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Awaken Your Psychic Powers By Anadi Sahoo Mindpowerplus

What are Psychic Powers ?

Did you know that every human being without e!ception as well as many animals are
naturally endowed with "#od$given" abilities including Psychic Powers %lairvoyance
&elepathy Mental 'n(luencing and many more yet most people are completely
unaware o( this believing instead that such "supernatural powers" belong only to the
gi(ted privileged (ew? Anyone can develop psychic powers and other supernatural
abilities all you need is the key to unlock them (or yoursel( $ anyone can do it) As
humans have become more (ocused upon material things in(luenced by religion and
have become more skeptical these natural psychic abilities have been (orgotten over
time $ but not lost) &he natural psychic abilities o( most humans lie buried deep under
layers o( materialism and indoctrination hibernating *ust waiting to be rediscovered
and brought to the (ore once again)&housands o( years ago our ancient ancestors
routinely used their own psychic abilities (or survival) As the saying goes "use it or lose
it") As with the loss o( any (acility whether it be psychic physical or mental once the
realisation e!ists that any natural ability can be restored with the right knowledge
e!ercise and commitment the motivation to succeed takes over and all you need then
is the guidance and commitment) "Miracles" "Supernatural" or "Paranormal" become
possible and can later even normal)+nce awakened as with any ability the more you
use your psychic ability the stronger it becomes)+nce you have gained your psychic
powers as with any inner ability the more you use them the more natural they will
become until (inally they are part o( your everyday li(e)&he ancient cave people had no
elaborate e,uipment which we take (or granted now) All they had were primitive
weapons their strength and their natural powers upon which their survival
depended)+ur ancient ancestors might have seemed "primitive" in terms o(
technology and other modern conveniences taken (or granted today but they sure
were not primitive when it came to making ma!imum use o( the psychic and other
powers they knew they had and why they had them)
what is Mental -aculty ?

&he (irst mental (aculty is that the mind thinks. it discovers and invents newer modes o(
thinking with concentration $$ that is the mind meditates) '( it is done in a methodical
way the result o( thinking is certainly positive. a negative result is achieved only in rare
cases) But i( it is not done in a methodical way the general result is negative. only in
rare cases do we get a positive result) So students should be taught how to think in a
methodical style otherwise there will be wastage o( mental potentialities) /egarding
thinking with concentration that is meditation 0 it is another still subtler science)
Meditation should be per(ormed knowing (ully well the location o( di((erent glands and
sub$glands and also the di((erent cells in the human brain) And people should not only
know the location o( these glands and sub$glands they should also be ac,uainted with
their respective systems o( hormone secretion otherwise their meditation will not
produce any (ruit) So (or this system o( meditation knowledge o( biology is essential)
We need to progress and grow to do methodical thinking and meditation based on the
location o( cells glands and sub$glands and their secretion o( speci(ic ,uantities o(
hormones) &he second mental (aculty is that the mind remembers. it discovers or
invents di((erent systems o( remembering or memorising) While remembering the
mind should know how to associate the ob*ect to be remembered with psychic pabula
o( a similar nature) And we should know how to select these which have similarity or
pro!imity to the ob*ect that they want to remember) 'n the case o( memorising there
should be both a physical psychic and spiritual approach) -or the purpose o(
memorising we should avoid use o( di((erent sub$glands producing inimical hormones)
%ommitting to memory should be associated with ,ualities and roots o( di((erent ple!i
o( the body) &he third (aculty which we should know is the process o( transmutation
and diversion o( di((erent psychic pabula in a scienti(ic manner) &his may vary (rom one
person or group to another (rom animal to animal (rom bird to bird) And (or this there
should be speci(ic training that teaches how to transmute and divert di((erent psychic
pabula and this should be open to all) &he (ourth one is to create more scope (or
rationality and rationalisation on the di((erent planes o( e!istence 0 physical psychic
and spiritual) '( we want to encourage rationality and rationalisation at the physical
level we must avoid thought waves which originate on the physical plane and concern
physical ob*ects) +n the psychic level avoid various psychic (orms ideas and
movements and also those aspects o( telepathy or clairvoyance which originate on the
psychic plane) 1owever there are certain phenomena which occur on a blended plane
(or instance on a blending o( the psychic and spiritual planes) +nly the thought wave
which emanates (rom the spiritual plane could save us (rom the devastating in(luence
o( dogma which separates one person (rom another which creates hindrances in the
remoulding o( human society into a single e!istence) &his process o( rationalisation
should be developed through the intrinsic human potential o( remodelling every aspect
o( mind) We need to overcome challenges and create a new world in all the three
emanations o( li(e 0 physical psychic and spiritual)
2lemental 2nergy and %onnecting with Spirit

Alongside the elements o( Air -ire Water and 2arth there is an o(ten (orgotten (i(th
element o( Spirit) &he (ive elements make up everything and everyone) 't is important
to realise how (undamental the elements are to our e!istence and how we can harness
the energy contained within them) 2lemental energy is in all things 0 the oceans
storms rocks plants animals and us) We are all connected and all one) Some people
are in unison and can master the elements and wield their energies more e((ectively)
Almost anyone can learn to use this energy e((ectively as long as they attune
themselves to the elements) Being (ully aware and in tune with the elements allows us
to balance ourselves our ,ualities our emotions our reactions and interconnections
with others) &his can take a li(etime to achieve but is an aspiration worth striving (or) As
with anything in li(e practice makes per(ect) &he element o( Air can be seen as our
e!pressing communication and the ,ualities o( the mind) &he element o( -ire can be
seen in our creativity energy and passion) &he element o( Water is related to our
emotions and the element o( 2arth relates to the physical world and the body and
keeps us grounded) &he (i(th element o( Spirit essential to success(ully increasing your
psychic abilities can be seen as the (ull representation o( the (our elements working in
harmony) As you strive to balance these aspects o( yoursel( and your world so you
