How a 5-Part Longevity Secret

from Ancient China Can Give You a
Vibrant, Dieae-!ree Life,
"""an# How it Let $e %noc& that
Young Guy on Hi 'utt(
)efine# *ver $any Centurie, thi Ancient $etho#
Com+,ete,y )evere the - Dea#,y S+ira, of Dieae
that Have .ra++e# /veryone Aroun# You"
Are you less flexible, weaker, with poorer endurance and more muscle, tendon and joint
pain than you had at age 25? You may think that kind of deterioration is quite
normal and a natural part of the aging process! "n fact, it#s no more natural or
una$oidable than chronic obesity or diabetes! %et#s look at some key facts&
!act 01
If you don't take a proactive role in maintaining your health and immunity, you'll begin to
suffer a noticeable drop in your physical state after age 30 and an increasingly rapid decline
after age 50.
!act 21
This group of health deficits - the !eadly "pirals - leaves you #ide open to degenerative
disease, misery and a premature demise.
!act 31
There is a set of proven methods that #ill allo# you to avoid or reverse the !eadly "pirals
and e$perience unprecedented levels of health and immunity.
Press "Play" & turn up your speakers
for a personal message from Dr.
Symeon Rodger:
!ear friend,
% couple of years ago I found myself on the other side of the volleyball net from a friend of
mine #ho's &uite a bit younger than I am. 'oreover, he's really athletic, #ith a muscular build
and a little taller.
%s our respective teams rotated #ith each change of serve, the t#o of us found ourselves
literally face to face at the net. %s fate #ould have it during one of the heated back-and-forth
volleys, someone on his team set the ball for him to (spike(, i.e., to drive that ball right do#n
my throat.
)e both *umped up, reaching for the ball...
)hen the (smoke cleared(, he #as on his rear end looking up at me, a little da+ed. ,ou see, I
had driven the ball do#n his throat instead --.
/e #as clearly baffled, and for good reason0 he's taller than I am, in really good shape and a
lot younger. /is look said to me, (/o# can you do that1 ,ou're old enough to be my father2(
"o if I'm old enough to be his biological father, then ho# did I move faster, *ump higher and
hit harder than he could1
'o be honest, "#m blessed to know something that most people don#t! " know that
chronological age doesn#t dictate your physical capabilities or your health!
3ven better, I kno# the e$act methods that the ancient Taoist masters used to retain their
health and immunity into deep old age.
'any people #ho don't kno# me think I'm ten years younger than I really am. In my 4hurch
I've been called (the teenage priest(, even though only one of my three kids is still a teenager.
5ust last year, after seeing me #ith my oldest daughter, someone in a shopping mall mistook
her for my (girlfriend(2
"o #hat's the secret1 6eople #ho see me #ithout a shirt on ask me if I lift #eights or (do
bodybuilding(. I don't. 7either do I run long distances or do 6ilates. )hat I do is much older,
much more effective and has much more evidence of success to support it.
8efore #e get into the solution, though, let's make sure you're really clear on #hat the
problem actually is...
Aging an# 4,,ne - 5hy Your 'o#y Cra+ *ut
,ou may have heard me us the 4hinese medical proverb, "When a door is in constant use, its
hinges never rust."
This proverb applies to ,9:; body and mind. ,ou see, this magnificent body-mind organism
you have is built on the (use it or lose it( paradigm. If you don't use your body-mind organism
according to its design specifications, you get...
'he ( )eadly *pirals of )isease
Think about older people you kno# and their physical ailments. Think about their muscular
#eakness, their #aning vitality, their aches, pains and lack of mobility, their need for a
computer *ust to keep track of their +illion medications...
,ou may have been brought up to believe that this fate a#aits you too. %#ait you it does, but
97<, if you choose it. If, on the other hand, you keep your (door( in use, then your (hinges(
#ill never rust and you'll avoid all that needless misery.
<et's have a look at your body and #hat makes it tick...
3verything in your body affects everything else. ,ou may be thinking, (sure, that's obvious.(
8ut according to the #ay most of us #ere brought up and the #ay our official medical system
still functions, this isn't obvious at all2
<et's take your spine. Indulge me for a moment and put your mental attention on your spine.
