Request for consultancy services
(REF: PK-IS-LC-26)

Terms of Reference

Behavior Change
Communication Consultant

Reference: ACF – BCC Consultancy
Area of Interest: Behavior Change communication
Position Type: Consultancy
Duration: 20 working days

Action Against Hunger is part of the ACF International network which provides humanitarian relief in
over 40 countries worldwide in the sectors of nutrition, health, water/sanitation, & food security. ACF-
USA, an independent NGO, currently manages operations in seven countries: Democratic Republic of
Congo, Kenya, South Sudan, Nigeria, Pakistan, Cambodia & Uganda. ACF-USA has over $45 million in
programs, approximately 50 permanent staff based in NYC, 100 expatriate employees in the missions,
& over 1,200 local staff. Additional growth is anticipated.
I. Background
To assess, define and implement a community based behavior change communication strategy for
Community Management of Acute Malnutrition (CMAM) in District Dadu (with potential replication for
other districts).
The main aim of the Behavior change strategy is to ensure improvement in nutrition programming via
community/ household empowerment & understanding on nutrition as well as strengthening in
messaging at health facilities (Outpatient Therapeutic Programme) and hospital level (Stabilization
Centre). The process of definition will involve reviewing existing communication tools the ACF socio-
cultural analysis report 2013 and methodology between ACF, DoH and the program beneficiaries, as
well as between ACF, health workers and communities within the interventions area, in order to
strengthen the knowledge and understanding of nutritional treatment and prevention services available
for children who are severely malnourished and as well as detection and follow-up.
II. Rationale
This is a 20 days consultancy spread through 3 months to provide guidance and for sharing expertise
with the BCC PM, in order to best learn how to define strategies of promotion and education as well as
to ensure a strong collaboration with all departments in the coordination department and field teams.
It will also be an opportunity to learn more about ACF communication and identify areas that can be
further strengthened. It is a merging point for different department to bring together their expertise
and have best impact on communities.
This document is a Terms of Reference to support the call for proposal and activities to be
implemented by the BCC Consultant.

III. Aims/ objectives of the BCC Consultancy:
Objective 1: To facilitate in the development of a BCC strategy based on findings and involving key
stakeholders in Nutrition.
Facilitate definition of a behavior change communication strategy based on findings
with participation of key stakeholders(including identification of key messages based on RSCA and
other assessment finding, priority areas, etc.).
Development of BCC modalities and tools (drama/theatre, radio messaging,
etc.)with team and stakeholders.
Jointly define/refine tools and methodology (visual, training module, etc.) for the
behavior change communication strategy in the field; in terms of communication with beneficiaries
and communities in intervention areas (indirect or non-beneficiaries of the program).
Some key areas will include, but not limited to:
o Understanding of RUTF and its characteristic/use (to be seen as a ‘medicine’ not
o Key message on use of RUTF to be delivered at health facility level.
o Sensitization on ACF in communities
o Other areas as defined needed linked to food security & livelihoods as well as WASH

To develop a BCC strategy documentthat focuses to improve the impact of the Working to Improve
Nutrition in Sindh(WINS) programme and tailor the BCC content to key findings of the Rapid Socio
Cultural Assessment (RSCA) which may include:
o Linkages to a set of ‘co-responsibilities’ and ‘social contracts’ between mothers and
fathers/mothers-in-law/community leaders on child feeding practices, diet and nutrition,
and food preparation and allocation to create a more supportive environment for better
mother and child feeding practiceslinked to the WINS programme.
o Promote health seeking behavior encompassing awareness raising about importance of
attendance to ANC and improved management of childhood illnesses
o Promote birth registration
o Improve diet diversity and hygiene practices
Note :The BCC strategy should include developing responsibilities and a resourcing plan. The strategy
should be consistent with the Government’s National Strategy and be tailored to the WINS Programme
requirements, such as BCC for Wash and livelihood beneficiaries to support child nutrition.