become closer to Spirit) 3ow is the time to change all that as you begin making
positive a((irmations) A((irmations can be a ma*or tool in drawing towards you positive
changes in your li(e whether it be in the (orm o( personal change or bringing new
people things and situations into your li(e) A((irmations are very power(ul tools so
power(ul in (act that they could seem to be magical) 'n (act they are a kind o( Magic)
When you per(orm a((irmations you are in e((ect sending out to the 4niverse a
declaration or command) And although it may seem that only you are hearing the
words this is not so) &hese words go out to the 4niverse) A((irmations work on many
di((erent levels) A((irmations a((ect your own and other people5s conscious and
unconscious levels) '( you a((irm and it involves others you are in a way communicating
with another person5s higher sel() &his is when things really start to happen and results
come ,uickly) &he power o( a((irmations is only limited by your personal conviction and
belie( that the a((irmations are working) '( the a((irmations are only done hal($
heartedlythose are the results that will be received) But i( you believe completely in
achieving the aspiration stated in the a((irmation then it is almost sure to be achieved)
Begin then by using the power(ul positive a((irmations contained below practice
believing what you are saying (or a (ew minutes several times a day) A(ter a while
these a((irmations will become the way your body mind and spirit respond to the
challenges o( everyday li(e) '( done regularly and with sincerity you will soon be
surprised by the changes you see starting to occur in your li(e) +nce you intensely
believe you can make positive changes in your li(e and accomplish your desires you
must (ocus that intention visualise the outcome gather your strength and send that
vision outward to become reality) '( you decide to make use o( a((irmations in your li(e
be prepared (or change) /emember what they say be care(ul what you ask (or
because with a((irmations it can mani(est ,uickly)
Ways to start . &he -irst Step is Meditation

Meditation is a techni,ue o( resting the mind and attaining a state o( consciousness
that is totally di((erent (rom the normal waking state) 'n meditation you help to slow
down your mind5s rapid series o( thoughts and (eelings and replace the mental activity
with inner awareness and attention) As the body rela!es so does the mind) +ur soul
never sleeps but you can achieve states o( relatively long periods where the mind is
silent) 't is during these moments no matter how brie( they are that we enter a state
o( listening to Spirit) &he bene(its o( meditation are not *ust helping you with your
spiritual *ourney) &here are a myriad bene(its to your health and well$being (rom a
simple daily meditation practice) -or starters meditation can decrease blood pressure
as well as cortisol 6a stress hormone7 and cholesterol increase creativity reduce an!iety
and strengthen the immune system) While meditating you are (ully awake and alert
but your mind is not (ocused on the e!ternal world or the events taking place around
you) Meditation involves a type o( inner attention that is ,uiet concentrated and at the
same time rela!ed) &he greatest di((iculty (or anyone meditating (or the (irst time is
that their mind has never been trained to create inner ,uiet and attention) &here is a
misconception that to meditate re,uires the mind to go totally blank and that all
thoughts have to stop) &his in itsel( is impossible as to do this would mean that you
would have no awareness o( sel( or place) Do not create pressure (or yoursel( about
how your meditation should be or what to e!pect (rom your meditation) Also do not
try to (orce the mind to be empty) You should not attempt to give the mind a direct
suggestion or to control your mind) Simply observe and let it become ,uiet and calm)
ways to help you increase the happiness as well as Psychic powers in your day$to$day
') 8isten to upli(ting upbeat positive music) 6Dreary gloomy moody sad slow
songs only lead to more (eelings o( sadness)7
'') Make a real e((ort to change the way you look at things) A8WAYS look on the
bright side) Your mind may drag you to think about problems negativity and
di((iculties) Don5t let it) 8ook at the good and positive side o( 292/Y situation)
62ven an emergency visit to the Dentist can be a positive happy event i( you (or
e!ample you meet a new (riend business contact or love interest in the waiting
''') &hink o( solutions not problems)
'9) Mi! and socialise with happy positive people and try to learn (rom them to be
happy and positive) 63egative pessimistic people who always see the glass hal(
empty drain you and bring you down 0 don;t let them) 8imit your time with
them)7 /emember happiness is contagious and so is lowness or sadness)
9) Watch (unny comedy &9 shows that make you laugh)
9') 2ach day devote some time to reading a (ew pages o( an inspiring book or
9'') 2veryday do something good (or yoursel() 't can be something small such as
watching your (avourite programme on &9 taking a bubble bath eating
something you love or taking a walk in the countryside)
9''') Watch your thinking) Whenever you catch yoursel( thinking negative thoughts
start thinking o( positive and pleasurable things)
'<) Always look at what you have accomplished and not at what you haven5t)
<) 2ach day do at least one act to make others happy) &his can be a kind word
helping your colleagues stopping your car at the crossroad to let people cross
giving your seat in a bus to someone else or giving a small present to someone
you love) &he possibilities are in(inite) When you make someone happy you
become happy and then people try to make you happy)
<') Always e!pect happiness)
<'') Do not envy people who are success(ul happy and (un loving people) +n the
contrary be happy (or their happiness)
<''') Smile more o(ten)
8ist o( Psychic Powers)))

3umerous scienti(ic investigations have been made into the validity o(
human psychic abilities) Many have yielded statistical results that were a
million to one against them happening by chance alone and a (ew have been
in the order o( a billion to one which is pretty conclusive proo() 't is a
common misconception that people with psychic abilities must be highly
evolved individuals) &he possession o( psychic abilities does not indicate a
person5s level o( development anymore than the possession o( great physical
strength does) We all have psychic potential but our abilities usually lie
dormant until they are activated) As with any skill psychic abilities develop
with regular use and diminish with lack o( use) Psychic abilities can be learnt
by anyone who takes the time and e((ort to learn them but that time and
e((ort would be better directed towards developing their consciousness)
Psychic abilities that only sur(ace when the person is in a trance indicate a
low level o( personal development) &his is a list o( psychic abilities that have
been attributed to real$world people)Apportation $ Materiali=ation