:se your mind to really fee, your spine. 6retend nothing else e$ists - your spine is alone in the
universe. If you're sitting up straight or standing, gently t#ist your body once to the left and
once to the right #hile feeling your spine from the inside.
7o#, keeping your attention on your spine, gently bend your spine for#ard from the #aist
=not the hips.. 8e conscious of your #hole rib cage being attached to it. Then bend slightly
back#ards from the #aist. 7o# do the same gentle for#ard and back bend from higher up on
the spine, from the area behind your sternum.
)hat did you feel1 !o you feel ho# ama+ing this pole of universal *oints is1 Its ama+ing range
of motion1 If you e$periment further, you'll notice that #hen you turn your head and torso to
the right or left, you can turn only the upper spine, or the lo#er spine or both. It's absolutely
If you're reading this, you already have access to a special teleclass learning event #here I
take you through the !eadly "pirals of !isease in detail and allo# you to e6+erience #hat
I'm talking about for yourself. In case you haven't had time to listen to that, here's a brief
)hy should you listen to this1 'aybe it's *ust hype. 'aybe it's nonsense. /o# #ill you kno#1
)ell, consider this message I got the day after the teleclass...
/ere's the unsolicited message Dr" Caro, Loo&, one of the most respected authorities in the
field of 3nergy-6sychology today, left on my ans#ering machine about this uni&ue educational
Phenomenal... Impeccable... Superb!
"Symeon, I wanted to let you know how impressed I was with
your teleclass last night on the 7 Spirals of Disease and how Qi
Gong eliminates them. It was just phenomenal. I cant wait to get
your D!Ds" So again, congratulations. I just thought last night
was impecca#le... super#""
- Dr. arol !ook"
)eadly *piral +, starts #hen you stop taking your spine through its full range of motion
on a regular basis.
,ou see, as people age, their careless lifestyles =nutrition, stress, la+iness.... deplete their
vitality so they don't bother to do this anymore. Then #hat happens1
"pinal fluid circulates less efficiently, leading to a loss of mental acuity. The 4entral 7ervous
"ystem's communications #ith your ma*or organs is compromised. Then the life-force energy
or >i =pronounce (chee(. in 4hinese, #hich normally flo#s up the ?overning @essel over and
#ithin the spine doesn't flo# &uite so #ell. %nd finally, posture is compromised as #ell,
leading to dire conse&uences #e'll mention later.
"o #hat's the result of all this1 /ver-increaing vu,nerabi,ity to #ieae from a wea&ene#
immune ytem" !egenerative disease first of all - cancer, cardio-vascular disease and more.
)eadly *piral +2 concerns your 'uscle-Tendon structure.
/old out one arm straight in front of you at shoulder height, so your arm is parallel to the
ground, your palm faces for#ard and your finger tips are pointing up#ards.
,ou'll probably feel a (tug( running from your thumb to your #rist and along the inside of your
arm. ,ou may feel one running from you little finger to your #rist and along the outside of
your arm as #ell. Those are tendon lines. If you rotate your arm so it's pointing out to the
side, you'll feel the (tugging( sensations change - all of that is your tendon structure. %nd your
body does have a magnificent tendon structure running all the #ay through it. 8ut because
)estern physiology largely ignores it and thinks only about (muscle(, you're probably una#are
of your tendons.
,our muscle-tendon net#ork holds your skeletal structure together. %gain, #hen vitality is
depleted, people don't take these structures through their range of motion anymore, so they
atrophy. Then #hat happens1
,our *oints are more likely to sustain in*ury. 3nergy flo# is compromised because it depends
on the integrity of the *oints for flo#. 6osture is compromised because, #ithout the proper
soft tissues guaranteeing posture, you begin to compensate using other structures, leading to
further problems. ,ou eventually risk losing mobility, you stop getting e$ercise, you gain
#eight and your system becomes more acidic and to$ic.
)eu,t1 /ver-increaing vu,nerabi,ity to #ieae from a wea&ene# immune ytem"
)eadly *piral +- is all about your fasciae.
The fasciae are a layer of tissue right belo# your skin - they're #hite-ish, thin, very tough and
almost elastic. They #rap nearly your #hole body on the inside - your muscles, your organs,
If you rotate your forearm, you'll see the muscles and tendons clearly. ,ou don't see the
fasciae, but they're there. %nd they're vital to your health - here's #hy...
