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Contract of Engagement

This Contract of Engagement of being executed between

Name: ___________________________________ D.O.B._____________________
Address: ____________________________________________________________
Phone: _______________ Mobile: _______________ E-mail:__________________

On the first part (hereinafter referred to as the “Client”)
Quick Visa Education Consultancy

On the second part (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”)
The Client has expressed willingness and has authorized the Company to make application on
his/her behalf for grant of admission as per details below:
Country: ___________________________________ Session _________________
Course Option: ______________________________________________________
College/University: ___________________________________________________


Both they have agreed to enter into this contract on the following terms & conditions:

1.Stage of Payment: The Total Package Fee of Rs. ____________
will be paid
o At the time of Visa Grant.
o Total Package will contain
Consulting Fee, First Year Tuition.
Fee and Air-Ticket only.

2. Refund Clause: The entire Fee is Non – Refundable.
This package includes the following services only:
○ Processing of admission application to chosen Colleges/University as
above only.
○ Processing of Visa Application.
○ Pre-Departure Orientation.
○ The Company bears no responsibilities in case Admission/Visa is refused.
○ All supporting documents are to be given by client and need to be certified
and authentic.
○ For Study Visa, where Translation is mandatory, the process can be
undertaken by Quick Visa.

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○ The client at no time can reclaim expenses incurred during the whole
process of admissions to Visa process and after reaching his destination
college/University and due to reasons, the client is deported back to his
○ Utmost care will be taken by company in guiding and counseling the
client, however, if due to sudden changes in government regulations / laws
/ circumstances
Effecting the student admissions / Visa procedure, The
Company’s liability would be to ensure that, then client
can also opt for another college/University with mutual
consent with the Company in accordance with admission
and course commencement dates.

3. This package also does not include the Visa insurance and Visa
Processing Charges of respective Consulate/ High Commission. In
Case of Visa refusal, there is not liability on the company to Re-fund
this fee. This is Non-Refundable Fee

4. The Company will retain the original documents and passport,
until Visa is granted and Client has paid the entire package Fee to the
company. And, Client has to summit a Bank check of Total Package
amount in the favour of “Quick Visa” in advance as security before
submitting Application to respective High Commission/Consulate. In
Case of Visa refusal, company will not charge anything and return all
the original documents and Bank Check (that has submitted earlier as
Security). In case, Client is refusing to pay Total Package Fee after
Visa is granted then Company will cash security Bank Check to
recover his charges and if required, Company can take necessary legal
actions against client incase client breach this agreement.

BINDING EFFECT: This agreement shall be binding upon the parties hereto and upon their
respective executors, successors and assigns.

NOTE: Please read whole the agreement and terms & conditions held within before signing it.

All this agreed by parties on the date indicated above and signature below.

Client’s Signature Auth. Signatory