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Improving Knowledge and Decision Support
for Healthy Lifestyles
The HEALTH PLUS project intends to design, develop and validate a HEALTH
PLUS system to become a leading web-based weight control, food intake moni-
tor, lifestyle assistant and certified information provider positioned on the
European market of ICT- based e-Health systems and services.

Objectives of the project • Support to healthcare and nutritional professionals
producing tailored nutritional plans, providing specia-
Overweight and obesity are increasing at an alarming
lized counselling for efficient weight control and lifes-
rate in Europe and become a major public health pro-
tyle management.
• In EU nearly 200 million citizens are affected.
• Obesity involves an important economic cost esti-
Project Description
mated to 2 % to 8 % of the healthcare expenses. • The platform will provide the target users with a
tool, based on personalized information on nutritio-
• All EU countries face a growing need for effective
nal plans, to assist a complete process of changing
therapeutic management of weight control and heal-
their lifestyle.
thy lifestyle.
The HEALTH PLUS platform includes:
The HEALTH PLUS project is aiming at filling this gap
through the active support to healthcare and nutritional • A trustworthy context for information connec-
professionals involved in weight control and lifestyle ting nutrition, health, lifestyle;
management and in prevention initiatives by providing: • A knowledge management system for clinical
• Assessment of nutritional habits of target citizens’ / and scientific information sharing among health pro-
patients’ groups. fessionals and researchers;
• Certified and localized scientific information on food • Nutritional plan builder for healthcare and nutri-
composition and lifestyle management. tional professionals to support the user in defining
and implementing a personal nutrition plan;
• Support to examine the patient’s clinical profile, and
matching clinical data with nutritional and lifestyle • Feedback to healthcare and nutritional pro-
habits. fessionals and other users about the effectiveness
of undertaken actions
• Tools for non-healthcare stakeholders involved
in industries, education and lifestyle change support.

User Scenarios
• Research scenario: serves researchers in defining and implementing dietary intake surveys among different
population groups to evaluate dietary habits and their current trends in a territory.
• Operative scenario: supports health professionals in their treatment of patients from the nutritional point
of view. Based on data collection (clinical data, dietary, psychological and physical activity data) individual
nutrition support is defined.
• Promotional scenario: provides functionality dedicated to the general public to collect information about heal-
thy lifestyle and nutrition, analyze personal nutritional behaviour and receive relevant nutritional feedback.
• Knowledge scenario: is intended to be used by researchers, nutritional specialists to search, store and
share information on nutritional topics.

The added value of system creates several innovative software functions:
• A sophisticated advisor for healthy lifestyle and physical activity HEALTH PLUS
plan builder Improving knowledge and
Decision support for Healthy
• A semi-automatic nutrition plan builder Lifestyles
• Psychosocial suppor t tools and self-assessment tools
Project co-ordinator:
• PDA and mobile device suppor t IDS Scheer CR
• A smar t search tool Contact person:
Milena Hrbackova
There are three pilots in HEALTH PLUS project to validate the final
Tel: +420 543524630
system platform:
Fax: +420 543524601
Charles University in Prague, performing research of CVD diseases Email:
accompanying overweight and obesity for all age groups, plans to validate
the HEALTH PLUS platform on a population of obese and over- Website:,
weight patients in cooperation with the MediSpo centre serving to
patients in the prevention and treatment of metabolic diseases.
Agricultural University of Krakow, performing research in the area Par tners:
of human nutrition, will focus on Polish young people aged from 10 to • Charles University in Prague
(Czech Republic)
18 aiming at evaluation of nutritional status, theoretical nutritional
• Agricultural University of Krakow
knowledge, actual food intake, nutritional habits and lifestyles, average
energy and nutrient intake of the subjects.They will analyze relationships
• Information Communications EPIS
between dietary patterns & lifestyles and overweight / obesity incidence Ltd. (Greece)
and contribute to integrated national prevention strategies in Poland. • University of Parma (Italy)
University of Parma, active in human nutrition research, will validate • World Match Ltd. (Malta)
the HEALTH PLUS concept and platform among children aged from • R&S Info s.r.l. (Italy)
6 to 12 by assessing children eating and lifestyle habits, implementing • ISH Ltd. (Hungary)
corrective measures targeting all children in a given environment in • Quality & Reliability S.A. (Greece)
general and overweight children in particular and assessing the results of • Professional Clinical Software
the corrective measures implemented. GmbH (Austria)

Timetable: from 01/06 – to 02/08

Expected Results & Impacts Total cost: € 3.772.331
The HEALTH PLUS project potential impact lies in contributing to EC funding: € 2.200.000
the fight against overweight, obesity and unhealthy lifestyle through the
establishment of a knowledge and decision support systems especially Instrument: STREP
targeted for patient-focused weight prevention and healthy lifestyle
Project Identifier:
information and counselling. IST-2004-027126
In this way the system aims to offer a solution to one of the main socie-
tal and economic problems of the EU, to improve the level of health care
systems by the provision of advanced services and to boost the research
in the field of human nutrition and lifestyle management.
The project especially refers to the chance of creating a new strategy for Keywords:
better healthcare treatment and to promote the centrality of patient in
medical care; it also grants best practices for state, regional and local knowledge technology,
authorities in dealing and modernising the healthcare system. information management,
agent technology,
weight control,
lifestyle management