)hen you stop taking care of your muscles and tendons, your fasciae are doomed - they're
ne$t on the hit list. )hat happens1 Airst, they start storing fat cells from poor diet and B or
Then as the fascia structure degrades, you may feel more and more tired from poor energy
circulation, because the main energy meridians flo# mainly through the fasciae.
The degraded fasciae then create postural and skeletal problems, since the fasciae are
instrumental in holding you all together.
)eu,t1 /ver-increaing vu,nerabi,ity to #ieae from a wea&ene# immune ytem"
5hat Co,,eague an# C,ient Have to Say About Dr" Symeon )o#ger
"Dr. Symeon $odger is one of the finest, most respected speakers and
trainers I know"
Dr. Symeon $odger is one of the finest, most respected speakers
and trainers I know. %e is #rilliant and yet &ery genuine. %e
comes from the heart and when that is com#ined with his
knowledge he is a#le to #less the li&es of e&eryone who hears him
which e'plains why he has such a large, e'tremely dedicated
following. %e is a delight to work with and Im &ery pleased to
ha&e him as one of my strategic partners.
&ack '. (ufelt - "mentor to '%ll%ons"
$uthor of the )* best sell%ng book"
The DNA of Success
"Symeon #as ama+%ng"
Dr. Symeon $odger was a wonderful surprise as a speaker. (e
felt compelled to ha&e him on our Quantum )learing series, #ut
we really didnt know why. It was just a feeling. (ed ne&er heard
him speak #efore.
*nly +, showed up for the show, #ut Symeon was ama-ing. %e
was lots of fun and #rought a take on healing. I still
use the #reathing e'ercise he taught us to help keep me in an
/lpha state.
*thers apparently liked him too . he sold 70 #ooks to those +,
,om Pauley
-. of R%ch Dreams Inc.
$uthor of I'm Rich Beyond My Wildest
Dreams and Quantum Marketing
"Symeon #as able to sh%ne a l%ght of profound #%sdom"
I truly enjoy listening to Dr. Symeon $odger. 1any of you may
know him from an inter&iew that 1ark 2oyner did with Symeon
in Decem#er 3,,4. 1ark is not an easy inter&iewer and he takes
his guests to task if they are not real masters of their discipline. It
was on that teleseminar that Symeon was a#le to shine a light of
profound wisdom from his decades of learning and mastering
martial arts skills and, far more important, his complete
understanding of how to teach a comple' su#ject 5%/$/6 in a
&ery simple and straightforward manner. %e teaches a system that
is complete, authentic, pro&en, and relia#le7 all in a step #y step
method that is certain to work for anyone that chooses a path of
higher consciousness. 8isten, learn and take action, now"
Ir#%n /lenn
0us%ness Strateg%st
1e# 2ork
)eadly *piral +.& ,our 8one 'arro#.
,ou #ere probably brought up #ith the idea that your bones are basically your scaffolding,
that they're not really (alive( in the same sense your muscles or organs are alive.
9kay, you may kno# intellectually that's not true. 8ut ho# aware are you really that your
bones are alive11
)hen vitality is depleting, #hich in many cases starts happening &uite visibly in people by
their mid-thirties or even sooner, the bone marro# changes... )ho cares1 ,ou need to and
here's #hy0
The bone marro# manufactures your blood cells, constantly replacing old blood cells. "ince
every cell in your body depends on your red blood cells for o$ygen and your immune system
depends to a large e$tent on your #hite blood cells, any compromise in the &uality and
&uantity of your blood cells is hardly good ne#s.
)hat happens1
C. %s your cells get less o$ygen, you lose physical fitness,
D. ,ou therefore move around less,
3. Therefore your body doesn't go through its proper range of motion,
E. Therefore you get less and less o$ygen, causing a further loss of vitality, causing you to
move even less,
5. 3ventually you don't move at all and #e put you in a pine bo$ in the ground - end of
'oreover, the decreased marro# production results from fat cells filling the marro#. %nd not
*ust in over#eight people - this can happen to anyone. This means bones lose resilience and
become vulnerable to breakage.
)eu,t1 /ver-increaing vu,nerabi,ity to #ieae from a wea&ene# immune ytem"
)eadly *piral +5& ,our 5oints
)hen you stop taking *oints through their full range of motion, the ligaments holding them in
place #eaken. 5oints become more vulnerable to in*ury. To$ins then build up in the *oints.
