24TH JUNE, 2014
Distinguished Guests,
Fellow Kenyans,
It gives me great pleasure to join you today as we celebrate the birth of the
Communications Authority of Kenya In establishing an independent regulator
we gather to mar! a new beginning for the information and communications
technology "IC#$ sector, and the nation
%adies and Gentlemen,
&ore than a decade and a half ago, Kenya decided that communications would
be the answer to many of our challenges#he diversity of innovative actors in
the sector, and the digital revolution Kenyan is e'periencing today, prove the
wisdom that decision
%adies and Gentlemen,
It is especially e'citing to see that all this ( the transformation of the Communications
Commission of Kenya into the Communications Authority of Kenya ( is inspired by, and
rea)rms our commitment to, the ideals of freedom of *'pression and freedom of the
#hese are ideals we, on our own accord, chose when we gave ourselves the new
constitution four years ago #he CCK has done well in the +, years since its
establishment #hirty one "-+$ million Kenyans are connected to mobile services, and
more than eleven"++$ million to Internet #he IC# sector has ta!en its place in the
vanguard of progress over the last decade, ma!ing very substantial contributions to
growth in Kenya
#he untiring e.ort of the men and women in CCK, and in the industry at large,
has brought us these achievements /e commend you for your gallant
#he launch of the Communications Authority of Kenya is a logical step to
ensure a measure of regulatory independence and transparency in the
management of the IC# sector,a step which we gladly ta!e today
%adies and Gentlemen,
/e in Kenya now recogni0e IC# as a !ey driver of our economy Indeed, this is
why it is anchored in our national long1term development blue print, the 2ision
34-4,which aims to transform Kenya into a !nowledge economy
5ur 2ision 34-4 identi6es the IC# sector and I#1enabled services as potential
contributors to more than +47 of our national ca!e "GD8$ /ith the
developments we are witnessing in the IC# industry today, coupled with the
determination of the industry players, I am con6dent that this target will be
achieved by 34-4, if not earlier
Fellow Kenyans,
I am convinced that IC# will spur the e)ciency and e.ectiveness we see! in
delivering government service &y Government is ma!ing every e.ort to
ensure that public services are delivered to every Kenyan securely and in real
time In this, your industry is our closest partner
Again, I am happy to note the partnership between us, as a Government and
the IC# players,to address the challenges we are facing in the security sector
I would li!e to assure Kenyans that my government is wor!ing round the cloc!
through various agencies to identify mechanisms that will strengthen national
security, and cut crime I have recently established a #echnology1*nabled
#ransformation of the 8ublic 9ector: an initiative that will help us realise a
digital registry eco1system, better intelligence for national security, and a more
service1oriented culture in government
#he establishment of a ;ational Cyber1security Framewor! for Kenya is another
welcome development, not only because it complements e'isting initiatives,
but also because it will both enhance IC# growth and protect critical
information infrastructure
%adies and Gentlemen,
I am aware criminals have somewhat discovered the internet and other IC#
systems as atool to further their criminal activities #his has deterred many
Kenyans from transacting online because they fear online identity theft or
unauthorised access to personal data
Fellow Kenyans,
/ith the full operationali0ation of the newly launched 8ublic Key Infrastructure
and a Cyber security Coordination Centres,the cybercrime will,no doubt,be
contained Indeed, this cyber security framewor! is now poised to unloc! the
potential of electronic commerce and related services
#o ensure Kenyans reap ma'imum bene6ts from IC#, I challenge the Authority
to strive to create an environment that will facilitate universal, a.ordable and
e<uitable access to IC# *<ually, the industry at large will have to support the
new1formed Communcations Authority in its renewed mandate
#he bene6ts of doing so are signi6cant: the employment opportunities created
through I#1enabled services, e1services to Kenyans, deployment of e1
agriculture, e1health, e1learning, e1policing, e1connectivity and e1commerce
And the combination of s!illed professionals, a robust IC# infrastructure,
coupledwith a.ordable rates for connectivity,will turn Kenya to an e'ceptional
destination for foreign investors in the sector
%adies and Gentlemen,
As we unveil the Communication Authority of Kenya, I am con6dent that the
new body is e<ual to the responsibilities now entrusted to it %et it be an
Authority that leads in growth and innovation, and that upholds the highest
standards of integrity
I must also as! the new Authority to wor! closely with the &inistry of
Information and the industry at large #ogether, let them lead the digital1ta!e
o. that will ma!e Kenya become an IC# hub for the region and beyond
%et me, in conclusion, urge all of us to strive to build on the progress made in
recent years to connect every Kenyan
/ith those remar!s, it is now my pleasure to declare the new,=Communications
Authority of Kenya>, o)cially launched
#han! you and God bless you all

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