator RO8ER LAFE>NESSEM 2is a.92ter/ *HERRYM HENRY SLEZAK/ -resi ential A CisorM KENNY 7ETZEL/ HenryHs Ai e= Kenny 2as an at2leteHs $.il = *2erryHs resse co+9irl 2ot= Kenny canHt ta"e 2is eyes off 2er= T2e -RESIDENT stan s on t2e carpet in an astrona.tHs T2e oor opens= on oor/ no s=

1 -RESIDENT AFaint fis2$o+l CoiceB R.f.s/ t2at yo.I A2N Damn 2elmetN He presses a s+itc2 on 2is astrona.t $elt= -RESIDENT ASpea"erp2one CoiceB Hear me no+I R.f.s/ t2at yo.I R>F>S 8iCin9 t2e ne+ interns a to.r/ Sir= He 9est.res R.f.s to $rin9 t2em in= He pops open t2e Cisor= -RESIDENT I "no+ I loo" .m$ in t2is= @.t onHt $lame me= ItHs Senator LaFe.nesseH i ea= @lame 2im= ItHs all $ of 2is a.92ter/ *2erry= S2eHs 9onna $e t2e neDt Harris *o.nty District Attorney= AECeryone clapsB 7eHre 9onna 2aCe a f.n raiser for 2er in Ho.ston= Her Da t2o.92t itH $e note+ort2y if I s2o+e .p resse li"e an astrona.t= Still +or"in9 o.t some of t2e "in"s= A*loses Cisor/ fei9ns c2o"in9 to eat2B Ho.ston/ +e 9ot a pro$lemN ECeryone la.92s= Henry sprin9s .p/ oes a comic portrayal of an EMT to t2e resc.e/ ramatically pops open t2e Cisor= -RESIDENT AirN I can $reat2eN T2an" 8o N Henry SleOa" saCes t2e ay a9ainN Henry $o+s= ECeryone/ eDcept R.f.s/ la.92s an appla. s=

INT= IN THE 8REEN ROOM IN THE 7HITE HO>SE 0 DAY R.f.s an t2e fiCe Interns $elo+ a paintin9= R>F>S Sat.r ayHs t2e -resi entHs $irt2 ay party= ItHll $e in t2e Rose 8ar en= T2eme is ra9time= 7eHll 2aCe perio cost.mes/ a saloon/ spittoons= An yo. fiCe +ill sin9 Happy @irt2 ay= KeCin/ sco+lin9 as motors .p close in 2is +2eelc2air= An Intern t.rns to 2im=

5 INTERN Mister H.rt= Sir= Is t2ere anyt2in9 I can 2elp yo. +it2I KE,IN Yo. patroniOin9 meI INTERN No sir= I 0 0 KE,IN DonHt patroniOe me= See t2is -.rple HeartI Means IHm a +ar 2ero= Yo. a +ar 2eroI INTERN >2= >2/ no sir= KeCin eDten s 2is 2an / li92ts .p 2is Zippo/ 2ol s 2is 2an oCer t2e flame= T2e Intern stares a92ast= KeCin en .res t2e pain silently/ t2en snaps t2e Zippo s2.t an motors off o+n t2e 2all= A EaOO $an plays ra9time= E<T= THE ROSE 8ARDEN RE*E-TION 0 NI8HT @lin90$lin9= T2e FAZZ @AND plays= 8>ESTS in ra9time 9ar$ ance= A silCer02aire MIMI ances +it2 a YO>N8ER H>NK= R.f.s stan s $y a sco+lin9 KeCin= @oliCar/ o.t0of0place in an Ara$ ro$e an "effiye2/ 9rins/ claps R.f.s on t2e $ac"= Kenny smiles at all t2e 7omen= Most smile $ac"= 8EOR8E 8ALMI*HE/ a $i9 to.c2er/ $ear2.9s 2im/ slips 2im a $ase$all= Kenny= Nee 8ALMI*HE a faCor=

KENNY Mister 8almic2e= 8ALMI*HE *all me 8eor9e= @i9 Miami onor 2ere +it2 2is a.92ter= T2eyH $e t2rille to meet yo.= Nee a penI T2e ra9time stops= T2e $an Henry an plays a fanfare=


Henry P MADELINE SLEZAK enter= Ma eline/ rop0 ea 9or9eo.s in a s2immerin9 9o+n an floral 2at= ECeryone t.rns to loo"=




MADELINE Mister -resi ent= -RESIDENT Mister -resi entINI Yo. call me Danny/ yo.n9 la y= Henry/ yo. ainHt 9ot yo.r ne+ $ri e traine yet= ANOTHER -ART OF THE ROSE 8ARDEN Kenny si9ns t2e $ase$all for MISTER MIAMI an MISTER MIAMI My *2arlotteHs G.ite t2e at2lete= On t2e Flori a State Carsity= KENNY 72at sportI DA>8HTER Fast0pitc2 soft$all/ sir= MISTER MIAMI S2eHs a pitc2er= Li"e yo.= 7ell/ not G.ite li"e yo.= Not yet= Kenny 2an s $all to t2e Da.92ter= Henry P Ma eline pass $y= Ma eline P Kenny loc" eyes= Ma eline G.ic"ly loo"s a+ay= THE SE,EN DISTIN8>ISHED 7ASHIN8TONIAN MATRONS TA@LE SeCen MATRONS sit an c2at= Henry 9.i es Ma eline to t2em= DA>8HTER=

HENRY 72at say I par" yo. +it2 -amela for some 7as2in9tonian feminine loreI MADELINE Are yo. 9ettin9 ri of meI rin"in9=

HENRY MimiHs 2ere= S2eHs $een

MADELINE S2eHs not yo.r +ife anymore= I am= HENRY lie lo+ 2ere .ntil s2e leaCes= I 9ot a $oy +atc2in9 2er to "eep 2er a+ay from yo.=

) HenryQs fin9ernail flas2es= He +al"s off= T+o -RE0TEENA8E 8IRLS in frilly lace r.s2 .p= 8IRL ( Yo.Hre my role mo el= I so +ant to $e a perfect trop2y +ife li"e yo.= Ma eline $l.s2es/ 2i"es .p 2er 9o+n to s2o+ a lon9 scar= MADELINE IHm far from perfect/ 2oney= IHm an Io+a tom$oy +it2 an A*L reconstr.ction= *2erry LaFe.nesse passes $y in ra9time era s2a y la y 9ar$/ as one MatronHs fin9ernail p2one rin9s li"e a c2imes an all ten of 2er fin9ernails li92t .p li"e t2e rain$o+= ANOTHER -ART OF THE ROSE 8ARDEN T2e -resi ent/ Henry P Kenny eye Mimi an 2er Yo.n9 H.n" on t2e ance floor= T2ereHs pay$ac" in 2er ance moCes= HENRY 72atHs t2at SO@ eCen IH oin9 2ereI

-RESIDENT say 2eHs ancin9 +it2 yo.r eD= @oliCar=

T2e -resi ent no s to+ar

-RESIDENT Last mont2 Ric2ar @oliCar loo"e me in t2e eye/ sai IraG +o.l rely on .s for its satellites= He lie = HENRY Di nHt I tell yo.I HeHs o.t t2ere $eyon any accepta$le oCersi92t= Dance en s= Mimi aims a loo" of contempt at Henry= -RESIDENT 7ell/ itHs IraG= HeHs $een t2ere since O$ama= HeHs almost in is 0 0 HENRY No oneHs in ispensi$le/ Danny= *2erryHs in t2e ra9time $ar= KennyHs ra ar 2omes in= HENRY After t2e election= IHll 2an le @oliCar= *.t 2im off at t2e "nees=

6 Henry smiles at @oliCar= @oliCar smiles $ac"= @A*K AT THE NO70EM-TY 7ASHIN8TONIAN MATRON TA@LE Ma eline alone/ eserte $y t2e Matrons= Melissa/ in 2er tra emar" 2iEa$ P f.c"0me p.mps/ sits/ ta"es 2er 2an = MELISSA Yo.r life line= T2ere= Yo. see 2o+ elicate it isI See it G.iCer at my To.c2I ItQs openin9 .p/ tal"in9/ tellin9 me yo. li"e o.t oors= At2letics= 7i e open spaces= MADELINE 72y yes/ t2atHs ri92t= I o 0 0

MELISSA O2/ no+ I see confi ence In ecision= T2is +ea" lineI HereI Says yo. +ant to $e on top of t2e +orl / $e s.ccessf.l/ $e a mire = @.t yo.r life fr.strates yo.= Yo. $ottle it .p/ let t2e $.il .ntil somet2in9 sets it off= MADELINE LetHs stop= T2atHs eno.92= -lease= Melissa smiles= Ma eline loo"s at Henry +it2 s. A TA@LE IN THE RA8TIME @AR Kenny an *2erry seate = A MAN 2an s Kenny a $ase$all to si9n= He si9ns it= *HERRY Yo. li"e si9nin9 $alls/ onHt yo.I en rea =

KENNY NeCer t2o.92t if I li"e it= 7ant me to si9n one for yo.I SeeI *HERRY T2ere yo. 9o=

KENNY T2ere I 9o +2atI *HERRY 7it2 yo.r $i9 $ase$all star moCe=

3 KENNY 8ot me +ron9= t2o.92t 0 0 *HERRY T2o.92t IH melt all oCer yo.= Sa t2in9 is/ IHm not seeinH t2e real Kenny 7etOel= Yo.Hre a constr.ct= KENNY No+ t2at is $.lls2itN IHm realN 8o onN To.c2 meN IHm real as 0 0 *HERRY An yo. +onHt eCer $e real till yo. 2aCe to 9iCe it .p anH come o.t from $e2in t2at faca e anH stan na"e in t2e li92t li"e eCeryone else= I $etter 9o fin a y/ see 2eHs not rin"in9 too m.c2= @yeN S2e +al"s off= KENNY @itc2N Mimi/ mean r.n"/ taile $y an Ai e/ $r.s2es past Kenny=

THE 7ASHIN8TONIAN MATRON TA@LE 0 NI8HT MelissaHs 9one= Ma eline/ a9ain s.rro.n e $y t2e seCen Matrons= Mimi/ +eaCin9/ t2e Ai e $e2in 2er/ ra+s near= MIMI 7ell loo"N Trop2y 7ife *in erella an 2er seCen Fairy 8o mot2ersN T2e Ai e clears 2is t2roat= Mimi t2eatrically fl.te= It smas2es into a Oillion pieces= MIMI Let t2em clean it/ Sleepin9 @ea.ty= 8o for$i yo. pric" yo.r fin9er= Mimi leaCes as t2e Interns start sin9in9 RHappy @irt2 ay=R E<T= THE TI*KET 7INDO7 AT THE @ATTIN8 *A8ES 0 DAY Neon si9n? RTI8ER *A8ES=R A neon ti9er s+in9in9 a $at= Ma eline +ears a "nee $race= S2e 2as 2er c.stom $at= rops t2e

(' INSERT? Ma elineHs $at? R7ONDER8IRLR $.rne @A*K TO S*ENE T+o TEENA8E FO*K TY-ES in Ti9er *a9e tees2irts at t2e +in o+= One Foc" Type 2an s Kenny a $ase$all= He si9ns it= E<T= AT THE @ATTIN8 *A8ES 0 DAY Kenny an Ma eline smac" 2ar line riCes into t2e c2ain lin"= S. enly 7H>M--N Ma elineHs o+n on one "nee/ 2an on 2er $reast/ 2er face scre+e .p in pain= Kenny la.92s= Not sQpose KENNY to cro+ t2e plate= into t2e $arrel=

Kenny 9oes $ac" to 2ittin9= S. enly/ a cras2= Anot2er cras2= He t.rns/ sees Ma eline ta"in9 7on er9irl to t2e pitc2in9 mac2ine/ po.n in9 it li"e s2eHs "illin9 it= He r.s2es o.t of 2is ca9e an into 2ers/ p.lls 2er a+ay= KENNY Yo. craOyI Hell yo. tryin9 to S2e fi92ts to $rea" free= KENNY StopN ItHs a mac2ine/ INT= KENNYHS @EDROOM 0 NI8HT 7all plastere +it2 memora$ilia a$o.t Kenny 7etOel/ N.m$er 51/ $ase$all star= Ma eline at t2e mirror/ a $lac" P $l.e mar" on 2er $reast= S2e +inces/ 9in9erly sli es 2er top on= MADELINE May$e Henry co.l tal" to t2e 7as2in9ton Nationals for yo.= He "no+s t2e o+ners= Yo. co.l coac2= Ma y/ I KENNY o appreciate/ $.t 0 0 ammitN oI

MADELINE I +ant yo. to stay= I +ant 0 0 KENNY Loo" .p t2ere= San Francisco oran9e= T2eyHCe as"e me= I sai no= If I say yes/ +o.l yo. comeI

(( MADELINE *ome +it2 yo.I KENNY I= I onQt mean ri92t a+ay= Yo.= Yo. co.l +ait= 7ait .ntil 0 0 MADELINE LeaCe HenryI 7o+/ KennyN S. enly t2is is 9oin9 to a +2ole ne+ leCel= KennyHs face says 2e crosse a line= A lon9 moment=

MADELINE NoN No no= No/ I canHt= 7it2 Henry/ important people tal" to me= Danny -rop2et calls me Ma ie= His face says 2eHs not .se to 2earin9 RnoR from +omen=

KENNY So yo. +ant $ot2/ t2at itI Yo. +ant important people callin9 yo. Ma ie an yo. +ant n.m$er 51 f.c"in9 yo.= MADELINE T2at is so cr. e= KENNY OK= I 9et it= Yo. stic" +it2 $ein9 arm can y to an ol man/ stic" +it2 $ein9 a trop2y +ife= Yo.Hll fin t2ereQs $or erline collateral .ties yo. i nHt $ar9ain for= Yo.Hll fin 0 0 Ma eline slaps 2im 2ar = Her nails c.t= S2e storms o.t= KENNY Damn 2erN INT= A DENNYHS0TY-E RESTA>RANT 0 DAY DONNA an ALAN in a $oot2= Alan/ 3/ 2as DonnaQs an9el face an $lon e loc"s= T2ey +ait eDcite ly= Kenny enters= Donna an Alan +aCe= Kenny sli es in/ $an 0ai on 2is c2ee"= KENNY DonHt 2aCe a lot of time/ Donna= ALAN *an I to.c2 yo.r S5' million armI

(& Kenny 9iCes Donna a R72at t2e 2ellIR loo"= DONNA I tol Alan 2o+ t2e 8iants p.t t2at ins.rance policy on yo.r arm= He tells all t2e "i s 2o+ 2is a 0 0 KENNY Alan= 72atHs o.r r.le on t2at +or I He pic"s .p t2e men./ $.ries 2is 2ea in it=

KENNY *Hmon/ or erN 8et t2is oCer +it2= Faint so.n of men +al"in9 fast=

INT= THE TA@LE IN THE *A@INET ROOM IN THE 7EST 7IN8 T DAY Footsteps lo. er= *A@INET MEM@ERS/ incl. in9 8almic2e/ +ait= O>TSIDE IN THE HALL7AY AT THE *A@INET ROOM DOOR Footsteps stoppe = T2e -resi ent/ Henry P Kenny stan = T2e -resi ent ta"es a eep $reat2/ co.nts to t2ree/ opens oor= THE *A@INET ROOM -RESIDENT -olls say secon termQs in t2e $a9= *a$inet Mem$ers appla. = Henry raises 2is 2an -RESIDENT History says secon terms are ea en s= -resi entHs a lame .c"/ 2is "ey people fiDinH to s2ip an = Henry loo"s a99ers at 8almic2e= 8almic2e loo"s a+ay= for silence=

-RESIDENT 8ear .p for t2e neDt election fo.r years off= I 9ot ne+s/ people/ no one .ses my $ac" for a sprin9$oar = T2e -resi ent t.rns/ eDits= Yo. can 2ear a pin HENRY Di nHt yo. people 2earINI T2e -resi ent +ants yo.r resi9nationsN rop=

(; Kenny passes o.t resi9nation letters= 8almic2e 9lares= AT A *LOSED0*IR*>IT T, MONITOR IN THE 7EST 7IN8 MEDIA ROOM -RESIDENT Henry/ yo. f.c"in9 9eni.s/ yo.N THE -RESIDENTHS 8AME ROOM T2e -resi ent at a pin$all mac2ine playin9 a $ase$all 9ame= -RESIDENT 72en yo. 9et $ac" from Korea/ I +ant yo. to 9et some serio.s R P R= I HENRY onHt nee a rest=

-RESIDENT Yo. +or" &1U)= Ta"e t2at $ri e .p to t2e ca$in/ f.c" 2er $rains o.t= 8eor9e an IHre 2ea e to Flori a= HENRY *aref.l= 8eor9e an @oliCar are 0 0

-RESIDENT IHm a $i9 tent 9.y= I +ant 8eor9e in my tent pissin9 o.t= HENRY HeHs not a strai92t s2ooter= HeHs a sprayer= -RESIDENT 7eHre loo"in9 at a 4'V lan sli e an I +ant 45= I +ant t2e recor = I +ant my name in t2e $oo"s= 8eor9e o+ns Flori a= If 2e st.mps 2ar / siDty0fiCe is 0 0 HENRY For9et n.m$ers/ Danny= foc.s on not scre+in9 .p an 0 0 -RESIDENT Dammit/ HenryN I +ant my le9acyN T2e pin$all mac2ine 9oes @AN8N @AN8N @AN8N @AN8N -RESIDENT 7ellN Tal" a$o.t omens= 8ran slamN

(1 INT= A MILITARY @>S ENTERIN8 AN IRAWI ARMY @ASE 0 DAY T2e passen9ers/ ei92t IraGi OFFI*ERS/ sit ramro 8ALMI*HE AO=S=B Danny s.spects= IHm of it= INT= 8EOR8E 8ALMI*HEHS KIT*HEN 0 DAY 8almic2e in an apron= He "nea s a of $rea 7e nee 8ALMI*HE to moCe it .p= o.92= strai92t=

INT= A *ONFEREN*E ROOM 0 DAY T2e ei92t Officers marc2 in silently= T2ey sit= T2ey +ait= @OLI,AR AO=S=B Ho+ a$o.t it/ R.f.sI T2in" Danny smells a ratI S2o.l +e moCe it .pI INT= A LOFT IN R>F>SH HO>SE 0 DAY *lassical m.sic plays= KeCin massa9es R.f.sQ temples= R>F>S ItHs yo.r call= All I +ant is to $e on t2e ri92t si e of 2istory= INT= AN A>TO SHO- 7ITH A LIFT AND A 8REASE -IT 0 DAY @oliCar/ in coCeralls/ .n er t2e 2oo of a H46 Roa r.nner=

@OLI,AR O"ay/ moCe .p= As for 2istory/ R.f.s/ t2e +inners 9et to +rite it= He sli es o.t from .n er t2e 2oo = T+o ME*HANI*S p.t a ro$e P "effiye2 on 2im= He eDits/ loo"in9 li"e an Ara$ prince= INT= THE *ONFEREN*E ROOM 0 DAY All eyes on @oliCar as 2e enters= He sits/ spea"s in Ara$ic= @OLI,AR Yo. are my most tr.ste = IraG/ t2e mot2er of .s all/ is in an9er===

(5 E<T= A *AR AT THE *>R@ NEAR MADELINE P HENRYHS *ONDO 0 DAY 8ALMI*HE AO=S=B HeHs c2an9e 2is min = Listen= Kenny sits/ +atc2es Ma eline in 2er Eo9 to9s +al"in9 to 2er oor= His face says 2e misses 2er/ lon9s for 2er/ ac2es for 2er= R>F>S AO=S=B AFiltere B 8eor9eI Listen/ IHCe $een t2in"in9 +e s2o.l may$e 2ol off an 0 0 INT= R>F>SH OFFI*E 0 DAY 8ALMI*HE Hol offI Tall or er/ R.f.s= 72eelsHre in motion= St.ffHs 2appenin9= An o2 yea2/ 2ate to $rea" it at t2is late 2o.r/ $.t after t2e election/ HenryHll $e *2ief of Staff= Yo.Hll $e o.t= R>F>S 72atNNII 8ALMI*HE Hear it strai92t from t2e 2orseHs coc"= @.t onQt +orry= Li"e I sai = E<T= @OLI,ARHS SATELLITE IN OR@IT 8ALMI*HE AO=S=B St.ffHs 2appenin9= 72eelsQre in motion= Yo. ta"e care/ R.f.s= A 2atc2 opens/ releasin9 a t2o.san mar$le0siOe sp2eres= Tiny roc"et en9ines i9nite= T2ey Canis2 into t2e $lac"ness= SATELLITE TRANSMISSION Hasten to prayer= Hasten= Hasten=== INT= *OR-ORATE FET 0 DAY So.n of plane slo+in9 o+n= T2e passen9ers are t2e ei92t IraGi Officers= T2ey on $.rGas oCer t2eir .niforms= *ONTROL TO7ER AO=S=B R.n+ay 1 clear= 7elcome to D.lles=

(4 INT= R>F>SH OFFI*E 0 DAY *lassical m.sic= R.f.s/ in a ra9e/ 2.rls an apple core at a Henry SleOa" pic on t2e +all= KeCin +atc2es= R>F>S Kill 2imN I +ill f.c"in9 "ill 2imN So.n of a oor$ell=

INT= HENRY AND MADELINEHS *ONDO 0 DAY Door$ell= Ma eline opens oor to FEREMY an *HLOE=

MADELINE O2 my/ Feremy= Henry/ itHs Feremy= Feremy p.lls *2loe .p close= S2eHs Cery/ Cery pre9nant= FEREMY Da / I +ant yo. to meet *2loe 0 0 AT THE FRONT 7INDO7 LOOKIN8 O>T *2loe P Feremy peel o.t= Feremy sG.eals t2e tires= HENRY Loo" at t2em= T+o i iotsN E<T= @OLI,ARHS SATELLITE IN OR@IT 0 DAY More mar$le0siOe sp2eres release = Roc"et en9ines i9nite=

SATELLITE TRANSMISSION Hasten to prayer= Hasten= Hasten=== INT= HENRY P MADELINEHS MER*EDES 0 DAY An ela$orate 8-S riCes t2e car= It $lin"s/ clic"s/ Henry rea s= Ma eline stares o.t t2e +in o+= T2ey pass t2ro.92 a foreste area of .pscale ca$ins P l.D.ry cars= 8ALMI*HE AO=S=B A c2an9e/ 8eneral= DannyHs 9oin9 to t2e 9ame toni92t/ not tomorro+= Sp.r of t2e moment t2in9= @OLI,AR AO=S=B means +e 9o no+ instea of tomorro+= Means +e 9o min.s R.f.s=

() E<T= @OLI,ARHS SATELLITE IN OR@IT 0 DAY More mar$le0siOe sp2eres release = Roc"et en9ines i9nite=

