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(Established by Andhra Pradesh Ordinance No. 13 of 2008)
Kukatpally, Hyderabad – 500 085, Andhra Pradesh (India)
Dr. E. Saibaba Reddy
B.Tech., M.E. (Hons. Roorkee) Ph.D. (Nottingham, UK)

Post Doc. (Halifax, Canada), Post Doc. (Birmingham, UK)
Professor of Civil Engineering &
Registrar I/c.,

Lr. No.: DE/JNTU/Online Exams/2008 Dated: 22.10.2008
Dear Sir

Sub: Release of on-line exams software of Version 0.5 and the question
bank for conducting quiz exams of second cycle for II B.Tech., III
B.Tech. and IV B.Tech. I Semester courses

The question bank for conducting 2nd on-line quiz exams of II B.Tech., III
B.Tech. and IV B.Tech. I Semester courses have been made available in
the exam portal. The question-bank for the subjects listed in the
annexure-I shall be kept in the exam portal by 26th October, 2008. The
colleges are requested to schedule the on-line exams accordingly.

The new online exams software (version 0.5) has been released along
with the question bank. In this new version of the software i) a service to
generate the consolidated internal marks report of all theory and lab
subjects of a specified branch/section and ii) services to take the
complete database dump and restore the database, are included. The
steps to be followed for executing these two services are included in
Annexure-II. The system administrators are requested to take the
complete database dump on daily-basis during the period of
examinations. If you wish to replace the old server with a new one you are
requested to restore the database dump in the new server.

A new examination portal has been designed with an improved look and
feel. This new exam portal is made available at the IP address . The principals are requested to update college
information in college information service of principal account. This is
mandatory. The college system administrators are requested to use this
new portal for all uploads and downloads from the college-end. For any
constructive inputs for the more effective use of new portal, you are

requested to give your feedback in the feedback service of the new portal.
The college administrators are requested to use the old portal also in addition to the new portal for all uploads. The
features and organization of the services in the new portal are described
in Annexure-III.

The Principals are requested to send the branch/section-wise consolidated
internal marks report of all theory and lab subjects which are generated
using the on-line exams package. This printout must be taken in
landscape layout. The Principal must sign (with stamp) at the
bottom of each page of this marks report. If there are any
corrections proposed in this report, the Principals can do so by stating the
reasons for it on a separate letter. If any student is detained due to
shortage of attendance, the entire student record has to be stricken-off
with red-ink pen. All such cases are to be attested by the Principal. The
Principals are requested to i) upload the marks report to the new exam
portal (in addition to old portal) and ii) send the hard-copy consolidated
marks report to the Director of Evaluation, by 8th November, 2008.

Few of the colleges haven’t sent the profiles of students of II B.Tech., III
B.Tech. and IV B.Tech. I Semester courses till now. If these colleges find it
difficult to extract the profiles, install the new online exams software
(Version 0.5) and retry again. Unless the profiles are sent, the end-
semester hall-tickets cannot be generated.

Yours Sincerely

(Registrar I/c,)


The list of pending subjects for which the question bank will be sent by 26.10.2008

(R07) 2-1

1. 07A30103 SURVEYING CE

(R05) 4 – 1

1. 05410102 Finite Element Methods in Civil CE
2. 05410204 Power System Operation and Control EEE
3. 05410302 Refrigeration & Air Conditioning ME
4. 05410801 Transport Phenomena CHEM
5. 05411204 Advanced Computing Concepts IT, CSSE
6. 05411401 Motion Control Design MECT
7. 05411402 Product Design & Assembly Automation MECT, AME
8. 05411404 Advanced Kinematics & Dynamics of MECT
9. 05411503 Human Computer Interface
10. 05412101 Theory of Vibrations and Aero elasticity AE
11. 05412102 Flight Vehicle Design AE
12. 05412111 Rockets and Missiles AE
13. 05412302 Bio Ethics, Bio Safety and Intellectual BT
Property Rights
14. 05412304 Downstream Processing BT


New Services in OLE Software version 0.5

There are two more services included in OLE Server Manager namely backup and restore
services for database and resources.

• Database includes profiles, quiz-marks, mid-marks, lab-marks and other master data.
• Resources include student photos and quiz results files.