3nergy, #hich depends partly on *oint integrity for flo#, is compromised. 6osture is
)eu,t1 /ver-increaing vu,nerabi,ity to #ieae from a wea&ene# immune ytem"
)eadly *piral +/& ,our 8reathing
)hile all this is happening, your breathing becomes more shallo# and higher in the chest.
)hat's the big deal1 5ust this0 energy flo# throughout the body depends on the integrity of
the breathing process, so #hen your breathing becomes shallo#er, #hen the lungs are no
longer used to capacity, your cells get less energy.
8reathing higher in the chest fails to massage the lo#er abdominal tract and deto$ify it
naturally, so you may end up #ith inefficient elimination and to$ic build-up there too.
4hest breathing automatically #recks your posture. %s you breath higher, your posture
becomes more like the (military( posture of troops at attention, #hich interrupts energy
circulation in the ?overning @essel and strains the back.
It also burdens the heart, so it becomes more vulnerable. ,ou become more tense and
stressed, burdening the 4entral 7ervous "ystem. 6hysical and emotional to$icity continue to
build, reinforcing your predicament. 3very cell in your body screams for o$ygen, but you no
longer hear their cries....
)eu,t1 /ver-increaing vu,nerabi,ity to #ieae from a wea&ene# immune ytem"
)eadly *piral +(& ,our 6osture
,ou'll notice that every one of the spirals impacts posture and mobility in some #ay. )hen
posture and mobility are compromised, here's #hat's ne$t...
"pinal health deteriorates, reducing the circulation of energy and spinal fluid and impacting
the 4entral 7ervous "ystem. %s posture deteriorates, the organs don't get the regular massage
they're meant to get. <ymph fluid, a key part of the immune system, is no longer circulated
efficiently. %s posture goes further do#n hill, e$tra pressure is often put on the ma*or organs,
restricting the flo# of blood, o$ygen and energy to them. They become less efficient. To$icity
builds up.
)eu,t1 /ver-increaing vu,nerabi,ity to #ieae from a wea&ene# immune ytem"
'here#s a 0eason 'hey#re 1alled *pirals!!!
,ou see #hy these are called (spirals(1 3ach one of these is a vicious cycle *ust #aiting for
you. 4hildren in their natural condition avoid this because they have so much vitality to burn.
9nce you reach age 30, though, you either conserve and build vitality systematically or you
risk getting trapped in these spirals. %nd it's actually *ust one 8I? spiral.
After 52 the spirals you#re already unknowingly caught up in accelerate at a $ery rapid
778utrition 5on9t Save You77
,ou'll notice that you can fall into the spiral even if you're on the #orld's best diet. That may
delay it for a #hile, but it's still inevitable unless you take other steps.
,ou see, improving your nutrition is only one of the steps you need to take if you #ish to
remain disease free into deep old age. It's important, but #ithout taking your body through its
full range of motion internally on a regular basis, your body #on't even be able to use those
e$tra nutrients.
"o ho# do you avoid or reverse the !eadly "pirals1
3ere#s a pro$en solution from the people who turned health and longe$ity into a science
and ha$e documented incredible results!!!
How Do You Avoi# or )evere the - Dea#,y S+ira,::
Is there any evidence you can avoid them1 %ny evidence you can reverse them1
%s it happens, yes there is. There's lots of evidence, documented evidence over many
%nd the most convincing evidence comes, not surprisingly, from those #ho made longevity
into a science in the first place - the Taoist masters of ancient 4hina.
Take the #ell-kno#n case of <i 4hing ,un. )hen he died in CF3E, he #as said to have been
D5G years old2 % clerical error1 6erhaps. 8ut if you'd like to see copies of the congratulatory
messages the 4hinese imperial government sent to him on his C50th, D00th and D50th
birthdays, you're free to do so2
%nd <i 4hing ,un #as *ust one e$ample.
/e came out of a long tradition that #as practicing (energy medicine( millennia before it #as
rediscovered by academic institutions in the )est over the last fe# years.
,ou may kno# these methods by the name (>i ?ong( or (4hi Hung(.