8ALMI*HE AO=S=B No $i9 loss t2ere= 72ere is R.f.sI @OLI,AR AO=S=B O.t +it2 2is $oyfrien / Eoyri in9= E<T= KE,INHS (336 FORD TA>R>S 0 DAY KeCinHs car on t2e same roa as Henry an Ma eline=

INT= HENRY P MADELINEHS MER*EDES 0 DAY MADELINE IHm not yo.r trop2y +ife= Henry oesnHt 2ear 2er= HeHs rea in9= *ar enters a t.rnoff=

INT= KE,INHS TA>R>S 0 DAY T2ey pass t2e t.rnoff= KeCin slo+s KE,IN 7asnHt t2at t2e t.rnoffI t2e naCi9ator/ ammitN o+n= Yo.Hre

KeCin c.rses silently/ slaps a >/ enters t2e t.rnoff= E<T= A *A@IN IN THE 7OODS 0 DAY T2e Merce es in t2e riCe+ay/ Henry .nloa in9/ Ma eline/ in r.nnin9 to9s an a "nee $race/ oin9 stretc2in9 eDercises= R>F>S AO=S=B -romise me/ +2en +e 9et t2ere/ o it= DonHt o anyt2in9 craOy= KE,IN AO=S=B DonHt say t2at +or = INT= KE,INHS *AR RO>NDIN8 A T>RN ON ROAD NEAR *A@IN 0 NI8HT D.s"= Ma eline Eo9s= R.f.s scr.nc2es o+n/ 2i es 2is face=


(6 S>-ER? RO8ER DEAN STADI>M/ 7EST -ALM @EA*H/ FL FANS stream in= Holo9ram of Danny -rop2et oCer t2e entrance= Sta i.m or9an plays= SiD IraGi Officers pass t2r. t2e t.rnstyle in $.rGas= One +ears a $allcap oCer 2is 2iEa$= E<T= ENTRAN*E TO STADI>M -EDESTRIAN T>NNEL 0 NI8HT Si9n? RNO ENTRAN*E=R A SE*RET SER,I*E A8ENT stan s = A MAN in a foo serCice .niform +it2 a tray of so a pop an 2ot o9s approac2es= Secret SerCice A9ent +aCes 2im t2ro.92= INT= STADI>M -EDESTRIAN T>NNEL 0 NI8HT T2e Man +it2 t2e tray +al"s to+ar t2e li92t at t2e en t2e t.nnel= His footsteps ec2o= Sta i.m or9an lo. er= E<T= STADI>M 0 NI8HT T2e Man emer9es from t2e t.nnel to a pac"e Danny -rop2et fla9s/ $anners/ posters eCery+2ere= A secon SE*RET SER,I*E A8ENT +aCes 2im $y= T2e Or9anist 9rins/ plays on= E<T= *OMM>NI*ATIONS ANTENNAE ON 7EST 7IN8 ROOF 0 NI8HT A stea y 2.m= Some+2ere/ t2e faint so.n E<T= SOME7HERE IN STADI>M 0 NI8HT So.n of $oots less faint= T2e siD Officers 2ea to t2eir seats= Face of t2e -resi ent 9rins from t2e 8IANT S*REEN= INT= 7EST 7IN8 SE*>RITY *ENTER 0 NI8HT S>-ER? 7EST 7IN8 SE*>RITY *ENTER A flat0panel ima9e of t2e T2ey see 2im see 8almic2e r.ns t2e len9t2 of t2e -resi ent= TE*HNI*IANS ta"e a 2ot o9 from t2e near 2im= T2e so.n of +all/ isplayin9 t2e at consoles monitor 2im= Man +it2 t2e tray= T2ey t2e $oots 9ro+s lo. er= of $oots on tile= of

INT= A HALL7AY IN THE 7EST 7IN8 0 NI8HT So.n of $oots s. enly Cery near= T+o .niforme OFFI*ERS in spit s2ine $oots t.rn corner/ 2ea in9 to+ar a e DOOR= T2ese are t+o of t2e ei92t IraGi Officers=

(3 E<T= STADI>M S*ORE@OARD AT SE,ENTH0INNIN8 STRET*H 0 NI8HT A Harry *aray0type Coice sin9s Take Me Out To The Ball Game= E<T= A MENHS @ATHROOM SOME7HERE IN THE STADI>M 0 NI8HT A si9n? R*LOSED 0 >SE NE<T @ATHROOMR INT= THE MENHS @ATHROOM 0 NI8HT @.rGas pile on floor= T2e siD Officers/ in Army 9ar$/ +ait=

INT= O>TSIDE THE 8>ARDED DOOR IN THE 7EST 7IN8 0 NI8HT T2e t+o Officers present t2eir IDs= T2e 8>ARDS scan t2em= E<T= @OLI,ARHS SATELLITE IN OR@IT 0 NI8HT A series of $eeps an clic"s= An antenna array .nfol s=

MONTA8E 0 SATELLITES IN S-A*E 00 T.r"is2 satellite= A mar$le0siOe 00 *2inese satellite= A mar$le0siOe sp2ere or$its it= sp2ere or$its it=

00 *ana ian satellite= Sp2ere fires roc"et/ increases spee / XX=ti92tens or$it= 00 Manne R.ssian space station= &' or$itin9 sp2eres XX=conCer9e an lin"= T2eir roc"ets i9nite as one/ sen in9 XX=t2e mass=at t2e 2eart of t2e station= MONTA8E ENDS T2e $eeps an @A*K TO S*ENE clic"s c2an9e to a 2i920pitc2e +2ine=

INT= O>TSIDE DOOR AT 7EST 7IN8 SE*>RITY *ENTER 0 NI8HT T2e Scanner emits a +asp0li"e $.OOin9 so.n = Ta"in9 8>ARD & amn lon9 to Cali ate=

E<T= @OLI,ARHS SATELLITE IN OR@IT 0 NI8HT T2e +2ine $ecomes a s2rie"/ t2en a 2o+l=

&' MONTA8E 0 SATELLITES DISA@LED 00 A sp2ere $.rns a 2ole in a *2inese satellite= 00 T+o sp2eres lin" lasers/ sa+ a Frenc2 satellite in 2alf= 00 T2e scorc2e 00 Manne 2.l" of a >S satellite spins o.t of control= in its 2.ll=

Space Station +it2 a 2ole $laste

MONTA8E ENDS E<T= 8AME O,ER AT RO8ER DEAN STADI>M 0 NI8HT Or9anist plays= FANS stream o.t in Danny -rop2et s"immers= INT= THE -EDESTRIAN T>NNEL 0 NI8HT T2e -resi ent c2ats +it2 a -OLITI*IAN= 8almic2e 2an9s $ac"= MONTA8E 0 THIN8S START SH>TTIN8 DO7N ALL O,ER 00 A HI8H SE*>RITY -RISON= A stea y 2.m= T2e *ontrol *enter XX=$ristles +it2 micro+aCe antennae= t2e 2.m stops/ li92ts XX=s+itc2 off/ cell oors sli e open= Omino.s s2a o+s in XX= oor+ays= S2ots/ t2in9s $ein9 smas2e = Screams= Ho+ls= 00 O-ERATIN8 ROOM= Stea y 2.m= A ro$otic operation/ a XX=-ATIENT on a sla$= Screen s2o+s realtime telecast of XX=Asian DO*TOR oin9=t2e lon9 istance s.r9ery= T2e 2.m XX=stops/ t2e screen 9oes $lac"/ lasers s2.t o+n= @loo XX=eCery+2ere= A scream= 00 A ,EHI*LE ON A DARK ROAD= Stea y 2.m= Micro+aCe antennae XX=on roof= T+o MEN insi e play c2ess= 8-S console p.rrs= 8-S ,OI*E -rocee in9 to t2e train crossin9= XXXSo.n of train= *2ess pieces Ei99le= Men loo" .p= XX=S. enly/ train ea a2ea / closin9 fast= H.m ceases/ XX=po+er s2.ts o+n/ isplay 9oes $lac"= T2e Men po.n on XX=t2e 8-S= Screams= Screec2in9 +2eels= *2ess pieces fall XX=from $oar = Sic"enin9 cr.nc2 of metal= All $lac"= MONTA8E ENDS INT= THE -EDESTRIAN T>NNEL 0 NI8HT

&( T2e -resi ent $i s fare+ell to t2e -olitician= 8almic2e comes for+ar as -olitician leaCes= INT= O>TSIDE THE DOOR IN THE 7EST 7IN8 HALL7AY 0 NI8HT Scanner emits lon9/ s.staine s2rie"= T2e s coCer t2eir ears in pain= Smo"e from t2e t+o OfficersQ nostrils an ears= 7H>M-NN T2ey eDplo e= @o y parts fly eCery+2ere= INT= 7EST 7IN8 SE*>RITY *ENTER 0 NI8HT A G.a"e0li"e s2oc"= Screen s2atters= 7all/ ceilin9 collapse= E<T= ENTRAN*E TO -EDESTRIAN T>NNEL AT @ALL-ARK 0 NI8HT Secret SerCice A9entHs Ci 9oes $lac"= He r.ns into t.nnel=

INT= 7ITH THE OFFI*ERS INSIDE THE MENHS @ATHROOM 0 NI8HT *omm eCices flas2 re = A isem$o ie Coice/ R8oN 8oN 8oNR

INT= THE -EDESTRIAN T>NNEL 0 NI8HT T2e Secret SerCice A9ent emer9es= A s2ot= He rops= T2e siD Officers appear as if from t2in air= 8almic2e +aCes a 9.n= 8ALMI*HE He +as a traitor= He +as plottin9= R.m$le of 2elicopters= T2e siD Officers efer to 8almic2e=

OFFI*ER ( Time to loa .p an leaCe/ sir= -RESIDENT 72o are t2ese men/ 8eor9eI -resi entHs eyes s. enly on Officer &/ 2ol in9 a syrin9e=


@oliCar an Melissa stan / 2an in 2an = YeOi i MEN fire 9.ns in air= T, *RE7 a+aits= @oliCar si9nals for G.iet=

&& T, TE*HNI*IAN FiCe/ fo.r/ t2ree/ t+o/ one/ 9o= @OLI,AR @rot2ers SistersN A 9reat eCil 2as= MONTA8E 0 @OLI,ARHS S-EE*H 00 T+o FEMALE *OLONELS in 2iEa$s +atc2 @oliCar on a screen= @OLI,AR Aon T,B @een aCerte = T2ere +as a plot on= 00 A Fet -ILOT +atc2es @oliCar on a small coc"pit console= @OLI,AR Aon T,B T2e -resi entHs life= T2an"s to my Ci9ilance an it faile = 00 A -LATOON +atc2es @oliCar on a 2an 02el 00 A t2o.san MONTA8E ENDS @oliCar an Melissa +aCe= A istant flas2/ a m.s2room clo. = SAILORS stan Ci eo=

$efore a 2olo9ram of @oliCar=

E<T= KE,INHS *AR O>TSIDE THE *A@IN 0 NI8HT R.f.s in t2e car/ t2e +in o+s rolle .p= So.n of a 9.ns2ot=

KE,IN AO=S=B T2atHs so eCeryone "no+s t2is is= INT= *A@IN MASTER @EDROOM 0 NI8HT T2e oor to t2e @ATHROOM is loc"e / $.llet 2ole in t2e +all= KE,IN Real= Not a fairy tale= Not some Sno+ 72ite or *in erella story= Sports 9ear on t2e floor= A canopy $e = An ottoman at t2e canopyHs foot= Henry stan s on ottoman/ noose on 2is nec"/ a rope loope on a cross0$race a$oCe 2im P o+n to +2eelc2air= KE,IN My palHs o.tsi e= Yo. .pset 2im= Yo. an meHre 9onna 2aCe a c2at= Henry 9rips rope to "eep from c2o"in9= In 2is eyes/ ra9e=

&; KE,IN onHt 2aCe yo.r attention= of $.llet 2ittin9 pipe=

O2/ I

He fires at $at2room +all= So.n MASTER @ATHROOM

A clot2 $a9 on Ma elineQs 2ea loc"e at t2e nec"/ soa"e from t2e spray= S2e feels alon9 t2e +all/ aro.n t2e sin"= O2 8o N MADELINE HenryN HenryN

INT= KE,INHS *AR 0 NI8HT RADIO NE7S*ASTERHS ,OI*E AO=S=B T2e -resi entHs life= He is .n2.rt= R>F>S DamnN ItHs startin9N Damn t2emN INT= MASTER @ATHROOM T NI8HT Her 2an on t2e MEDI*INE *A@INET= S2e opens it= @ottles t.m$le o.t= S2e feels insi e/ fin s t2e MEDI*AL S*ISSORS= MASTER @EDROOM T2e +2eelc2air po+ers $ac"/ Eer"in9 Henry .p on 2is toes= No+ MASTER @ATHROOM Rippe $its of canCas on 2er nec"/ s2e slams into t2e HenryN MASTER @EDROOM T2e +2eelc2air po+ers for+ar = KE,IN Tell 2er to stop= T2e noose slac"ens= MADELINE HenryN oor= KE,IN o I 2aCe yo.r attentionI


&1 MASTER @ATHROOM S2e slams into t2e MASTER @EDROOM Ma eline cras2es t2ro.92/ splinters flyin9= KeCin spins in 2is c2air= T2e rope s. enly ti92tens on Henry= KE,IN 72at t2e 2ellINI T2e rope Eer"s Henry= He "ic"s/ t2ras2es/ fi92tin9 for life= Ma eline t.m$les to+ar t2e sports 9ear= KeCin fires an misses= Ma eline sprin9s .p/ 7on er9irl in 2an = He fires/ 2its Henry= 8.n Eams= Ma eline attac"s/ 7on er9irl .praise = E<T= THE *A@IN T NI8HT *lassical m.sic $lasts= R.f.s tries 2is p2one= @astar s R>F>S i nHt f.c"in9 tell meN oor= oor/ 2ar er= T2e frame splits=

S2a o+s on c.rtain of a $eatin9= R.f.s r.ns to I sai R>F>S not2in9 craOyN KeCinN StopN

INT= @EDROOM T NI8HT Ma eline/ a +il loo"/ po.n s KeCin to a $loo y p.lp/ R.f.s at oor/ 9asps/ r.ns= Ma eline sees a fleein9 man/ E<T= THE 7OODS O>TSIDE THE *A@IN 0 NI8HT Ma eline/ 2ol in9 7on er9irl 2i92/ ca$in li92ts enCelopin9 2er li"e an aCen9in9 an9el= R.f.s r.nnin9/ t2orns tearin9 2is s"in= Ma elineQs scream 2im li"e a emon= INT= HELI*O-TER 0 NI8HT T2e -resi ent in a litter/ me icate / 2is eyes open/ seein9 not2in9= A MEDI* atten s 2im= 8almic2e/ into a comm eCice= 8ALMI*HE ReportsN ,OI*E ( ON S-EAKER-HONE *apitol / Sir=

&5 ,OI*E & ON S-EAKER-HONE -enta9on / Sir= ,OI*E ; ON S-EAKER-HONE ,ice -resi ent / Sir= E<T= LOOKIN8 THRO>8H THE 7INDO7 INTO KENNYHS @EDROOM 0 NI8HT 8.nfire so.n s= So.n of s2o.tin9= Kenny/ 9l.e to t2e T,=

INT= KENNYHS @EDROOM 0 NI8HT Faint so.n of 9.nfire/ So.n of s2o.tin9/ comin9 closer=

TELE,ISION AN*HORMAN AO=S=B Arson an riots .p an o+n t2e eastern sea$oar = 7e 9o to Tampa= TELE,ISION RE-ORTER AO=S=B *omman *enter at Raymon Fames Sta i.m/ s.mmary eDec.tions are=== KENNY F.c"Hs 9oin9 onI Henry/ 9et $ac"= He tries a n.m$er= Not2in9= A secon n.m$er= Not2in9= He c.rses= He tries a t2ir = His fin9ernail li92ts .p= KENNY Ma elineI NoN DonHt 2an9 .pN I nee Henry= All 2ellHs $ro"e loose 2ereN E<T= AT THE DOOR TO THE *A@IN 0 NI8HT KENNY AO=S=B 72oI 72o "ille 2imI MADELINE T+o men= One in a +2eelc2air= KENNY AO=S=B 72eelc2airI O2 s2itN 8et o.t no+N INT= KENNYHS @EDROOM 0 NI8HT KENNY Stay off t2e p2one= DonHt .se t2e Merce es= T2eyHll trac" it=

&4 MADELINE AO=S=B 72oHll trac" it/ KennyI 72oI Kenny/ 2is pants 2alf on/ 2alf off/ r.ns to t2e INT= *O*K-IT OF FET FI8HTER 0 NI8HT KENNY AO=S=B T2e +2eelc2air 9.y= His carHs a H36 Ta.r.s/ stic" s2ift= >n+ire = Ta"e t2e $ac"roa s= Meet me at t2e Ti9er *a9es= T2e Ti9er *a9esN A t2in smile t2ro.92 t2e -ilotHs smo"e Cisor= oor=

-ILOT -ic" .p 7etOel an SleOa"Hs +ife at t2e Ooo= 7atc2 for a (336 For = E<T= >NDERSIDE OF F>SELA8E 0 NI8HT @lin"in9 li92ts= @ay opens= A SMART @OM@ releases= INT= KE,INHS *AR 0 NI8HT 7HOOSHNNN Fire en9.lfs t2e ca$in= T2e +2eelc2air in flames/ KeCin t.rnin9 $lac"/ crin"lin9/ fol in9 into 2imself= Ma eline/ 7on er9irl on t2e seat/ starts t2e i9nition= E<T= A*ROSS THE STREET FROM KENNYHS HO>SE 0 NI8HT Kenny neDt to 2is car= 7H>M-NN A flas2 $e2in 2im= His implo es= Li92ts s+itc2 on .p an o+n t2e street= Sirens= E<T= ON A NARRO7 @O>N*Y *O>NTRY ROAD 0 NI8HT *lassical m.sic $lasts/ 9ears 9rin in9/ 2ea li92ts on 2i92 $eam= of istant artillery= Fire on t2e 2oriOon= E<T= O>TSIDE KENNYHS HO>SE/ NO7 R>@@LE 0 NI8HT A *RO7D= Flas2in9 -OLI*E *AR li92ts= A MAN r.ns .p= MAN *an I report a stolen to+ tr.c"I

&) INT= THE TO7 TR>*K 0 NI8HT Kenny comes .p to a *HE*K-OINT manne $y a scare SOLDIER= He 9.ns t2e en9ine= Sol ier rops 2is rifle as 2e roars $y= E<T= KENNY 7AITS AT THE TI8ER *A8ES 0 NI8HT Ma eline approac2es= *ar 2ea li92ts on 2i92 $eam/ 9ears 9rin in9/ classical m.sic $lastin9= Kenny c.rses silently= INT= TO7 TR>*K 0 NI8HT KENNY Any fool "no+s yo. riCe +it2 t2e li92ts offN An t2an"s for t2e m.sicN No+ t2e +2ole +orl 0 0 MADELINE I co.l nHt fin t2e off s+itc2N E<T= KENNY AND MADELINE ASLEE- IN A HAYSTA*K 0 NI8HT 7on er9irl $et+een t2em= S. enly Coices/ flas2in9 li92ts= Ma eline pee"s o.t/ sees -OLI*E= A istant train +2istle= INT= A RAILROAD @O< *AR ON A SLO70MO,IN8 TRAIN 0 NI8HT Kenny an Ma eline peer o.t t2ro.92 a 2alf0open oor=

E<T= A FET FI8HTER AT ('/''' FEET 0 NI8HT Fires an eDplosions alon9 t2e train trac" $elo+=

INT= THE @O< *AR T NI8HT @.rnin9 $.il in9s/ istant eDplosions/ small arms fire=

E<T= A @>ILDIN8 AS THE TRAIN -ASSES T NI8HT SOLDIERS r.s2 .p= MoCin9 s2a o+s insi e t2e in9= A flame 9rena e strea"s t2ro.92 a +in o+= T+o MEN P a 7OMAN cras2 t2ro.92 oor= A ma as2= T2is is KIDD/ 7HIT P MARIA= SOLDIER T2ere t2ey 9oN 8et YemN A @I8 SOLDIER ta"es o.t a 9.n/ t2em on foot=

&6 INT= LOOKIN8 O>T FROM THE RAILROAD @O< *AR T NI8HT Ki / 72it P Maria sprint= T2e @i9 Sol ier fires= Ki sta99ers= Maria P 72it 9ra$ Ki = TH>NKN A roc" to t2e @i9 Sol ierHs 2ea = Kenny in a classic pitc2erHs follo+0t2ro.92= Hi92 2ar KENNY one= Still 9ot my 2eater=

INT= *O*K-IT OF THE FET HI8H A@O,E T NI8HT -ILOT ReG.est implant coor inates= INT= THE @O< *AR T NI8HT 7HIT Near t2e spine= S.c" it .p/ Ki =

MARIA 72it= HeHs a Me ic= Kno+s 2is s2it= Me ic= KENNY So yo.Hre all Army= to $e Army=

7HIT LetHs say +e .se

Maria lets a KITTEN o.t of 2er $ MARIA T2is is Little Ria= IHm @i9 Ria= Ki screams/ 2is screams ro+ne $y t2e train +2istle=

INT= *O*K-IT OF THE FET T NI8HT T2e control panel isplays o+nloa at 5'V=

INT= THE @O< *AR T NI8HT O.tsi e/ $.il in9s $.rn/ $o ies 2an9 from po+er lines= 72it offers Kenny a ci9arette= Kenny reac2es/ 72it p.lls $ac"= 7HIT ImplantN Yo. 9otta 9et off/ man= MARIA T2eyHll trac" it= To 9et to .s=

&3 7HIT T2eyHll "ill .s/ man= Maria P 72it 2ol 72it 2ol s .p Ki .p forefin9ers/ c.t at t2e top "n.c"le= Hs Maria ta"es o.t a t2ic" $la e= MARIA itQs off= DoesnHt 2.rt=

8o c2op an

INT= *O*K-IT OF THE FET T NI8HT T2e control panel monitor INT= THE @O< *AR T NI8HT KENNY NoN No +ayN T2is +as for S5' millionN *an yo. compre2en +2at t2at meansI E<T= THE FET/ HI8H A@O,E T NI8HT Har scan -ILOT AO=S=B o+nloa complete= O.t= iCe to+ar t2e train= isplays o+nloa at 3'V=

Fet peels off/ 9oes into a steep INT= THE @O< *AR T NI8HT S.

enly/ a s2oc" t2ro.92 t2e car of eart2G.a"e intensity= Har MARIA scanN T2eyHre loo"in9N