disappearance or teleportation o( an ob*ect) Aura reading $ Perception o(
energy (ields surrounding people places and things) Automatic writing $
Writing produced without conscious thought) Astral pro*ection or mental
pro*ection $ An out$o($body e!perience in which an "astral body" becomes
separate (rom the physical body) Bilocation or multilocation $ Being in
multiple places at the same time) %lairvoyance or second sight $ Perception
outside the known human senses) Death$warning $ A vision o( a living person
prior to his or her death) Divination $ #aining insight into a situation most
commonly through a ritual Dowsing $ Ability to locate ob*ects sometimes
using a tool called a dowsing rod) 2nergy medicine $ 1ealing by channeling a
(orm o( energy) -aith healing $ Diagnosing and>or curing diseases using
religious devotion) 8evitation $ Bodily levitation and (lying) Mediumship or
channeling $ %ommunicating with spirits) Precognition premonition and
precognitive dreams $ Perception o( events be(ore they happen) Psychic
surgery $ /emoval o( diseased body tissue via an incision that heals
immediately a(terwards) Psychokinesis or telekinesis $ &he ability to
manipulate matter by the power o( thought) Psychometry or psychoscopy $
+btaining in(ormation about a person or ob*ect usually by touching or
concentrating on the ob*ect or a related ob*ect) Pyrokinesis $ Manipulation o(
(ire) /emote viewing $ #athering o( in(ormation at a distance) /etrocognition
or post$cognition $ Perception o( past events) Scrying $ 4se o( an item to view
events at a distance and>or in the (uture) &elepathy $ &rans(er o( thoughts or
emotions in either direction) Psychometry $ Psychometry is "reading" the
past history o( an ob*ect by accessing the memory that is inherent in all
matter 6the akashic record7) Some clairvoyants use psychometry to give
psychic readings about people who are not present by sensing their
vibrational energy (rom a personal item such as a ring or a watch) &he
vibrational energy patterns o( the ob*ect in ,uestion set up sympathetic
vibrations in the reader5s subtle bodies usually via the solar ple!us chakra o(
their emotional body) &his enables the stored memories to be accessed by
their sub$conscious mind and subse,uently raised up to conscious awareness)
Animals use a (orm o( psychometry to guide them as they migrate across
vast distances) &he animal5s solar ple!us chakra sub$consciously perceives
vibrations (rom the environment to guide it to its destination) Precognition $
Precognition is ac,uiring knowledge o( an event in advance o( its occurrence
by means o( e!tra$sensory perception 62SP7 premonition prophetic dream
or vision) Present events are the e((ects o( causes that were set up in the
past and (uture events are the e((ects o( causes that e!ist in the present) '(
the present causes are known it is possible to predict the e((ects that will
most likely occur in the (uture) +b*ective causal consciousness is re,uired to
actually see the causes in the causal world and accurately predict the (uture
but only enlightened people possess this ability) %auses work their way up
(rom the world they originated to the causal world then the e((ects work
their way back down to the world they will mani(est in) %lairvoyants may be
able to see the e((ects as they work their way down through the emotional
world be(ore they mani(est in the physical world thus enabling them to
predict the (uture) But they would have no way o( knowing whether their
vision related to an actual event or a (ictional event created by someone5s
imagination) Predictions are only valid i( no new causes are introduced
which is ,uite unlikely in the tumultuous world o( mankind) A number o(
possible (utures can sometimes be (oreseen and the one that mani(ests
depends on choices o( those involved) &he certainty and accuracy o( a
prediction increases as the event approaches and the chances o( new causes
being introduced decreases) +ccasionally our guardian angels send us
thoughts or images to warn us against doing something) 4n(ortunate
conse,uences may be avoided or lessened i( we heed their warnings) Such
intervention usually only occurs to counteract the dastardly plans o( a
discarnate black magician 6see %hapter ?@7) Many o( the "bad" things that
happen in our lives are directly caused by black magicians) 'n many cases our
guardian angels will allow them to act 6within the limits o( our karma7 but
they will intervene i( the event will adversely a((ect an important aspect o(
our li(e$plan) Psychokinesis 6&elekinesis7 $ Psychokinesis is the ability to move
or in(luence an ob*ect by the power o( thought without the application o(
physical (orce) &he power o( the mind 6will$power7 can directly in(luence
physical matter because everything in e!istence has a degree o(
consciousness) Scientists know that the results o( e!periments involving
subatomic particles can be changed by the thoughts o( those who are
observing the e!periment) '( a subatomic particle o( matter can be in(luenced
by the uncontrolled consciousness o( a scientist it (ollows that larger
material (orms can be in(luenced by someone with a well trained better
developed and highly controlled consciousness) 3ature spirits can also be
invoked to move ob*ects but that is magic not psychokinesis) 8evitation $
8evitation is the process by which a physical ob*ect 6or human body7 is raised
into the air without physical contact) 't can be accomplished by three
methods. A non$physical entity at a seance draws energy (rom a medium5s
etheric body to temporarily materialise their (inger tips thus enable them to
li(t the medium or ob*ect) 2theric nature spirits may be invoked to li(t the
ob*ect) &he law o( gravity can be locally reversed to allow the ob*ect to hover
and de(y gravity) &his method was used in the construction o( the Pyramids
and Stonehenge) &eleportation $ Physical matter can be temporarily de$
materialised into etheric matter to enable it to pass through a solid ob*ect or
be teleported to another location be(ore being re$materialised) &his is
achieved by energising the ob*ect with su((icient vibratory energy to allow
the molecules to separate out into their constituent ?$atoms) Provided the
etheric template o( the ob*ect is not damaged the ?$atoms will recombine to
assume their original (orm as soon as the energy is withdrawn) &he
transmutation o( base metals into gold by medieval alchemists was also
accomplished by reducing the metal to the atomic state be(ore rearranging
the ?$atoms into the molecular structure o( gold)
8ist o( Psychic Powers)))
Precognition A seeing the (uture in prophetic visions sometimes in
allegorical pictures) +(ten leads to a Prophecy &wist or Sel($-ul(illing
Prophecy) Dreaming o( &hings to %ome is a common (orm)
/etrocognition>Postcognition A seeing things that happened in the pastA
not including watching security (ootage natch) +(ten happens at crime
scenes and may be considered a subset o( clairvoyance) A more limited
version o( this is called Psychometry or ob*ect reading which "reads" the
past o( an ob*ect) Sometimes also includes aspects o( 2mpathy by picking up
