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The Final Quest
From EJ Hill & Friends

by EJ Hill (1977-) Digg

Introduction submit

Rick Joyner's book, "The Final Quest", have been read by thousands of
believers around the world.

The Claim of Divine Inspiration

The book are comprised of many "dreams", "visions" and "prophecies"
which Joyner claim to have received from God, ever since 1995.

The closest I have come to reading similar material was C.S. Lewis' Space
Trilogy and The Screwtape Letters, which Lewis did not purport to be
anything but a fantasy. I have also read the The Pilgrim's Progress, several
times, but neither did Bunyan claim his book to be anything but an allegory
on the Christian life.

Even though Rick Joyner's book, "The Final Quest", has all the elements of
allegory and fantasy, unlike Lewis and Bunyan, he claims direct inspiration.

The Book "I [God] have let you see angels and given you many dreams and
visions, ..." [1]

The Claim of Truthfulness

Joyner claims that what he is sharing is true. In speaking of the 'foolish virgins' he says, "I was really surprised by
this, but I also knew that no one could lie in that place." [1] and that "... I know here you cannot lie." [1]

The content, as we will see, is so mystical (gnostic, pagan, cabbalistic) that I found it hard to understand why so
many professing Christians could accept any of it.

Rick's Heavenly Visitation
Foolish Virgins in Heaven?

On page 91, we find Joyner apparently on the outer fringes of heaven, overlooking a vast host of "foolish
virgins", apparently "the lowest rank in heaven". [1] Joyner says, referring to the parable of the foolish virgins in
Matthew chapter 25 verse 11,

"This great multitude here are those whom the Lord called 'foolish virgins'. We knew the Lord, and
trusted in His cross for deliverance from damnation, but we did not really live for Him, but for

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The Final Quest - EJ Hill & Friends

ourselves. We did not keep our vessels filled with the oil of the Holy Spirit. We have eternal life, but
we wasted our lives on earth." [1]

The Biblical Parable of the Foolish Virgins were a simple, yet clear warning to be ready for His Return. (Mt.
25v1-13) When the foolish virgins came, saying, "Lord, Lord, open to us" (Mt. 25v11) not only did God answer,
"I know you not." (Mt. 25v12) but the door of Heaven remained shut.

Contrary to Scripture (where the foolish virgins do not enter Heaven), Joyner proclaims, by "inspired vision", that
they did.

"I too had been one of the greatest of fools!" says Joyner, "I, too, was one of the foolish virgins!" Since Mr
Joyner, by "inspired vision", condemn himself so eloquently, who am I to object.

Rick Joyner in Heaven?

We find Joyner himself in the Throne Room of Heaven approaching the judgment seat of Christ. His journey
down the long hall takes him past throngs of people, who apparently died and are now in Heaven. One after
another he experiences real-time conversations with actual acquaintances of his that had died, and long deceased
personalities of Christian history, including a personal conversation with the apostle Paul. We have heard of
similar experiences from Benny Hinn, who claims to have been in contact with Kathryn Kuhlman since her

A Married Couple in Heaven?

On page 103, Joyner are being told that "All the relationships that you have on earth is continued here.” Married
couples are still united. Near the end of page 103 the wife of a dead saint says of her marriage: “Now our
relationship is continuing in much greater depth."

Yet, contrary to Joyner's "inspired vision", Matthew chapter 22 verse 30 says that "in the resurrection they
neither marry, nor are given in marriage, but are as the angels of God in heaven." (Mt. 22v30, AKJV, p.433)

On page 104, Joyner develops a love for this dead wife, to which she replies, "It is the attraction between male
and female that was given in the beginning, which is always pure in its true form."

The Apostle Paul in Heaven?

"I then felt compelled to look at those who were sitting on the thrones we were passing. As I did, my
gaze fell upon a man whom I knew was the Apostle Paul. As I looked back at the Lord, He motioned
for me to speak to him."

"'I have looked so forward to this' I said, feeling awkward but excited by this meeting. 'I know that
you are aware of just how much your letters have guided the Church, and they are probably still
accomplishing more than the rest of us put together. You are still one of the greatest lights on the

"'Thank you,' he said graciously. 'But you do not understand just how much we have looked forward
to meeting you. You are a soldier in the last battle; you are the ones whom everyone here is waiting
to meet. We only saw these days dimly through our limited prophetic vision, but you have been
chosen to live in them. You are a soldier preparing for the last battle. You are the ones for whom we
are all waiting.'"

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The Final Quest - EJ Hill & Friends

"Still feeling awkward, I continued, 'But there is no way that I can convey the appreciation that we
feel for you, and all who helped to set our course with their lives and their writings. I also know that
we will have an eternity for exchanging our appreciation, so please, while I am here, let me ask,
'What would you say to my generation that will help us in this battle?'"

