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The Big Bang Theory

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The Big Bang Theory 2

The Big Bang Theory

Ever since man’s creation he has pondered over the reasons for his existence and how

the universe came to be. The historical discoveries that appeared during the last two centuries

have cast significant light on how evolution progressed and which civilizations graced the

face of the Earth. However, man’s presence on Earth is comparatively negligible in

comparison to the Universe and especially Earth’s creation and development since it’s

formation around 13.7 billion years old. Among the most prominent theories that have been

presented to explain the Earth’s creation; the Big Bang theory has received considerable

attention and debate.

Georges Lemaitre proposed the Big Bang theory under the label of “The hypothesis of

the primeval atom.” The theory was largely based on evidences discovered by Albert Einstein

and Alexander Friedman related to General Relativity. The theory states that the universe

expanded from an extremely compact and hot state and that the process is still ongoing with

whole galaxies involved in the process. The distance between galaxies and us is increasing on

a continuous basis and distance is directly proportional to velocity. This led to the conclusion

that at some point in time, the universe must have been close together.

Approximately 4% of the Universe is visible and the rest comprises of Dark Energy

and Dark Matter with the former containing the major percentage. Dark matter does not

interact with electromagnetic radiation and is an essential element in the formation of

galaxies and structures. Dark matter and energy are integral to the foundations of Big Bang

theory and it is through their existence that the ongoing expansion of universe can be


I believe that the Big Bang theory is the most logical and scientific theory that

explains the formation of the Universe. However, theology has a considerable role to play in

explaining why the universe was created and coupled with the method of creation forms a
The Big Bang Theory 3

more acceptable argument. Although the Big Bang theory explains the physical formation of

the universe, theology provides the reason for existence and informs the reason of existence.

Similarly the concept of Life after Death can be related to the findings of Dark Energy and

Matter and their primordial purpose, with further research required on this relationship.