7HIT Yo. 9ot to leaCe/ man= No+N Ma eline ta"es t2e $la e/ to.c2es 2er fin9er to it= O.tsi e/ t2ree female $o ies an9le from a 2i92 fence= MADELINE IHm not 9oin9 $ac"= I am not= Anot2er stron9 s2oc"= 72it P Maria t.rn on Kenny menacin9ly= Kenny clenc2es 2is fists/ 9oes into a fi92tin9 cro.c2= KENNY Yo. t+o stay $ac"N If I leaCe/ itQll $e +2en I eci e=

;' E<T= AT THE REAR OF THE TRAIN T NI8HT T2e Fet 2oCers a$oCe t2e last t2ree cars/ eerily electrifie $y t2e 2ar scan/ flic"erin9 li"e li92ts in a t2.n er storm= -ILOT AO=S=B Har scan procee in9/ $ac" to front= INT= THE @O< *AR T NI8HT Kenny o+n/ .nconscio.s/ Ma eline oCer 2im +it2 7on er9irl= Me icN MADELINE 8et oCer 2ereN No+N

E<T= THE TRAIN T NI8HT A tan" car/ partly off rail/ $o.nces/ "ic"in9 .p spar"s= INT= THE @O< *AR T NI8HT A massiCe s2oc" +aCe= Kenny/ fin9er $an a9e / 9roans= @i9 Ria tapes a small +rappe pac"et to Little RiaHs $elly= S2e "isses t2e "itten/ pitc2es it o.t onto a 9rassy spot= Yo.Qll nee MARIA all yo.r nine liCes=

E<T= A 8RO,E OF TREES T NI8HT Little Ria/ t2e pac"et of fin9ertips tape INT= *O*K-IT OF THE FET T NI8HT *ontrol panel isplays t+o $lin"in9 li92ts moCin9 a+ay= -ILOT off t2e train= to 2er/ r.ns=

T2ey E.mpe So.n

of after$.rners "ic"in9 in=

E<T= A ,IE7 FROM ;'/''' FEET T NI8HT An eDplosion $elo+= T2e Fet oes a Cictory roll=

E<T= ENTRAN*E TO A TRAIN T>NNEL T NI8HT T2e train enters a t.nnel= T2e eraile / $.rnin9 tan" car

;( clips t2e portal/ rips loose/ eDplo es= -ortal collapses= INT= A HELO FLI8HT DE*K A@O,E THE *A@IN 0 NI8HT T2e Helo spotli92t floo s t2e area/ no+ a pile of smo"in9 as2es= 7e see a $lac"ene +2eelc2air frame 2ol in9 KeCinQs t+iste c2arre $o y= R.f.s/ $loo y/ na"e / +aCes insanely= E<T= THE ROAD LEADIN8 TO @A8HDAD AIR TERMINAL 0 DAY A million IRAWIS isplay pict.res of @oliCar an @oliCarQs plane passes lo+ oCer2ea = @oliCarN *RO7D @oliCarN @oliCarN Melissa=


T2e IraGi fla9 an @oliCarHs face on t2e tail= H.n re s of troops on t2e tarmac stan in9 = OCer2ea / formations of Military Aircaft an Helos= INT= ,I- ARRI,AL 8ATE 0 DAY @oliCar an Melissa enter/ accompanie $y HOLY MEN in flo+in9 ro$es= T2ree 8ypsy *HILDREN a+ait t2em +it2 flo+ers= @OLI,AR Al+ays yo.r amn 8ypsy "i sN He $r.s2es past t2e 8ypsies/ ref.sin9 to eCen loo" at t2em= 8Y-SY KID @oliCarN @oliCarN -lease +ait= 7e 2aCe flo+ers for yo.= 7aitN He +al"s faster= @e2in 2im/ 7H>MM-NN A flas2= An eDplosion=

E<T= ALON8 A STRET*H OF HI8H7AY IN IRAW 0 DAY ,.lt.res oCer2ea = A line of roa si e 9i$$ets/ space li"e po+er poles to t2e 2oriOon/ a corpse an9les from eac2= MATTHE7 He co.l "ill 2alf t2e +orl = It +onHt $rin9 2er $ac"/ t2an" 8o =

;& E<T= @OLI,ARHS SATELLITE IN OR@IT 0 DAY T2e Satellite/ a spec of li92t/ comin9 to+ar .s=


E<T= A DILA-IDATED MOTEL @Y A MO>NTAIN ROAD 0 DAY A $attere @>S o.t front= T2e s+immin9 pool/ no+ a 9ar$a9e pit= In an open space/ a s+in9 an a san $oD= A tire 2an9s from a tree= @eyon t2e tree/ t2ree 8RA,ES= INSERT? T2e Hea stones $ear t2e NaOareneQs Mar"= R@a$y Mars2aR R@a$y NaomiR R@a$y Fos2R @elo+ eac2 name RT2e Lor 9iCes/ t2e Lor ta"es/ @lesse $e His NameR @A*K TO S*ENE So.n of an en9ine $ac"firin9= A tr.c" 2orn 2on"s t2ree $lasts= Ten *HILDREN r.n to an approac2in9 -I*K>- TR>*K= INSERT? Si9n on -ic".p Tr.c" !7ill @ *ates/ Elmira/ I a2o/ Yo. nee @A*K TO S*ENE 7ILL/ a $lac" man/ at t2e +2eel= -erc2e in t2e tr.c" $e / KESHIA/ 2is a.92ter/ ()/ lifts a ca9e of c2ic"ens= Ma eline/ no+ ;5/ +al"s .p= MADELINE 7ill *ates/ tell Kes2ia to leaCe it .p t2ere= 7e onHt nee c2ic"ens= 7ILL *ATES Special 2ens/ fe $y 2an = Fe Yem"in="in meat Hn see sN T+o of t2e @oys start 9ra$0assin9= Ma eline smac"s t2em= Kes2ia $rin9s o+n a ca9e for Ma eline to inspect= 7ILL *ATES See 2o+ Yn s2iny t2ey areI Mas2 it .p/ t2ey eat t2e meat an see s= @e a treat for t2e c2il ren= F.icy c2ic"ens fe on"in= it/ May$e I 9ot it#

;; MADELINE Ho+ m.c2 yo. c2ar9in9I 7ILL *ATES @.y ei92t= 8et t+o free= Ho+Hs RiaI D.e any MADELINE ay=

7ILL *ATES @a$y a year= T2atHs a fertile la y= T2e faint cries of a +oman in la$or 9ro+in9 lo. er= E>LA/ TAMMY/ 7ENDY P MADELINE AO= S=B T2ir ay He arose from t2e ea / ascen e into 2eaCen/ sittet2 on t2e ri92t 2an of 8o t2e Fat2er= INT= MARIAHS ROOM IN THE MOTEL T DAY Little an ear TAMMY/ t2e mi Ria stan s/ stretc2es= S2eHs Cery ol / missin9 a le9/ an part of a tail= S2e 9oes to a is2 an sniffs it= 7ENDY an Ma eline lin" 2an s +it2 E>LA/ 7illHs +ife/ +ife= T2ey stan oCer Ria/ +2o 2ol s a NE7@ORN @A@Y= E>LA/ TAMMY/ 7ENDY P MADELINE Holy 82ost/ 2oly *2ristian *2.rc2/ comm.nion of Saints/ for9iCeness of sins/ res.rrection of t2e $o y/ life eCerlastin9= Amen= T2ey sG.eeOe 2an s an Sli release=

E>LA o.t so easy= Ria 2as a 9ift= follo+s=

Ma eline fro+ns/ no s/ eDits= E<T= THE MOTEL 0 DAY

MADELINE Fona2N Tell yo.r fat2er yo. 9ot a ne+ $a$y $rot2erN 8etN T2e little 8irls c2eer= FONAH/ (&/ r.ns off= E<T= AT THE SHED 7ITH THE RAL*OHOL KEE- O>TR SI8N T DAY 7ill *ates sits in 2is tr.c"= Kes2ia c2ops +oo / tosses t2e pieces into t2e tr.c" $e = Ma eline .nloc"s t2e s2e oor=

;1 MADELINE Yo. 9onna pray me .p a $a$yI T2in" 8o yo.= 7is2 HeH E>LA 2as a special plan for MADELINE tell meN

Ma eline ta"es o.t t2ree 509allon cans= MADELINE One 2ealt2y liCe $irt2= Fifteen 9allons total= -er t2e a9reement= 7ILL *ATES S2e 9ets an eDtra 9allon if 0 0 MADELINE Yo. t2in" yo.r miss.s 2as more comin9/ ta"e it .p +it2 Kenny= S2e loc"s .p/ +al"s $ac" into t2e slams oor= 7ill *ates starts po.rin9 t2e alco2ol into 2is tr.c" tan"= INT= A TA,ERN 0 DAY A lar9e p2oto oCer t2e INSERT? oor= oor

T2e -2oto oCer t2e

A stern0face @oliCar in t2e .niform of a Fiel Mars2al +it2 RIN THIS -LA*E/ @OLI,AR IS @OSSR in ele9ant script= @A*K TO S*ENE A stac" of 9.ns e $y MORRIS t2e @arten er= SeCen MEN/ incl. in9 Kenny/ sit= -REA*HER si9nals a ro.n = KENNY T2an"s/ -reac2= T2in" IHll pass on t2e $eer= 8ot a 2ot strea" 9oin9= -REA*HER Hear t2atI KennyHs on a strea"= KENNY -roofHs in t2e p. $irt2s in a ro+= in9= FiCe liCe

-REA*HER I attest t2e co.nt= I $aptiOe


;5 All $.t Kenny rin"= Fin9ers r.m/ feet s2.ffle= ie

FIM@O 7on erinH if yo.Hre co.ntinH Ma in t2is strea" of KENNY 72atHs yo.r point/ Fim$oI

FIM@O TammyHs pro .cin9= SoHs 7en y= SoHs Ria= -roofHs in t2e p. in9= *anHt 2elp noticin9 Ma ieHs $een G.iet= IKE ItHs a point= S2e 2asnHt 0 0

FIM@O AnH IHm t2in"inH may$e yo.Hre settinH 2er asi e li"e +it2 lan yo. let lie fallo+I Or 0 0 I"e la.92s= Kenny stops 2im +it2 a loo"= -REA*HER amnH s.$Eect/ Fim$o=

*2an9e t2e

FIM@O T2in9 +it2 +omen li"e Ma ie/ sometimes it ta"es t2e ri92t man= -REA*HER Yo. nominatin9 yo.rself/ Fim$oI FIM@O No= Not tryin9 to start a clarifyinQ t2is strea" 0 0 Morris appears $e2in Fim$oHs c2air/ 9ra$s 2im $y t2e 2air= Fim$o yells $loo y m.r er as Morris tosses 2im o.t= Too MORRIS amn many coc"roac2es in 2ereN

Kenny reac2es for a $ottle= -reac2er smiles/ no s= INT= R>F>SH OFFI*E 0 DAY A massiCe office= *lassical m.sic plays= of @oliCar .p 2i92= A 2.9e portrait

R.f.s an an F@I OFFI*IAL +atc2 a Ci eo of an arme ro$$ery? fiCe 9rainy fi9.res +it2 +eapons ra+n= One 2ol s a $at=

;4 R>F>S Stop it t2ere= @lo+ it .p= He Oooms in= R.f.s +al"s .p an st. ies a siD0foot ima9e of Ma elineHs face= S2e 2as a froOen eDpression of craOe an9er= R>F>S 7ere t2ese fiCe eCer ca.92tI F@I OFFI*IAL It +as a c2aotic time/ sir= R.f.s loo"s at a frame INSERT? T2e -2oto KeCin an R.f.s seate in an antiG.e tippin9 2ats= color p2oto on anot2er +all=

@A*K TO S*ENE R.f.s no s= T2e F@I Official .nfreeOes t2e Ci eo= Ma eline s+in9s 7on er9irl at a s2elf of $ottles/ smas2in9 t2em= INT= THE TA,ERN 0 DAY T2e -reac2er an Kenny are alone= T2ree empty $ottles $y Kenny= His face is fl.s2e = He $elc2es= Morris at t2e $ar= KENNY Me= Ria= Ki = 72it= Ma eline= Ki +it2 a $.llet= *o.l $arely stan = -REA*HER Ki an 72it in an o.tla+ 9an9= NeCer t2o.92t t2ey 2a it in Hem= KENNY T2ey +ere scare of Ma ie= 7e all +ere= S2e +as craOy= >npre icta$le= Lon9 silence= Kenny ta"es a eep rin"= 8.ilt on 2is face=

KENNY I 9ot a $oy o.t t2ere= Some+2ere= -REA*HER @oy 9ot a nameI KENNY Alan= Door opens= Fona2 enters= Morris si9nals 2im to +ait= sees KennyHs eyes are tearin9 .p= Fona2

;) KENNY NeCer calle 2im son= NeCer let 2im call me Da = E<T= A HORSE *ORRAL AT AN EW>ESTRIAN *ENTER 0 DAY @rass sa le eCice forms t2e letter/ R@R Alan/ &&/ $lon e an 2an some/ in an army .niform/ astri e an Ara$ian= A 9ol collar eCice= He ri es li"e one $orn to t2e sa le= -REA*HER AO=S=B S2ame on yo./ Kenny 7etOel= 8almic2e an a 8ENERAL stan o.tsi e t2e corral fence=

8ENERAL His name/ sir/ is 7etOel= T2e 8eneral +aCes 2im oCer= 8ALMI*HE I "ne+ a 7etOel= @allplayer= ALAN Lt Alan 7etOel= At yo.r serCice= -roCe me/ sir= E<T= THE HIT*HIN8 RAIL O>TSIDE @OLI,ARHS -ALA*E 0 DAY @oliCar ismo.nts/ +al"s insi e $elo+ a 2.9e/ 9ol R@R

INT= THE ENTRY HALL OF @OLI,ARHS -ALA*E 0 DAY -ersian mar$le= Li92ts foc.s on a cas"et/ t2e 9lasse 0in M>MMY of Melissa= @oliCar sees Matt2e+Hs reflecte face= MATTHE7 I +ant troops an a comman = @OLI,AR Yo.r mot2er +as a stic"ler for timin9/ $oy= A G.ality yo. lac"= He storms o.t= @oliCar 9est.res t2e Holy Men to follo+ 2im= E<T= A @ARN 0 NI8HT Dance m.sic= ,e2icles par"e in a A 9enerator r.ns= KennyHs @.s stops at t2e oor= Ma eline an Tammy 2op o.t=

;6 INT= THE @ARN 0 NI8HT 72it/ 2air t2innin9/ ten s a *D player= *O>-LES ance/ Kenny +it2 Tammy= Ma eline stan s $roo in9/ sips liG.or from a c.p= T2e son9 en s to +2oops= 72it p.ts on anot2er= Ma eline $olts o+n 2er rin"/ +al"s to Ki / yan"s 2im onto t2e floor/ 9iCes 2im a mean loo"= T2ey ance= INT= A HALL7AY IN A *ELL @LO*K IN A -RISON 0 NI8HT At eac2 cell/ a slop $.c"et= T+o OFFI*IALS P a HOLY MAN escort @oliCar P Matt2e+= A MAN +it2 a cart enters= He loa s $.c"ets onto t2e cart= He calls o.t RR.$$is2N R.$$is2NR @OLI,AR Yo.QCe pestere me for a comman = All ri92t= Yo. 2aCe one= Yo.Qll nee an army= @oliCar si9nals to a ra99e @OLI,AR 72atHs yo.r nameI -RISONER A$ .lla2/ Sir= ECer lea @OLI,AR troops/ A$ .lla2I filt2y -RISONER=

-RISONER No/ Sir= IHm a li$rarian= @OLI,AR Matt2e+/ I 9iCe yo. A$ .lla2/ t2e first sol ier in yo.r ne+ army= T2e slop $.c"et Man/ an ol R.$$is2N $ent Danny -rop2et/ approac2es=


E<T= AMON8ST THE -ARKED ,EHI*LES AT THE DAN*E 0 NI8HT A lo. son9 plays insi e= Ma eline 2as Ki pinne on a pic".p $e = Ki 9ets an arm free/ slaps at 2er= S2e 2its 2im 2ar / s2oCes a $ottle at 2im/ ri$$lin9 9in on 2is lips= KIDD DonHt 2.rt me/ Ma eline= -lease=

MADELINE Ma"e yo. a man toni92t= Real man=

;3 S2e 2isses cat0li"e/ .n oes 2is $elt= A cr.nc2 of $oots= KENNY AO=S=B Let 2im 9o/ Ma ie= INT= MADELINEHS @EDROOM 0 NI8HT 7on er9irl in a rac" a$oCe t2e 2ea $oar = Kenny P Ma eline na"e / 2aCin9 intense seD= Ma eline 2isses/ 9ro+ls= MADELINE A,=O=B 72en s2eHs in 2eat/ a lion 2as seD 2.n re s of times= ItHs no t2in9= ItHs a$o.t n.m$ers= S2e oesnHt "no+ +2ic2 $.lletHll 2it t2e mar"= S2e "eeps firin9 a+ay= A "noc"= INT= FEREMYHS A-ARTMENT 0 DAY *2eap f.rnis2in9s= T2e only o.t0of0place item is an eDpensiCe mirror= *2loe an Feremy freeOe= Fo.r *HILDREN/ t2ree @oys P a 8irl/ stare at t2e oor= T2e 8irl 2as a efiant loo"= T2is is MADDI= Anot2er "noc"= *2loe opens it= -OLI*EMAN ( *2loe SleOa"I S2e no s= A -OLI*EMAN p.s2es t2e oor open=

-OLI*EMAN & 7e 2aCe a +arrant for any papers relatin9 to Ma eline SleOa"= E<T= AMON8 THE AN*IENT R>INS OF @A@YLON 0 DAY A massiCe MOSW>E .n er constr.ction= H.n re s of +or"ers at t2e site= @oliCar stan s +it2 t2e FOREMAN= He 2ol s a $ric"= INSERT? T2e inscription on t2e @ric"

In Ara$ic? R@OLI,AR @>ILT THISR @A*K TO S*ENE INT= THE KIT*HEN IN FEREMYHS A-ARTMENT 0 DAY T+o $oDes mar"e RHenry SleOa"=R T2e -olicemen rea files=

1' -OLI*EMAN ( R-arties to t2is marria9e/ Henry An re+ SleOa" P Ma eline Dap2ne Rosen a2l/ affirm t2ey s2all not 2aCe c2il ren= T2is is $ase .pon an analysis of t2eir anticipate family an lifestyle=R -oliceman & 2ol s .p a f.ll0frontal n. e p2oto of Ma eline= -OLI*EMAN & HereHs yo.r lifestyle ED2i$it A= E<T= A MAKESHIFT @ALL-ARK IN THE IDAHO HILLS 0 DAY Kenny 2as t2e @.sQ 2oo .p= T2e en9ine i les ro.92= Ma eline/ 7on er9irl in 2an / 2its a 9ro.n er to ten @OYS= MADELINE Keep it in front of yo.N If yo. onHt catc2 it/ "noc" it o+nN S2e 2its anot2er= MADELINE SG.are .pN Loo" it into t2e 9loCeN A8lares at KennyB 72y onHt yo. eCer 2elp coac2I He 2ol s .p 2is fin9er 9rins +ea"ly/ s2a"es 2is 2ea = INT= A H>8E ORNATE HOTEL DININ8 ROOM 0 DAY R.f.s at a ta$le= Alan enters= R.f.s $i s 2im sit= R>F>S I "ne+ a 7etOel= @ase$all player= ALAN 7etOelHs a common name/ sir= E<T= IN A MEADO7 @EHIND A SHA*K 0 DAY par"e / rifles lean a9ainst a tree= A line of c2airs= @AR@ER c.ts KennyQs 2air= S"i/ Fim$o/ t2e -reac2er/ I"e +ait= Hear FIM@O t2e Army rai e Elmira=

@AR@ER Di nQt 2ear t2at=

1( FIM@O Relia$le so.rce= 7omen an 9irls at c2oir practice= Army too" Hem= SKI T2eyHll all 9o to t2e 72ore -ens= ItHs $en oCer time in Ni99erto+n= INT= R>F>S AND ALAN IN R>F>SH OFFI*E 0 DAY An artist INSERT? A Dra+in9 An artistQs ren ition of a t2irty0fiCe year ol @A*K TO S*ENE R>F>S S2eH $e t2irty0fiCe/ if aliCe= ItHll $e a +2ile $efore I sen yo. o.t= IHCe anot2er tas" for yo.= E<T= AN A-RI*OT OR*HARD 0 DAY Ma eline= R>F>S AO= S=B i it from an ol Ci eo=

Ten teena9e 8IRLS +or"= FiCe on la ers/ pic"in9 T2ree in an open s2e c.ttin9 P pittin9= T+o ten an iron pot/ la elin9 coo"e into Ears= A ry itc2 r.ns t2ro.92 t2e orc2ar = Ma eline stan s = T2ey sin9= 8IRLS *in erella resse in yello+ 7ent .pstairs to "iss a fella= ON A FOREST -ATH NEAR@Y TA>RIAN/ T>@@S P SW>EAK/ rifles cra le / moCe in 2.nter formation= Ta.rian si9nals G.iet= T2ey moCe stealt2ily= 8IRLS AO=S=B Ma e a mista"e an "isse a sna"e=

AT A HI8H S-OT O,ERLOOKIN8 THE OR*HARD 8IRLS Ho+ many octors i it ta"eI *in erella resse in yello+=

1& Ta.rian/ T.$$s P SG.ea" loo" o+n= Ta.rian ta"es aim=

TA>RIAN *2ec" it= @i9 $itc2Qll 2er t2e 9irlies into t2e itc2= 7atc2= Ta.rian fires= THE OR*HARD Ma eline an t2e 8irls iCe into t2e itc2 an 2.n"er o+n= A $.llet "ic"s .p irt at Ma elineHs feet=

E<T= THE MOTEL 0 DAY Ec2oes of t2e s2ot= Ria/ Tammy an 7en y t.rn/ loo" to+ar t2e so.n = 7en y appears to $e in 2er seCent2 mont2= HeyN HeyN MADELINE AO=S=B Yo. .p t2ereN

E<T= THE HI8H S-OT 0 DAY T.arian si9nals T.$$s P SG.ea" to +or" t2eir +ay aro.n = TA>RIAN Tal"in9 to me/ 8irlI AT THE DIT*H MADELINE LettinH yo. "no+/ +e 9ot 9.ns= INT= THE MOTEL 0 DAY 7en y +atc2es/ as Tammy an t+o teena9e @oys/ all +it2 9.ns/ r.s2 off= @i9 Ria $rin9s .p t2e rear/ 2.ffin9 an p.ffin9= TA>RIAN AO=S=B *orrection/ 8irl= Yo. 9ot a 9.n= MONTA8E 0 T>@@S P SW>EAK ON THE MO,E 00 T.$$s moCes t2ro.92 t2e .n er9ro+t2 to Ma elineHs XX=left= He 2alts +it2 a clear s2ot from t2e si e= 00 SG.ea" moCes to Ma elineHs ri92t= He stops at a spot XX=oCerloo"in9 Ma eline P t2e 8irls= MONTA8E ENDS