Objective 2: To produce a BCC tools, roll out and Monitoring and Evaluation plan
Define and develop key tools and resources needed for the implementation of the strategy
Define roll-out plan for implementation and follow-up as part of the strategy
Tools used for Lady Health workers (LHWs) and Community volunteers (CVs) training (mainly for
illiterate LHWs and to be usable by illiterate CVs and community).
Develop materials on: malnutrition is a treatable disease, diet diversity, child care practices, exclusive
breastfeeding, sanitation and hygiene best practices, etc.
Develop and define basic tools that can allow for follow-up/measure impact of the behavior change
communication strategy.
Test and propose best mechanisms for follow-up of strategy which aims to strengthen understanding
and actions bycommunity in detection, treatment and follow-up as well as other identified improved
To train teams on the communication methods and application tools developed according to outputs
from previous objectives.
To ensure the training of field and counterpart teams in BCC strategy implementation and follow-up.
Reporting: document the products for each project for capitalization of the approach.

IV. Scope of work/Deliverables:
 To develop a realistic and effective BCC Strategy.
 To develop BCC Role out plan for effective and efficient implementation.
 To develop and pre-test appropriate messages, tools and materials.
 Set up simple and effective M&E systems, processes in accordance with the M&E framework to
monitor the quantity, quality and effectiveness of messages, tools, materials and activities.
 To provide capacity building trainings to field teams.

V. Key expected outputs to propose timeframe:
Develop BCC strategy document
Definition of BCC messages, tools, materials, pre-
test; finalize and submit
Develop BCC Implementation/Roll out plan, M&E
plan and submitted
Capacity building through training/ orientation on
tools and materials conducted

VI. Profile

The consultant/agency must have the following qualifications and experience:
 Be registered as National organization or entity (in case of consultancy agency).
 University degree holder (Master level) in social sciences or relevant disciplines.
 15+ years’ experience in conducting BCC surveys and/or analysis/strategy designing.
 A proven track record of professionalism and ethical conduct.
 Relevant technical knowledge, skills and extensive work experience in: designing BCC
strategy, messages, tools and materials, plans including media plans, as well as in capacity
 Experience in providing consulting services and excellent track record of completion of tasks
according to time lines, experience with donor-funded projects.
 Excellent reporting and writing skills.

VII. Budget and contract
The consultant will be contracted by Action Against Hunger (ACF-USA).
Consultants are requested to submit proposal with cover letter and must mention their expected total
remuneration for the assignment.
Terms and conditions are negotiable.

The CONSULTANTwillbe responsible for:
- Arranging international travel, transfer and visa for him/herself and members of the team, if
- Providing hard and software required for consultant(s) to complete the work.
- Health and evacuation insurance
- Personal and corporate income tax reporting in the consultant’s country of residence
- Respect of ACF-USA security rules

ACF-USA is responsible for:
- Arrangement of in-country logistics and coverage of other direct costs associated with the
delivery of materials, including arrangement of airport transfers; provision of in-country per
diem; provision of accommodation, transport, stationary, printing, communication and internet
services associated with the delivery of materials
- Security-related guidance to the Consultant while in-country
- Payment of the Consultant fees and reimbursement of eligible expenses, including
international travel, visa and contingency-related costs

VIII. Application Process
Interested parties must submit their applications by email referenced under title
BCC Consultancy
at consultancies.lsc@acf-international.org
Deadline for submission: Monday 30
June 2014 at 17:00 (GMT+3).

Action Against Hunger will consider applications from both individuals and teams. Applications shall
clearly identify a team leader, who will be the sole responsible to deliver the outputs of the

Consultants are requested to submit a proposal with a cover letter and must mention their
expected total remuneration for this assignment.

Applications should also include:
- Up-to-date curriculum vitae
- One supporting document of up to 2 pages outlining core competencies in line with the
assignment, the proposed methodology of work including a detailed workplan, and financial
- Evidence of past experience in undertaking similar assignments (three recent documents of
similar works done)
- Three (3) references of previous assignments.
Only shortlisted applications will be contacted.
The final selection will be done by Action Against Hunger USA

For more information, prospective consultants may contact Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm
(GMT+3) at the following email address or by phone:
Email: consultancies.lsc@acf-international.org or tel: +254 721 126 481