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Efficiency and Transparency in Customer Oriented


After the operation of many road transporters and new private airline companies
with cheaper air fares, Railways should become customer friendly and corruption
free organization. So I personally feel that Railways in particular and all Government
organizations, PSUs and corporations using public money & dealing with Goods /
Public transport, “ Efficiency and Transparency” is required in all transactions
particularly in customer oriented programs.

To achieve this, In first stage, following latest guide lines should be observed by
Railways and corporations while opting towards e-governance-
i) provide complete information on their websites regarding the laws, rules and
procedures governing the issue of permissions, clearances, etc & submit a copy of
same to the CVO of Administrative ministry for record and web-monitoring.
ii) All application forms/proformas with All documents to be enclosed or information
to be provided by the applicant should be made available on the websites in a down
loadable form.
iii) As far as possible, arrangements should be put in place so that immediately after
the receipt of the application, the applicant is informed about deficiencies, if any, in
the documents submitted.
iv) All organisations concerned should give adequate publicity about these facilities
in the leading newspapers and such advertisements must give the website
addresses of the organisations.

B. In the second stage, the status of individual applications/matters should be made

available on the organisation’s website and should be updated from time-to-time so
that the applicants remain duly informed about the status of their applications. In
addition to the manual receipt of applications, all organisations should examine the
feasibility of online receipt of applications and, wherever feasible, a time frame for
introducing the facility should be worked out. They should later ensure that the
information is updated regularly.

C. As regards public complaints and grievances, same should be attended on top

most priority and replies to queries under RTA should be replied within the time frame

As regards Investigation of complaints and seizure of records, files, registers etc .the
time taken by the department for investigating the complaint is unduly long and
beyond the time-limit of three months stipulated by the Commission “if the
allegations contain information which can be verified from any document or file or
any other departmental records, the investigating / vigilance officer should, without
loss of time, secure such records, etc., for personal inspection. If any of the papers
examined is found to contain evidence supporting the allegations, such papers
should be taken over by him for retention in his personal custody to guard against
the possibility of available evidence being tampered with”.

The investigating officer immediately on receipt of the reference/complaint for

processing the allegations, and finalizing the investigation within the stipulated three
months’ time-limit prescribed by the Commission.

In short,” all dealings should be transparent, efficient & within time frame without
intentional delay” .to avoid corruption.
( Ashok N. Toke )