"'I can only say to you now what I have already said to you through my writings. I would have you to
understand them better by knowing that I fell short of all that I was called to do,' Paul stated,
looking me resolutely in the eyes."

"'But you are here, in one of the greatest thrones. You are still reaping more fruit for eternal life
than any of us could ever hope to reap,' I protested."

"'By the grace of God I was able to finish my course, but I still did not walk in all that I was called
to. I fell short of the highest purposes that I could have walked in. Everyone has. I know that some
think that is blasphemy to think of me as anything less than the greatest example of Christian
ministry, but I was being honest when I wrote near the end of my life that I was the greatest of
sinners. I was not saying that I have been the greatest of sinners, but that I was the greatest of
sinners then. I had been given so much to understand, and I walked in so little of it.'" [1]

In contrast to Rick's claim, Paul says, "I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the
faith: Hence there is laid up for me a crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous judge, shall give me
at that day: and not to me only, but unto all them also that love His appearing." (2 Tim. 4v7-8, AKJV, p.529)

When the Apostle Paul spoke of him having been the chiefest of sinners, he was speaking of the past, not his state
of sinfulness when he penned those words.

At the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time

There is also another problem with Joyner's "heaven". Even if the Foolish Virgins were to enter; even if Paul's
comments were misunderstood; even if the Married Couple remained married – they were all to be found in
Heaven with God, rather than awaiting final resurrection and judgment at the Second Coming (Jn. 6v40, 8v21,
13v33, v36, 14v3; 1 Cor. 15v35-55; 1 Th. 4v13-17; Rev. 20v5-15).

"And no man hath ascended up to heaven, but He that came down from heaven, even the Son of man
which is in heaven." (Jn. 3v13, AKJV, p.468)

"For David is not ascended into the heavens: but he saith himself, The Lord said unto my Lord, Sit
Thou on My right hand,..." (Acts 2v34, AKJV, p.481)

Rick's Revelatory Stones
Joyner introduces the concept of stones (or jewels) as the source of revelation. On page 71 for example, we read:

"I turned away from the door and retreated fast. There was a beautiful red stone nearby, which I
almost lunged at to lay my hands on ... I jerked my hand away from the stone and fell to the floor in
exhaustion. I wanted so badly to return to the blue or green stones ... 'What was back there?' I
asked. 'When you touch the stones we are able to see a little of what you see, and feel a little of what
you feel,' said the angel. 'We know that all of these stones are great treasures, and all the
revelations they contain are priceless ..." [1]

On page 68:

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The Final Quest - EJ Hill & Friends

"I did not know what to do with the angels so I just continued walking. I was attracted to a large
blue stone that appeared to have the sun and clouds inside of it. When I touched it the same feelings
flooded over me as when I had eaten the fruit of the Tree of Life. I felt energy unearthly mental
clarity, and love for everyone and everything being magnified...the longer I touched the stone the
more the glory increased, I never wanted to take my hand off of the stone..." [1]

And on page 69 we read:

"Then my eyes fell on a beautiful green stone ... As I touched the green stone I began to see the
earth in rich and spectacular colours. They grew in richness the longer I had my hand on the stone
... I . began to see a harmony between all living things on a level that I had never seen before...." [1]

Now compare New Age philosophy surrounding stones.

"Today’s New Age is wrapped up in a theology of amulets, symbols, and talismans. The idea that
such objects may contain residual powers was an important part of Babylonian thinking. Small bags
of ingredients with spells spoken over them, crystals, magic shapes, words, or numbers ... These
shops also sell precious and semi-precious stones and crystals which are alleged to either contain
or attract energy. One flyer lists stones and their magical properties. It claims, ‘Amethyst: reflects
the amethystine love ray of the Aquarian Age. Wearing it at-tunes one to love energies. Promotes
development of intuitive faculties.’ In this, the shop owner was following Babylonian thinking, since
the Babylonians extensively used precious and semi-precious stones in healing rituals..." [3]

Stones of all kinds also play a significant role in the occult. The "Dictionary of the Occult" shares the following:


"A magical stone, supposedly found in the neck or stomach of an eagle, that was thought to offer
protection in childbirth." [2]


"This quartz gemstone, possibly named after the river in Sicily where it is found, is said to have the
power to turn the possessor invisible, and to offer protection in battle. The stone was consequently
widely used in the art of Talismans." [2]