1; E<T= AT THE DIT*H 0 DAY A s2ot "ic"s .p irt= T2e 8irls flinc2 an cry= Anot2er s2ot/ more irt= Ma eline loo"s to 2er left/ sees T.$$s 9rinnin9= S2e loo"s ri92t/ sees SG.ea" lic"in9 2is lips= @A*K ON THE FOREST -ATH LEADIN8 TO THE OR*HARD Ria/ o.t of $reat2= Tammy P t2e @oys $rea" into a sprint/ leaCe 2er in t2e .st= AT THE DIT*H T.$$s sec.res t2e +2imperin9 8irls nec" to nec" +it2 len9t2s of t2in rope= SG.ea" "ic"s Ma eline= He "ic"s 2er a9ain= S2e loo"s .p +it2 efiance= S2e spits o.t a toot2= SW>EAK DonHt li"e $itc2es= TA>RIAN AO=S=B S2e +onHt $e a $itc2 no more= T>@@S DonHt +orry/ Little La ies= T.$$s "eep yo. safe from @rot2er SG.ea"= S2ots from a$oCe= Ta.rian cries o.t= T.$$s an 9ra$ a 8irl/ press a "nife to 2er t2roat= ON THE FOREST -ATH NEAR THE OR*HARD Ria/ o.t of $reat2/ r.ns to+ar t2e s2ots= SG.ea" eac2

SW>EAK AO=S=B Ta.rN Yo. .p t2ere/ ManI Tal"/ ManN E<T= THE @AR@ER SHO- IN THE MEADO7 0 DAY SKI Army s2o.l nHt come anH ta"e= T2ey s2o.l as"= my opinion= FIM@O SerCes Sam$o ri92t= Let Hem +al" all oCer Hem= Yassir t2is/ me sir t2at= T2ey +ere coll. in9= -REA*HER 72at yo. 9et for coll. in9= DeCil onHt nee yo./ 2e t.rns on yo.=

11 E<T= THE HI8H S-OT 0 DAY Ta.rian/ tric"le of $loo from 2is mo.t2/ flies on 2is +i e0open/ lifeless eyes= Ta.rN SW>EAK AO=S=B Ta.rN Yo. o"ayIN T2ey o=

Tammy si9nals t2e t+o @oys to fan o.t= AT THE DIT*H

SG.ea" an T.$$s eac2 2ol a 8irl= Ma eline 9rins a $ro"en0 toot2e 9rin= An o$Eect from a$oCe= It lan s -LO-N in t2e irt= T2e 8irls scream= ItHs Ta.rianHs HEAD= O2 S2itN T>@@S O2 mot2erf.c"N

T.$$s p.s2es 2is 8irl a+ay/ ma"es a panic"y r.n for it= He 9oes fiCe feet= A s2ot rin9s o.t= His 2ea splatters= A@O,E THE OR*HARD Ria lo+ers 2er rifle= S2e spits/ s2a"es 2er $elly= MARIA Fat $astar N AT THE DIT*H SW>EAK Tell Hem to c.t a eal or I c.t= o=

Ma eline si9nals t2e ot2er 8irls to slip a+ay= T2ey MADELINE Yo.Hll ie slo+/ ra9 yo. to+n to to+n/ 2alf0"ill yo. at eac2 stop= SW>EAK IHll Hem= MADELINE Ho+ yo. 9onna +it2 no ton9.eI INT= A *O>RTROOM 0 DAY

@oliCarHs on +all= DEFENSE *O>NSEL at a ta$le= *2loe P Ma i sit in an empty 8allery= Ma i cl.tc2es a @i$le= A 8>ARD lea s Feremy in= Feremy +in"s= Ma i tries to +aCe/

15 $.t *2loe stops 2er= T2ree mas"e F>D8ES enter=

@AILIFF AO=S=B Matt2e+ @oliCar Cs Feremy SleOa"N DEFENSE *O>NSEL -risoner +is2es to ma"e a reG.est= F>D8E ( -rocee = DEFENSE *O>NSEL -risoner as"s to forfeit 2is life= *2loe cries o.t= SilenceN F>D8E & LetHs 2ear it from 2im=

DEFENSE *O>NSEL May I remin t2e *o.rt t2e prisonerHs ton9.e +as remoCe = F>D8E & O2 yes= T2atHs ri92t= I for9ot= E<T= A HILLTO- 7ITHIN SI8HT OF THE MOTEL 0 NI8HT Tammy P Ria escort t2e 8irls= T2e t+o @oys carry torc2es= Ma eline/ na"e / $loo y/ face miss2apen/ limps alone= @elo+/ t2ey see t2e Cilla9eHs t+in"lin9 li92ts= T2ey $e9in t2eir escent= Ma eline 2ol s $ac"= MADELINE In t2e eye of t2e storm $et+een t2e t+o esolations= T2e first 2as come an 9one= T2e neDt +ill $e +orse= INT= THE ENTRY HALL OF @OLI,ARHS -ALA*E 0 NI8HT T2e r.m$le of 2elicopters= @oliCar "neels/ face presse MelissaHs $ier= T2e cas"et s2a"es= 8almic2e +atc2es= E<T= @OLI,ARHS -ALA*E 0 NI8HT A 8IANT HELO sets o+n= T2e ot2ers circle a$oCe li"e ea9les= to

INT= THE 8IANT HELO 0 NI8HT SOLDIERS sit 9rimface = Matt2e+/ R.f.s P Alan sit $e2in t2e pilot= T2ro.92 t2e pleDi9lass/ t2ey see @OLI,ARHs 8>ARDS

14 $elo+ r.s2in9 to ta"e efensiCe positions= 8almic2e emer9es from t2e -alace/ $ar"s an or er= T2e s 9ro.n arms= INT= THE ENTRY HALL OF @OLI,ARHS -ALA*E 0 NI8HT @oliCar 2ol s a 9.n to 2is temple= He trem$les/ lo+ers it= E<T= THE STE-S O>TSIDE @OLI,ARHS -ALA*E 0 NI8HT Alan ascen s steps/ smiles= 8almic2e 9iCes 2im a $ear 2.9= 8ALMI*HE HeHs insi e/ *aptain 7etOel= Alan fires a $.llet into t2e $ac" of 8almic2eHs 2ea = INT= THE ENTRY HALL OF @OLI,ARHS -ALA*E 0 NI8HT @OLI,AR Matt2e+I ALAN HeQs o.tsi e/ Sir= Yo.Qre alone= @OLI,AR 72o are yo.I ALAN A man/ li"e yo./ fles2 an @OLI,AR I trie = I canHt $loo =

o it=

ALAN 72en itHs time to 9o/ a 9reat man 9o +ell/ 9o li"e a man= T2in" of yo.r le9acy/ Ric2ar @oliCar= He raises t2e 9.n/ lets it fall= Alan E<T= HALF7AY DO7N THE HILL 0 NI8HT Tammy an Ria an t2e 8irls t.rn/ see t2e top of t2e 2ill a$laOe an Ma eline stan in9 in t2e fire= 8IRL S2eHs on fireN S2eHs $.rnin9N ra+s a @o+ie Knife=

TAMMY S2eHs a +itc2N S2eHs possesse N

1) E<T= THE HILLTO- ON FIRE 0 NI8HT Ma eline +al"s in t2e fire/ flames Eet from 2er fin9ers= MADELINE T2e neDt esolation +ill $e s. en= T2ereHll $e a 9reat fear in t2e lan = 7oe to t2ose +it2 oors loc"e an +in o+s s2.ttere = T2ey +ill s.ffer= As for yo./ 9o to a 2illtop= Yo. +ill $e safe t2ere= E<T= A MAIN STREET IN A SMALL IDAHO MO>NTAIN TO7N 0 DAY Fona2 +aits at t2e roa si e= An ol cl.n"y ,AN p.lls .p=

FONAH 8oin9 to *oe.r HAleneI T2e DRI,ER no s/ motions 2im to clim$ in= INT= MADELINEHS @EDROOM 0 DAY Kenny P Ma eline 2aCin9 intense seD= S2e 2isses/ snarls= MARIA AO=S=B Yo.r A.nt Ma eline= INT= THE MOTEL DININ8 HALL 0 DAY All t2e *2il ren sit/ listenin9 +it2 rapt attention= MARIA Has 2a a metamorp2osis= Do yo. "no+ +2at metamorp2osis meansI RiaHs DA>8HTER raises 2er 2an = Ria no s=

DA>8HTER It means s2eQs c2an9e = MARIA Yes= *2an9e = It means 0 0 TAMMY Means s2eHs a amn +itc2N INT= THE ,AN 0 DAY Ki sits $e2in Fona2= He taps 2im=

16 KIDD 72ere yo. 9oin9I Da FONAH sent me to 9et a f.el snatc2es it=

Fona2 ta"es o.t a paper/ .nfol s it= Ki

KIDD I "no+ t2is place= IHll s2o+ yo.= E<T= THE MOTEL 0 DAY T2ree c2oppers par"e neDt to t2e $.s=

KENNY AO=S=B 7e t2an" t2ee/ Lor / for t2ese t2y 9ifts receiCe from t2y $o.nty= ln t2e name of t2ine only $e9otten Son/ Fes.s *2rist/ o.r Lor = Amen= E,ERYONE AO=S=B Amen= INT= THE MOTEL DININ8 HALL 0 DAY On t2e +all/ t2e si9n of t2e NaOarene neDt to t2e o$li9atory of Matt2e+= Eac2 7oman sits +it2 2er *2il ren= Kenny sits +it2 8A@RIEL/ MI*HAEL AND RAFAEL= Ma eline sits alone= MI*HAEL Not eCery man can liCe off t2e lan / yo. "no+= Do yo.r t2in9 in yo.r o+n time= Yo. s2o.l $e pro. = RAFAEL More +ine oCer 2ere/ pleaseI Kenny no s to Ma eline= E<T= THE MOTEL 0 DAY 8a$riel/ Mic2ael an Rafael ma"e rea y to leaCe= Ma eline 9ets .p/

8A@RIEL T2e $lon e oneHs $arrenI Kenny no s= 8A@RIEL S2eHll conceiCe= Soon=

13 MI*HAEL Nice prayer= @e a preac2er= Kenny la.92s= T2ey reC t2eir c2oppers an peel o.t=

E<T= A @AR0LINED STREET IN *OE>R DHALENE 0 NI8HT Ki an Fona2 +ooOy r.n"/ arm in arm/ s+ayin9=

KIDD Yo.r Da y an I +ere frien s once= 8oo frien s= Yo. i nHt "no+ t2at= May$e time for yo. to 2ear t2e story= LetHs see= Once .pon a time/ t2ere +as yo.r Mom/ yo.r Da / Mister 72itney/ me an yo.r A.nt Ma eline= 7e fiCe= 7e 9lorio.s notorio.s .proario.s fiCe= A Hon"y0Ton"= A 9rinnin9 *ROSS0DRESSER 9reets t2em= E<T= THE MOTEL 0 DAY So.n of Tammy 2aCin9 a painf.l c2il $irt2=

INT= TAMMYHS @EDROOM 0 DAY Tammy in a9ony= Ria P 7en y try to assist 2er=

TAMMY O2 8o N H.rtsN 8et me E.laN MARIA Army too" 2er= Too" Kes2ia/ too= INT= AT THE DOOR O>TSIDE TAMMYHS @EDROOM T DAY TAMMY AO= S=B O2 E.laN 72ereCer yo. are/ pray for me= E.laN O2 amnN DamnN DamnN Ma eline/ 2an on oor "no$/ listens/ t2en limps a+ay=

INT= THE MOTEL DININ8 HALL 0 DAY T2e *2il ren eat to t2e so.n of TammyHs cries= Kenny paces=

KENNY -ray for 2erN -ray 2ar N

5' T2e *2il ren $o+ 2ea s= Kenny slams a fist on t2e ta$le= KENNY -ray 2ar er/ ammitN Ma eline limps past/ not loo"in9 .p= Kenny +atc2es 2er= E<T= THE SKY SOME7HERE O,ER THE RO*KIES 0 DAY A 9iant military *AR8O HELO races oCer t2e platea.= LT *OLONEL KIM AO=S=B @et yo.Qre +on erin9 +2o t2ey are= ALAN AO=S=B T2e t2o.92t 2a crosse my min =

INT= THE *AR8O @AY OF THE HELO 0 DAY T+enty ASIAN SOLDIERS sit a9ainst t2e $.l"2ea = LT *OLONEL KIM Koreans= KoreaHs $ro"e= T2eyHre rentin9 o.t sol iers for 2ar cas2= IQ ALAN $e +orrie a$o.t t2eir loyalty=

LT *OLONEL KIM T2eyQre loyal to +2o pays t2em= INT= MADELINEHS @EDROOM 0 NI8HT 7on er9irl is 9one= E<T= A -ATH IN THE 7OODS NEAR 7HIT P KIDDHS *A@IN 0 NI8HT So.n of footsteps on a pat2= A line of torc2es= MenHs faces 9limpse t2ro.92 flic"erin9 flames= A *A@IN .p a2ea = 7HIT AO=S=B 72oHs t2ereIN 72oHs o.t t2ereINN Ma elineHs face in t2e torc2 li92t/ eCery in s2arp relief= *raOy ra9e in 2er eyes= 7on er9irl in 2er 2an = MADELINE LetHs rollN

5( E<T= AT THE ED8E OF A FOREST T DAY S>-ER? Some+2ere near *oe.r HAlene=

Alan/ on t2e 9ro.n / +aCin9 9oo 0$ye as t2e Helo lifts off= E<T= THE SAME -ATH IN THE 7OODS 0 DAY Ki +al"s slo+ly= S. enly/ a Rsomet2in9Hs not ri92tR loo" on 2is face= He stops= He sniffs t2e air= He fro+ns= E<T= THE SMOKIN8 ASHES OF 7HIT P KIDDHS *A@IN 0 DAY T2e -reac2er/ a clot2 oCer 2is nose/ s2oCels irt into a 9raCe as Ki r.s2es .p= Ki Hs face tells .s t2e stenc2 is oCer+2elmin9= T2e -reac2er 9ra$s 2im/ t2ro+s 2im in t2e pit= -REA*HER T2ey came for yo./ yo. son of a $itc2= Di nHt fin yo.= @.t t2ey fo.n 72it= Hell yo. eDpectI T2o.92t t2e $oy +o.l nHt tellI Ki cla+s at t2e irt= 72itHs 2ea pops .p/ noose still on 2is nec"/ ooOe lea"in9 from eye soc"ets= He screams= KIDD Yo. 9ot to 2elp meN 8ot to saCe meN -REA*HER I s.99est yo. start r.nnin9N E<T= A 8RO,E ON A HILLTO- 0 NI8HT A campfire= Alan sits at a campfire an eats inner=

INT= LI,IN8 ROOM IN FEREMYHS A-ARTMENT 0 DAY T2e mirror ominates t2e room= Ma i cl.tc2es 2er @i$le=

DEFENSE *O>NSEL ItHs yo.r 2.s$an Hs politics= It precl. es anyone from 2irin9 Ma i= Yo. see t2at/ yesI *HLOE All IHm as"in9 is a lo+ leCel Eo$= MADDI MamaN 7e s2o.l leaCe/ 9o far a+ay=

5& *HLOE Ho+ can +e leaCe yo.r fat2erI HeH MADDI .n erstan N

T2e Defense *o.nsel stan s/ starts 9at2erin9 2is t2in9s= E<T= THE MAKESHIFT @ALL-ARK 0 DAY Ten @OYS/ a9es (( to (5/ play +or".ps= Fona2 is amon9 t2em= KIDD AO=S=B T2eyHre 2ere eCery ay= I +atc2 t2em= I "no+ t2em $etter t2an I "no+ myself= E<T= A 8RO,E OF TREES ON A NEAR@Y HILLTO- 0 DAY SOLDIERS stan $y= A HELO sits in a fiel near$y/ rotor $la es t.rnin9 slo+ly= An OFFI*ER scans +it2 $inoc.lars= KIDD 8oo $oys/ most of t2em= 8oo +or"ers= 8oo st. ents= Min t2eir parents= T2eyHll $e 9oo sol iers= INT= LI,IN8 ROOM IN FEREMYHS A-ARTMENT 0 DAY T2e Defense *o.nsel ons 2is coat=

DEFENSE *O>NSEL I 2aCe a position for 2er= A mai = MADDI A mai IN DEFENSE *O>NSEL My +ife nee s a 9irl to min t2e c2il ren= -ayHs not m.c2 $.t= He stops/ c2ec"s 2is 2air in t2e mirror= DEFENSE *O>NSEL T2is mirror= It +as a 9ift/ yesI *HLOE To FeremyHs Fat2er from Korea=

5; DEFENSE *O>NSEL $e +ort2 t2o.san s= Henry SleOa" receiCe it= In 2is capacity as >nite States enCoy= Some mi92t say itHs state property= *HLOE O2N 72at s2all I oI

DEFENSE *O>NSEL Store it in a safe place= My An Ma i can loo" after it on 2er ro.n s= IHll sen a $oy= He leaCes= Ma i loo"s at *2loe +it2 contempt=

*HLOE DonHt loo" at me li"e t2atN IHm tryin9 to s.rCiCeN MADDI One ay/ yo.Hll loo" an yo. +onHt fin me= IHll $e o.t +est= Loo"in9 for A.nt Ma eline= *2loe slaps 2er= *HLOE DonHt refer to 2er in t2is 2o.seN MADDI 72yI I +as name after 2erN

*HLOE T2at +as yo.r fat2erHs oin9= Ma i ear/ itHs an9ero.s to say 2er name= I +ant yo. to $e safe= Ma i t.rns 2er $ac"/ +al"s a+ay=

E<T= A MEETIN8 HALL 0 DAY an Tr.c"s par"e in a ro+= Arme MEN stan =

SHRI,ELLED OLD MAN AO=S=B ,ampiresN ,ampires eCery+2ereN INT= THE MEETIN8 HALL 0 DAY 8.ns stac"e = On t2e +all/ si9n of t2e NaOarene neDt to t2e of Matt2e+= A fri92tene *RO7D/ faces of loss an eCastation= 7OMEN so$= A s2riCelle OLD MAN +it2 +il eyes=

51 SHRI,ELLED OLD MAN T2ey 9ot o.r $oys in a pitN 72en t2ey nee $loo / t2ey p.ll one o.t/ open a Cein or an artery= T2ey .se telepat2ic $eams of mass ener9y to control Hem= Marc2 Hem aro.nH li"e +oo en sol iers= T2ey eCery+2ere= Loo" Hro.nH yo.= ,ampires ri92t in t2is roomN -erson neDt to yo. 0 0 ECeryoneHs on t2eir feet/ s2o.tin9/ pointin9 fin9ers= E<T= A HILLTO- 7ITHIN SI8HT OF THE @ASE@ALL DIAMOND 0 NI8HT Ma eline/ 7on er9irl in 2an / stares at t2e empty E<T= SOME7HERE IN THE FOREST 0 DAY A mo.ntain lion 9iCes $irt2= INT= MARIAHS @EDROOM 0 NI8HT A s2a o+ races across t2e c.rtain= Lo. FireN Kenny an MADELINE AO=S=B FireN 8et o.tN oor= 2ammerin9 on oor= Alan +atc2es from a t2ic"et= iamon =

Ria .p= More 2ammerin9 on anot2er FireN MADELINE AO=S=B FireN ECeryone o.tN

E<T= THE @>RNIN8 MOTEL 0 NI8HT Kenny/ Ria/ 7en y/ t2e *2il ren an Tammy +it2 @A@Y in arms stan / +atc2 it $.rn= Ma eline stan s apart/ stone0face = E<T= AT THE SIDE OF THE ROAD 0 DAY T2e -reac2er/ t2e 7omen P *2il ren +atc2 KennyHs @.s riCe off= Tammy 2ol s 2er @a$y= Ria so$s= 7en y stares $lan"ly= INT= THE @>S 8OES >- A STEE- IN*LINE INTO THE FOREST 0 DAY Ma eline sits/ 7on er9irl on 2er lap= MADELINE I set t2e fire=

55 KENNY I "no+= E<T= AT THE ED8E OF THE DESERT 0 DAY A seemin9ly en less line of IraGi -IL8RIMS enter a massiCe/ san 0colore MA>SOLE>M +it2 a spectac.lar 9ol en ome= R>F>S AO=S=B If yo. $.il it/ t2ey +ill come= INT= THE MA>SOLE>M 0 DAY -il9rims pass $y t2e 9lasse 0in cas"ets of @oliCar P Melissa= R>F>S T2ey +ere a remar"a$le pair= MATTHE7 S2e +as a +2ore= He +as 2er$oy= Ki an a comely yo.n9 OFFI*ER approac2= T2ey $o+/ present R.f.s an Matt2e+ +it2 ro$es P "effiye2s/ t2en epart= MATTHE7 T2atHs yo.r ne+ ai eI R>F>S Yes= >sef.l man= A 9o09etter= MATTHE7 72ereHs 2e fromI R>F>S Some+2ere o.t +est= MATTHE7 Some+2ereI Yo. mean yo. E<T= SOME7HERE IN THE 7OODS 0 DAY -REA*HER AO=S=B Some marria9es s2o.l $e c.t off= *2opN Alan c.ts off t2e tip of 2is in eD fin9er= onHt "no+I

E<T= A MEETIN8 HALL 0 DAY Ol an Tr.c"s par"e in a ro+= Arme MEN stan =

54 -REA*HER AO=S=B Sometimes t2e $on s Eoinin9 a man to a +oman nee to $e seCere = INT= THE MEETIN8 HALL 0 DAY >p 2i92/ t2e si9n of t2e NaOarene an a of Matt2e+= T2e -reac2er at t2e lectern= Seate $y t2e altar/ Ria/ 7en y/ Tammy an t2e *2il ren= MEN sit in t2eir S.n ay $est= -REA*HER 7eHre not 2ere to cast $lame= T2e @oo" says/ RDonHt t2ro+ stones=R 7eHre 2ere to reac2 o.t to o.r sisters in *2rist= MARIA A72ispers to TammyB @illyHs 9iCin9 yo. t2e eye= E<T= A HILLTO- SOME7HERE NOT FAR A7AY 0 NI8HT A campfire= Alan eats/ listens to a comm eCice=

R>F>S AO=S=B Ne+ intelli9ence= T2ereHs a motel near yo.r position= IHm sen in9 yo. t2e coor inates= 8oo 2.ntin9= INT= R>F>SH OFFI*E 0 DAY *lassical m.sic plays= A portrait of Matt2e+ on t2e +all= Screen 9oes $lac"= Ki enters in immac.late military 9ar$= A KIDD rin"/ sirI