an imprint o( strong emotions (rom the ob*ect le(t by the person who last
handled said ob*ect) %an include sensing the "auras" o( places too especially
i( something violent happened there recently) %ertain versions o(
Pyschometry have combat applications in that a Psychometer who picks up a
weapon may theoretically be able to absorb the skills o( anyone who5s ever
wielded that weapon) Another (airly common variant is sensing the
memories o( one5s ancestors or 6in universes with reincarnation7 past lives
similar to #enetic Memory) &his can mani(est as Dreaming o( &imes #one By)
2mpathy A the talent o( &he 2mpath the ability to sense another person5s
emotional state) At times even disturbances in the (orce and how strong the
(orce is with someone) Sometimes includes the ability to send emotions the
other way) 3ot to be con(used with 2motional Powers)
&elekinesis>Psychokinesis A moving physical ob*ects by pure willpower) %an
range (rom atoms to paperclips to cars or in e!treme cases whole planets)
Speciali=ed e!pressions o( it. Pyrokinesis A setting things on (ire) 'n slightly
harder sci$(i this will e!plicitly re(erence making the molecules in an ob*ect
more agitated until it bursts into (lames 6essentially that5s the way a
microwave oven works7) Sometimes the (ire itsel( can be controlled
changing si=e or even becoming a particular shape) Similarly %ryokinesis A
(ree=ing things) Slowing molecular motion until the ob*ect stops e!uding
heat or *ust until it (ree=es solid) +(ten combined with condensing water
(rom the air to (orm ice in thick coatings or (ree$standing shapes)
-ulgurkinesis>Astrakinesis $ the ability to create electrical discharges and
lightning bolts and>or to control the (low o( electrons inside machines)
Sometimes encompasses the control o( magnetic (ields too i( the author
had a passing grade in high school science) 6&his is sometimes con(used with
the word "electrokinesis" which incidentally has nothing to do with psychic
powers)7 A variant o( this is Machine 2mpathy or &echnopathy A the ability
to mentally link to and control computer systems) Biopsychokinesis or Bio$
PB A the ability to in(luence living tissue on the cellular or molecular level)
4sed (or psychic healing regeneration Psychic Surgery or as a darker power
the ability to kill people with your brain traditionally by stopping their heart
but can also cause a massive stroke simply shut the brain down prevent the
lungs (rom working))) &eleportationC Also known as Apportation A the ability
to transport ob*ects or people (rom location A to B including onesel() A bit
like the transporter in Star &rek) 4sually the psychic will either call things to
them or has to touch them to send them away to someplace else) '( they5re
really power(ul they can move ob*ects (rom>to both target locations (rom
a(ar remotely) Mediumship A the ability to see communicate with or
channel spirits sometimes with the side e((ect that they5ll (ollow the medium
around in attempts to resolve their 4n(inished Business) Past 8i(e
/egression. A process o( hypnosis or meditative visuali=ation (or reliving or
discovering previous e!periences o( one5s previous lives) &he (irst (ive powers
are purely internal) &here5s no evidence they5re being used apart (rom the
occasional Psychic 3osebleed 6and o( course the stance7) &he remaining
powers have much more obvious e((ects) 1owever all these powers have
stronger versions (ound generally at the so(ter end o( sci$(i) &hat is strong
clairvoyance is as good as <$/ay 9ision or even a %rystal Ball) Strong
telepathy allows (or complete Mind %ontrol) Strong telekinesis or
apportation can become a means o( saying You Will 3ot 2vade Me and so on)
&he ultimate mani(estation o( psychic power is the ability to *ust make your
thoughts into reality) As generally portrayed all o( these powers display 3o
%onservation o( 2nergy though there are e!ceptions especially i( the writer
wants to sti((en up the story5s science yet still include cool PsionicsC i( so
e!pect terms like ",uantum uncertainty" "observer e((ect" and "particle
entanglement" to be slung around with abandon) Stories can have both
Psychic Powers and -unctional Magic but they5ll usually be treated as
(undamentally di((erent) &his does not preclude them (rom being related or
even the same thingC supernatural powers are still supernatural powers no
matter what they5re re(erred to as)
Psychic Power)))&elepathy

&elepathy A mind reading can sometimes also transmit thoughts or implant
suggestions etc) &elepathy is the psychic power most commonly attributed
to aliens or "advanced" humans) Mindspeech is the ability to have
conversations psychically) 't usually re,uires a common language)
Sometimes though as it is supposed to be direct thought$to$thought
contact any and all language barriers are completely overcome) A Psychic
8ink is an intense 6usually7 permanent telepathic connections between two
6usually7 partners) Subtropes include &win &elepathy Mental -usion Mindlink
Mates and Bond %reatures) A variant is the suggestor who can control or at
least in(luence minds but not read them) +(ten these suggestions are said to
only a((ect the weak$minded) Some telepaths have the ability to enter the
dreams o( people to implant pictures into the mind o( sleepers or merely
talk but can do this only when people are asleep) &hen there are those who
are able to harvest the target5s dreams and use them (or their own purposes)
Similarly another breed o( telepath is the Master o( 'llusion) &elepathy can
o(ten be stopped by Psychic Static and Psychic Block De(ense) &elepaths are
o(ten shown to be able to detect the presence o( othersC sensing their
thoughts or merely the presence o( a mind in a sort o( Psychic /adar)
&elepathy $ &elepathy is a method o( communication which does not utilise
the physical senses but employs the direct trans(erence o( ideas thoughts or
emotions) &he lowest type o( telepathy is an instinctive and sub$conscious
(aculty that we all possess to a degree) 't is the least e((ective type o(
telepathy but it is more success(ul between people with close emotional
bonds such as mother and child or twins) 't is only capable o( sending and
receiving vague sub$conscious impressions such as sensing that someone is
watching you or knowing who is calling when the phone rings) &he (aculty is
di((icult to use in a controlled manner and generally only happens
spontaneously which makes it di((icult to scienti(ically prove) 3umerous
studies have yielded statistically signi(icant results 6that were unlikely to
have occurred by chance alone7 but they have not proved that it is
consistently possible to trans(er in(ormation directly (rom mind to mind) &he
higher types o( telepathy are capable o( sending and receiving coherent
in(ormation but only when both people are at the appropriate
developmental stage and are su((iciently practised. Mental telepathy is true
telepathy 0 direct mind to mind communication) 2veryone at the civilised
stage and above possesses it to a degree but it can only be consciously