"An object, image, drawing or inscription imbued with magical properties to ward off the evil eye.
Simple amulets are objects which have an odd shape or colour that catches the eye, or are very
rare, such as a four-leaf clover. Amulets are often worn around the neck or as rings, especially in
the form of jewelry. Virtually anything can become an amulet, depending on the different beliefs in
different cultures. Some are designs or symbols on buildings, holy places and tombs. Semiprecious
stones were particularly common as amulets, as were eyes; the best- known eye amulet being the
ancient Egyptian Eye of Horus. Organic amulets, such as fruit, vegetables, berries, nuts and plants
are also common in certain parts of the world, as in the use of garlic to ward off vampires. Various
metals are also commonly ascribed amuletic powers against evil, for instance, iron is universally
believed to guard against demons and witches." [2]

Angelic Stone

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The Final Quest - EJ Hill & Friends

"A stone used for scrying by Dr John Dee, astrologer to Queen Elizabeth I, who claimed that it was
given to him by the angels Raphael and Gabriel. It is now lodged in the British Museum." [2]

Birth Stones

"Occult literature links a number of precious stones with each of the twelve signs of the Zodiac.
These associations are used in talismanic magic and in the production of amulets. The stones were
said to transmit a specific hidden power when used to make seals. They were also sometimes worn
unsealed as magnetic centres to attract their corresponding powers of the stars. The stones now
identified with the signs are: Aries, bloodstone; Taurus, sapphire; Gemini, chrysoprase; Cancer,
emerald; Leo, chrysolite; Virgo, cornelian; Libra, opal; Scorpio, aquamarine; Sagittarius, topaz;
Capricorn, ruby; Aquarius, garnet; Pisces, amethyst." [2]


"Certain natural stones or gems, which, because of some powerful astrological influence, were said
by medieval occultists to be magically efficacious. Artificial gamalei are those engraved with
astrological, hermetic or magical symbols, for use as Talismans." [2]

Philosopher's Stone

"The name given in Alchemy to a stone, powder or substance that will transmute base metals into
gold." [2]


"Specially prepared objects – of stone, metal, wood, parchment and so on – inscribed with magical
signs, characters or drawings. Once endowed with magical properties, the object is believed to
bring the owner good luck, success, health and virility. The power of a talisman can derive from
nature, directly from God, or from a magical ritual, such as those described in the Grimoires,
textbooks of ceremonial magic." [2]

The Power of The Hour
Rick Joyner should get an Oscar for his exceptional performance in "The Final Quest".

Rick's Armor

On page 149 Rick says, "My armor contained the same glory that surrounded Him (God)." [1]

Rick's Throne

On page 118 the "Lord" tells Joyner that he has the mantle of humility required to sit on one of the thrones
attached to His.

Rick's Importance

On page 122 Jesus, in respect of Rick Joyner, stood up from His Throne and "now will not sit down again until

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The Final Quest - EJ Hill & Friends

the last battle is over." [1]

Joyner’s time with the Lord must be of paramount importance, because, from that time legions of angels that were
standing ready since the night of His death have from this point been released upon the earth. ‘The hordes of hell’
have also been released. This is the time which "all creation has been waiting for"? It seems amazing that of all
the Christians on earth, past and present, that Rick Joyner is the one who is chosen by God to talk and meet with
so many dead people (something God forbids) and to bring Jesus to His feet from His throne in heaven, not to sit
again until the final battle is over. Legions of angels and all of creation have apparently been waiting for this very
time when Rick Joyner met Jesus at His throne.

This battle appears to start prior to 1996, when "The Final Quest" was published.

It seems like Joyner issued a self-fulfilling prophecy when he wrote,

"The darkness from the cloud of vultures made it so hard for these prisoners to see that they naively
accepted everything that happened to them as being from the Lord." [1]

Those in defiance of The Final Quest

Jeff Smith [4] - Dr. Joseph R. Chambers [5] - Mike Oppenheimer [4] - Rick Engstrom [6] - Steve
Mitchell [4] - T. Hardwick [7] - W.B. Howard [7] - Dieter Thom [8]

Scripture References
Deut. 18v10-11; Job 7v9-10; Is. 8v19; Jer. 14v14; Ez. 12v24, 13v7, 21v21; Mt. 22v30, 23v39,
25v1-13, 28v10; Lk. 13v35, 16v19-31; Jn. 3v13, 6v40, 8v21, 13v33, v36, 14v3, v19, 16v10-19;
Acts 2v34, 16v16; 1 Cor. 15v35-55; 1 Th. 4v13-17; 2 Tim. 4v7-8; Heb. 12v2; Rev. 20v5-15

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6 of 8 12/23/2008 7:29 PM
The Final Quest - EJ Hill & Friends

7. W.B. Howard and T. Hardwick; Rick Joyner's 'The Final Quest': Is It Scripturally Sound?;

8. Dieter Thom; In an Email (25 February 2008).


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