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Ref: BL / TC /KKPM/1537

Date: Monday , November 9, 2009

Mr. Sundar
Dean Academic
Kalasalingam University
Krishnan Koil.

Dear Sir,

Firstly, we, at Blue Lotus, would like to thank you for the opportunity given to us to be your
Transformation Partner. Based on our discussions with you, please find attached the proposal for
Communication Skills Development Program and Aptitude for First Year Engineering students of your

Blue Lotus is an organization, which understands the issues faced by Students Planning for a serious
Career, and driven by wishes of so many of them who are well placed due to our efforts in the past. We
confidently state that we possess high level of Experience and Expertise, which has been acquired over
years of delivering several Skills Development Programs to more than 120,000 students in South India.
As a result, all our Courseware and Methodologies are research-based and aligned to Industry

We are sure that you will find our proposition match your Training requirements. However, should you
require any further clarifications, we are always available to provide more information. We look forward
to this engagement as beginning of a long-term relationship with you and your Institution.

We would also like to assure you of our commitment to do the very best and ensure that the students of
your Institution are well-groomed and prepared for their Career.

Once again, thank you for the opportunity to demonstrate our keen desire to be of service to you and the
Student Community.

We remain,
For Blue Lotus,

K. K. Palanivelmurugan
Understanding of Requirements
Based on our discussions, we understand that the Training requirement is to conduct Communication
Skills Development Program (CSDP) and Aptitude Training (AT) for the benefit of First Year
Engineering Students of your Institution.

Communication Skills Development Program

Service Level Objectives :
• To make Participants Present Effectively without Inhibitions.
• To Improve the Confidence Level of the Participants.
• To enhance the Verbal / Non Verbal Communication and Listening
Skills of the Participants.
• Empower Participants to overcome their Problems Individually by
• Help participants overcome Negative Experiences and reinstate
Positive Thoughts.

Service Level Deliverables :
• We will ensure Students gain Confidence by participating in
improve Confidence module and overcome Inhibitions through Ice
Breaking Sessions.
• We will ensure Students will understand that listening plays an
important role in Communication Skills.
• We will ensure Students understand the effective use of Body
Language and Expressions by Non Verbal Communication Exercises.
• We will ensure Students overcome difficult situations during
Public Speaking activities and over come Stage Fear.
• We will ensure Students will know the minute details required to
enhance one’s Verbal Communication by Verbal Communication
• We will ensure participants show signs of Positive Thinking and
remain optimistic even at tough times.

Aptitude Training

Service Level Objectives :
• Imbibe Logical Reasoning to make participants handle Aptitude Test.
• To enable the Students to prepare Numerical Reasoning, Analytical
Reasoning and Logical Reasoning.
Service Level Deliverables :
• We will ensure Students will gain awareness on handling Aptitude
Test of various Companies.
The exact Service Level Deliverables of the session will be finalized in consultation with the
concerned Staff and Students during the Project Definition Workshop before the session to
consolidate the actual content

Training Aspect Communication Skills Development Program / CST / AT

Homogeneous Grouping
123 Students (Approximately )
# of Students of Students into Groups of
in a batch
# of
Transformationalis 3 – 5 Members
# of Days # Hours Focus Area
5 33 Communication Skills / Aptitude

First Year Engineering:

The following Training Process would be followed to Train the First Year Students

Common Module of 2-days Communication Skills
Development Program for 123 First Year Students

Communication Skills  Confidence  Confidence  
Confidence  Communication Skills  Communication Skills 

Group-wise Individual module handling

Communication Skills Training / Aptitude Training Modules for 3 Days

Communication Skills  Confidence  Confidence  
Confidence  Communication Skills  Communication Skills 
Group-wise Individual module handling


The following are some of the prerequisites from the Institution in order to conduct our Programs
1. An Air Conditioned hall with a stage to seat 123 for Communication Skills
Development Program (CSDP) in individual chairs. The hall should be equipped with:
a. Powerful audio system (stereo with a CD player)
b. Microphone (1 Cordless) –2 Nos.
c. Tables –3 Nos.
d. White board with markers –3 Nos.
e. Dustbin
2. a. 2 halls for CSDP with audio systems and a stage to seat 41 in individual chairs
(with screens)
b. 3 halls for CST / AT with audio systems and a stage to seat 41 in individual chairs
(with screens)
3. Computer systems with power back-up – 2 Nos.
4. Printer –1 No.
5. LCD Projector with screens – 4 Nos.
6. Multi-point electrical distribution boxes – 5 Nos.
7. List of participants – 2 hard copies and 1 soft copy
8. CV of all participants with photographs
9. Box file with the name of the Institution for maintaining records – 1 per class
10. Tea for all the participants in the morning and evening
11. Transportation, boarding and lodging charges for the Blue Lotus team to be borne
by the Institution
12. Coordinators for electricity and audio system
Commercial Offer and Terms & Conditions

The approximate cost for executing Program as detailed in this proposal for First Year Engineering
Students is as below and subjected to all the Terms & Conditions in this section without any

Cost /
Days / Stren
Program Studen Cost
Hrs gth
Skills Development 5 / 33 1100 Rs.2000 Rs.22,00,000
Program / CST / AT
Total: Rupees; Twenty Two Lakhs Only Rs. 22,00,000

 Commercial Order to be placed on “Blue Lotus”, New # 21, IV Main Road, Anna Nagar,
Chennai – 600 040. 044 – 3240 5959.
 The total fees for the services should be made payable in the name of “Blue Lotus” by Demand
Draft (DD) payable at Chennai.
 The total fees should be paid as 50% in advance along with the order and the balance 50% within
2 working days after the project sign-off.
 Price quoted is valid only for 15 days from the date of this proposal.
 Blue Lotus reserves the right to withdraw present, as well as future services for failure of
payment by the college within the stipulated time.
 Once the order is placed, the total fees are fixed and binding and is not subject to the actual
number of participants at the time of intervention.
 An order can be cancelled by either party with a written notice of 7 working days with mutual
consent. However, 20% of the total order value will be payable as demurrages cost to “Blue
 The price quoted is exclusive of the cost of special equipments, which may be required to
conduct specialized modules, if such need is identified at the time of the Project Definition
 The training modules are the proprietary right of Blue Lotus, and reproduction of it, either in
part or full without prior approval amounts to a violation of the IPR clause.
 Engaging any of our faculties directly for handling any training subsequently, will amount to a
violation of the IPR clause and hence, the same should be avoided.