Hi! I’m Michael Rosen, a multiple award-winning Senior Copywriter with over 15 years experience working in all media at agencies in San Francisco and London, as well as in-house. I hope you’ll enjoy looking at a few examples of my work on the following pages. Contact me at rosenwriter@gmail.com or 415-695-7704.

These are the agencies I’ve worked for: San Francisco Cohn & Wells Euro RSCG Foote, Cone & Belding Direct West Kessler Pacific London Burnett Associates Joshua (Grey Integrated) Sheard Thomson Harris Streets Financial And some awards my work has won: British Direct Marketing Awards MIXX Awards Echo Awards John Caples International Finalist Pioneer Awards Professional Fundraising Awards International Fundraising Workshop Awards

And these are some of my clients: Bank of America Barclays Global Investors (iShares) Blue Shield of California GE San Francisco Zoo Varilux Visa Washington Mutual Bank Wells Fargo Women’s Initiative Working Assets Long Distance YMCA of San Francisco UK AirMiles Autodesk Barclays Bank, Barclays Stockbrokers Cable & Wireless Greenpeace UK Insight Investment (Royal Bank of Scotland) FTSE London Eye Norwich & Peterborough (S&L) Royal Mail Zurich Bank

Working Assets Long Distance
rosenwriter@ gmail.com 415-695-7704

DM, print ads and flyers for the socially-aware telephone company. A percentage of the bill is forwarded to progressive causes, and the bills double as political newsletters.

Any company can tell you what’s wrong with today’s investment market.

Plan B. Insight’s Accelerated Investment Plan.
After years of poor market returns, your clients need a plan that works if there’s a recovery and works if there isn’t. Insight Investment’s new Accelerated Investment Plan. Over its six-year term, it multiplies any FTSE 100 recovery by five (up to a maximum return of 70%) with full capital repayment unless the FTSE 100 falls by half. And if recovery’s even quicker than expected, the investment gains will be cashed in early. So whatever path the markets take, at least you now have a plan. Call us on 0845 600 1787 for an information pack, or visit www.insightinvestment.com

But only Insight offers you Loss Limiter.

No-one can stop markets from falling. But unlike other companies, Insight helps lessen the pain if they do. If your investment drops below a set level, our unique Loss Limiter is automatically triggered – and your money transferred to a lower risk fund. Which means that even in today’s markets, Insight investments have some peace of mind built in from the start. For more information please contact your financial adviser. Alternatively, call Insight on 0845 777 2233 quoting TBB or visit www.insightinvestment.com.

The value of investments and the income from them can fall as well as rise and you might not get back the amount invested. Ful details of the l nature of Insight's Accelerated Investment Plan, the risks associated with it and the commitment required are described in theKey Features Document. Issued by Insight Investment Funds Management Limited. Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Services Authority.Calls may be recorded. This advert is aimed at Investment Professionals and should not be used or relied upon by private investors.

Loss Limiter is only available in certain circumstances - please see our Key Features document for further details. If Loss Limiter is triggered, your investment is still at risk. The value of investments and the income from them can fall as well as rise and you may not get back the amount invested. Issued by Insight Investment FundsManagement Limited. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. Calls may be recorded.

Insight Investment (part of Royal Bank of Scotland), UK
rosenwriter@ gmail.com 415-695-7704

Two print ads from a huge multimedia campaign launching and branding this stockbroking arm of a leading UK bank. The launch coincided with the last stock market bust; much of our messaging addressed this directly.

iShares, from Barclays Global Investors
rosenwriter@ gmail.com 415-695-7704

iShares are exchange-traded funds, allowing professional and individual investors easy access to precise markets. For over two years I wrote their emails and online advertising, including static and animated banners, as well as chunks of their website. Ask for more samples!

It’s checking, with everything on it.
Welcome to WaMu Protection Plus

What if your bills could pay themselves?

Washington Mutual
rosenwriter@ gmail.com 415-695-7704

For nearly three years, I wrote DM, collateral, ads, banners and more for WaMu’s retail banking, home loans and credit card divisions. I have many more samples, from all of these sectors, that I can send you–don’t hesitate to ask.

Dreams come true with the new Better Homes and Gardens Rewards MasterCard
l Home and garden rewards and gift cards l Cooking seminars and other exclusive events l Discounts up to 50% on home products l Access to prescreened contractors and more


It’s the stuff dream homes are made of.

Apply at BHGMasterCard.com or call 1.800.555.5555 now!
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Better Homes and Gardens / WaMu
rosenwriter@ gmail.com 415-695-7704

As well as writing copy for existing WaMu customers, I helped WaMu to pitch for new credit card affinity partners. These ad concepts are part of a pitch that WaMu made for the proposed Better Homes and Gardens rewards credit card.

Greenpeace UK
rosenwriter@ gmail.com 415-695-7704

Greenpeace UK was probably my most rewarding client of all. Almost every mailer and ad doubled as a piece of campaign literature. Above are sections of a mailer raising funds and awareness to fight the destructive trade in mahogany.

