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Keyboard Shortcuts Import Project

Move Build All Ctrl+B

Eclipse 3.0 New Ctrl+N Build Clean
Default configuration New menu Alt+Shift+N Build Project
Open External File... Close Project
Print Ctrl+P Generate Javadoc
Edit Properties Alt+Enter Open Project
Add Bookmark Refresh F5 Properties
Add Task Rename F2 Rebuild All
Content Assist Ctrl+Space Revert Rebuild Project
Context Information Ctrl+Shift+Space Save Ctrl+S Repeat Working Set Build
Copy Ctrl+C Save All Ctrl+Shift+S
Custom Encoding Save As Refactor - Java
Cut Ctrl+X Change Method Signature Alt+Shift+C
Delete Delete Navigate Convert Anonymous Class to
Find and Replace Ctrl+F Back Nested
Find Next Ctrl+K Backward History Alt+Left Convert Local Variable to Field Alt+Shift+F
Find Previous Ctrl+Shift+K Forward Encapsulate Field
Incremental Completion Forward History Alt+Right Extract Constant
Incremental Find Ctrl+J Go Into Extract Interface
Incremental Find Reverse Ctrl+Shift+J Go to Line Ctrl+L Extract Local Variable Alt+Shift+L
ISO-8859-1 Encoding Go to Matching Bracket Ctrl+Shift+P Extract Method Alt+Shift+M
Paste Ctrl+V Go to Next Member Ctrl+Shift+Down Generalize Type
Quick Diff Toggle Ctrl+Shift+Q Go to Package Inline Alt+Shift+I
Quick Fix Ctrl+1 Go to Previous Member Ctrl+Shift+Up Introduce Factory
Redo Ctrl+Y Go to Resource Introduce Parameter
Restore Last Selection Alt+Shift+Down Go to Type Move Member Type to New File
Revert to Saved Last Edit Location Ctrl+Q Move - Refactoring Alt+Shift+V
Select All Ctrl+A Next Ctrl+. Pull Up
Select Enclosing Element Alt+Shift+Up Open Call Hierarchy Ctrl+Alt+H Push Down
Select Next Element Alt+Shift+Right Open Declaration F3 Redo - Refactoring Alt+Shift+Y
Select Previous Element Alt+Shift+Left Open External Javadoc Shift+F2 Refactor Quick Menu Alt+Shift+T
Shift Left Open Resource Ctrl+Shift+R Rename - Refactoring Alt+Shift+R
Shift Right Open Structure Ctrl+F3 Undo - Refactoring Alt+Shift+Z
Show Tooltip Description F2 Open Super Implementation Use Supertype Where Possible
System Encoding Open Type Ctrl+Shift+T
Toggle Insert Mode Ctrl+Shift+Insert Open Type Hierarchy F4 Run
Undo Ctrl+Z Open Type in Hierarchy Ctrl+Shift+H Add Class Load Breakpoint
Previous Ctrl+, Add Java Exception Breakpoint
File Quick Hierarchy Ctrl+T Debug...
Close Ctrl+W or Ctrl+F4 Quick Outline Ctrl+O Debug Last Launched F11
Close All Ctrl+Shift+W or Show In menu Display Ctrl+Shift+D
Ctrl+Shift+F4 Show in Package Explorer Execute Ctrl+U
Exit Alt+F4 Up Inspect Ctrl+Shift+I
Export Resume F8

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Run Last Launched Ctrl+F11 Source Next Word Ctrl+Right
Run Last Launched External Add Block Comment Ctrl+Shift+/ Previous Word Ctrl+Left
Tool Add Constructors from Superclass Scroll Line Down Ctrl+Down
Run to Line Ctrl+R Add Import Ctrl+Shift+M Scroll Line Up Ctrl+Up
Skip All Breakpoints Add Javadoc Comment Alt+Shift+J Select Next Word Ctrl+Shift+Right
Step Into F5 Comment Select Previous Word Ctrl+Shift+Left
Step Into Selection Ctrl+F5 Externalize Strings Toggle Folding Ctrl+Numpad /
Step Over F6 Find Strings to Externalize Toggle Overwrite Insert
Step Return F7 Format Ctrl+Shift+F To Lower Case Ctrl+Shift+Y
Suspend Format Element To Upper Case Ctrl+Shift+X
Terminate Generate Constructor using Fields
Toggle Breakpoint Ctrl+Shift+B Generate Delegate Methods Views
Toggle Method Breakpoint Generate Getters and Setters Java Package Explorer Alt+Shift+Q, P
Toggle Step Filters Shift+F5 Indent Line Ctrl+I Java Type Hierarchy Alt+Shift+Q, T
Toggle Watchpoint Mark Occurrences Alt+Shift+O Outline Alt+Shift+Q, O
Organize Imports Ctrl+Shift+O Problems Alt+Shift+Q, X
Search Override/Implement Methods Search Alt+Shift+Q, S
Declaration in Hierarchy Remove Block Comment Ctrl+Shift+\ Synchronize Alt+Shift+Q, Y
Declaration in Project Remove Occurrence Annotations Alt+Shift+U
Declaration in Working Set Sort Members Window
Declaration in Workspace Ctrl+G Source Quick Menu Alt+Shift+S Activate Editor F12
Exception Occurrences Surround with try/catch Block Close All Perspectives
File Search Toggle Comment Ctrl+Shift+C or Ctrl+/ Close Perspective
Implementors in Project Uncomment Customize Perspective
Implementors in Working Set Hide Editors
Implementors in Workspace Text Editing Lock the Toolbars
Occurrences in File Ctrl+Shift+U Collapse Ctrl+Numpad - Maximize Active View or Editor Ctrl+M
Open Search Dialog Ctrl+H Copy Lines Ctrl+Alt+Down Next Editor Ctrl+F6
Read Access in Hierarchy Cut Line Next Perspective Ctrl+F8
Read Access in Project Cut to Beginning of Line Next View Ctrl+F7
Read Access in Working Set Cut to End of Line Open Editor Drop Down Ctrl+E
Read Access in Workspace Delete Line Ctrl+D Pin Editor
References in Hierarchy Delete Next Preferences
References in Project Delete Next Word Ctrl+Delete Previous Editor Ctrl+Shift+F6
References in Working Set Delete Previous Previous Perspective Ctrl+Shift+F8
References in Workspace Ctrl+Shift+G Delete Previous Word Ctrl+Backspace Previous View Ctrl+Shift+F7
Referring Tests Delete to Beginning of Line Reset Perspective
Write Access in Hierarchy Delete to End of Line Save Perspective As
Write Access in Project Duplicate Lines Ctrl+Alt+Up Show Ruler Context Menu Ctrl+F10
Write Access in Working Set Expand Ctrl+Numpad + Show Selected Element Only
Write Access in Workspace Expand All Ctrl+Numpad * Show System Menu Alt+-
Insert Line Above Current Line Ctrl+Shift+Enter Show View Menu Ctrl+F10
Insert Line Below Current Line Shift+Enter Switch to Editor Ctrl+Shift+E
Move Lines Down Alt+Down
Move Lines Up Alt+Up

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