>i ?ong uses a very large array of techni&ues to enhance energy production and flo# in your
body, including all kinds of massage, breathing methods, movement and more.
>i ?ong can be divided into the purpose it's meant to serve, #hether that's creating health,
healing others, spiritual development or martial arts. %nd it's not associated #ith any specific
spiritual vie#point, since it's practiced in the 9rient by Taoists, 8uddhists, 4hristians and
"2ou ha3e changed my l%fe..."
8ike I ha&e acknowledged #efore, Dr. $odger, you ha&e changed
my life.
9our style is inimita#le and like no other #rand of corporate
training in the world. I ha&e #een recei&ing your materials for
o&er a year now and they ha&e turned me into a calm, confident
and yet a resilient warrior. 1y friends, relati&es and colleagues
keep complimenting me on the way I appear to #e calm, powerful
and they keep telling me a#out a contented glow on my face.
:his, Dr. $odger, is due to your patient, continued tutelage.
I would like to repeat my compliment to you that you are doing a
simply mar&elous jo#. 1ay God and the powers of the uni&erse
reward you in a#undance for the philanthropic work that you are
Partho houdhury"
,he Ph%l%pp%nes
4i 5ong o$ercomes and e$en re$erses the ( deadly spirals we#$e
just talked about!
7ot *ust any >i ?ong #ill do this, though. There are thousands of >i ?ong systems out there
and most of them #on't help you significantly. There are 5 specific >i ?ong systems that can
revolutioni+e your health and your life.
%nd here they are...
,! 'he *elf67assage *et&
8y massaging or hitting specific points on your body, this miraculous >i ?ong tones all your
ma*or organ systems, improves blood and lymph circulation and can take you from totally
groggy to bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in *ust 5 minutes flat.
It's provides a total tune up of your body's CD organ meridians and I 3$traordinary @essels
=i.e., your body's entire energy system. and serves as one of the principal practices of Taoist
longevity science.
2! 'he 7uscle6'endon 1hanging *et&
If you believe the 8uddhists, this set originated #ith the Indian 8uddhist monk, 8odhidharma,
#ho #ent to the famous "haolin temple in /unan 6rovince in the 5th century, only to find the
monks in such poor physical shape that they couldn't stay a#ake to meditate2
/e is said to have developed several >i ?ong methods, of #hich this #as the most
'uscle-Tendon 4hanging takes all the ma*or muscles and tendon lines of your body as #ell as
your spine through their range of motion, fills them #ith >i, teaches you to absorb >i from
your environment, and develops e$traordinary levels of health. %s one modern authority on >i
?ong puts it...
"The Muscle-Tendon Changing, utilizing a type of isometrics alternating tension and
relaxation within given postures and movement, changed their the !haolin mon"s#$ physical
health from poor to excellent. %ot only that, &ut they found that their physical strength
&ecame greatly enhanced. The Muscle-Tendon Changing stretched the muscles, ligaments and
tendons of their entire &odies in such a manner that it made them &oth extremely supple
and strong while generating a&undant 'i or vital energy."
This set allo#s you to0
• !evelop the functional strength of a #restler #ithout ever lifting #eights or doing push-
• !evelop a healthy spine and eliminate many types of minor back problems
• Tone your 4entral 7ervous "ystem and ma*or organs
• <earn to move energy throughout your body at #ill
• 8ring in large amounts of energy from environment directly into central channel and
do#n into your lo#er !antien =the body's main energy storage area, belo# the navel.
There are many versions of 'uscle-Tendon 4hanging, of #hich the very best is called (a )uan
*in, or (The I 6ieces of 8rocade(, #hich is #hat I teach you here. 9f course, there are some
pretty useless imitations of this set available today, but this version is the real thing and
really kicks butt.
-! 8one 7arrow 1leansing&
,ou can use your breath and mental attention to remove fatty deposits from the marro#, fill
the marro# #ith energy and regenerate your bone structure from the inside out.