controlled at the humanistic stage when the throat chakra is (ully active and
the brow chakra begins to activate) Mental telepathy can be likened to non$
verbal conversation but without the misconceptions and misunderstandings
that o(ten accompany verbal communication) +ver the ne!t (ew hundred
years increasing numbers o( advanced humans will naturally develop this
ability) %ausal telepathy goes beyond linear thoughts and enables entire
concepts to be (ully conveyed in an instant) 2veryone at the developed stage
and above possesses it to a degree but it can only be consciously controlled
at the enlightened stage when the brow chakra is (ully active and the crown
chakra begins to activate) &he phrase "a picture paints a thousand words"
sums up causal telepathy) '( mental telepathy is likened to reading a
te!tbook causal telepathy is like instantly understanding the entire sub*ect
without having to read any books) &elepathy is not *ust an alternative (orm o(
communication that only a (ew highly developed individuals can useC we all
unknowingly use it on a daily basis to supplement our verbal communication)
Whenever we e!plain something to somebody our thoughts telepathically
convey impressions which supplement our words) &his helps other people to
understand us better on an intellectual level or to empathise with us on an
emotional level) People naturally assume that we generate our own thoughts
and emotions but most o( them don5t actually originate inside our subtle
bodies 0 they are perceived telepathically) We live in a "sea" o( other people5s
ideas thoughts and emotions which psychologist %arl Dung re(erred to as
the "collective unconsciousness") &elepathy is the portion o( the collective
unconsciousness that we are able to consciously perceive) &he range o( ideas
(rom the collective unconsciousness that we are capable o( perceiving
depends on the range o( active molecular types in our subtle bodies) +ur
subtle bodies sub$consciously attract thought$(orms (rom the "collective
unconsciousness" that match our current state o( mind and level o(
consciousness 6because they are the ones we will most likely be interested in7
and present them to our conscious minds) But our conscious minds have no
way o( knowing whether "our" thoughts and emotions originated (rom
within us or (rom outside) Mass thinking mass psychosis mob behaviour and
public opinion are all telepathic phenomena that draw (rom the collective
unconsciousness)&here are very (ew original new ideas 0 most ideas are *ust
borrowed (rom the collective unconsciousness) &he recycled thought$(orms
are revitalised by the attention each person gives them which prevents them
(rom slowly disintegrating) All ideas originate (rom causal conscious so
unless an individual possesses causal consciousness 6ob*ective or sub*ective7
they are incapable o( coming up with completely new ideas) Mental
consciousness can only receive ideas that have already been thought 6and
adapt them to its needs7) When we have a problem to solve we
"magnetically" attract the appropriate thought$(orm that will provide us with
the solution) 't is common to (eel a sense o( pride when we have a "bright
idea" but all we have actually done is attracted a pre$e!isting idea)
Psychic Power)))%lairvoyance

%lairvoyance>%lairaudience A also called &eleSense /emote 9iewing
/emote Sensing 2!tra$Sensory Perception or 2SP) Seeing 6and sometimes
hearing or using other senses including ones that aren5t part o( the standard
package7 (ar$away places locali=ing speci(ic persons one concentrates on
usually involves a trance stateC the amount o( control over what is seen can
vary wildly depending on the talent and training o( the psychic and how the
power works in your 5verse) &his can get broke down even (urther into
%lairaudience the psychic ability to hear things that are inaudible
%lairempathy the ability to (eel other;s emotions to an abnormal degree
%laircogni=ance having knowledge one has no normal way o( knowing
%lairsentience re(ers to a psychic;s ability to pick up sensations and relate
messages (rom those sensations %lairgustance which is psychic supertaste
and %lairalienence psychic supersmell) %lairvoyance is sometimes aided by
hypnotic trances 0 a process called metagnomy 0 (amously used by Ereal li(eF
psychic 2dgar %ayce) 9ariants o( this include Aura 9ision A varying in power
(rom *ust visible to reading someone like a bookC can encompass a wide
variety o( other sensing powers usually tied to Pineal Weirdness and the
&hird 2ye) Astral Pro*ection and Bi8ocation 6the ability to create a double o(
onesel( physical or otherwise in another place and>or time7) &he latter may
overlap with some (orms o( teleportation) 'n dream (orm this is Dream
Spying) %lairvoyance is the ability to ob*ectively perceive the emotional
6astral7 world or above) ' use the word "ability" with slight reluctance
because clairvoyance is usually the result o( a damaged etheric web) So
clairvoyance could technically be classed as a disability albeit one that
con(ers some very interesting "abilities") %lairvoyance does not necessarily
indicate a high level o( consciousness or spiritual evolution because
clairvoyants are (ound at all levels o( development) &he body5s etheric web
blocks out most o( our ob*ective perception o( the emotional world but not
all o( it) We all possess a small degree o( ob*ective emotional consciousness
but this dim perception is blocked by the dampening e((ect o( our dense
physical body and the intensity o( our conscious mind) +ur waking
consciousness has become conditioned to see only the physical world
because we live our waking lives in a physical environment) 't takes a (ew
years (or our minds to become conditioned in this way which e!plains why
young children are sometimes able to see people 6so$called "imaginary
(riends"7 (rom the emotional world) As adults we may occasionally catch a
glimpse o( something in the corner o( our eye but when we turn to look
there is nothing there) %ontrary to popular belie( clairvoyance is not
perceived through the "third eye" 6brow chakra7 but through the solar ple!us
chakra) +nly the subplanes which correspond to the active molecular kinds in
a person5s subtle bodies may be viewed) Most clairvoyants are at the
developed stage o( the human kingdom and are only able to perceive (ive
subplanes o( the emotional world 6G.?0G.@7) &he H$dimensional nature o( the
emotional world allows ob*ects to be seen (rom every side at once including
the inside) &his allows a closed book to be read with relative ease) When a
physical ob*ect is viewed by a competent and trained clairvoyant they will be
able to see all o( the (ollowing. &he physical ob*ect 6?.?0?.I7) &hey will also be
able to =oom in to the microscopic level and even see the atomic structure o(
the ob*ect) &he etheric counterpart o( the ob*ect 6?.H0?.J7 including the
subtle energy circulating through it)&he emotional counterpart o( the ob*ect
6G.?0G.I7 (rom every possible angle at once including the inside)&he
molecular memory 6akashic record7 o( the ob*ect will impart its history)&he