R.f.s no s= Ki snaps 2is fin9ers= A comely YO>N8 SOLDIER enters/ R.f.s loo"s at a p2oto on +all of KeCin astri e a cannon in a $attlefiel par"= He raises t2e rin"= E<T= A HILLTO- SOME7HERE IN NORTH IDAHO 0 DAY A col +in = T2e @.s rests +2ere it ran o.t of f.el= A eer carcass 2an9s on a $ranc2= A ca$in frame stan s at t2e crest= 7it2in t2e frame/ a 2ole reac2es/ li"e a pit2ea / into t2e eart2= A rope on a cross$eam eDten s into t2e 2ole= Ma eline P Kenny +or" a &02an sa+/ c.ttin9 lo9s into $oar s an fittin9 t2em to form a +oo floor oCer t2e 2ole=

5) E<T= THE MOTEL NO7 RED>*ED TO ASHES 0 DAY Alan pic"s .p a frame INSET 0 T2e -2oto A formal of Kenny +it2 2is +iCes an @A*K TO S*ENE Alan sli es t2e p2oto o.t/ t.c"s it insi e 2is t.nic= E<T= A 8RA,EL -ATH AT A HEA,ILY08>ARDED RESORT 0 DAY Ten fla9s snap in t2e $reeOe= Yo.Qre MATTHE7 eep in t2o.92t/ R.f.s= c2il ren= p2oto= He $r.s2es off t2e as2es=

R>F>S My Lor / yo. rea my min = I am 2appy o.r pro$lems can $e solCe = MATTHE7 HappyI HappyI Yo.HCe 9one soft= T2ey "ille my men/ too" my lan / t2reatene me= Ho+ can meetin9s solCe t2atI No+ t2eyHre +ea"= ItHs +2y t2ey as"e for a meetin9= T2e enemy LEADERS emer9e= Matt2e+ 9lares at t2em/ spits= E<T= A DIRT ROAD 0 DAY Sno+= @illy an I"e c2at= Tammy +atc2es from t2e ca$in +in o+= A in t2e istance +al"s to+ar t2em= INT= @ILLYHS *A@IN 0 DAY Tammy/ *ONNIE an Hear No= siD *HILDREN sit/ +atc2in9 t2e Men eat= @ILLY Ne+ Yor" +as $om$e = ALAN T2ey misse =

INT= THE MEETIN8 HALL 0 DAY Alan sits +it2 @illy/ Tammy an *onnie=

56 -REA*HER Anyone feelin9 t2an"f.lI TAMMY T2an" yo./ Fes.s/ for @illy= -REA*HER T2atHs 9oo / Sister= Real 9oo = ONE OF 7ENDYHS *HILDREN -lease/ Fes.sN I +ant a fat2erN E<T= THE MEETIN8 HALL 0 DAY After serCices/ -aris2ioners c2at= SIN8LE 7OMEN eye Alan= -REA*HER Lan for t2e ta"in9/ Alan= Lan +iCes= sta"e yo.r claim= an

ALAN Yo. a real estater or a preac2erI T2e -reac2er la.92s/ claps Alan on t2e s2o.l er= INT= R>F>SH OFFI*E 0 DAY Ki sits at R.f.sH es"= A comely yo.n9 OFFI*ER stan s near$y= *IA MAN enters/ sits +t2o.t $ein9 inCite to sit= KIDD Mr Mea o+s is o.t of t2e co.ntry= *IA MAN I "no+ t2at/ sir= Ki 9est.res t2e Officer to leaCe= He oes=

*IA MAN A 2ea s0.p/ sir= Mr Mea o+s 2as or ere a $ac"9ro.n c2ec" on one of 2is senior assistants to $e initiate fort2+it2= Ki s. enly loo"s a9itate = KIDD Do= Do yo. 2aCe t2e nameI *IA MAN I o= Of co.rse IH $e $etrayin9 a confi ence +ere I to iC.l9e it=

53 KIDD Of co.rse= A2= Ho+= Ho+ +ill t2e $ac"9ro.n c2ec" on t2is= T2is person= @e con .cte I *IA MAN T2e 7eHll sen inCesti9ators to places t2e person once liCe = 7eHll interCie+ informants= Ki stan s/ s2a"es 2is 2an = KIDD T2an" yo. for t2e 2ea s0.p= *IA MAN S2o.l my pro9ress reports $e sent to yo.r attention or to Mr Mea o+sI KIDD To mine= An once a9ain/ t2an" yo.= E<T= O>TSIDE THE DOOR TO A HO>SE 0 NI8HT Ria a E.sts 2er Da.92terHs nec"line/ no+ an ol er Cersion of t2e 9irl +2o "ne+ +2at !metamorp2osis# meant= DA>8HTER MomN Smile= MARIA Al+ays smile oor=

S2e forces a smile= Ria "noc"s= Alan opens t2e E<T= THE *A@IN ON THE HILLTO- 0 DAY

T2e ca$in is one= Kenny P Ma eline stan at a ,IE7-OINT oCerloo"in9 a cree" +it2 t2ic" ree s an a eep pool= MADELINE me a $irt2in9 s2e t2ere/ a place I can 9o +2en IHm .nclean= E<T= A @ORDER *HE*K-OINT SOME7HERE FAR A7AY 0 DAY A .st eCil= A TR>*K approac2es an stops= 8>ARDS form a 9a.ntlet= T+enty @OY SOLDIERS/ Fona2 amon9 t2em/ clim$ o+n an limp/ some +it2 cr.tc2es/ slo+ly across t2e $or er=

4' E<T= THE *OM-LETED *A@IN ON THE HILLTO- 0 DAY Kenny nails a R7*R si9n a$oCe t2e oor= Ma eline emer9es from t2e ca$in +it2 a roll of toilet paper= He $o+s ele9antly= Ma eline la.92s= S2e 9oes insi e t2e INT= ALANHS @EDROOM 0 NI8HT T2e Da.92ter .n resses= Alan lies in $e / +atc2in9 2er= S2e clim$s into $e $esi e 2im= S2e ta"es 2is 2an = My Da DA>8HTER yQs fin9er is li"e

Alan smiles= S2e r.$s 2is softly= DA>8HTER 72eneCer I r.$$e it/ 2e sai co.l feel t2e missin9 tip= 2e

Alan ta"es o.t t2e p2oto/ s2o+s it to 2er= ALAN Yo./ t2e smilin9 little 9irl= Yo.r Mom/ yo.r Da = Yo.r A.nt Ma eline= Do yo. "no+ +2ere s2e isI DA>8HTER I t2in" IHCe seen 2er on t2e 2ill at t2e $allfiel = S2e al+ays 2as 2er $at= Mom says s2eHs loo"in9 for 2er missin9 $ase$all team= E<T= THE *A@IN ON THE HILLTO- ON A MOONLIT NI8HT 0 NI8HT Kenny an Ma eline fire t2eir rifles at t2e moon= MADELINE ECery "nee s2all $en N KENNY ECery ton9.e/ confessN MADELINE A$oCe t2e eart2= KENNY On t2e eart2= MADELINE @elo+ t2e eart2=

4( KENNY P MADELINE To 8o Qs 9lory= Amen= T2ey la.92= T2ey fall into eac2 ot2erHs arms= E<T= A MILITARY @ASE IN IRAW 0 NI8HT T2e IraGi fla9 snaps in t2e $reeOe= A stretc2 limo passes t2ro.92 t2e Main 8ate= T2e 8ATE 8>ARD sal.tes= INT= A @ARRA*KS 0 NI8HT T2e tap0tap0tap of a cane= Ni92tli92ts @oots clic"in9 on tile/ t2e clic" of a $eam of a flas2li92t flits from cot to face/ finally comin9 to rest on Fona2= KIDD AO=S=B Hello/ Fona2= Remem$er meI FONAH Yes/ sir= KIDD AO=S=B Ho+ many $oys ret.rne I T+o= Me an FONAH *lement= mar" t2e passa9e+ay= man +it2 a limp= T2e cot/ see"in9 o.t a Fona2 $lin"s=

T2e $eam moCes a+ay from 2is face= E<T= THE ,IE7-OINT O,ERLOOKIN8 THE @IRTHIN8 SHED 0 NI8HT A f.ll moon= Ma eline 2ol s 7on er9irl= 8oin9 MADELINE o+n t2e 2ill= IQm .nclean= escent=

Kenny +atc2es as s2e starts 2er

E<T= A FRESH 8RA,E IN A DESERT S-OT 0 NI8HT KIDD I "no+ itHs not fair= @.t I liCe an yo.Hre an inconCenient tr.t2= IHm sorry= IHll try to ma"e it .p= Some2o+= In t2e meantime/ +2ereCer yo. are/ relaD/ ta"e time to smell t2e roses= Deat2 isnHt so $a = LifeHs oCerrate / yo. "no+=

4& Ki t.rns/ limps to t2e +aitin9 limo=

E<T= AT THE DEE- -OOL NE<T TO THE @IRTHIN8 SHED 0 NI8HT Ma eline/ na"e / sets 7on er9irl E<T= ALANHS *A@IN 0 NI8HT Alan +al"s a+ay= T2e Da.92ter tearf.lly +atc2es from t2e INT= THE MA>SOLE>M 0 DAY Matt2e+ lies prostrate/ face o+n/ at @oliCar P MelissaHs $iers= E<T= THE OLD MOTEL SITE 0 NI8HT A f.ll moon= Ma eline/ 7on er9irl in 2an / +al"s t2ro.92 t2e as2es= S2e taps t2e irt .ntil s2e 9ets a 2ollo+ so.n = S2e pries .p some $oar s/ p.lls o.t a plastic $a9 +it2 a 2.ntin9 "nife/ a coil of rope an a net for trappin9 animals= MONTA8E 0 THE 7AR 00 Fi92ter0@om$ers la.nc2 from a carrier==SAILORS c2eer= 00 Missiles la.nc2 from esert silos= @EDO>INS +atc2 in a+e= oor= o+n/ iCes into t2e pool=

00 ORDINARY -EO-LE in an Enemy *ity 9o a$o.t t2eir $.siness= 00 A n.clear fire$all oCer t2e Enemy *ity= 00 Insi e t2e Enemy *ity/ a ea ly +in $lo+s o+n an empty ===street= T+iste c2arre $o ies seare into t2e concrete ===si e+al" li"e a 2orrific isplay of stat.ary= MONTA8E ENDS E<T= THE @ALLFIELD 0 NI8HT Alan +al"s across t2e fiel = T2e Moon 9iCes 2im a ma9ic 9lo+= E<T= THE HILLTO- 7HERE KIDD 7AT*HED THE @OYS -LAY 0 NI8HT Ma eline +atc2es Alan= S2e 2isses/ emits a lo+ 9ro+l= INT= *HILDRENHS ROOM IN THE DEFENSE *O>NSELHS MANSION 0 DAY

4; @loo = A c2il Hs lifeless foot protr. es from a cri$= THE HALL7AY A line of $loo THE MASTER S>ITE T2e smas2e mirror= In t2e s2ar s/ ima9es of $loo y $o ies on a $e = Ma i tea from a teapot onto t2e corpses= MADDI EnEoy yo.r tea/ Sir= INT= THE MA>SOLE>M 0 NI8HT R.f.s G.ietly enters/ "neels neDt to a prostrate Matt2e+= MATTHE7 Am I still Kin9I R.f.s no s= Matt2e+ stan s/ smas2es MelissaHs cas"et= E<T= SOME7HERE IN THE FOREST 0 DAY Alan fro+ns/ loo"s $ac" to see if 2eQs $ein9 follo+e = SOME7HERE ,ERY *LOSE @Y IN THE SAME FOREST Ma eline moCes stealt2ily/ t2e trees $et+een 2er an E<T= THE DEFENSE *O>NSELHS MANSION 0 DAY EDDIE +aits in a $eat0.p car= Ma i comes o.t= T2ey "iss= Alan= EnEoy/ MaQam= on t2e +all as if ra+n $y a fin9er=

MADDI I 9otta 9o to Roc"Cille= EDDIE S2it/ Ma iN T2atHs ;' milesN T2ro.92 Army c2ec"points= S2e +aCes an important0loo"in9 8oCernment ID car = MADDI F.ll tan" for +2oeCer ta"es me= An I "no+ a place +e can s"inny0 ip=

41 He 9rins/ p.ts t2e car in 9ear an E<T= R>F>SH @EDROOM 0 NI8HT *lassical m.sic= On t2e +all/ a p2oto of KeCin P R.f.s in a 2ot0air $alloon= T2e screen li92ts .p +it2 AlanHs face= ALAN S2eHs aliCe= R.f.s an Ki smile= A comely SOLDIER rin"s= peels o.t=

E<T= A HILLTO- *AM-SITE IN A 8RO,E OF TREES 0 NI8HT Alan sits at a campfire/ eatin9/ 2is comm eCice r.nnin9=

ALAN A 9irl +2o "no+s 2er sai +2ere to loo"= IHm t2ere no+= IHll fin 2er= IN THE SAME HILLTO- 8RO,E NEAR THE *AM-SITE T2ro.92 t2e trees/ Alan at 2is campfire= Ma eline/ 2issin9 softly/ slit2erin9 sna"eli"e/ inc2in9 closer= E<T= A S7IMMIN8 HOLE SOME7HERE 0 NI8HT Ma i an E ie are na"e = S2e presses a pistol to 2is 2ea = EDDIE i/ +2at o yo. +antI

F.c"/ Ma

MADDI I +ant yo. to ta"e me far a+ay= He s+allo+s/ no s= S2e lo+ers t2e pistol/ "isses 2im 2ar = E<T= ALANHS *AM-SITE 0 NI8HT T2e campfire $.rns o+n as Alan sleeps=

MADELINE A,=O=B Leopar s are loners= T2e female mates if s2e enco.nters a male= T2e net falls oCer 2im= He str.99les/ tan9lin9 2imself= E<T= ALANHS *AM-SITE 0 DAY

45 Alan 2an9s .psi e o+n in t2e nettin9= Footsteps cr.nc2in9 on leaCes= He stirs= He sees t2e o.tline of a female form= E<T= A STRI- MALL IN A TO7N SOME7HERE 0 DAY E ieHs car/ par"e o.tsi e a )0EleCen type store=

MADDI AO=S=B DonHt $rin9 me no pi ly t+enty= INT= EDDIEHS *AR 0 DAY EDDIE Yo. 9ot it/ $a$y= H.n re ollars=

He st.ffs t2e 9.n .n er 2is s2irt= He tries loo"in9 mac2o= E<T= ALANHS *AM-SITE 0 DAY Alan/ na"e / sta"e sprea ea9le= A s2a o+ moCes oCer 2im=

INT= THE )0ELE,EN TY-E STORE 0 DAY *LERK/ &1/ rin9s .p a sale= T2is is 7alter= *>STOMER eDits= EDDIE 8ot a pro$lem= 7ALTER Lay it on me/ $ro= EDDIE 8ot t2is 9irl +earin9 me o.t= *anHt 9et eno.92= Al+ays arin9 me= 7ALTER So.n s li"e a pric" teaser= EDDIE Sai if I really loCe 2er/ ('' percent/ $rin9 2er ('' ollars= H.n re 7ALTER ollars/ yo. sayI Not fifty=

EDDIE T2atHs +2at s2e sai = Not t+enty= H.n re =

Lon9 silence as t2ey $ot2 eye t2e cas2 re9ister=

44 EDDIE H*o.rse if yo. only 9ot ninety 0 0 7ALTER I 9ot a 2.n re = 7ay more t2an a 2.n re = So/ s2e +ears yo. o.tI EDDIE S2eHs a seD mac2ine is +2at s2e is= 7alter 9i99les/ opens re9ister/ ta"es o.t a +a 7ALTER NeCer met a seD mac2ine= EDDIE SeD mac2inesHre ifferent/ 9ot an eDtra 9ear or piston or 2y ra.lic CalCe in t2ere= "eep tic"in9= 7ALTER SeD mac2ine= E<T= ALANHS *AM-SITE 0 DAY Ma eline/ na"e / c.rle .p/ 2er 2ea on AlanHs c2est= of cas2=

ALAN DammitN IHm not a seD mac2ineN MADELINE Ho+ lon9I ALAN Anot2er ten min.tes may$e= S2e sits .p/ ta"es 2er 2oly $oo"/ rea s= MADELINE RA people +2o proCo"e me to an9er to my faceM +2o sacrifice an $.rn incense to false 9o s/ +2o say to me/ stay a+ay/ come not near .s for +e are 2oly +it2o.t yo.= T2eir iniG.ities are smo"e to my nose/ an an9ry fire t2at $.rns +it2in me all t2e ay= @e2ol / I +ill not "eep silence/ I +ill repay eep into t2eir $osoms=R ====A7e 2e ATo.c2es 2is penisB Ho+Hs it comin9I

4) ALAN ItHs comin9= MADELINE 7ant me to rea moreI He no s= S2e t.rns t2e pa9e=

INT= EDDIEHS *AR @A*K O>T ON THE HI8H7AY 0 DAY FiCe 2.n re ollars on Ma iHs lap= E ie +2oops=

7ALTER ItHs a real 2onor= Rea a$o.t yo.= NeCer met one li"e yo.= IHm 7alter= He t2r.sts o.t 2is 2an = S2e ta"es it Cery tentatiCely= S2e 9iCes E ie a +2at t2e 2ell is 9oin9 onIR loo"= E<T= ALANHS *AM-SITE 0 DAY Ma eline stra les Alan/ f.c"in9 2im 2ar = S2e an Alan come lo. ly/ eDplosiCely= S2e collapses on 2im/ eD2a.ste = E<T= R>F>SH @EDROOM 0 DAY *lassical m.sic plays= R.f.s spea"s into 2is comm R>F>S *olonel 7etOel/ come inN Ra io static= Ki enters/ *ome inN eCice=

rin" in 2an =

R>F>S *ome in/ *olonelN 72ere is 2eI KIDD -er2aps 2eHs preocc.pie = May$e s2eHs 9otten to 2im= S2eHs r.more to 2aCe +itc20li"e po+ers= Of co.rse/ +itc2es onHt eDist= ECeryone "no+s t2ey onHt eDist= R.f.s .tters a silent c.rse= E<T= A LO7 RENT MOTEL SOME7HERE 0 NI8HT E ie an Ma i stan neDt to t2e car=

46 MADDI t2at .f.s IHm a nymp2oINN

Yo. tol

EDDIE Not a nymp2o= A seD mac2ine= MADDI EDplain t2e ifferenceN S2e t.rns/ storms into t2e motel room/ slams t2e 7ALTER AO=S=B S2e still +earin9 yo. o.t/ 2.2I E ie t.rns to $e 2it in t2e face $y a s2oCel= He falls= 7alter 9i99les as 2e ra9s E ieHs $o y to t2e .mpster= E<T= THE FOREST 0 NI8HT Ma eline c.rle .p a9ainst Alan= S2e si92s= S2e smiles= oor=

E<T= KENNY P MADELINEHS *A@IN 0 DAY Kenny at t2e ,ie+point= He pic"s .p a stone/ pic"s a tar9et/ 9oes into 2is stance/ +in s/ releases= Stone 2its ea center= *2eers= T2e c2eers ie= So.n of ropes $ein9 c.t= E<T= THE FOREST 0 DAY Alan/ c.t ropes 2an9in9 on 2is +rists an ALAN 7ill I see yo. a9ainI I MADELINE onHt see 2o+= ECerI an"les/ resses=

S2e limps off/ 7on er9irl in 2an / net oCer 2er s2o.l er= E<T= SOME7HERE ON THE LON8 LONESOME HI8H7AY TO FREEDOM 0 DAY E ieHs car 9oes $alls to t2e +all= 7ALTER AO=S=B Yeeee0HA777= FREEEEEEEENNNNNNNNNN R>F>S AO=S=B Somet2in9 2appene o.t t2ere= Somet2in9 2e +onHt tal" a$o.t=

43 KIDD AO=S=B Let me 2aCe 2im= HeHll tal" for me= INT= A FILTHY -RISON *ELL 0 DAY R>F>S AO=S=B No= I may eci e to sen 2im o.t a9ain= I nee 2is spirit free= Alan in ra9s= So.n of a r.sty p.s2 cart in t2e 2all+ay comin9 closer= A $ony 2an reac2es in for t2e slop $.c"et= -RESIDENT AO=S=B R.$$is2N R.$$is2N R.$$is2N E<T= SOME7HERE F>RTHER DO7N THE LON8 LONESOME HI8H7AY 0 DAY E ieHs car par"e = So.n of 7alter 9i99lin9=

7ALTER AO=S=B SeD mac2ineN E<T= KENNY P MADELINEHS *A@IN 0 DAY Kenny at t2e ,ie+point= He sees Ma eline in t2e E<T= E istance=

A *ON,ENIEN*E STORE ON THE ROAD TO NO7HERE 0 DAY at t2e 9as t2e noOOle in t2e tan"= 9entlemen=

ieHs car par"e 8oo

7ALTER AO=S=B mornin9/ la ies an

INT= THE *ON,ENIEN*E STORE 0 DAY 7alter an Ma i point 9.ns at *LERKS an *>STOMERS a9ainst t2e +all= Ma i loo"s pre9nant/ a$o.t t2ree mont2s alon9= 7ALTER IHm *ly e= T2atHs my +ife/ @onnie= 7e apolo9iOe for inconCeniencin9 yo.r s2oppin9 eDperience= 7eHll $e o.t of yo.r +ay soon as possi$le= T2an" yo. for yo.r patience= Ma i/ +it2 amaOin9 $alance an a9ility/ s+in9s 2erself oCer t2e co.nter/ opens t2e re9ister an collects t2e cas2=

)' FEMALE *>STOMER 72enHs t2e $a$y .e/ @onnieI MADDI HNot2er fiCe mont2s or so= E<T= THE MEETIN8 HALL 0 DAY An .nmanne recon DRONE passes lo+ oCer2ea = *LI*KN

E<T= AMON8 THE AN*IENT R>INS OF @A@YLON 0 DAY A massiCe MOSW>E .n er constr.ction/ R,I*TORYR on t2e Matt2e+ stan s +it2 t2e FOREMAN= He 2ol s a $ric"= INSERT? T2e inscription on t2e @ric" ome=

In Ara$ic? RMATTHE7 @OLI,AR @>ILT THISR @A*K TO S*ENE INT= ALANHS -RISON *ELL 0 DAY Alan stan s on a stool/ loo"s o.t t2e small $arre E<T= KENNY P MADELINEHS *A@IN 0 DAY Kenny c2ops +oo = Ma eline +al"s to t2e S2e loo"s pre9nant= A recon rone passes oCer= T2ey loo" .p= *LI*KN INT= R>F>SH OFFI*E 0 DAY of aerial s2ots of a pre9nant Ma eline an Kenny proEecte on +all= A 8RA-HI*S TE*HNI*IAN sits at a console= R>F>S Him/ I "no+= Her/ IQm not so TE*HNI*IAN Her a9e/ 2ei92t/ $o y type c2ec"= R>F>S Face isnHt ri92t= TE*HNI*IAN *o.l 2aCe $een isease/ or $eat .p= Somet2in9 2appene to t2e Ea+ t2ere= FiD t2at= Eye soc"et= Somet2in9 t2ere= No+ for t2e nose= +in o+=