This (changes the blood( as they say in 4hina, delivers more o$ygen to cells #ith improved red
blood cell production and boosts the immune system #ith improved #hite blood cell
/o# do you do this1 "imple. Airst you learn to breath into your bones. !on't think you can1
Then *ust try this0
/old up one hand in front of you, palm do#n, #ith your fingers spread comfortably apart and
pointing for#ard. 7o# focus all your mental attention on the tips of your fingers and continue
breathing normally for 30 seconds. ?o2
,ou may #ell have felt something like air or energy entering your finger tips as you inhaled
and e$iting your finger tips as you e$haled. That's *ust a tiny illustration of a dynamic I'll teach
you to master in no time. %nd if you didn't feel that, don't #orry, you soon #ill2
8reathing into the bones is follo#ed by a very special massage techni&ue. Together, they0
• ;egenerate your bones from the inside out
• Increase the &uantity and &uality of red and #hite blood cell production
• Increase your bone density and bone health
• 8oost your immune system
• 'ake your bone structure supple and solid, so your body becomes truly (steel, #rapped
in cotton(
.! "ron *hirt&
Iron "hirt #as developed for martial purposes, to keep #arriors safe on the battle field. %nd
martial artists in 4hina have continued to use it to render themselves impervious to punches
and kicks.
"o #hy should you care about it1 8ecause it has enormou hea,th benefit1
Iron "hirt teaches you ho# to fill your fasciae #ith >i, so your body's outermost layer is full of
compressed energy. Then you compress energy into your ma*or organs and body cavities so
• ,our body becomes very resistant to accidental impact or falls
• ,our body resists harmful pathogens more effectively
• ,our ma*or organs function more efficiently
• ,ou stop storing fat in your fasciae - you burn it off instead
• ,our body stops being progressively harmed by the CE. pounds per s&uare inch of
atmospheric pressure that surrounds it DEB, because you've built your body's internal
pressure back up to the normal levels of your childhood
• ,ou have (energy to burn(
5! 9nergy 1irculation 4i 5ong&
%lso kno#n as the 'icro-4osmic 9rbit or (small heavenly circulation(, this is one of the key
elements of Taoist longevity science.
,our body has I (3$traordinary @essels( that function as reservoirs or rivers of energy in the
body. The t#o most important are the ?overning @essel and the 4onception @essel. The
?overning @essel runs from the perineum up the spine and over the head to your upper
palate, #here the 4onception @essel takes over and runs from the upper palate do#n to the
!antien, and do#n to the perineum.
In *ust a fe# minutes a day - any time of day - you'll be able to greatly improve the energy
circulation along this vital path#ay, creating continuing good health and immunity.
,ogether" these 4 5S%l3er 0ullets6 of 7% /ong
completely re3erse the 8 deadly sp%rals of d%sease.
• f%9 your posture"
• strengthen your muscles" tendons and fasc%ae"
• take your :o%nts through the%r total range of
• correct your breath%ng"
• compress energy %nto your fasc%ae" muscles"
organs" body ca3%t%es and bones"
• rene# your blood and o9ygenate your cells"
• and g%3e your central ner3ous system and your
energy c%rculat%on system a total make-o3er.
,he result ; superb health" %ron-clad %mmun%ty and a
3ery long and healthy l%fe!
4 Got So Darn !rutrate#(
4onsider #hat I #ent through to learn all this0
...6racticing some systems for years, only to find out they #ere *ust imitation versions of
;3%< systems that #ere far better.
...;unning into #ho kno#s ho# many #ell-meaning but ill-informed >i ?ong teachers, each
claiming their method #as the best, if not the (only(2
...6utting up #ith teachers #ho #ould overcomplicate their >i ?ong practices =*ust to make
themselves look more impressive1.
...)ading through sometimes do+ens of versions of a single >i ?ong practice *ust to find the
;3%< T/I7? T/%T %4T:%<<, )9;H"
)ell, it only took a couple of decades, so #ho am I to complain =2.
Then I discovered that it #as nearly impossible to find all the key >i ?ong systems coherently
presented any#here2 "o there #as no resource I could send people to #ith complete
7o place #here they could get that precious combination of0
• %ccurate information
• Instructions you can actually follo# and learn from easily
• %ll the key >i ?ong systems essential to their health
"o I finally go so A3! :6 #ith the situation that I decided I #ould have to do it myself2
And here#s the result!!!