term "clairvoyance" means clear vision which is o(ten a bit o( a misnomer
since most clairvoyants don5t see that clearly) &here are several reasons (or
this. &hey may have limited capabilities or not know how to make (ull use o(
their abilities)&he H$dimensional nature o( the emotional world can cause
con(usion with numbers and words)Beings and ob*ects in the emotional
world do not have the same permanence as those in the physical world 0
everything is much more (luid and temporary) Subtle matter automatically
reacts to the (aintest e!pression o( consciousness so it immediately
e!presses whatever thoughts emotions desires e!pectations ideas or
opinions anyone nearby may have) &his means that ob*ective consciousness
o( the emotional world is not always very ob*ective) &he clairvoyant5s own
belie(s also colour their perceptions making them even less ob*ective) '( a
clairvoyant has a theory and they investigate it in the emotional world they
will (ind "evidence" to con(irm their theory whether it is true or not) Some o(
the beings in the emotional world are black magicians who are intent on
spreading misin(ormation and hal($truths to retard the evolution o(
humanity) A great deal o( attention discernment and practise are re,uired
(or a clairvoyant to learn to distinguish between temporary and permanent
phenomena o( the emotional world) A wise clairvoyant ac,uires esoteric
knowledge be(ore trusting their abilities because only then are they able to
discern the truth and put their abilities to e((ective use) -or the rest
clairvoyance is an entertaining distraction that provides them 6and others7
with ,uestionable in(ormation) &hat much is clear (rom the ever$growing
body o( vague and contradictory 6but o(ten well$meaning7 mis$in(ormation
that (ills so many new$age books and websites) +b*ective perception o( the
emotional world mental world and causal world naturally occur at
enlightenment when the body5s etheric web is consumed by kundalini)
2nlightened people are better able to control their abilities to ensure they are
not misled by their own pre$conceived ideas or disin(ormation (rom
unreliable sources) People at the developed or humanistic stages can develop
clairvoyance by practising certain yoga techni,ues which stimulate their
chakras to enable ob*ective in(ormation to be brought through their etheric
web) 1owever the practice is not recommended because clairvoyance can
severely hinder one5s spiritual development. 't distracts people (rom the
more important work o( developing their consciousness)'t gives people a
(alse estimation o( their level o( development and can give rise to a spiritual
ego)3on$enlightened clairvoyants have no means o( discerning truth (rom
(alsehood so they are easily misled) &hey generally believe everything they
see and hear not knowing that many things in the subtle worlds are the
imaginative creations o( relatively un$evolved beings) %lairvoyance is the
ability to see "behind the scenes" but this undermines the main purpose o(
physical incarnation i)e) restricting our consciousness to allow us to learn
more e((ectively) Some clairvoyants develop (alse belie( systems and this
counteracts another important ob*ective o( physical incarnation. to
overcome the illusions o( the emotional world and the (ictions o( the mental
world (rom below so that we can permanently liberate ourselves (rom (alse
belie(s) Some clairvoyants try to make a living out o( their "gi(t" by telling
other people what they know via private readings public appearances books
or websites) &his is (ine i( the readings are accurate and help(ul but a lot o(
bad karma is generated i( they mislead other people or spread
misin(ormation 6even i( it is unknowingly7) &he spontaneous ac,uisition o(
clairvoyance may be the result o( practicing yoga in this or a previous li(e or
it may be the karmic result 6a damaged etheric web7 o( practising magic or
witchcra(t in a previous li(e) 9isions and hallucinations are temporary bouts
o( clairvoyance which may be brought on by drugs trauma or (atigue)
9isions are automatically constructed (rom emotional$world matter in
response to the subconscious or super$conscious activity o( the e!periencer)
'n this respect most visions can be described as ob*ectively perceived
dreams) 2theric vision is not clairvoyance but is simply an e!pansion o( the
(aculty o( physical sight) &he physical eye is capable o( seeing etheric matter
but the consumption o( meat and animal products counteracts the
re(inement o( the physical$etheric body and obstructs the natural activation
o( etheric ob*ective consciousness 6?.H0?.J7) 2theric vision is like !$ray vision
because it enables one to see through solid ob*ects) 't won5t be too long
be(ore scientists develop e,uipment capable o( (ilming the etheric and
emotional worlds 0 then they will no longer be able to deny the e!istence o(
the a(terli(e or the non$physical world)
Mediumship and %hanneling

&he subtle bodies o( a medium are more loosely connected together than
they are in a regular person) &his allows the subtle bodies to be easily
disconnected and enables a non$physical entity to take temporary control o(
the medium5s entire physical$etheric body or a large portion o( their etheric
body. &he medium5s physical$etheric body can be temporarily possessed by a
non$physical entity to enable it to communicate with physical humans) &he
medium5s own emotional$mental body is displaced whilst the non$physical
entity is in possession) &he medium can temporarily relin,uish some matter
(rom their etheric body to allow a non$physical entity to mani(est) &he
vibratory state o( the etheric matter can be slowed down so that the etheric
mani(estation becomes visible to the human eye) Some o( the etheric matter
can even be temporarily condensed into physical matter to enable the entity
to interact with the physical world) Mediumship should not be considered a
psychic power because it actually involves relin,uishing one5s power) A
loosely connected subtle body is not a gi(t or a blessingC like clairvoyance it is
a disability 6but even more so7) Mediumship is e!tremely detrimental to one5s
long$term physical emotional and mental health so the practice is not
recommended) Additional problems arise when mediums communicate with
discarnate entities to ac,uire in(ormation about the spirit world 6emotional
world7) People don5t suddenly become more knowledgeable or enlightened
when they die so why would anyone believe a "dead" person over a "living"
person? Any emotional$world entity that claims to be an ascended master
oversoul or archangel and o((ers "esoteric" knowledge is a (raud that cannot
be trusted) &rue ascended masters do not communicate through mediums)
&he lowest world they operate in is the mental world and they communicate
by direct thought trans(er into the minds o( their advanced students 6who
remain (ully present and (ully lucid during the communication7) %hanneling
di((ers (rom mediumship in that the emotional$world entity does not take
possession o( the person5s entire bodyC they *ust take control o( the voice$bo!