)( He +or"s 2is ma9ic= T2e ol @in9o= Ma eline emer9es= R.f.s smiles=

R>F>S 72ere +as t2is ta"enI

TE*HNI*IAN >n"no+n= Drone cras2e = >ploa e location ata came to .s 9ar$le = R.f.s loo"s .p at a of KeCin/ si92s/ no s to Ki E<T= KENNY P MADELINEHS *A@IN 0 NI8HT Kenny P Ma eline +2oop it .p/ fire rifles at t2e moon= INT= THE TORT>RE *HAM@ER 0 NI8HT -a e +alls +it2 c2ains an 2an9in9 ropes= In t2e center/ a St= An re+Qs *ROSS an a RA*K= On a ta$le to t2e si e/ a @RAZIER an seCeral stainless steel INSTR>MENTS= Ki an a comely yo.n9 SOLDIER prepare t2e room= T2ey eDit/ t2eir $oots ec2oin9 in t2e corri or= A -ASSA8E7AY IN THE -RISON So.n of $oots= Ki an t2e Sol ier t.rn t2e corner/ 2ea in9 to+ar a oor at t2e en of t2e 2all= -RISONERS in cells s2iCer +it2 fore$o in9 as t2ey pass= ALANHS -RISON *ELL T2e -resi entHs toot2less 9rin frame rools/ +ipes snot on 2is sleeCe= in t2e $ars= He =

-RESIDENT I "no+ somet2in9 yo. onHt "no+= I "no+ t2eyQre not 9oin9 to "ill yo.= If t2ey +ere 9onna "ill yo./ yo.Q alrea y $e ea / capis2I T2ey 9ot plans for yo.= Yea2/ plans= O2/ no+ yo.Qre Somet2in9Qs a$o.t to 2appen an yo. +anna "no+ +2at= Too $a / -al= Yo.Hre 9onna 2aCe to feel yo.r +ay alon9= Alan 2.rls a is2 at t2e oor= T2e -resi ent la.92s a craOy la.92= His la.92 fa es/ as t2e $oots 9et lo. er= IN THE -ASSA8E7AY O>TSIDE ALANHS *ELL DOOR

)& T2e *IA Man stan s in t2e mi 2olstere 9.n at 2is 2ip= Ki *IA MAN T2atHs far eno.92N KIDD 72atHs t2e meanin9 of t2isI *IA MAN I +as a$o.t to as" t2e same of yo.= KIDD A-ats 2is poc"etB IHCe a +arrant for t2at man= *IA MAN A-ats 2is pistolB T2at a factI Stan KIDD asi e= le of t2e passa9e+ay/ a an t2e Sol ier approac2=

*IA MAN Let me p.t to yo./ if yo. for9et/ +2at yo. +ere an +2at yo. are= Yo. are erran $oy to a 2i92 official= Ho+ lon9 yo. remain s.c2/ only 8o "no+s= An let it $e sai of yo.r 9oo t2at it is irectly lin"e to Alan 7etOelHs sin"in9 a "nife into Ric2ar @oliCarHs 9.t= T2e man yo. serCe rose 2i92 on t2e tip of t2at $la e an yo. +it2 2im= It co.l 2aCe $een ifferent= Yo. co.l still $e o.t +est m.c"in9 a$o.t in t2at 9roCe of trees spyin9 on yo.n9 $oys at play= My a Cice/ Mister Ki / is/ onHt tempt fate= Ki 9lares a +2ite02ot 9lare/ t2en t.rns/ storms off=

E<T= AT THE SIDE OF THE ROAD ON THE LONESOME HI8H7AY 0 DAY E ieHs car par"e on t2e s2o.l er= So.n $irt2= T2e cry of a ne+$orn $a$y= 72at o I 7ALTER AO=S=B oI 72at o I oI of Ma i 9iCin9

MADDI AO=S=B *.t t2e f.c"in9 cor N

); E<T= A STRA7@ERRY FIELD AT HAR,EST TIME 0 DAY A LIMO approac2es= Donna in coCeralls pic"s $erries= INT= THE LIMO 0 DAY DonnaHs ol +eat2ere face frame in t2e +in o+=

DONNA All Kenny left me +as t2e $all from 2is 51t2 saCe= He tol me/ some ay itHll $e +ort2 a lot= Still 9ot it= SaCin9 it for t2e $oy= *IA MAN @oyI DONNA @oy= Kenny Hn I 2a +2at men an +omen *IA MAN @oy 2aCe a nameI DONNA Alan= A= L= A= N= @ea.tif.l $oy= Listen/ sir= I co.l .se a 0 0 T2e +in o+ closes= T2e Limo p.lls a+ay= S2e c2ases it= INT= R>F>SH OFFI*E 0 DAY of Kenny P Alan/ fat2er an -er2aps 2e *IA MAN i nHt "no+= son/ on a +all= a "i = T2atHs o/ yo. "no+=

R>F>S @astar s al+ays "no+= T2ey 2ate +2at t2eir fat2ers i = 8iCe one a "nife/ 2eH pl.n9e it in= INT= THE ATRI>M IN KIDDHS MANSION 0 DAY T2e comely yo.n9 Sol ier sits motionless amon9st pe op2ile0 t2eme stat.ary P art+or"= So.n of t2in9s $ein9 smas2e in a room some+2ere close= A 2a99ar Ki appears in oor+ay= KIDD 8o= LeaCe me=

)1 INT= ALANHS *ELL 0 NI8HT T2e *IA ManHs face frame in t2e cell oorHs 9rate openin9= A p2oto sli es t2ro.92/ rops to floor= Alan cra+ls to it= INSERT? Kenny an T2e -2oto= a pre9nant Ma eline loo" .p at t2e Recon Drone=

@A*K TO S*ENE Alan trem$les +it2 eDcitement= He "isses t2e p2oto= INT= THE ATRI>M IN KIDDHS MANSION 0 NI8HT Ki 9roans in pain= So.n R>F>S Ki I R.f.s listens= More 9roans= He calls lo. er= R>F>S Ki THE HALL7AY Ki spra+le on tile floor= Smilin9 o+n from a pe estal/ seemin9 to $e .rinatin9 on 2im/ a stat.e of a n. e $oy= KIDD My 2ip= I t2in" itHs $ro"en= INT= AN O-ERATIN8 ROOM 0 NI8HT Alan a+a"ens in an operatin9 room/ 2is ri92t 2an *IA MAN 7e p.t a trac"in9 eCice in yo.r 2an / $elo+ t2e fin9er line= T2e *IA Man starts to leaCe= He stops/ t.rns= $an a9e = IINN of a "ey/ t2e front oor opens=

*IA MAN Officially/ yo. stay a MaEor= @.t Mister Mea o+s 2as a.t2oriOe yo. to pass yo.rself off as a *olonel= He $elieCes +2at one +ears impacts 2o+ one performs= 8o= Fin 2er= E<T= KENNY P MADELINEHS *A@IN 0 NI8HT

)5 Kenny P Ma eline 9aOe at t2e stars= S2eHs close to 2er time= INT= A *A,ERNO>S MILITARY AR*HI,ES READIN8 ROOM 0 DAY An AR*HI,IST p.s2es a +2eele cart to Alan=

AR*HI,IST T2is is all +e 2aCe on Elmira/ *olonel= An t2ese fe+ items are sc2e .le for oc.ment estr.ction= Yo. ma e it in time= THE MILITARY AR*HI,ES T NI8HT Alan/ tire / pa9es t2ro.92 a Eo.rnal= He sees somet2in9= INSERT? A -a9e in t2e Fo.rnal -HOTOS of P Kes2ia= Eac2 2ol s .p a si9n? ! *ates/# !Kes2ia Nic2olas=# A$oCe Kes2ia/ !F7(E E,E# stampe in re = @A*K TO S*ENE E<T= A 7INDIN8 ROAD IN THE NORTHERN RO*KIES 0 NI8HT A military ,EHI*LE moCes at 2i92 spee = SER8EANT AO=S=B Eyes .p 2ere/ la iesN INT= THE ,EHI*LE 0 NI8HT Alan/ in a *olonelHs ress 9reens/ at t2e +2eel=

SER8EANT AO=S=B On my comman / yo. +ill form .p in ta9 n.m$er or er= Is t2at clearI TROO-ERS AO=S=B Aye Ser9eantN Alan s+itc2es to a.topilot= He pops open an ATTA*HE *ASE= T2e MAIN 8ATE looms a2ea = A si9n 2i92 a$oCe? R7HORE -ENSR E<T= THE TARMA* NEAR A MOD>LAR STR>*T>RE 0 NI8HT A -latoon of TROO-ERS forme .p= T2e SER8EANT stan s ramro 0 strai92t= He 2ol s .p a TA8= At t2e TARMA*Hs e 9e/ a par"e Army @>S= METZ8AR/ a clo+nis2 Trooper/ passes o.t ta9s=

)4 SER8EANT On my comman / yo. +ill enter/ locate t2e oor +it2 yo.r ta9 n.m$er/ post .p an stan $y= Ta9s passe METZ8AR o.t/ Ser9eant=

INT= ALANHS ,EHI*LE 0 NI8HT T2e open attac2e case= Alan loa s a syrin9e from a $ottle= T2e liG.i slo+ly rises in t2e syrin9e $arrel= SER8EANT AO=S=B On my comman / yo.Hll open sai oor to fin t2erein a stan ar 0 iss.e F7(E +it2 +2om yo. +ill en9a9e in not0 isapproCe carnal perm.tations= Yo. +ill yo.rselCes in a ro$.st an Cirile manner= Am I clearI TROO-ERS AO=S=B Aye/ Ser9eantN Alan snaps t2e case s2.t/ as t2e 8ATE 8>ARD/ spiffy an spit0s2ine / steps o.t of t2e S2ac"= E<T= THE FRONT OF THE MOD>LAR STR>*T>RE 0 NI8HT T2e line of Troopers sna"es from t2e Tarmac .p t2e steps to t2e oor= MetO9ar tries c.ttin9 in= HeHs $.mpe to t2e rear +it2 snarls an s2arp el$o+s= A Trooper snatc2es 2is ta9= SER8EANT Listen .p/ la iesN @e a Cise t2e @.s +ill $e .n er+ay an o.t$o.n at t+enty 2.n re INT= ALANHS ,EHI*LE 0 NI8HT Alan passes an official DO*>MENT to t2e 8ate = A s. c2an9e in emeanor/ as 2e pops to attention an sal.tes= 8ATE 8>ARD Yes Sir/ *olonelN Alan no s/ ret.rns sal.te= INT= IN THE -ASSA8E7AY O>TSIDE THE DOOR TO KESHIAHS SE< ROOM 0 NI8HT en

)) A si9n tac"e to t2e oor? RRoom 1& 0 E,E=R

8ATE 8>ARD AO=S=B A *olonel 7etOel from HW= He +ants an F7(E name ECe preppe ASA-= KESHIAHS SE< ROOM A $e / mirror/ c2air/ Canity= KESHIA/ in a 2arem 9irlHs stares o.t t2e +in o+= S2e sees Alan riCe .p= FEMALE MAFOR AO=S=B Tell 2im 2e +aits= Tell 2im 0 0 8ATE 8>ARD AO=S=B MaEor/ 2is or ers are si9ne $y R.f.s Mea o+s= FEMALE MAFOR AO=S=B R.f.s Mea o+sI O2 s2itN E<T= THE TARMA* T NI8HT Alan eDits ,e2icle/ as t2e Troopers file insi e= Attac2e in 2an / 2e +al"s .p to a oor mar"e !Officer *o.ntry=# 8ATE 8>ARD AO=S=B HeHs +al"in9 .p to yo.r oor no+= FEMALE MAFOR AO=S=B S2itN E<T= KESHIAHS SE< ROOM 0 NI8HT A 2an slaps a 2.rrie ly0scri$$le ROFF LIMITSN THIS MEANS YO>NR si9n on Kes2iaHs oor?

FEMALE MAFOR AO=S=B S2e +as earmar"e for Ni92t= I 9ot 2er c.t loose= THE -ASSA8E7AY Troopers silently file in= T2ey 2.nt for t2e oor matc2in9 t2eir ta9= A Trooper approac2es Kes2iaHs oor/ loo"s at 2is ta9/ t2en at t2e oor/ s2a"es 2is 2ea an +al"s a+ay= T2e FEMALE MAFOR 9.i es Alan o+n t2e 2all= FEMALE MAFOR Ni92tHs a re+ar after $oot camp= @oys loo" for+ar to it=

)6 ALAN 8irls loo" for+ar KESHIAHS SE< ROOM Kes2ia at mirror applyin9 lipstic"= S2e st. ies 2er face= FEMALE MAFOR AO=S=B I 2a t2e room mar"e !OFF LIMITS=# Yo. +onHt $e ist.r$e = O>TSIDE KESHIAHS DOOR MetO9ar +al"s .p/ p.lls t2e !OFF LIMITS# si9n from FEMALE MAFOR THAT ROOMHS OFF LIMITS/ SOLDIERN KESHIAHS SE< ROOM Kes2ia/ on t2e floor/ performs stretc2in9 eDercises= IH THE -ASSA8E7AY -latoonN >p an SER8EANT AO=S=B >20tenn0H>TN ALAN AO=S=B li"e t2e room s2iel actiCate = oor=

to it/ tooI

o+n t2e 2all/ t2irty sets of 2eels clic" as one= FEMALE MAFOR S2iel Hs for classifie only/ Sir=

ALAN 72at ma"es yo. t2in" my $.siness +it2 t2is F7(E isnHt classifie I FEMALE MAFOR Not a+are if it is or isnHt/ Sir= ALAN An +2et2er it is or isnHt is nee to "no+ an yo. onHt nee to "no+= So letHs 9et on +it2 it= Her face flas2es s. en an9er=

)3 SER8EANT AO=S=B Fall o.tN


T2e Troopers a$o.t0face/ eac2 enters a separate room= T2irty oors clic" s2.t= T2e Female MaEor .nloc"s a control $oD/ p.nc2es in a co e= A clic"/ a +2oos2= Li92ts im $riefly= ALAN Yo. can 9o no+= Yo.Hre He opens t2e oor/ one 2ere=

isappears insi e= Door slams in 2er face= FEMALE MAFOR

@astar = KESHIAHS SE< ROOM Kes2ia $e9ins isro$in9= Alan ta"es o.t a oc.ment=

ALAN Yo.r nameHs Kes2ia= KESHIA ECe= Li"e it says on t2e oor/ Sir=

ALAN ECeHs yo.r +2ore name= Yo.r tr.e nameHs Kes2ia= H.s$an Hs name/ Famaal= Yo. 2aCe t+o little $oys yo. 2aCenHt seen in 141 ays= Fat2erHs name is 7ill 0 0 72at KESHIA o yo. +antIN

He ta"es a c2oppin9 $la e from t2e case= A DARKENED OFFI*E An9ry footsteps approac2in9= Door opens= T2e Female MaEor $.rsts in/ .nfol s t2e same paper/ p.nc2es in a co e= A HOME -A8E +it2 Matt2e+Hs 9rim face comes .p= S2e loc"s t2e oor= KESHIAHS SE< ROOM Alan +it2 ra+s t2e syrin9e nee le from 2is ri92t 2an = ALAN I 2a t2em actiCate t2e s2iel = Means t2ey canHt see or 2ear .s= Means +e onHt 2aCe m.c2 time=

6' KESHIA TimeI Time for +2at/ SirI ALAN Time to +al" o.t of 2ere= KESHIA -lease/ Mister/ I 9ot &45 ays an a +a"e.p= T2ey 9iCe me a isc2ar9e/ I 9o 2ome/ p.t t2is all $e2in me= ALAN Yo. $elieCe t2atI KESHIA Ot2er 9irls left= I sa+ t2em= ALAN No one 9oes 2ome from 2ere= No one= THE DARKENED OFFI*E FEMALE MAFOR ARea s off t2e monitorB R7etOel/ Alan= MaEor 0 implant trac"er 0 ri92t 2an = Action 0 Monitor moCements/ maintain s.rCeillance=R AS+itc2es off t2e MonitorB MaEorI Not *olonelI 72y t2e implantI 72y t2e monitor an maintainI 72o is 2eI KESHIAHS SE< ROOM Alan ra+s a line across 2is 2an No +ay IHm KESHIA oin9 t2atN $elo+ t2e fin9ers=

ALAN Eye on t2e line= 8o c2opN KESHIA ItHs= T2is is a tric"/ isnQt itI ALAN No tric"= I can ta"e yo. to yo.r little $oys= All I as" is 0 0 KESHIA StopN Stop itN I onHt $elieCe yo.N

6( ALAN O"ay= I 9et it= Yo. li"e it 2ere= Easy life= T2ree sG.ares/ a rac"= let Hem f.c" yo. ten times a ay= No pro$lem +it2 t2at= Ri92tI 7e see ra9e $.il in9 in 2er eyes= THE FEMALE MAFORHS S>-ER,ISORQS OFFI*E T2e Female MaEor appears in oor frame=

MALE *OLONEL Ma"e it G.ic"/ MaEor= KESHIAHS SE< ROOM T2e $la e on t2e r.9= Kes2ia s2a"in9/ 2an to 2er mo.t2 in 2orror= T2e seCere fin9ers t+itc2in9/ as Alan calmly sprays 2is +it2 an aerosol= T2e foam $e9ins to soli ify= THE FEMALE MAFORHS S>-ER,ISORQS OFFI*E MALE *OLONEL @ir *olonel from R.f.s Mea o+s an yo.r plan is c2ec" 2is recor N 72yI He says yo. say 2o+ 2i92I An +2o 9aCe yo. access to HW filesI FEMALE MAFOR Sorry/ Sir= I t2o.92t 0 0 MALE *OLONEL DonHt t2in"/ ammitN S2e steps $ac" in s2ame= He slams t2e KESHIAHS SE< ROOM Alan sli es t2e fin9ers into a Oiploc"/ pic"s .p syrin9e= ALAN Some nerCe ea ener 2ere for yo.= Tip of t2e in eD at t2e "n.c"leI S2e 2esitates/ $lin"s/ s+allo+s/ t2en no s= THE HALL7AY O>TSIDE KESHIAHS SE< ROOM oor in 2er face=

6& T2e Female MaEor passes $y +it2 a +it2erin9ly 2atef.l loo"= KESHIAHS SE< ROOM Kes2ia in t.nic/ tro.sers P pissc.tter= S2e 2ol s 2er .p/ as t2e foam 2ar ens= Alan pins a o.$le $ar on 2er= ALAN Yo.Qre no+ a *aptain= My Ai e= He tosses t2e Oiploc"s into t2e case= KESHIA 72y are yo. oin9 t2isI ALAN Ima9ine IQm an an9el= INT= AT THE O-EN DOOR OF THE @>S T NI8HT T2e Ser9eant eyes 2is +atc2/ as Troopers $oar SER8EANT Nineteen0fifty= MoCe it/ La ies= INT= THE HALL7AY 0 NI8HT Alan/ attac2e in 2is 9oo INT= THE @>S T NI8HT Troopers r.s2 a$oar an ta"e seats= T2e Ser9eant points 2is remote at t2e *ontrol *onsole= T2e en9ine sp.tters to life= SER8EANT Nineteen0fifty0siD/ La iesN INT= THE -ASSA8E7AY NEAR THE E<IT T NI8HT A SeD Room oor opens= A na"e 7HORE r.ns into t2e 2all/ a na"e LIE>TENANT 2ot on 2er tail= T2e 72ore sees Alan comin9 to+ar 2er/ 2alts= T2e Lie.tenant $.mps 2er/ p.s2es 2er into Alan= Alan rops t2e case= It pops open/ spills t2e Oiplocs= Alan "neels/ scoops eCeryt2in9 $ac" in +it2 2is 9oo 2an = T2e Lie.tenant pops to attention/ sal.tes= Alan in 2is face= ALAN Yo. onQt sal.te o.t of .niform/ Mister= 8et yo.r ass $ac" in t2ereN 2an / an Kes2ia +al" to t2e eDit= t2e @.s= He crac"s t2e oor=

6; NAKED LIE>TENANT Yes/ Sir= Sorry/ Sir= T2e Lie.tenant yan"s t2e 72ore $ac" insi e/ $.t not $efore s2e 9iCes Kes2ia an RI "no+ yo.R loo"= Kes2ia sees it= INT= THE @>S T NI8HT T2e Ser9eant 9lares at t2e one empty seat on t2e @.s= SER8EANT F.c" is MetO9arI E<T= 7ALKIN8 DO7N THE RAM- LEA,IN8 THE @>ILDIN8 T NI8HT T2e @.s/ floo e in li92t/ at t2e TarmacHs e 9e=

ALAN Yo.Qre sHpose to $e my Ai e/ sHpose to +al" to my ri92t/ sHpose to "no+ +2ere +eQre 9oin9= KESHIA 72ere are +e 9oin9I INT= THE NAKED LIE>TENANTQS SE< ROOM T NI8HT T2e Na"e Lie.tenant/ on t2e $e / $lee in9 from a 2ea +o.n = T2e Female MaEor fits a pistol into 2is 2an = NAKED 7HORE It +asnQt meN Yo. sa+ it +asnQt meN FEMALE MAFOR No$o yHs sayin9 it +as yo.= No+/ a$o.t +2at yo. sa+= NAKED 7HORE Yo. mean/ a$o.t ECeI An *olonelHs $riefcaseI T2e Female MaEor no s= E<T= O>TSIDE THE @>ILDIN8 T NI8HT Alan P Kes2ia approac2 t2e @.s= T2e Ser9eant sal.tes= Alan/ 2is 2an in 2is poc"et/ no s= Kes2ia ret.rns t2e sal.te= ALAN 7al" to t2e ,e2icle li"e +e o+n it= t2e

61 KESHIA Do +e o+n itI MetO9ar st.m$les o.t of t2e Mo .lar in9/ $.ttonin9 2is t.nic/ 2is tro.sers 2alf0on/ 2alf0off/ 2is cap as"e+= SER8EANT 8et yo.r ass .p 2ere/ MetO9arN T2e Troopers on t2e @.s la.92= T2ey $e9in c2antin9=

TROO-ERS ON @>S MetO9arN MetO9arN MetO9arN MetO9arN A T7O0MAN SE*>RITY -ATROL ro.n s t2e corner= S. enly t2eyHre at AlanHs ,e2icle/ pointin9 a flas2li92t= MetO9ar st.m$les past= Alan flips t2e attac2e case to Kes2ia= INT= THE NAKED LIE>TENANTQS SE< ROOM T NI8HT TROO-ERS ON @>S AO=S=B MetO9arN MetO9arN MetO9arN T2e fire alarm isa$le = T2e Na"e 72ore c.ffe to t2e $e =

