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Research on the development of casting and wire drawing technology of AlFe0,5

Exploration of new material compositions are determined by challenges facing the

modern economy, which the continued growth indicates the need for rational use of natural
resources. These objectives can be achieved by replacing the previously used materials, a new
generation of products with better functional properties. This approach forces the engagement
of modern science and technology in the field of metallurgy, materials science and metal
working. An equally important aspect are economic reasons that contribute to the search for
new applications using of aluminium and its alloys for electrical purposes, as a substitute for
traditionally used copper. Innovative solutions of materials and constructions are to replace
the previously used copper by aluminium alloy with different addition in order to obtain a
product with excellent properties and fulfilling the requirements to ensure reliable operation
of the product throughout its lifetime.
The effect of iron addition on the structure and properties of aluminium wire rod
obtained in the industrial continuous casting and rolling process by the Properzi method and
the laboratory horizontal continuous casting process has been analyzed. In addition, the
impact of the casting speed on the properties of aluminium bars, containing the 0.5 wt% of Fe,
and laboratory wire drawing process has been examined. The addition of iron increase the
strength and plasticity of aluminium wire rod in as-cast condition and after hot rolling
process, while the electrical conductivity drop acceptable. Moreover, by improving the
plasticity of wires became possible to increase the deformability limit, measured by the
reduction in the wire diameter by drawing to a level of less than 0.5 mm. Small-diameter
wires are used for the construction of automotive wire harnesses, cables battery or winding
wires. It has been shown that iron is beneficial for mechanical and technological properties of
aluminum, and the horizontal continuous casting process by graphite crystallizer (CCP) may
be an alternative solution in comparison with industrial scale of continuous casting and rolling
by Properzi method (CCR) or Southwire process in the context of the preparation of smaller
amounts of material with scrap metals.