or the arm 6in the case o( automatic writing7) &rue ascended masters do
communicate in this way 0 they do not take control o( anyone5s body or any
part o( their body) 8ess than GKL o( psychics mediums and channelers are
completely genuine so it is no wonder that they rarely stand up to scienti(ic
scrutiny) +( the discarnate entities that seek to communicate through
psychics mediums and channelers appro!imately @KL are actively trying to
mislead us by spreading (alse or distorted in(ormation H@L are well meaning
but ill$in(ormed so can tell us very little and only @L are authentic spirit
guides who provide trustworthy and use(ul in(ormation) %lairvoyants and
mediums o(ten call the physical world the "material world" and the
emotional world the "spiritual world") &his implies that there are only two
worlds and gives the impression that the beings in the higher "spiritual
world" are more knowledgeable than we are in the "material world" but
actually the reverse is true) 2motional consciousness contributes nothing to
our understanding o( realityC it is merely a driving$(orce to activate our
mental consciousness) Beings that permanently reside in the emotional
world do so because they have not activated their mental consciousness so
they know very little about the true nature o( reality)
Psycho$Spiritual Development

We come into this world with nothing and we leave it with nothing so it is
pointless trying to ac,uire lots o( material possessions while we are here 0
because there is no net gain) +ur material balance sheet is always =ero at the
start o( our li(e and it is always =ero at the end o( our li(e and no one is ever
going to change that: But it is a di((erent story with our spiritual balance
sheet) '( we end our li(e with a higher level o( consciousness than we began
with we can claim success) Adding to our spiritual balance sheet by
developing our consciousness is the one purpose that remains the same in
each and every li(e no matter who we are) All living beings possess an
inherent drive to evolve to become the highest possible e!pression o( li(e
and to (ully realise themselves) Personal development is the wil(ul co$
operation with this natural evolutionary process but an understanding o( the
processes involved is re,uired i( it is to be truly e((ective) We only learn
lessons and develop new (aculties through direct e!perienceC theoretical
learning does not develop consciousness) -or e!ample seeing the word
"(ear" in print is not the same as e!periencing it (irsthand 0 that is why we
incarnate) During the lower stages o( human development material
ambitions and an egotistical nature are *usti(ied because they drive us
onwards and upwards) But once we have progressed beyond the lower stages
we no longer have any use (or those motives and they are gradually
eliminated (rom our being) 2ventually we come to realise that nothing
outside o( us can bring lasting peace or satis(action and that the only way we
can achieve these is to develop our consciousness) &here are two main
methods o( sel($development.Active. &he "way o( the student" involves
actively working at your own development) Your level o( consciousness is
directly related to what you choose to (ocus your attention on) -or e!ample
a person who is nearing the end o( the developed stage naturally (ocuses
much o( their attention on mental and intellectual interests but i( they are
content to limit their thinking to intellectual issues they will not progress any
(urther) &hey must actively decide to study abstract and conceptual material
6such as esoterics7 in order to attract the higher vibrations o( causal matter
and begin to develop sub*ective causal consciousness) 2!amples o( active
development are constant conscious awareness living in the now
meditation and visualisation e!ercises) Passive. &he "way o( the saint"
involves (orgetting about your sel( entirely and dedicating your li(e to serving
others) Serving others means helping and protecting those who are less
developed less e!perienced less knowledgeable or less capable than you
are) All developing monads are dependent on energies and assistance (rom
the ne!t higher kingdom but the condition o( receiving this help is service to
others) 8i(e is give and take 0 we give to those who are less developed than
we are and receive (rom those who are more developed than we are) More
o(ten than not people use a combination o( the two methods or alternate
between them in di((erent incarnations) Personality types 6rays7 ? I @ and M
are generally more inclined to the active method and types G H and J are
usually attracted to the passive method) &here are many di((erent paths but
they all lead to the same destinationC some are more winding than others but
all eventually get there) %ontrolling %onsciousness.&o become whole we
must integrate the subtle bodies o( our persona by learning to control their
energies and consciousness) 2motional conscious can only be controlled by
mental consciousness and mental consciousness can only be controlled by
causal consciousness etc) &he main challenge (acing most people is (or the
mind to gain control over the emotions and desires o( the emotional body)
&his does not mean ignoring our emotions or killing them o(( altogetherC it
simply means us controlling them rather than them controlling us) An
integrated and balanced persona is the natural result o( breaking down the
automated behavioural patterns and reactions in our subtle bodies) &he
automated responses o( our emotional body give rise to all sorts o( (eelings
about our sel( and others) 8earning to disregard these emotional reactions is
a very di((icult but incredibly important aspect o( human development
because i( we don5t disregard them and end up giving them attention we
inadvertently rein(orce them) /idding ourselves o( old patterns o( behaviour
is a pre$re,uisite (or ac,uiring higher levels o( consciousness) We are not (ree
unless we determine the content o( our own minds so we must learn how to
control our attention so that it doesn5t wander aimlessly and rein(orce every
thought or (eeling that passes through our subtle bodies) +ur sub$conscious
continually (eeds our waking conscious with thoughts (eelings and impulses
that our waking consciousness assumes are its own) +ur waking
consciousness continually (eeds our sub$conscious with bad habits illusions
and (ictions) So negative thoughts and (ictitious concepts are continually
recycled between our conscious and sub$conscious minds which rein(orces
our weaknesses) &his vicious cycle can be only broken through persistent
awareness o( our thoughts and (eelings to ensure that we only give attention
to 6and rein(orce7 positive in(luences and ,uickly discard the negative ones)
2ventually the negative stimuli will grow so weak that they are unable to
send impulses up into the waking consciousness) Developing
%onsciousness.%onsciousness develops by moving our attention away (rom
the activity within our subtle bodies 6senses emotions and thoughts7 and
towards our soul 6higher sel( or second triad7) -reeing ourselves (rom
identi(ication with our bodies is a particularly di((icult and time consuming
aspect o( our evolution) 't can only be achieved by re(using to pay attention
to the lowest impulses o( our subtle bodies i)e) negative (eelings emotions
and thoughts) &his causes the lowest molecular types within our subtle
bodies to gradually lose their vitality and become redundantC only then can
they be replaced by higher molecular types) 'n order to progress we must
(ree our selves (rom the automated patterns o( our sub$conscious 6by
continually "watching" our consciousness7 and identi(y more with our super$
conscious 6by meditation and "living in the now"7) We must also dedicate our
development towards the service o( humanity and not do it (or personal