NAKED 7HORE 72atHs 9oin9 to 2appen to meI T2e Female MaEor +al"s to t2e oor= T2e Na"e 72ore cries=


AlanHs 9oo left 2an presses a "nife to MetO9arHs t2roat= He $ac"s to+ar t2e @.s= T2e Sec.rity -atrol ra+s 9.ns= ALAN NoN DonQt eCen t2in" a$o.t itN ATo Kes2iaB 8et t2e pistol o.t of t2e caseN T2e !MetO9arN MetO9arN# stops/ as Alan P Kes2ia $oar t2e @.s/ .sin9 MetO9ar as a s2iel = Kes2ia +aCes t2e pistol= INT= A HALL7AY O>TSIDE THE NAKED LIE>TENANTQS SE< ROOM T NI8HT T2e Room in flames/ t2e Female MaEor closes t2e oor=

65 INT= THE @>S T NI8HT ALAN A-oints to Sec.rity -atrolB Tell t2em to $ac" t2e f.c" off or 0 0 SER8EANT Or +2atI T2e s2a"y c.nt s2ootsI ATa"es a step to+ar AlanB Tell t2e ni99er $itc2 to 9ro.n 2er arms $efore I sic my o9s on 2er= Tiny !loc"e an loa e # flames $.il in t2e eyes of t2e seate Troopers/ +aitin9 for t2e !open fire# comman = Emer9ency sirens o.tsi e= E<T= ON THE TARMA* O>TSIDE THE @>S T NI8HT Sirens/ flas2in9 li92ts= T2e 8ate s point 9.ns at t2e @.s= ,EHI*LES an ARMED TROO-ERS arriCe= In t2e @.s +in o+/ a 9.n flas2/ t2e Ser9eant flies $ac"+ar / fallin9 from Cie+= MALE *OLONEL HellHs 9oin9 onI ARMED TROO-ER *olonel an some F7(E 2iEac"e $.s= 72ore s2ot t2e DI= t2e

MALE *OLONEL I +ant t2ose recr.its o.t aliCe= -.t some -ersonnel *arriers o.t t2ere/ Eam Hem in= 7ait Hem o.t= INT= THE @>S T NI8HT T2e Ser9eantHs 2ea / a mass of $loo / $one an $rain= MetO9ar crin9es= O.tsi e/ -ersonnel *arriers moCe .p= Alan pries t2e remote from t2e Ser9eantHs 2an = Kes2ia s2a"es= ALAN @.c" .p/ 9irl= S2o+ t2ese la s yo. a stone col "illin9 mac2ine= KESHIA Hell yo. 9et me intoI Yo. can stay 2ereN IHm 9ettin9 o.t no+N S2e "ic"s t2e emer9ency oor= It $lo+s/ opens an escape 2ole=

MALE *OLONEL A2oy t2e $.sN 7eHre 2ol in9 fire=

64 ALAN AMoCes $ac" neDt to 2erB 7e 9o to9et2er or not at all= 7eHre a team= Alan presses t2e remote= T2e @.s l.rc2es for+ar to+ar t2e Main 8ate= O.tsi e/ a 2.n re 9.ns are traine on t2em= MALE *OLONEL 7eHre 2ol in9 fire/ 2ol in9 fire= KESHIA 72at teamI Yo. i nHt c2ec" +it2 me a$o.t moCin9 t2e $.sN I sai ALAN team= Di nHt say emocracy=

E<T= ON THE TARMA* O>TSIDE THE @>S T NI8HT T2e @.s an a -ERSONNEL *ARRIER are on a collision co.rse=

INT= THE @>S T NI8HT Help .sN METZ8AR 7eHre all 9onna ieN

ALAN RelaD= ItHs 9onna $e fineN Some ay/ yo.Hll tell yo.r 9ran c2il ren= Alan steers t2e @.s into t2e -ersonnel *arrier/ s2oCin9 it asi e= Kes2ia sees a ne+ an9er= Kes2iaHs free 2an taps Alan= Alan follo+s 2er eyes= E<T= SEES A*ROSS THE TARMA* AT THE @>ILDIN8 0 NI8HT T2e Female MaEor 2ol s a prime INT= THE @>S T NI8HT O.tsi e/ t2e R-8 fires= On t2e floor/ t2e attac2e +it2 t2e Oiplocs= In t2e Escape Hole/ t+o s2a o+s rece e= MALE *OLONEL AO=S=B T.rn off t2e motorN Do not approac2 t2e Main 8ateN T.rn off t2e motorN E<T= ON THE TARMA* O>TSIDE THE @>S T NI8HT R-8= S2e $rin9s it .p/ aims=

6) T2e RO*KET 8RENADE 2its= A $.rst/ a fire$all= T2e @.s $e9ins implo in9/ fol in9 into itself/ t2e $.rnin9 metal $ri92t as a star/ t2e mass collapsin9 into a molten $all= A s2oc"e silence= T2e Male *olonel t.rns/ sees t2e Female MaEor= S2e t2ro+s o+n t2e R-8/ comes to attention/ sal.tes= MALE *OLONEL My 8o N S2e "ille t2em allN T2e molten $all rolls into t2e Main 8ate/ 9eneratin9 a massiCe eDplosion= T2e fences snap in a s2o+er of spar"s= MALE *OLONEL SaCe t2emN 8et t2em o.tN In t2e istance/ 8>ARDS 2an c.ff t2e Female MaEor= @e2in 2er/ t2e $.rnin9 Mo .lar collapses= E<T= SOME7HERE O>TSIDE THE 7HORE -ENS T NI8HT Sirens an flas2in9 li92ts of a 2.n re Emer9ency ,e2icles= A 8>ARD TO7ER collapses= HELI*O-TERS +it2 searc2li92ts 2oCer= Anot2er eDplosion= In t2e ar"/ t+o SHADO7S r.n= E<T= SOME7HERE MILES P MILES P MILES A7AY T DAY A H46 -LYMO>TH ROADR>NNER/ oors +ire s2.t/ a >0Ha.l in $ac"/ par"e $y a s2ac" +it2 a 2ome0ma e 2am$.r9er si9n= INT= THE -ARKED ROADR>NNER T DAY In front/ a @I8 7OMAN +it2 t2ree sG.irmin9 *HILDREN= In $ac"/ Alan +it2 Kes2ia on 2is lap $et+een a THIN 7OMAN +it2 a LITTLE 8IRL an a yo.n9 7OMAN +it2 an an9elic smile= T2e s2ac" oor opens= *ASEY emer9es +it2 a 9rease0staine 9rocery sac"= T2e little 8irl reac2es o.t to Kes2ia= LITTLE 8IRL *an I r.$ itI -lease/ can II Kes2iaHs facial eDpression says s2e oesnHt compre2en =

@I8 7OMAN S2e t2in"s yo.Hre +2ite= S2eHs as"in9 can s2e r.$ off t2e soot= E<T= THE 8RINDER AT THE 7HORE -ENS T DAY T2e Female MaEor stan s/ $lin fol e = A @ATTALION stan s in formation as a FIRIN8 SW>AD aims an fires= S2e falls=

66 E<T= SOME7HERE AT THE SIDE OF THE LON8 LONESOME ROAD T DAY T2e Roa r.nner par"e $y a fence= *asey/ 2is Family P Kes2ia sit o.tsi e eatin9= Alan stan s at t2e car/ "ic"s t2e tires= *ASEY 8ot it at a.ction= May$e o+ne $y @oliCar= Man sol it tol me so= Kin9Hs car= Ima9ine t2at= *asey in icates t2e yo.n9 7oman +it2 t2e an9elic smile= *ASEY Me an La.ra t2ere 9ot marrie = 7eHre ne+ly+e s= *anc2a tellI KESHIA *on9rat.lations= @I8 7OMAN H.n2N INT= A SEMI0DARKENED HOS-ITAL ROOM T NI8HT T2e Male *olonel/ $arely conscio.s/ on $loo y s2eets= His ri92t le9/ seale in plastic/ rests $y 2is $an a9e *IA MAN +2en it canHt 9et +orse/ it oes= T2e one person +2o mi92t 2aCe enli92tene .s on t2is mon.mental coc"0.p is eDec.te = I onHt "no+ 2o+ t2eyHre 9oin9 to ta"e t2is= INT= R>F>SH OFFI*E 0 DAY On t2e +all/ a $lo+0.p of Kes2ia P Alan on t2e @.s= Kes2ia 2as t2e craOe loo" Ma eline 2a in a years earlier= R>F>S So= ItHs li"e a S2a"espearian tra9e y= ECeryone ies= KIDD Not eCeryone= 7eHre still aliCe= R.f.s la.92s= Ki la.92s= A comely SOLDIER enters +it2 a tray of rin"s/ stares in $afflement as t2e la.92ter $.il s= E<T= KENNY P MADELINEHS *A@IN 0 DAY

63 Near .s"= 7e see t2ree c2oppers .n er a tree= 8A@RIEL AO=S=B 72ere are t2e ot2er +omenI INT= KENNY P MADELINEHS *A@IN 0 NI8HT 8a$riel/ Mic2ael/ Rafael an Kenny sit/ sippin9 +ine from Mason Ears= Ma eline 2ol s 2er @A@Y= T2is is *arissa= KENNY T2ey staye $e2in = T2ey c2ose to 9o t2eir o+n +ay= MADELINE 7e came to t2is place to eleCate o.r spirit.ality= 7e +ante a pristine/ primal enCironment in +2ic2 +e co.l $e at one +it2 8o = 8A@RIEL T2e ot2er c2il renI 72at of t2emI KENNY T2eyHre fine= IHm t2ey are= RAFAEL @.t o yo. see t2em oftenI Do yo. Cisit t2emI Do yo. ta"e t2em 9iftsI MADELINE *arissa ta"es .p all of o.r time= KENNY An 2o+ can +eI t2eyHre far a+ay= T2ey 2aCe t2eir mot2ers +it2 t2em= MADELINE An after all/ IHm not my sisterHs "eeper= Am II 8a$riel/ Mic2ael an Rafael fro+n= T2eyHre not 2appy +it2 t2e ans+ers t2eyHre 9ettin9= MI*HAEL 7eHll stay t2e ni92t= RAFAEL 7eHll pitc2 o.r tent o.tsi e= 8a$riel/ Mic2ael an Rafael troop o.tsi e= Kenny 9lares at Ma eline/ t2en 9oes o.tsi e= S2e 2.9s *arissa=

3' E<T= ON A HILLTO- O,ERLOOKIN8 M*ARTH>R LAKE 0 DAY T2e Roa r.nner approac2es= HASSAN P FERRAMIA fire rifles= INT= THE ROADR>NNER T DAY T2ro.92 t2e +in s2iel / t2e istant forms of Hassan an Ferramia/ t2eir rifles pointin9= *asey stops= *ASEY Far as +e ta"e yo.= ALAN *anHt ta"e .s closerI *ASEY A s2ooto.t some years $ac"= *anHt loo" at Hem cross0eye anymore= @I8 7OMAN F.rt2er from Ni99ers/ 2appier I am= ANot t.rnin9 aro.n B 7asnHt referrin9 to yo.= E<T= @OLI,ARHS SATELLITE IN OR@IT 0 DAY 8o SATELLITE TRANSMISSION is 9reat= I $ear +itness===

E<T= A MEADO7 AT -IKE LAKE 0 DAY On a rise/ siD ARMED MEN= One is SG.ea"= Kes2ia an FAMAAL to.c2 an la.92= Her t+o small @OYS play= Alan s"ips stones= E<T= THE DEE- -OOL @Y THE @IRTHIN8 SHED 0 NI8HT Ma eline/ +it2 *arissa/ sits on t2e roc"/ stares at t2e +ater= E<T= THE -IKE LAKE MEADO7 0 DAY 7eH Yea2= Famaal si9nals t2e Arme Men= T+o $rea" a+ay/ come o+n= KESHIA as" yo. to stay/ $.t=== ALAN

3( KESHIA T2eyHll ta"e yo. to 2er= T2ey "no+ t2e pat2s $etterHn me= I $een a+ay t2e last fe+ years= For9ot a lot= Alan no s/ smiles= INT= THE @IRTHIN8 SHED 0 DAY A "noc"= Ma eline opens t2e oor to Mic2ael= He lays 2an s on *arissa= He prays silently= He finis2es/ t.rns to leaCe= MADELINE ArenHt yo. 9oin9 to $less me tooI Mic2ael +al"s a+ay= MADELINE *ome $ac"N Yo. canHt $less *arissa= Yo. 2aCe to $less me/ tooN 72at a$o.t meI 72at a$o.t meIN E<T= SOME7HERE IN THE FOREST 0 DAY Alan +al"s a2ea = T2e t+o Arme Men +al" silently $e2in 2im/ t2eir +eapons across t2eir s2o.l ers= E<T= A HILLSIDE 0 DAY Ki in a +2eelc2air= He +ears a 8eneralHs .niform= HeHs +aitin9 for someone= T2e so.n of an approac2in9 Helo= E<T= AT THE SIDE OF THE ROAD ON THE LONESOME HI8H7AY 0 DAY A fallin90 o+n roa si e si9n? RS*HOOL ZONE &' M-H=R 7alter fires an a.tomatic +eapon into t2e si9n= Ma i sits on t2e 2oo of t2e car/ n.rsin9 FEREMY/ t2eir ne+$orn= E<T= THE HILLSIDE 0 DAY T2e Helo rests/ props t.rnin9= O.tsi e t2e car9o $ay/ t+enty Korean SOLDIERS/ eac2 +it2 a $ac"0mo.nte tan" an a 2ose +it2 a pistol09rip noOOle= A SER8EANT comman s t2em= Faint so.n of 2ymn sin9in9/ The Old Rugged Cross= Lt *olonel Kim an Ki reac2 t2e crest to a Cie+ of t2e Meetin9 Hall $elo+ +it2 par"e an Tr.c"s an Arme MEN stan in9 = So.n of 2ymn sin9in9 s. enly lo. er=

3& KIDD S.n ay c2.rc2= ECeryoneHs t2ere= LT *OLONEL KIM IHll 2aCe t2em moCe in/ Sir= KIDD No one escapes= No one=

INT= KENNY P MADELINEHS *A@IN 0 DAY A "noc"= Kenny opens t2e oor= ItHs Ma eline +it2 *arissa= He stan s asi e= S2e enters/ sets *arissa in t2e cri$= MADELINE 7anna mess aro.n I E<T= A HILLTO- 0 NI8HT Alan an t2e t+o Arme Men sit at a campfire= T2e Arme Men smo"e= A$oCe/ a meteor s2o+er= Alan stares into t2e flame= INSERT? T2e Flic"erin9 Flame In t2e flame/ a tiny ima9e of a na"e Ma eline stra lin9 Alan/ rapin9 2im/ silently or9asmin9 an collapsin9 on 2im= @A*K TO S*ENE One of t2e Arme Men taps Alan on t2e s2o.l er= Alan $lin"s=

INT= THE MEETIN8 HALL 0 DAY 7alter steps oCer $o ies of MEN/ 7OMEN/ *HILDREN/ t2eir s"in a 2i eo.s $l.e09reen= Flic"er of moCement= TammyHs eyes pop open= O2 my 8o N 7aterN 7ALTER O2 my f.c"in9 8o N

TAMMY 7aterN

E<T= THE MEETIN8 HALL 0 DAY Ma i n.rses Feremy in t2e car=


3; T2e Arme Men point= Alan no s= T2ey +aCe an epart=

INT= THE MEETIN8 HALL 0 DAY S2a"in9/ 7alter 9iCes Tammy +ater from a canteen= TAMMY T2ey line .s .p/ s2o+e .s a p2oto of 2er/ sai t2eyH let .s 9o if +e tol = I sai tell Hem= T2ey 9asse .s any+ay= ECeryoneHs ea = Damn t2e +itc2= Damn 2er=== Tammy ies=

INT= KENNY P MADELINEHS *A@IN 0 DAY Ma eline at t2e open +in o+/ c2an9in9 *arissa= .p/ s. enly face0to0face +it2 Alan= E<T= THE MEETIN8 HALL 0 DAY 7alter emer9es= He 2ea s to+ar a @.s +it2 camo paint= S2e loo"s

7ALTER 7eHre ta"in9 t2at $.sN INT= THE HELO *AR8O @AY 0 DAY Roar of en9ines= Sol iers in $attle 9ear sit stoneface = INT= KENNY P MADELINEHS *A@IN 0 DAY Alan $an9s on t2e front oor=

E<T= IN THE FOREST NOT FAR A7AY 0 DAY Kenny si92ts in on a eer= He fires= T2e eer rops=

E<T= KENNY P MADELINEHS *A@IN 0 DAY Ec2o of s2ot= Alan t.rns/ scans t2e treeline= E<T= SOME7HERE F>RTHER A7AY 0 DAY T2e Helo races oCer t2e lan scape=

31 E<T= KENNY P MADELINEHS *A@IN 0 DAY Kenny emer9es from forest/ sees Alan= He .nslin9s 2is rifle/ +al"s to Alan/ rifle pointe at 2im= Alan stan s/ points rifle at Kenny= T2ey close/ pointin9 t2eir rifles= Ma eline/ *arissa in arm/ +atc2es fearf.lly= INT= KENNY P MADELINEHS *A@IN 0 DAY Ma eline +atc2es Kenny P Alan s"in t2e eer= S2e smiles=

E<T= *LOSE @Y AT THE ED8E OF THE 7OODS 0 DAY T2e Helo in a fiel / rotors slo+ly t.rnin9= T2e Sol iers on a smo"e $rea"= Lt *olonel Kim P t2e Ser9eant st. y a map= E<T= AT THE *REEK NEAR THE @IRTHIN8 SHED 0 DAY T2e @.s slo+ly $ac"s into a t2ic" 9roCe of trees= INT= THE @>S 0 DAY 7alter $ac"s t2e @.s into ense folia9e $y t2e eep pool= Ma iHs ima9e in t2e mirror/ 9.i in9 2im +it2 2an si9nals= E<T= KENNY P MADELINEHS *A@IN 0 DAY T2e eer carcass 2an9s from a tree lim$= Kenny an a $ase$all= Alan catc2es an t2ro+s left02an e = E<T= THE DEE- -OOL 0 DAY Ma i an 7alter s"inny0 ippin9/ Feremy asleep in a $as"et= Alan toss

E<T= KENNY P MADELINEHS *A@IN 0 NI8HT D.s"= Kenny pitc2es/ Alan catc2es/ Ma eline at $at= S2e cro+ s t2e plate= Kenny t2ro+s 2i92 an ti92t= S2e 9oes o+n/ 9ets .p 9rinnin9= He t2ro+s one in 2er S2e slams it eep/ past t2e $irt2in9 s2e into t2e +oo s= E<T= IN THE 7OODS F>ST @EYOND THE @IRTHIN8 SHED 0 NI8HT after .s"= Lt *olonel Kim pic"s .p t2e $all=


35 T2e same moment= Ma i +as2es clot2es in a plastic t.$= 7alter s. enly loo"s .p/ si9nals for G.iet= MADDI 72atI T2ey pee" t2ro.92 t2e leaCes at t2e Sol iers= MADDI 72o are t2eyI 72at are t2ey 7ALTER S22N E<T= KENNY P MADELINEHS *A@IN 0 NI8HT Kenny an Alan tal"in9 at t2e ta$le= Ma eline 2ol s *arissa= oin9I

INT= KENNY P MADELINEHS *A@IN 0 NI8HT T2e Men rin"= KennyHs in t2e mi le of tellin9 a story=

KENNY FiCe ays later/ Henry SleOa" calle / +o.l I li"e to $e a Dep.ty Assistant for Domestic -olicyI AS2a"es 2is 2ea / la.92sB It +as an Henry +as a fan/ li"e to 2an9 +it2 Eoc"s= MADELINE 8o +or"in9 t2ro.92 Henry= He p.t yo. t2ere to saCe .s= 8o is 9reat= E<T= @OLI,ARHS SATELLITE IN OR@IT 0 NI8HT Loo"in9 o+n on Ma 8o i an 7alter=

SATELLITE TRANSMISSION is 9reat= T2ereHs no 9o $.t===

E<T= THE @>S 0 NI8HT 7ALTER AO=S=B SeD mac2ine= MADDI AO=S=B S222N

34 E<T= KENNY P MADELINEHS *A@IN 0 NI8HT All is ar"= A meteor $.rns .p in t2e atmosp2ere= LT *OLONEL KIM AO=S=B Zero t+o 2.n re / Sir= E<T= IN THE FOREST F>ST @EYOND THE @IRTHIN8 SHED 0 NI8HT Lt *olonel Kim/ alone/ spea"s softly into 2is comm LT *OLONEL KIM On station an rea y/ Sir= INT= R>F>SH @EDROOM 0 NI8HT T2e Ci eo screen on t2e +all s2o+s t2e s2ooto.t $et+een Han Solo P -rincess Leia an t2e Imperial Stormtroopers= R>F>S 7ait till s.n.p= DonHt let t2ose i iot Koreans $.tc2er eCeryone= E<T= KENNY P MADELINEHS *A@IN 0 DAY Mornin9= Day$rea"= Fo.r trees moCe slo+ly to+ar *loser= KENNY AO=S=B *loser= *ome on= t2e ca$in= eCice=

INT= KENNY P MADELINEHS *A@IN 0 DAY *arissa in 2er cri$= Kenny/ Ma eline an *ome on= KENNY *ome on= *loser= Alan/ 9.ns rea y=

E<T= KENNY P MADELINEHS *A@IN 0 DAY Fo.r Korean Sol iers/ eac2 +it2 a coil of rope an a net/ eac2 2ol in9 tree in front/ slo+ly a Cance to+ar t2e ca$in= *loser= KENNY AO=S=B *loser=

E<T= >NDER THE @>S 0 DAY Ma i an 7alter 2.n"er o+n= S. enly/ s2ots .p t2e 2ill=

3) INT= KENNY P MADELINEHS *A@IN 0 DAY Kenny an Alan firin9/ t+o attac"ers o+n= A t2ir t.rns an r.ns= Alan an Kenny fire/ c.t 2im in 2alf= T2e fo.rt2/ screamin9/ c2ar9es t2e +in o+/ firin9 +il ly= Ma eline Eams 2er m.OOle into 2is mo.t2 an fires= His 2ea CaporiOes= E<T= IN THE FOREST NEAR THE @IRTHIN8 SHED 0 DAY Fo.r 9oo SER8EANT men lostN For not2in9N

E<T= >NDER THE @>S 0 DAY MADDI LetHs ma"e a r.n for it= 7eH E 7ALTER $e sittin9 .c"s= MADDI ma"e a r.n= 7ALTER enly $rin9in9 2im .pI


72y yo. s.