Help the Aged, UK
rosenwriter@ gmail.com 415-695-7704

Parts of two fundraising mailers. Bottom left and center raised money for Alzheimer’s Disease research, with an endorsement from Dame Judi Dench; top and bottom right are part of a pack requesting funds to help isolated seniors get together with others during the holidays.

At Women’s Initiative, our vision is that every woman will know that she has the power to build assets, provide for her family, and achieve prosperity. No woman who has a viable idea for a small business, or the determination to pursue that idea by participating in a thorough business training program, will ever have to face economic insecurity again. If you share our vision, please join us.

An investment that transforms entire communities starts with you

1398 Valencia Street San Francisco, CA 94110 tel: (415) 641–3460 fax: (415) 826–1885 WomensInitiative.org InvestorsForGood.org


Women’s Initiative, San Francisco
rosenwriter@ gmail.com 415-695-7704

Women’s Initiative is an admired and successful non-profit that runs training courses for women living in poverty, helping them to start and run their own businesses. I had the privilege of writing many of their fundraising pieces and other collateral for more than two years.

Zurich Bank UK
rosenwriter@ gmail.com 415-695-7704

Zurich Bank aggressively marketed itself as a more rewarding alternative to Britain’s Big Four high street banks, using ads and mailers like these. I also wrote a number of mailers for its insurance division.


Get the card that brings you the world’s greatest entertainment rewards
20th Century Fox brought you new classic movies like Titanic, Alien, The Devil Wears Prada and Juno— and great TV shows like King of the Hill, Arrested Development and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Now, Fox offers you another hit release: the new Fox Entertainment Rewards Visa card. Use the card and earn rewards like visits to Fox TV sets, VIP studio tours, tickets to award shows and other once-in-a-lifetime experiences— like getting yourself written into an episode of Family Guy! Or, use your points for top-of-the-line home theater equipment, DVDs, and movie memorabilia. You can choose from travel, shopping and dining rewards, too. And you even get to pick a card design that features your favorite Fox show or movie. Now, that’s entertainment!

Fox / WaMu
rosenwriter@ gmail.com 415-695-7704

Another affinity project for Washington Mutual credit cards: the new Fox Entertainment Rewards Credit Card. Media included DM and online.

Lexus Pursuits Visa card / WaMu
rosenwriter@ gmail.com 415-695-7704

WaMu’s Lexus Pursuits Visa card offered cardholders the chance to earn Lexus rewards, including a new Lexus. Here I positioned the card as the key to your next Lexus, accelerating your ownership dreams.

Wells Fargo rewards credit cards
rosenwriter@ gmail.com 415-695-7704

Newsletters, activation DM, cross-sell and more for Wells Fargo’s range of credit card rewards programs.

Norwich & Peterborough, UK (Savings and Loans)
rosenwriter@ gmail.com 415-695-7704

This work won our agency the business for this British S&L. A dramatic departure in look and tone, we focused on the benefits of the organization’s proud lack of shareholders.

San Francisco Zoo
rosenwriter@ gmail.com 415-695-7704

This was fun. Part of an invitation a few years ago to a fundraising dinner for a new $1million “Jungle On Wheels” habitat, designed to make the wild cats feel more comfortable at San Francisco Zoo.

Varilux lenses
rosenwriter@ gmail.com 415-695-7704

Marketing to optometrists, the piece on the left was a striking full-page ad, while the right was a flyer incentivizing Varilux sales, offering entries into a drawing to win a vacation.

Blue Shield of California
rosenwriter@ gmail.com 415-695-7704

A postcard mailer for one product and part of a DM pack for another, these are two of a number of projects I wrote for Blue Shield of California while working at Cohn & Wells in San Francisco.

rosenwriter@ gmail.com 415-695-7704

I wrote a lot of AutoCAD’s British print ads and collateral a few years ago. AutoCAD are world leaders in computer-aided design software for architects.

The London Abovetheground.
ba-london eye com
No delays, no congestion, all zones. There’s less waiting mid-week – and you can book online.

The no-rush hour.
ba-london eye com
There’s less waiting mid-week – and you can book online.

The eye at night.
ba-london eye com
See the entire city from the Eye. There’s less waiting in the evenings – and you can book online.

The London Eye, UK
rosenwriter@ gmail.com 415-695-7704

London’s most popular tourist attraction, the British Airways London Eye, carries visitors high above the city. These billboards and online banners, some playing on the name and dodgy reputation of the London Underground transit system, advertised crowd-free ways to travel.

YMCA San Francisco
rosenwriter@ gmail.com 415-695-7704

Right here in San Francisco there are plenty of kids who don’t have a chance of taking even a short vacation. This YMCA mailer asked for $57 to offer one child a place at a three-day YMCA summer camp.

Michael Rosen, Senior Copywriter
rosenwriter@ gmail.com 415-695-7704

Give me a call at 415-695-7704, or drop me a line anytime at rosenwriter@gmail.com. I look forward to hearing from you!

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