Keyboard Shortcuts Eclipse 3.

0 Default configuration
Edit Add Bookmark Add Task Content Assist Context Information Copy Custom Encoding Cut Delete Find and Replace Find Next Find Previous Incremental Completion Incremental Find Incremental Find Reverse ISO-8859-1 Encoding Paste Quick Diff Toggle Quick Fix Redo Restore Last Selection Revert to Saved Select All Select Enclosing Element Select Next Element Select Previous Element Shift Left Shift Right Show Tooltip Description System Encoding Toggle Insert Mode Undo File Close Close All Exit Export

Ctrl+Space Ctrl+Shift+Space Ctrl+C Ctrl+X Delete Ctrl+F Ctrl+K Ctrl+Shift+K Ctrl+J Ctrl+Shift+J Ctrl+V Ctrl+Shift+Q Ctrl+1 Ctrl+Y Alt+Shift+Down Ctrl+A Alt+Shift+Up Alt+Shift+Right Alt+Shift+Left F2 Ctrl+Shift+Insert Ctrl+Z Ctrl+W or Ctrl+F4 Ctrl+Shift+W or Ctrl+Shift+F4 Alt+F4

Import Move New New menu Open External File... Print Properties Refresh Rename Revert Save Save All Save As Navigate Back Backward History Forward Forward History Go Into Go to Line Go to Matching Bracket Go to Next Member Go to Package Go to Previous Member Go to Resource Go to Type Last Edit Location Next Open Call Hierarchy Open Declaration Open External Javadoc Open Resource Open Structure Open Super Implementation Open Type Open Type Hierarchy Open Type in Hierarchy Previous Quick Hierarchy Quick Outline Show In menu Show in Package Explorer Up

Ctrl+N Alt+Shift+N Ctrl+P Alt+Enter F5 F2 Ctrl+S Ctrl+Shift+S

Project Build All Build Clean Build Project Close Project Generate Javadoc Open Project Properties Rebuild All Rebuild Project Repeat Working Set Build Refactor - Java Change Method Signature Convert Anonymous Class to Nested Convert Local Variable to Field Encapsulate Field Extract Constant Extract Interface Extract Local Variable Extract Method Generalize Type Inline Introduce Factory Introduce Parameter Move Member Type to New File Move - Refactoring Pull Up Push Down Redo - Refactoring Refactor Quick Menu Rename - Refactoring Undo - Refactoring Use Supertype Where Possible Run Add Class Load Breakpoint Add Java Exception Breakpoint Debug... Debug Last Launched Display Execute Inspect Resume


Alt+Shift+C Alt+Shift+F

Alt+Left Alt+Right Ctrl+L Ctrl+Shift+P Ctrl+Shift+Down Ctrl+Shift+Up Ctrl+Q Ctrl+. Ctrl+Alt+H F3 Shift+F2 Ctrl+Shift+R Ctrl+F3 Ctrl+Shift+T F4 Ctrl+Shift+H Ctrl+, Ctrl+T Ctrl+O

Alt+Shift+L Alt+Shift+M Alt+Shift+I

Alt+Shift+V Alt+Shift+Y Alt+Shift+T Alt+Shift+R Alt+Shift+Z

F11 Ctrl+Shift+D Ctrl+U Ctrl+Shift+I F8 Page 1

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Run Last Launched Run Last Launched External Tool Run to Line Skip All Breakpoints Step Into Step Into Selection Step Over Step Return Suspend Terminate Toggle Breakpoint Toggle Method Breakpoint Toggle Step Filters Toggle Watchpoint Search Declaration in Hierarchy Declaration in Project Declaration in Working Set Declaration in Workspace Exception Occurrences File Search Implementors in Project Implementors in Working Set Implementors in Workspace Occurrences in File Open Search Dialog Read Access in Hierarchy Read Access in Project Read Access in Working Set Read Access in Workspace References in Hierarchy References in Project References in Working Set References in Workspace Referring Tests Write Access in Hierarchy Write Access in Project Write Access in Working Set Write Access in Workspace

Ctrl+F11 Ctrl+R F5 Ctrl+F5 F6 F7 Ctrl+Shift+B Shift+F5


Source Add Block Comment Add Constructors from Superclass Add Import Add Javadoc Comment Comment Externalize Strings Find Strings to Externalize Format Format Element Generate Constructor using Fields Generate Delegate Methods Generate Getters and Setters Indent Line Mark Occurrences Organize Imports Override/Implement Methods Remove Block Comment Remove Occurrence Annotations Sort Members Source Quick Menu Surround with try/catch Block Toggle Comment Uncomment Text Editing Collapse Copy Lines Cut Line Cut to Beginning of Line Cut to End of Line Delete Line Delete Next Delete Next Word Delete Previous Delete Previous Word Delete to Beginning of Line Delete to End of Line Duplicate Lines Expand Expand All Insert Line Above Current Line Insert Line Below Current Line Move Lines Down Move Lines Up

Ctrl+Shift+/ Ctrl+Shift+M Alt+Shift+J


Next Word Previous Word Scroll Line Down Scroll Line Up Select Next Word Select Previous Word Toggle Folding Toggle Overwrite To Lower Case To Upper Case Views Java Package Explorer Java Type Hierarchy Outline Problems Search Synchronize Window Activate Editor Close All Perspectives Close Perspective Customize Perspective Hide Editors Lock the Toolbars Maximize Active View or Editor Next Editor Next Perspective Next View Open Editor Drop Down Pin Editor Preferences Previous Editor Previous Perspective Previous View Reset Perspective Save Perspective As Show Ruler Context Menu Show Selected Element Only Show System Menu Show View Menu Switch to Editor

Ctrl+Right Ctrl+Left Ctrl+Down Ctrl+Up Ctrl+Shift+Right Ctrl+Shift+Left Ctrl+Numpad / Insert Ctrl+Shift+Y Ctrl+Shift+X Alt+Shift+Q, P Alt+Shift+Q, T Alt+Shift+Q, O Alt+Shift+Q, X Alt+Shift+Q, S Alt+Shift+Q, Y F12

Ctrl+I Alt+Shift+O Ctrl+Shift+O Ctrl+Shift+\ Alt+Shift+U Alt+Shift+S Ctrl+Shift+C or Ctrl+/

Ctrl+Shift+U Ctrl+H

Ctrl+Numpad Ctrl+Alt+Down

Ctrl+M Ctrl+F6 Ctrl+F8 Ctrl+F7 Ctrl+E Ctrl+Shift+F6 Ctrl+Shift+F8 Ctrl+Shift+F7 Ctrl+F10 Alt+Ctrl+F10 Ctrl+Shift+E

Ctrl+D Ctrl+Delete Ctrl+Backspace Ctrl+Alt+Up Ctrl+Numpad + Ctrl+Numpad * Ctrl+Shift+Enter Shift+Enter Alt+Down Alt+Up


© 2004 Jesper Kamstrup Linnet. Available at

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