. ):)s comprising o$er - hours of instruction, including an in6depth instructional
segment, followed by a demonstration segment 6 where you and " do the set together 6
;. .he Se,f-$aage ;5a&e-<+; =i Gong Set
3. .he $uc,e-.en#on Changing =i Gong Set >uing ;.he ? Piece of 'roca#e;@
+. 'one $arrow C,eaning =i Gong
<. 4ron Shirt =i Gong
0. /nergy Circu,ation =i Gong >the $icro-Comic *rbit@
In addition, you get a do#nloadable manual for each >i ?ong, giving you the history, usage
and finer points of practice for each of the 5 >i ?ongs.
%s part of this one-time, pre-publication special, you #ill 79T pay the regular price for this
one-of-a-kind >i ?ong instructional video set...
)egu,ar Price1 A2B-"CC
'here is Absolutely ;o 0isk!!!
<ncond%t%onal => Day /uarantee
If you are not completely satisfied with and recei&ing #enefit from
your Rock Solid ealth Qi !ong D!D set, you may return the product at
any time within =, days of your date of purchase for a full, no.>uestions.
asked refund.

This 5-6art "ilver 8ullet of /ealth, Immunity and <ongevity is Aor ,ou
• ,ou're sick and tired or feeling #eak, sick and in constant pain,
• ,ou're #illing to do #hatever it takes to get your health back and keep it,
• 9r you're *ust petrified of falling any deeper into the !eadly "pirals,
• %nd you're #illing to devote 30 minutes a day to learning and practicing from no# on
If that describes you, then I can help you get #here you #ant to go2
If, on the other hand, you lack the self-discipline to learn even these fe# simple e$ercises and
practice them regularly, then I can't help and neither can anyone else.
Praie for )oc& So,i# .ranDui,ity E Dr" Symeon )o#ger9 Previou =i Gong Vi#eo Coure
"Great Course Symeon!"
"9our Rock Sol%d ,ran?u%l%ty course pro&ides simple and
effecti&e ideas for naturally de.stressing #oth the #ody and mind.
9our uni>ue com#ination of common sense and deep insight,
o#&iously gained from decades of applied discipline and research
in ancient ?astern wisdom really helped me gain se&eral
immediate and practical applications. /nyone who applies these
principles for se&eral weeks will definitely see #enefits...I know I
ha&e. I #elie&e your course will offer my clients the multitude of
mind, #ody and spirit #enefits that 9oga, :ai )hi and Qi Gong
offer, which you so wisely sum up as posture" breath%ng and
mo3ement. :hanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge."
- '%chael 'orn%ngstar"
,ransformat%on !%fe oach @ /reat 1-AS
oach B1utr%t%on - -nergy - Aellness -
"I love it!"
If #eating stress is a priority. then this course is a must read. Dr.
Symeon $odger has done a really super# jo# on it, and it will
certainly lead you into an entirely new e'perience of what it
means to #e human. :his course is truly one of a kind and I lo&e
'el%ssa Scott
!%fe oach" Speaker and ,ra%ner
4t9 Your Choice
The 5 >i ?ongs I teach and demonstrate for you are so e$traordinary that they've long since
achieved (legendary( status in 4hina.
9ver the last C500 years or more, thousands of people =and probably lots more. have lived
very long and healthy lives by practicing these >i ?ong sets.
4t i im+,y 4$P*SS4'L/ to +ractice thee =i Gong et an# not e6+erience incre#ib,e
hea,th an# vita,ity gain a a reu,t" .hee 5 &ey =i Gong wi,, have you fee,ing better
than you9ve /V/) fe,t before"
!on't take my #ord for it, though. Try it yourself and you'll see that I'm not e$aggerating in
the least2
5ihing you abun#ant hea,th,
)r! *ymeon 0odger
6.". These 5 >i ?ongs #ill get you &uickly into the best shape and best health of your life. Aor
the first time, not only are all 5 legendary >i ?ongs presented in one program, but the best
versions of each are here, and all presented in a professionally produced video that #ill teach
you everything from %-M in a clear and concise #ay. "o do you really #ant superb health,
ironclad immunity and disease-free long life1 7o#'s the time2
6.".". 3very day, the !eadly "pirals gain a firmer grip on you and everyone around you. The
only #ay to avoid those spirals is to take systematic action starting today. ,ou can be the
person #ho takes action, #ho takes responsibility for their o#n health and #ell-being. 9r you
can be the victim, #ho passively hopes for the best and eventually finds themselves at the
mercy of the medical establishment. )hich do you choose1

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