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Study Guide Information

There are free downloadable fact sheets on the DSST website ( on every
exam offered. Each fact sheet gives an outline of what topics are covered, the percentage of each topic covered,
a few sample questions and a list of related sources that can be either checked out from the library system or
bought at a bookstore or online in order to study further.

To access the fact sheets:
Students & Adult Learners
Test Prep Materials on left side of page
Fact Sheet for individual exam title

Study guides are available either by ordering them through the CLEP website (
or by buying them from any major bookstore like Books-A-Million. CLEP study guides range in price from
$10-$30 and offer subject based information as well as practice exams. Be sure to buy the study guides that are
published by College Board. The best guides to buy are for the individual exam you will be taking, not the book
that has a sample of all tests in it.

Peterson’s Practice CLEP Tests
This 100% online study material website offers the following CLEP exam practice tests. With registration, you
will be able to take 3 timed, full-length practice tests per exam title and find detailed answer explanations for
every question. 90 days of access is $19.95 (per exam title). Visit to register (under Online
& Continuing Education/Prepare for Tests).

 Accounting  Human Growth and  Principles of
 American Government Development Microeconomics
 American Literature  Humanities  Natural Sciences
 Analyzing and  Information Systems  Social Sciences and
Interpreting Literature and Computer History
 Biology Applications  Spanish Language
 Chemistry  Introductory Psychology  U.S. History I
 College Algebra  Introductory Sociology  U.S. History II
 College Mathematics  Principles of  Western Civilization I
 Educational Psychology Macroeconomics  Western Civilization II
 English Composition  Principles of
 Freshman Composition Management

InstantCert Academy
This 100% online study material website is $19.95 per month and can be cancelled at any time. See the study
material offerings in this packet for which CLEP and DSST exams are accessible through the website. Visit to registrar.
InstantCert Academy Study Material Offerings:
Exam Number of Number of Level of
Exam Subject Name
Type Questions Credits Credit
American Government CLEP* 497 3 Lower
Biology CLEP* 878 6 Lower
Civil War & Reconstruction DSST 318 3 Upper
College Mathematics CLEP* 503 6 Lower
Criminal Justice DSST 250 3 Lower
Drug & Alcohol Abuse DSST 261 3 Upper
Environment and Humanity Race to Save the
DSST 326 3 Lower
Ethics in America DSST 285 3 Lower
Foundations of Education DSST 309 3 Lower
Fundamentals of Counseling DSST 261 3 Lower
General Anthropology DSST 256 3 Lower
Here's to Your Health DSST 292 3 Lower
Human Growth and Development CLEP* 336 3 Lower
Human Resource Management DSST 300 3 Lower
Humanities CLEP* 515 6 Lower
Information Systems and Computer
CLEP* 293 3 Lower
Intro to Business DSST 266 3 Lower
Intro to Modern Middle East DSST 287 3 Lower
Intro to World Religions DSST 249 3 Lower
Introduction to Educational Psychology CLEP* 371 3 Lower
Introduction to Law Enforcement DSST 288 3 Lower
Introductory Business Law CLEP* 451 3 Lower
Introductory Psychology CLEP* 345 3 Lower
Introductory Sociology CLEP* 165 3 Lower
Management Information Systems DSST 291 3 Upper
Organizational Behavior DSST 350 3 Lower
Principles of Accounting CLEP* 419 6 Lower
Principles of Finance DSST 315 3 Upper
Principles of MacroEconomics CLEP* 328 3 Lower
Principles of Management CLEP* 319 3 Lower
Principles of Marketing CLEP* 315 3 Lower
Principles of MicroEconomics CLEP* 229 3 Lower
Principles of Statistics DSST 238 3 Lower
Principles of Supervision DSST 281 3 Lower
U.S. History I: Early Colonizations to 1877 CLEP* 355 3 Lower
U.S. History II: 1865 to the Present CLEP* 520 3 Lower
Western Civilization I: Ancient Near East to
CLEP* 445 3 Lower
Western Civilization II: 1648 to the Present CLEP* 373 3 Lower
(InstantCert Academy Website, 2007)