gain) %aring not (or our own development and putting the needs o( humanity
ahead o( our own is the only way we can overcome our inherent egotistical
nature and attain enlightenment) We shouldn5t ponder over how (ar we have
come or how many incarnations remain because these things don5t matter)
What is important is to make the best o( the incarnation we are in now) '( we
rush to achieve enlightenment we will never get there because we won5t
have learnt the most important lesson o( all. You need to (orget about your
sel( in order to (ree your sel() By helping yoursel( you help no one but by
helping others you also help yoursel() As we progress we must be care(ul not
to develop a "spiritual ego" or think we are special because we are more
advanced than others) A spiritual ego is no better than a regular ego but is a
trap that we all (all into many times during our human development) 't5s not
possible to overcome the ego by (ighting it head on because whilst our
monad is centred in the (irst triad we are the ego so it would be like punching
our sel( in the (ace) &he only way to overcome the ego is to transcend itC to
move up to the second triad and become our soul) 'n order to achieve this
6enlightenment7 we must. Disassociate our sel( (rom our ego 6(irst triad or
lower sel(7 by actively putting the needs o( others ahead o( our own) 'denti(y
our sel( with our soul 6second triad or higher sel(7 by mediation
contemplation visualisation aspiration to unity and the development o(
virtuous ,ualities) &his dual$pronged approach gradually tips the balance o(
power in (avour o( our higher sel( and helps it gain control over the egotistical
lower sel()
Psycho$Spiritual Development

/apid development is the reward o( unsel(ishness 0 we develop the (astest by
helping others to realise the meaning o( li(e and live in accordance with the
laws o( li(e) 'n order to help others understand we must (irst have an
understanding o( li(e and the stages o( human development) We must
understand the di((iculties they (ace at each stage their motivations and
what they are capable o( grasping) &rying to (orce people into accepting a
particular belie( system is a violation o( their (reedom so those who are
content with their current belie(s and world view must be met with loving
understanding even i( they are wrong) &hey will have plenty o( opportunities
in (uture incarnations to correct their views) 'n the meantime we must
respect the (act that their current belie(s are appropriate (or their current
level o( development) 2veryone who re(lects on the meaning o( li(e gradually
develops their own belie( system) 'nitially it will be (lawed but over time
perhaps many incarnations it will gradually build into a system o( knowledge
and description o( reality that matches that o( those in the (i(th kingdom 0
the ones who gave us esoterics) &wo additional (actors contribute to rapid
development 0 awareness and will power) Maintaining constant awareness o(
our desires emotions and thoughts is o( prime importance because we can5t
address our weaknesses unless we are aware o( them) +nce we become
aware o( a particular issue we will obviously need will$power to overcome it)
Will$power is also necessary to sustain our e((orts over an entire li(etime or
series o( li(etimes) 2very new e((ort gives rise to a corresponding resistance
(rom the persona) 't may seem that when you (irst start out on the path that
things are conspiring to make it di((icult (or you) Don5t be discouraged by this
0 it is *ust a test to see i( you are up to the task ahead) &he path o( the
spiritual aspirant is the one straight up the mountain whereas the path o( the
normal person is the one that meanders around the mountain) &he (irst is
much more di((icult but the rewards are (ar greater) Many set out on the
steep path but lack the commitment to (ollow it through to the end) &hey put
in a concerted e((ort at the start but give up ,uickly and slip back down again)
't is better to proceed at a steady and sustainable pace because a li(etime o(
commitment is re,uired i( you truly want to succeed) Don5t necessarily
e!pect immediate results or you may become demoralised and slip back
down again) So the tests that con(ront us as we begin our *ourney are (or our
own protectionC they stop us (rom proceeding unless we are truly
ready)Awakening to Wholeness describes a two$(old path o( awakening that
combines psychological and spiritual development) Psychology is concerned
with the personal aspects o( our being 6i)e) body emotions mind and ego$
sel(7 and spirituality is concerned with the transpersonal aspects o( our being
6i)e) soul and true$Sel(7. Psychological Development means "growing up"
psychologically i)e) (reeing ourselves (rom the childish de(ensive reactive
and egotistical programming that keeps us (rom living li(e (ully consciously) 't
involves mastering 6not repressing7 our thoughts emotions and bodies to
(ree ourselves (rom the (ears inhibitions conditioned behaviours reactive
emotions critical *udgements and limiting belie(s that prevent us (rom living
happy peace(ul and (ul(illing lives) &his is achieved by dissolving the
"negative" psychological material that keeps us trapped in these old
patterns and by actively e!pressing positive ,ualities in our daily lives)
Spiritual Development means "waking up" spiritually i)e) raising our level o(
consciousness 6to connect with our true$Sel(7 and widening our breadth o(
consciousness 6to e!perience li(e more (ully7) 't is not about transcending the
worldC it is about bringing higher levels o( consciousness down into our being
and e!pressing them in our daily lives) 't is about being here as (ully as we can
and e!periencing all o( li(e) &here is nothing we can actually "do" to spiritually
evolve because it is the result o( not doing undoing or being) Simply "being"
is at the core o( every authentic spiritual practice including meditation
mind(ulness and prayer) Awakening to Wholeness clearly and
comprehensively describes the dynamics o( human consciousness ego$
development psychological healing personal development and spiritual
growth) 't also includes a range o( power(ul trans(ormational tools
techni,ues and practices that can help us to. 4nderstand why we think and
behave the way we do) 1eal and re$integrate the wounded parts o( our
psyche) Mani(est our (ull potential) 8et go o( the things that are holding us
back) 8ead a happier richer and more (ul(illing li(e) Bnow and e!press our
true$Sel() /ealise that what we have been searching (or has always been here
0 inside o( us) /ecognise that the opportunity to awaken is always right here
and now)
Anadi Sahoo, A Motivational Speae!, P"#$holo%i"t & 'o!po!ate t!aine!, $o((itted to "ha!in% t!an")o!(ational p!in$iple" and
p!a$ti$e" )o! t!*e happine"" +ith individ*al" and $o!po!ation", Fo*nde! o) ,Mind Po+e! Pl*",, $ond*$t Se(ina!" - Wo!"hop"
in Indian $itie". M# D#na(i$ ,IT ent!ep!ene*!"hip, +ith ove! a de$ade o)!ien$e +hi$h $han%ed (# pe!$eption a/o*t li)e,
lea!nt the (o!e "*"taina/le and pea$e)*l +a# o) t!an")o!(in% live" th!o*%h ,Appl#in% no+led%e i" Po+e!,. Thi" i" +hen I
de$ided to +al the !oad le"" t!aveled and to dedi$ate (# li)e to "p!ead the tea$hin%" o) Mind Po+e! & (editation. A" a
Spi!it*al heale!, a /*!nin% inte!e"t in the !elie) o) h*(an "*))e!in%....Thi" led (e into a deep "t*d# o) p"#$holo%# and
"pi!it*alit#. Man# people "peain% on the"e "*/0e$t" and the %!eat (an# )a$t" +e )eel +e (*"t !e(e(/e! to e(/!a$e the(
a" a li)e"t#le, it $an "ee( ove!+hel(in% to "o!t th!o*%h it all, )ind a +a# o*t o) "*))e!in%, and live in %!eate! /alan$e. M# +o!
i" to %*ide people on ho+ to *"e Mind Po+e! and Meditation a" tool" in the (ode!n +o!ld, "o that the# $an live thei! d!ea(".
Al+a#" t!ead into pla$e" +he!e I +o*ldn1t da!e to d!ea( it, that1" +h# eve!#da# I $ele/!ate (# li)e.
MO2ILE3 456 789:98;75:, +++.)a$e/oo.$o(-(indpo+e!pl*"