MADDI Not s. enly $rin9in9 2im .p= sayin9 2eH ma"e a r.n= 7ALTER 7ell/ E ie canHt ma"e a r.n/ o"ayI H* 2eHs ea = INT= KENNY P MADELINEHS *A@IN 0 DAY Kenny/ +o.n e / $lee in9= Ma eline applies a compress= ALAN -latoon= At least ten o.t t2ere= A loo" of espair on Ma elineHs face=

E<T= IN THE FOREST 0 DAY SER8EANT T2eyHre s.rro.n e = I sent t+o men o+n t2e 2ill to c.t off escape=

36 LT *OLONEL KIM O"ay= Time to tal" t2em o.t= SER8EANT Tal"I 72yI Start a fire/ $.rn HemN I nee LT *OLONEL KIM t2em aliCe= ie N

SER8EANT Sir= Fo.r 9oo men

LT *OLONEL KIM Ser9eant/ o yo.r f.c"in9 Eo$= Lt *olonel Kim +al"s a+ay= T2e Ser9eant silently c.rses= INT= KENNY P MADELINEHS *A@IN 0 DAY Kenny 9roans/ 2ol in9 t2e compress to 2is +o.n = An open trap oor= *lim$ers ropes/ tie to t2e rafters/ eDten o+n into t2e trap oor entrance= Ma eline fits Alan +it2 a clim$in9 2arness an an empty $ac"pac"= MADELINE Mine s2aft 9oes to a t.nnel= Yo.Hll see rails P an ore cart= Ta"e t2e cart to t2e portal= -ortal opens to a cree"= 7ait t2ere for .s= 7e s2o.l ALAN sen yo. o+n firstN

MADELINE IHm not leaCin9 2im= S2e 2.9s *arissa/ sli es 2er into AlanHs $ac"pac"= MADELINE 8oN I 2aCe to ma"e Kenny a slin9= ALAN I +ant to say/ IHm 9la MADELINE 8oN Alan isappears o+n t2e s2aft= I came=

INT= THE SHAFT 0 DAY Alan escen s= He loo"s .p/ sees Ma eline= He s+itc2es on

33 2is 2ea lamp/ sees t2e rails t+enty feet ALAN -iece of ca"e= o+n=

7eHll 9et yo. o.t=

E<T= ON THE HILLSIDE @ELO7 THE *A@IN 0 DAY Lt *olonel Kim 9oes .p2ill +it2 a +2ite fla9= A s2ot= He rops/ rolls $ac"= T2e Ser9eant loo"s t2ro.92 2is 9.nsi92t= SER8EANT @astar = INT= KENNY P MADELINEHS *A@IN 0 DAY @loo r.nnin9 from KennyHs +o.n KENNY leaCe me/ Ma Yo.Hre not espite t2e compress=

ie= 8o=

MADELINE .mpin9 me t2at easily=

Ma eline sets fo.r eDplosiCe c2ar9es alon9 t2e +all= A Colley of s2ots from o.tsi e= @.llets slam into t2e +all= E<T= KENNY P MADELINEHS *A@IN 0 DAY *oCerin9 9.nfire= Sol iers r.n .p an INT= KENNY P MADELINEHS *A@IN 0 DAY T2e so.n of t2in9s $ein9 roppe o.tsi e= Ma eline connects +ires from t2e eDplosiCe c2ar9es to a $attery= A $.llet c.ts t2ro.92 one of t2e clim$ers ropes= INT= THE SHAFT 0 DAY A s2arp Eer"= Alan s+in9s +il ly/ slams into t2e s2aft +all= ALAN 8ot it/ Little 8irl= -eace of ca"e= Alan stea ies 2imself/ 9rips a r.sty r.n9 on t2e si e s2aft= He loo"s .p/ sees Ma eline/ 9iCes a t2.m$s .p/ 2is 2ea lamp o+n/ li92tin9 .p fiCe slit2erin9 sna"es rails= A crea"in9 so.n as t2e r.n9 t2reatens to 9iCe ALAN @e cool/ Little 8irl= @e cool= of t2e aims on t2e +ay= rop canisters=

('' INT= KENNY P MADELINEHS *A@IN 0 DAY More $.llets slam into t2e +all= Ma eline $e9ins fittin9 Kenny +it2 a slin9 to lo+er 2im on t2e rope= MADELINE Kenny= +ant yo. to "no+/ t2is 2as $een t2e $est year of my life= KENNY 72at is t2isI Yo.r last +or sI +ante MADELINE yo. to "no+=

E<T= KENNY P MADELINEHS *A@IN 0 DAY T2e Ser9eant si9nals= T+o Sol iers fire= T2e canisters at t2e +all eDplo e/ t2ro+ $.rnin9 9lo$.les in all irections= INT= KENNY P MADELINEHS *A@IN 0 DAY A 9lo$.le flies t2ro.92 t2e +in o+/ lan s on an eDplosiCe c2ar9e= T2e casin9 starts to melt= 8otta 9o S2e st.ffs a remote MADELINE o+nN No+N etonator in KennyHs poc"et= yo.= If I t2is +2en yo. o it early or .p= 8ot t2atI

MADELINE IHll $e ri92t $e2in onHt ma"e it/ press reac2 $ottom= DonHt yo.Hll $lo+ yo.rself

He 9rins/ no s +ea"ly $efore ZZZZ A MASSI,E E<-LOSION= E<T= KENNY P MADELINEHS *A@IN 0 DAY More $lasts/ as t2e eDplosiCes $lo+/ eac2 in t.rn= T2e +alls an t2e roof $.rst into flame= INT= ON THE T>NNEL FLOOR AT THE @OTTOM OF THE SHAFT 0 DAY An9ry sna"es slit2er a$o.t/ 2issin9/ flic"in9 t2eir M.ltiple $lasts a$oCe= More e$ris t.m$les o+n t2e s2aft= At t2e e 9e of a pile of e$ris/ a $a$y0siOe 2an protr. es= A sna"e slit2ers oCer it= T2e 2an closes on it=

('( E<T= 7HATHS LEFT OF KENNY P MADELINEHS *A@IN 0 DAY Sol iers c2eer as t2e roof collapses in a s2o+er of spar"s= INT= ON THE T>NNEL FLOOR AT THE @OTTOM OF THE SHAFT 0 DAY MoCement in t2e e$ris= Slo+ly/ $y e9rees/ Alan emer9es= He spots t2e tiny 2an = He "neels/ caref.lly i9s aro.n it= E<T= 7HATHS LEFT OF KENNY P MADELINEHS *A@IN 0 DAY T2e ca$in a 2eap of as2= A $oot "ic"s a9ainst a $o y= SOLDIER OCer 2ere/ Ser9eantN E<T= ON THE SLO-E @ET7EEN *A@IN AND THE DEE- -OOL 0 DAY T+o Korean SOLDIERS man a c2ec"point facin9 .p2ill= @e2in t2em/ a t2ic"et $loc"s t2eir o+n2ill Cie+= E<T= @EYOND THE THI*KET 0 DAY T2e eep pool $elo+/ t2e $.s $arely Cisi$le in t2e 9roCe=

E<T= >NDER THE @>S 0 DAY Ma i an 7alter 2.n"er o+n/ +it2 Feremy in 2is cri$=

INT= ON THE T>NNEL FLOOR AT THE @OTTOM OF THE SHAFT 0 DAY Alan sees t2at t2e 2an protr. es from a lar9e pipe= He sli es *arissa o.t= S2e emer9es/ cl.tc2in9 a coile sna"e= E<T= 7HATHS LEFT OF KENNY P MADELINEHS *A@IN 0 DAY R>F>S AO=S=B Yo. pieces of +ort2less s2itN Yo. st.pi / .seless pieces of s2itN T2e Sol iers listen stoneface = On t2e 9rass/ t2e c2arre $o ies of Kenny P Ma eline/ seemin9ly melte into one/ intert+ine / 2er eDpression one of s.preme ecstacy= INT= R>F>S OFFI*E 0 DAY A 2.9e +all p2oto of R.f.s P KeCin in a *entral -ar" Eitney=

('& R>F>S 72ere is *olonel KimI SER8EANT AO=S=B Dea / Sir= Stray $.llet= R>F>S 8et yo.r men an ret.rn= T2in" yo. can o t2at +it2o.t "illin9 t2emI *omm eCice s+itc2es off= He s2a"es 2is 2ea / si92s=

INT= THE T>NNEL 0 DAY Alan ta"es t2e sna"e from 2er= S2e cries li"e 2e too" 2er toy= ALAN S222= DonHt let t2e $a 9.ys "no+=

S2e G.iets o+n= He follo+s t2e trac"= Sna"es slit2er to t2e si e= He t.rns a corner/ $.mps into t2e ORE *ART= ALAN NeCer +al" +2en yo. can ri e= He 9ets in/ releases t2e $ra"e= A crea"in9 so.n / as it rolls= *arissa la.92s= It pic"s .p spee = Alan 2ol s on= E<T= AMON8ST THE ASHES OF KENNY P MADELINEHS *A@IN 0 DAY T2e Ser9eant loo"s o+n into t2e s2aft/ 2ears steel +2eels sG.ealin9 on rails= He aims an R-8 o+n t2e s2aft an fires= INT= AT THE @OTTOM OF THE SHAFT 0 DAY An eDplosion= It starts a rollin9 collapse in t2e t.nnel= E<T= 7ITH THE T7O KOREAN SOLDIERS AT THE *HE*K-OINT 0 DAY 8ro.n s2a"es= Some+2ere in t2e eart2/ steel +2eels scream=

INT= IN THE S-EEDIN8 ORE *ART IN THE T>NNEL 0 DAY Alan/ tosse si e to si e/ s2iel s *arissa +it2 2is $o y= T2e collapsin9 t.nnel 9ains on t2em= ALAN 8oin9 into +arp A2ea / +e see riCe/ Little 8irl=

irt/ roc"s P split tim$ers on t2e trac"=

('; ALAN O2 s2itN -ortal collapse N Han9 onN Alan $races for impact= An eDcite 9rin on *arissaHs face=

E<T= 7ITH THE T7O KOREAN SOLDIERS AT THE *HE*K-OINT 0 DAY T2.n erin9 Ci$rations $.il to eart2G.a"e proportions= T2e t+o Sol iers t.rn P r.n/ as t2e Ore *art $lasts o.t/ la.nc2in9 t2em into t2e treetops= T2e *art $o.nces o+n2ill/ t2reatenin9 to oCert.rn $.t not G.ite oin9 so= E<T= >NDER THE @>S 0 DAY T2e Ore *art lan s S-LATN in t2e m. across t2e from t2e @.s= 7alter an Ma i +atc2 a+estr.c"= eep pool

E<T= AMON8ST THE ASHES OF KENNY P MADELINEHS *A@IN 0 DAY KOREAN MEDI* 8ettin9 Oip from -ar" P *2o= *OR-ORAL LetHs split= 8iCin9 me t2e +illiesN SER8EANT No +ay IHm reportin9 t+o more ea +it2o.t proof= Si9nal t2e 2elo= *OR-ORAL Sar9e/ t2eyHre ea = T2ey 9otta $e= E<T= @Y THE ORE *ART AT THE DEE- -OOL 0 DAY T2e Ore *art 2alf0$.rie in m. = All silent eDcept for $loop/ $loop/ $loop= A 2a+" ips o+n t2ro.92 t2e canopy= A sna"e slit2ers to +aterHs e 9e= More $loop/ $loop/ $loop= S. enly poppin9 .p/ a tiny 2ea / t2en a lar9er 2ea / as Alan/ S+amp Monster0li"e/ rises/ *arissa in 2is arms= ALAN Ta0DAN Alan "neels/ starts +as2in9 2er face= S2e sG.alls= ALAN *ome on= Yo. +ant to $e clean= S2e s2a"es 2er 2ea / no no noN

('1 ALAN NoI So yo.Hre 9onna $e a c2ic" +2o plays in t2e m. / 2.2I T2in" a9ain= He la.92s/ 2ol s 2er o+n/ cleans 2er face= S2e fi92ts 2im=

MADDI AO=S=B Si9nal 2im/ tell 2im +eHre 2ere= 7ALTER AO=S=B Not yetN Mi92t $e a trap= MADDI AO=S=B Ho+ is a man an a $a$y a trapI 7ALTER AO=S=B Yo. 9o 2elp t2e $a$y= T2ey Oap yo.= S. enly/ t2e Helo a$oCe/ s+oopin9 o+n $ir of prey0li"e=

E<T= >NDER THE @>S 0 DAY T2e eafenin9 roar/ t2e o+n raft a9itatin9 t2e +ater= Ma i reac2es for Feremy/ p.lls 2im close/ 2.9s 2im= 7ALTER SeeI T2ereHs yo.r OapperN INT= THE HELO FLI8HT DE*K 0 DAY SER8EANT Lo+erN Ta"e 2er lo+erN @elo+/ Alan at t2e +aterHs e 9e +it2 *arissa= He scoops .p *arissa +it2 2is 2an / ra+s a pistol/ as2es to t2e Ore *art= He fires/ t2e $.llets 9o Rplin" plin"R off t2e pleDi9lass= SER8EANT T2atHs t2e son of a $itc2N He "ille -ar" an *2oN T2e Helo t.rns/ fires t+o missiles= T2ey slam into t2e Ore *art= Help t2em/ MADDI AO=S=B ammitN Help t2emN

E<T= >NDER THE @>S 0 DAY 7alter fires a 9rena e= Lim$s 2i92 .p $.rst into flame=

('5 7ALTER T2ere= I 2elpe t2em= Happy no+I INT= THE HELO FLI8HT DE*K 0 DAY Helo $.c"s/ pitc2es= -ilot str.99les= Flames in treetops= INT= THE HELO *AR8O @AY 0 DAY Loose 9ear sli es all oCer t2e place= *OR-ORAL D. eHs craOy= 8onna "ill .s allN E<T= NEAR THE DEE- -OOL 7ITH ALAN P *ARISSA 0 DAY A man9le Ore *art/ tree lim$s afire/ smo"e on t2e +ater=

INT= THE HELO FLI8HT DE*K 0 DAY SER8EANT A-oints pistol at -ilotB Lo+er/ amn itN No+N E<T= >NDER THE @>S 0 DAY MADDI *anHt let t2at t2in9 $last t2emN S2e 9iCes 2im a loo" of contempt= S2e +aCes to Alan= E<T= IN THE M>D @EHIND THE @>RNT0O>T H>LK OF THE *ART 0 DAY Alan/ $lee in9 $a ly/ sees Ma i si9nallin9 2im/ sees 2er pointin9 to t2e +as2t.$= He str.99les to p.t *arissa in it= ALAN Almost t2ere= Yo. 2a a ian an9el= *.ttin9 yo. loose no+= Time to sprea yo.r +in9s/ fly a+ay= HeHs Cisi$ly +ea"er= Life starts to flo+ o.t of 2im= ALAN @ye/ Little 8irl= Remem$er Alan 7etOel= HeHll remem$er yo.= He 9iCes it a p.s2= T2e Helo o+n raft ta"es oCer/ moCin9

('4 *arissa to+ar t2e opposite $an"= He sta99ers into t2e open=

INT= THE HELO FLI8HT DE*K 0 DAY T2e Helo t+ists an t.rns o+n+ar / 2.ntin9 its prey=

SER8EANT F.c" is 2eI Fire one fl.s2 2im o.tN INT= AT SEA IN THE 7ASHT>@ 0 DAY T2e +as2t.$ pitc2es an E<T= >NDER THE @>S 0 DAY T2e t.$ $o$s .p an o+n/ moCin9 to+ar Ma i P 7alter= *arissa smiles/ enEoys t2e ri e= A missile cras2es t2ro.92 t2e treetops/ eDplo es/ sen in9 metal $its flyin9= Tiny splas2es s.rro.n t2e t.$= *arissa sails t2ro.92 .nscat2e = MADDI T2eyHre s2ootin9 at t2e $a$yN T2eyHre tryin9 to "ill t2e $a$yN E<T= A *LEARIN8 O>TSIDE THE 8RO,E A7AY FROM THE -OOL 0 DAY A trail of $loo = Alan plants 2imself/ -atton style= rolls= *arissa +aCes to t2e Helo=

ALAN T.rn aro.n = IHm oCer 2ere= He fires at t2e Helo/ emptyin9 2is +eapon at it= INT= THE HELO *AR8O @AY 0 DAY @.llets smac" into t2e HeloHs .n ersi e= T2e *orporal remoCes 2is 2elmet/ sits on it= Ot2er Sol iers follo+ INT= THE HELO FLI8HT DE*K 0 DAY T2e 9ro.n +2iOOes past as t2e Helo t.rns to face Alan=

E<T= 7ITH ALAN IN THE *LEARIN8 0 DAY T2e Helo approac2es/ 9.ns firin9/ stitc2in9 a line on eit2er si e of Alan= It passes oCer/ t.rnin9 to ma"e anot2er r.n=

(') INT= THE HELO FLI8HT DE*K 0 DAY T2e Helo spinnin9 aro.n / $e9innin9 its secon SER8EANT I iotN 7e finis2 t2is no+N T2e Ser9eant steps o.t onto t2e str.t/ leans for+ar / aims= E<T= 7ITH ALAN IN THE *LEARIN8 0 DAY Alan/ in a pool of $loo / sees t2e Ser9eant ta"in9 aim= *ome on= ALAN Do it= H.rry= r.n=

A sin9le s2ot point0$lan"= All 9oes $lac"= Only t2e so.n of t2e Helo en9ine= T2en a secon s2ot= ,ery lo. = ,ery near= INT= THE HELO FLI8HT DE*K 0 DAY T2e *orporal loo"s @astar = E<T= THE *LEARIN8 0 DAY Alan an t2e Ser9eant lie t+o feet apart= *OR-ORAL AO=S=B T.rn t2is t2in9 aro.n N No+N T2e en9ine reCs/ t2e Helo rotates= So.n of an R-8 firin9= A fiery o$Eect strea"s .p+ar = A fire$all= T2e Helo $rea"s .p= E<T= IN THE 8RO,E ON THE FAR SIDE OF THE DEE- -OOL 0 DAY Ma i lo+ers t2e R-8/ as t2e $.rnin9 Helo falls/ screamin9 Sol iers on fire E.mpin9 o.t= S2e spits/ tosses t2e +eapon to 7alter= S2e +al"s to t2e ree s/ to *arissa= *arissa smiles .p at 2er from t2e t.$/ 2er arms o.tstretc2e = E<T= @Y THE *REEK AT THE @IRTHIN8 SHED 0 DAY 7alter P Ma i stan at a fres2 9raCe= Ma i 2ol s a c2arre 7on er9irl= S2e p.s2es it into t2e eart2 as a mar"er= MADDI O"ay/ letHs ma"e t2at r.n for itN o+n t2e si92ts of 2is +eapon= *OR-ORAL


E<T= ON A *LIFF O,ERLOOKIN8 A 7INDIN8 DIRT ROAD 0 DAY S>-ER? SOME7HERE IN THE *ANADIAN RO*KIES= Septem$er/ &'15= An ol military0type tr.c" +it2 a canCas coCer approac2es= Feremy/ stan in9 loo"o.t/ fires 2is rifle= E<T= ON ANOTHER *LIFF *LOSE @Y 0 DAY T2e s2ot ec2oes= *arissa/ stan in9 loo"o.t/ fires 2er rifle= E<T= A *A@IN IN A SMALL ,ALLEY 0 DAY Tr.c" par"e $y a tree= Do9s/ c2ic"ens/ t.r"eys r.n free= 7ALTER AO=S=B +or"ers= MADDI AO=S=B oesnHt= I9nore 7alter=

I nee No 2e *lot2es

ry on a clot2esline= Near t2e ca$in/ a 9raCe=

INSERT 0 Inscription on 8raCe Mar"er Han 0carCe 0 RInfant Henry $orn on t2e Feast of Tr.mpets to 7alter an Ma i/ @. e on Eart2 to $loom in HeaCenR @A*K TO S*ENE INT= THE *A@IN 0 DAY Ma i/ 7alter/ *arissa an Feremy +atc2 a @I8 MAN +it2 a $eer 9.t +ei92in9 9ol on a scale= @I8 MAN 8ot ei92t an a 2alf o.nces= I 2a 7ALTER ei92t P fiCe0ei92t2s=

MADDI I o.r scales= No offence= A lon9 moment= T2e @i9 Man no s= *arissa P Feremy c2eer=

('3 E<T= THE *A@IN 0 DAY In t2e istance/ at t2e tr.c"/ Ma i ta"es a $ from a $oD/ 2ol s it .p= *arissa P Feremy rip open $oDes= 7ALTER Nee some 9oo men to l.9 a stamp mill .p to t2e portal= Hot s2itty +or"= -l.s I +ant to p.t in rails an an ore cart= -l.s I nee a trenc2 for +ater= T+o mile trenc2= @I8 MAN T2atHs a lot= 72atHs Ma i sayI

7ALTER Ma i +orries a$o.t *arissa an Feremy= DoesnHt +ant any lo+ lifes= E<T= AT THE TR>*K 0 DAY *arissa tries a s.n ress/ Ma i/ a 9o+n an nec"lace= Feremy str.ts in a tie/ $o+ler= *arissa an Ma i 2oot= @I8 MAN AO=S=B Mi92t "no+ some men for yo.= E<T= ON THE DIRT -ATH 0 DAY *arissa P Feremy pose li"e catalo9 mo els= Ma @I8 MAN T2in9 is/ t2eyHre Mormons= Ma i 7ALTER oesnHt li"e c.lts= i claps=

@I8 MAN T2ey onHt rin"= T2ey +atc2 t2eir mo.t2s aro.n females= NeDt time/ IHll $rin9 one alon9 as a s+amper= Feremy s+a99ers in a t.D an top 2at= *arissa la.92s=


((' E<T= THE *A@IN 0 NI8HT 72at i MADDI AO=S=B yo. t+o tal" a$o.tI

7ALTER AO=S=B Rain= Army patrols= -rice of ammo= INT= A HALL7AY O>TSIDE A HOS-ITAL S>ITE 0 NI8HT Korean SOLDIERS stan INT= A HOS-ITAL S>ITE On t2e +all/ a p2oto of a +eary0eye Matt2e+= R.f.s/ emaciate / a $reat2in9 t.$e at 2is nose= R>F>S Al+ays t2o.92t yo.H 9o first= = T2e *IA Man +atc2es t2e oor=

Ki no s/ moCes 2is +2eelc2air to t2e oor/ raps on it= Door opens= T2e *IA Man in t2e oor+ay/ $o+s= Door closes= E<T= ON A MESA O,ERLOOKIN8 MADDI P 7ALTERHS *A@IN 0 NI8HT So.n of motorcycles= On t2e mesa/ t2ree c2oppers 7ALTER AO=S=B SeD mac2ine= Ma i la.92s= escen =