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All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them

- Galileo

This was the quote that came to mind when I wanted to borrow a succinct phrase to sum
up the reason for writing the memoirs of a remarkable man’s life. However, while few
will argue the sheer necessity truth plays in the spiritual evolution of our very species, the
truth, by its very unequivocal nature, is often politically damaging or inconvenient to the
powers that be, and, as in Galileo’s situation, quite dangerous. “The Father of Modern
Science” was a target of the Spanish Inquisition for his discoveries that contradicted the
Catholic teachings and he remained alive only, although under house arrest, because he
publicly recanted his beliefs.

This recantation was, as we all know now, mere “lipspeak”, which one can inherently
understand, I hope, in his particular situation – recant or die; but the justification of
“lipspeak” only rings true when the harm such prevarication has been assessed after
considering the collateral damage it necessarily creates. For Galileo, his public
denouncement of all he knew must have cut at his very soul; yet the preservation of his
physical existence allowed him to continue his invaluable life’s works to the benefit of
mankind. Still, the truth continues to be subjected to varying lengths of gestation to this
very day, proving that the one thing that history has taught “us” is that “we” have failed
to learn from it – hence it has “taught” us nothing.

Einstein, himself, saw this latter human failing early on and defined insanity as “doing
the same thing over and over again, expecting different results.” He’s been proven right
by most all lesser intellectual mortals, (including yours truly); especially those with the
power to effect real change by virtue of their positions and mandate. Sadly, many well
educated world leaders, failed to grasp one of Einstein’s simplest truths; perhaps thinking
that because of the advance in time, technology – and like externalities alone (combined
with their own self importance, or narcissism) rendered their particular situations
“different”. And this paralogical thinking ignored all else, including the human condition
(their own), and often the adoption of a fallacious God-complex and gradual deterioration
of the character that had been the essential and unique asset in their rise to prominence.

Said spiritual deterioration has been and continues to be the predominant cause of many a
brilliant leader who allowed the Id to subvert the Ego; the healthy ego thereby precluding
the achievement of Freud or Maslow’s superego or self actualization, respectively. The
irony lies in the fact that these learned and often brilliant individuals who regard Einstein
as a near demi-god have failed to truly learn from him beyond his scientific and
mathematical legacy thus exemplifying how one’s schooling and intellect can impede or
distort their ultimate education for true success in LIFE. I speak of what I know; what I
have had to learn in life; and let me tell you, while education is key; its benefits are
greatly limited if it’s truly your only asset – or the only intangible asset you choose to
harness. Extreme intellect devoid of wisdom can be a liability, dangerous or / and

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History is replete with great leaders who dismissed a true genious’ wisdom that became,
for me, more valuable to my sheer existence than any nuclear chain reaction or theory of
relativity, on a personal level. This biography represents the quintessential human
condition; devoid of science, physics and intellect but rather the phenomenon that many
other individuals of power and brilliance failed to recognize in their personal dealings
and spiritual development; namely that Einstein’s insanity definition is, was and remains
axiomatic although one will never find it in the DSM IV.*

Galileo’s experience is sadly far from unique: the annals of history are replete with
examples of inhumane treatment of “truth-tellers”, to the extent that human instincts have
been nurtured, even engineered from childhood to lie, cover-up and obfuscate, for various
reasons, predominately rooted in self-preservation with the irony being, (at least in
civilized modern societies), that, in time, the fabrications serve as the antithesis for self-
preservation. This spiritual inner conflict is so often the genus of a bastardized set of
values and psychological discontent which can often extend to sociopathic behavior.

It’s a sad commentary of any time when the preservation of ego, or hubris, as the wise
Greeks identified as mankind’s greatest failing, ergo weakness, led to compromised
values - a departure from the essence of humanity. What else but hubris, or the modern-
day nomenclature, megalomania, can otherwise explain the actions – too numerous to
mention exampled by Eliot Spitzer’s prosecutorial mandate against prostitution rings
except the one he was utilizing; Donald Trump’s unsuccessful lawsuit for libel against a
reporter for describing as him as a millionaire and not billionaire and the CEO who
“fires” his best employee to preserve his own position and job security.