These services can be viewed on menu bar as follows.
1. Backup
 Backup Database
It prompts for specific location to store database dump. Up on
execution of this service database dump(olecollegedb<date>.tar) will
be created at the specified location.
 Backup Resources
It prompts for location to store a resources backup file. After that it
creates .tar file in the specified location.

2. Restore
 Restore Database
This will restore the database file (olecollegedb<date>.tar) from the
specified location.
 Restore Resources
This will restore the resources file from the specified location.


The features and organization of services in the new Portal

1. Service in the Main Login Page

In the main Login Page, there are two panes.

The first pane is for “New Notifications/Intimations From all Categories...” which displays
ten latest file links from all the above categories. So if a new notification/intimation is
uploaded by University then it will be displayed on New Notifications/Intimations list as well
as on its corresponding category.

The second pane is with the name “General Letters/Downloads” which shows the file links
that are common to all the above-mentioned categories and some general documents like
University calendar, Original degree and transcripts application formats, etc.

And also there is one link “Category-wise Notifications” which will view the category-wise
options described below.

U.G Programs – B.Tech. , B.Tech.(C.C.C.) , B.Pharm.

P.G Programs – M.Tech, M.Pharm., M.Sc., M.C.A., M.B.A.

Ph.D – Ph.D.

Click BACK TO HOME which will redirect to HOME page.

2. Service in the Principal’s login

A. In the Header of the Principal’s account there are three tabs namely HOME,

HOME page provides “News Update” pane that displays the latest events,
notifications, circulars concern to Principals.

FEEDBACK tab displays a feedback form, in which college Principal can
send feedback to the University, which may help us to improve efficiency in
the Portal facilities.

LOGOUT tab can be used to log out.

B. In the menu bar there are six menus available namely:

a) College Information
b) Branch Information
c) Uploads
d) Downloads
e) FAQs
f) Login Settings

a) College Information

This menu has two menu items. These are “View College Information” and “Update College
Information”. Update College Information menu item allows to update the college details as
and when the information is changed. View College Information simply displays the details,
which are furnished by the Principal.

b) Branch Information

This menu provides a mechanism to maintain branch-wise information of the college.
Primarily it has two menu items. These are “View Branch Information” and “Add Branch
Information”. Add Branch Information provides an interface to enter the Branch-wise
information like Established Year and year-wise intake of students. In the same service
editing of branch information is also permitted. The View Branch Information screen
displays all the branch details that are already entered.

It is mandatory for every college to update college information. Otherwise various services
that are provided through portal shall not be accessed.

c) Uploads

The Uploads Menu has a menu item namely “Upload Files”. It has the following tabs to
upload the files of internal examinations, photos of the students and some general files.

i. Quizs – zip files of quiz exams of online examinations. (Ex:
ii. Mids – dump files of mid examinations. (Ex: filename.dmp)
iii. Labs - dump files of lab internals. (Ex: filename.dmp)
iv. Photos – Zip file of hallticket-wise photos of students. (Ex:
v. General – All general files.

The maximum file size that can be uploaded to the University Server is 40MB.

All the uploaded files are listed in a tabular format with its size in bytes. It helps in
ascertaining whether the file is uploaded correctly or not. If a file is uploaded and listed with
correct size, there is no need to upload it again. The users are requested to upload only one
instance of each file.

d) Downloads

The Downloads Menu has in turn five menu items which categorize the downloads from the
University. They are:

i. Online QBs
ii. Application Software
iii. EDEP QPs
iv. Halltickets
v. Reports

Here “Online QBs” item is used for downloading Online Examinations question bank. This
question bank is organized in branch-year-semester order. A College can access the question
bank of a particular semester of particular branch only if the information is furnished in
“Branch Information” service of main menu of the Principal account.

“Software” menu item provides the software that are related to online versions, patches, other
software and information about third party software which are to be installed to run our
application. The “EDEP QPs”, “Halltickets” and “Reports” provides the soft links to the
corresponding files.

e) FAQs

FAQs stands for frequently asked questions.

f) Login Settings

Login Settings facilitates an option for changing Principal Login password, and also Logout