September 26, 2008

Guidelines in the Research
1. The research needs to be objective without adding any personal information from the writer such as his religion,
race, country of origin and the likes.
2. The research shall be written in own words. Please don’t copy and paste since your work will be run in Anti
plagiarism software.
!. "rite and complete your research paper from scratch, meticulously adhering to the instructions of the email.
#. $umber of words per page shall have more or less !%%.
&. 'ast page of this research shall have at least 2&% words

PROJECT #: 589840248 b
Format: Wrd !r"at
12 pt Times New Roman
Double spaced tet
Basic APA Rules
• !ll "our outside mar#ins s$ould be set at 1 inc$
• %se t$e tab &e' to indent para#rap$s.
• New para#rap$s are indicated b' a double space.
• T$e pa#e number must be on all pa#es o" t$e paper, includin# t$e title pa#e.
• %se !rabic numerals and position t$e pa#e number one inc$ "rom t$e ri#$t $and
ed#e o" t$e paper, in t$e space between t$e top ed#e o" t$e paper and t$e "irst line
o" tet.
• T$e pa#e $eader identi"ies eac$ pa#e o" t$e paper wit$ t$e "irst two(to(t$ree
words "rom t$e title. T$e pa#e $eader is positioned in t$e upper ri#$t corner
abo)e, or "i)e spaces to t$e le"t o" t$e pa#e number.
• T$e runnin# $ead, or abbre)iated title, appears onl' on t$e title pa#e. *t is in upper
case and must not eceed +0 c$aracters, includin# punctuation and spaces. *" t$e
title o" 'our paper is len#t$', end t$e runnin# $ead at t$e end o" a word, do not
split t$e word. T'pe t$e runnin# $ead "lus$ at t$e le"t mar#in, approimatel' "our
lines, or two double(spaces below t$e pa#e $eader. T$e term runnin# $ead is
included, as illustrated on pa#e -06 o" t$e manual, but is not counted as part o" t$e
+0 c$aracters and is not upper case.
• T$e title o" t$e paper is t'ped in upper and lower case letters, and is centered
between t$e le"t and ri#$t mar#ins and positioned in t$e upper $al" o" t$e pa#e. *"
t$e title is two or more lines in len#t$, double space between t$e lines.
• T$e b'line and institutional a""iliation come net. T$e client.s name is t'ped in
upper and lower case letters and is centered on t$e line, one double(space below
t$e last line o" t$e title. T$e institutional a""iliation or class is also t'ped in upper
and lower case, is centered on t$e line, and is one double(space below t$e client.s
• Displa' /uotations o" 00 or more words in a "reestandin# bloc& o" t'pewritten
lines, and omit t$e /uotation mar&s. Start suc$ a block (uotation on a new line,
and indent t$e bloc& about 112 in. 21.- cm, or "i)e spaces3 "rom t$e le"t mar#in 2in
)itation *tyle+ APA
4inimum o" & source2s3 or re"erence2s3
Number o" 5a#es re/uired: 5
5lease pro)ide title and bibliography pa#e
2re"erences3 6 not included on t$e number o"
pa#es re/uired
t$e same position as a new para#rap$3. *" t$ere are additional para#rap$s wit$in
t$e /uotation, indent t$e "irst line o" eac$ additional 112 in. T$e entire /uotation
s$ould be double(spaced. 22001, p. 1173.
• 8$en /uotin#, alwa's pro)ide t$e pa#e number in addition to t$e aut$or and 'ear
o" publication.
• Note t$at t$e precedin# /uote is -9 words lon#, t$us it is included in t$e tet o"
t$e paper and is enclosed b' /uotation mar&s.
• T$e Re#erence list uses a $an#in# indent, t$e "irst line o" eac$ re"erence is "lus$
wit$ t$e le"t mar#in, subse/uent lines o" t$e same re"erence are indented. %se t$e
Tab :e' to indent. T$e Re"erence list must be double(spaced. Re"erences are
alp$abeti;ed b' t$e surname o" t$e "irst aut$or, or in t$e case o" no aut$or, b' t$e
title o" t$e boo& or <ournal article.
,f you have (uestions to the client regarding the project please don’t hesitate to email us
at so we can forward it to the client
-P'.A*. '.T /* 0$1"2.
,f you’re done kindly te3t me at -%4562 7!552!8 9 submit article at and
'cu"ent T()e : Pr#essinal
T)ic Cate*r( : Ethnic +tudies
Title # )a)er : Pr#essinal Wr,)lace 'ile""a Pa)er
-cade"ic .e/el : Clle*e
Client : 0ari" -l 1a22
Client .catin : 3.4 5nited +tates
Speci"ic Re"erences to be used:
=o to m'campus.p$ >o#in:&arimmal$a//:5assword:diane-21: =o to =?N080
Resource 5a#e. =o to 8ee& Two Readin#s:
No t$e speci"ic Re"erence is o&. Read !ppendi ! in t$e tet T$in&in# @riticall' about
?t$ical *ssues. Read c$apters 2, 7, and 12 in t$e tet @ritical T$in&in#: Tools "or Ta&in#
@$ar#e o" 'our 5ro"essional and 5ersonal >i"e. Read pp. 16(2- in t$e tet T$e 4iniature
=uide to %nderstandin# t$e Foundations o" ?t$ical Reasonin#.
:arim !>(Aa//
Detailed *nstructions:
5ro"essional 8or&place Dilemma 5aper 2due in 8ee& Two3
5repare a 700 to 1,0+0(word paper anal';in# a pro"essional dilemma and )alues con"lict
t$at 'ou eperienced be"ore 'ou be#an 'our ma<or course o" stud' or durin# 'our
pro#ram o" studies at t$e %ni)ersit' o" 5$oeni. Be sure to complete all t$ree sections o"
t$e assi#nment.
a. Describe t$e eperience:
13 8$at was t$e et$ical issue 'ou eperiencedC
23 8$o was in)ol)edC 25lease use onl' "irst names or initials "or t$e participants.3
-3 8$at was t$e relations$ip o" t$e ot$er indi)idual2s3 to 'ouC
b. !nal';e t$e et$ical dilemma:
13 8as t$ere a di""erence in power and aut$orit'C ?plain.
23 8$at were t$e et$ics in /uestionC
-3 8$at personal )alues were in con"lictC
03 8$at were t$e potential outcomesC
+3 8$at were t$e potential conse/uences to 'ou and t$e ot$er parties in)ol)edC
c. ?)aluate t$e outcome
13 8$at was t$e outcome at t$e timeC
23 8$at were t$e conse/uences to 'ou and t$e ot$er parties in)ol)edC
-3 Based on w$at 'ou $a)e learned since 'ou be#an 'our pro#ram o" stud' at t$e
%ni)ersit' o" 5$oeni and t$rou#$ 'our continuin# wor& eperience, would 'ou $andle
t$e situation di""erentl' or in t$e same wa'C ?plain.
Rate # Pa)er 6 )a*e : 7 2 6 5 da(s
@ost o" 5ro<ect : 7 80
Deadline : Dctober 1, 2008 6 12nn
8riter : 4aricor Eabulin

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