Many successful leaders of nations, with an exemplary track record that refuse to
acknowledge their humanity in the form of one mistake, just one, (hell, we all make
mistakes), render their legacy somewhat impotent by defending that one wrong action in
their misguided quest to “be right” at all costs rather than “human.” Of course when
these prominent leaders die, so very many miraculously become a far, far better person in
death than they ever were in life…

We spend a lifetime building a reputation that one act can destroy forever. Luckily, I did
the reverse; built a dichotomy of reputations that could be contradicted, for good or bad,
at any possible moment… when you don’t aim high, nobody notices your fall. But the
higher I climbed, the more I exposed my ass and hit it harder each fall… a habit I was
doomed to repeat due to my masochistic tendencies and bottom bruising; I’ve acquired a
little padding there for more than one reason… and if you require further elucidation you
are reading the wrong book… go back to Harry Potter and those teen vampire cash cows.

I don’t know about you, but my own life is replete with mistakes that I was doomed to
repeat until I owned them all. That initial lack of paradigm shift, that ability to see all or
many aspects of a situation from others’ perspectives led to my own, and my subject’s,
hell, my friend’s, ultimate initial betrayal of our singular purpose in life, which I know

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(and I write here, and only here, from our beliefs) is to serve one another and fulfill our
actualized selves.

Few notables (i.e. “history makers”) have attained this – for self actualization is
ultimately challenged by its utmost extreme - fame…..the caviar of ego. Maslow, the
father of the needs/hierarchy theory that has withstood the test of time, could only
identify those famed individuals that depicted this ultimate goal by virtue of their
prominence; yet this latter, oft ego-ejaculating morphine failed to compromise their self
actualization. The individuals Maslow identified were Albert Einstein, Eleanor
Roosevelt and Frederick Douglass… but many more have or had reached equal emotional
harmony, yet they needed no recognition for doing so – I would personally add the
Reverend Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, and the changed Malcolm X to that list
of the “known.” As for the “unknown”, I am blessed to know so many more that would
be disturbed with public acknowledgement (a.k.a. fame, also more aptly described as
attention-whoring) because their egos would be insulted or even harmed. But I must
make this claim that ego, a balanced one, is necessarily essential to self-actualization.
Know and acknowledge your assets because a healthy ego is paramount. My wisest
mentor elucidated this when she told me, metaphorically, that it would be a personal and
public insult for Luciano Pavarotti to claim he could sing a little….. res ipsa loquitur….

So I wrote this, initially as an anonymous biography at the behest of my friend, in order
to protect others (the anonymous stipulation) as he never sought “fame”, nor the
“infamy” that his past would have generated had it transpired during the computer /
internet age. It’s also time for the truth to come out now that the lid inadvertently blew
his cover on January 6, 2009 when one resourceful newspaper published his name,
proclaiming him a “hero” by the justice-seeking Attorney General of New York. My
friend and inspiring influence in my life, was Andrew Cuomo’s reluctant “hero” – and
this spurred him to tell all – the world deserved the truth, even though it painted him in a
less than noble light. He had never hurt anyone deliberately and became a “hero” by
virtue of a Federal Act that he was unaware of at the time. The Qui Tam – False Claims
Act or “Whistleblower” provision was inadvertently triggered because my friend was
equally appalled on two levels: first, as a recovering addict he had moral objections to the
systematic and now, we know nationwide abuse of a Medicaid grant provided to qualified
institutions to treat drug addicts and alcoholics. Second and more importantly concerned
his own status since he was on probation and his association as an employee of the
institution could put him in jail (again) for quite some time. He had no wish to return to
jail, having spent four years at the government’s pleasure which was anything but….he
told his lawyer about the scam to get advice from a legal and spiritual standpoint.

To cut to the chase – yeah you have to read the rest - on January 6, 2009 several US
publications denounced this now unsealed case and one of them (possibly using tactics
that would be quite useful to my friend a long, long time ago) revealed his name. This
NY publication called his lawyer repeatedly for unsuccessful interviews. But before you
get carpal tunnel from excessive back slapping and other self-congratulatory gestures –
New York Post, you asked, you persisted; you wanted an “interview” - so here’s your
opportunity for the fucking interview…but can you handle the truth? Because the

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following chapters are more than you ever bargained for; and, do your research; I have
and you will find the following chapters incontrovertible. You have no idea of the unique
story you are being offered…. But said offer lasts until year end.

* The DSM IV is the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders

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