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Although theological labels can be misunderstood, these are distinguishing characteristics of this Digg
ministry, providing a window into the truths that define us:

We are apostolic, meaning (i) that we derive our teachings and practice from the apostles, (ii)
submit to apostolic authority, and (iii) pioneer an important reform movement.

We are also charismatic, meaning (i) that we are active in our pursuit and practice of all the gifts of the
Spirit as found in the New Testament, and (ii) that our worship is expressive and passionate.

We are ecclesiastical, meaning that we function as a spiritual family, a circle of friends, a community, and
organic entity, as opposed to a 'franchised' denominational church establishment.

We are evangelical, meaning (i) we believe that Scripture is the essential and infallible record of God's
self-disclosure and is therefore our final authority in all matters of life and doctrine, and (ii) we believe
people need to be saved by responding to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We are essentially reformed in our theology, meaning (i) that we embrace and exult in the sovereignty of
God over all things, and (ii) that we place the emphasis on the activity of God and the glory of God in the
salvation of sinners.

We are reformational, meaning (i) that we are praying for revival, and (ii) working for reform with regard
to doctrine, worship, ministry, holiness, preaching, and teaching.

We are interracial, meaning (i) that we welcome believers from all walks of life, no matter what the color
of their skin. (Is. 2v2, 11v10-11; Lk. 2v29-31; Acts 10v35, 15v17).


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Distinctives - EJ Hill & Friends

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