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Paige Thomas

18 Edward Bailey Close, Binley, Coventry CV3 2LZ

02477981913 07961490342
Throughout my time of university i have thoroughly enjoyed most aspects of what my course
entailed me to do. I am able to write scripts, short stories that are then later developed into short
lms, and i am now focusing more time looking into the photography side of media production as
this is where i have my keen interest for.
Adobe Photoshop- advanced level

Adobe illustrator- experienced level

Video editing- advanced level

Script writing- advanced level

Website design- experienced level

Photography- advanced level

Logo and advert design- advanced level

Self employed have my own business specialising in Photography and media.


Three years studying BA Media Production at Coventry University, allowed me to gain the
relevant experience to then be able to produce my own work to a high professional standard.
Demonstrated the use of editing and technical skills when producing new media productions.

Working at one of the worlds largest banks HSBC and being given the opportunity to make and
produce some of the advertising for the company to use within the bank.

Setting up my own Photography Business named Creative Capture and gaining cliental that i
have produced profession looking photographs for. On going growth of clients and more work
offers coming in on a daily basis.


Have spent time establishing and setting up my own self employed business which i had to take
the time to make a business plan to establish what my intensions were and where i would like my
business to go. My business has been named Creative Capture, This i feel represents what i do
within the business. The logo for the business was also designed by myself and is visually
stimulating to look at as well as professional looking for the business.

Worked along side a local charity to help raise awareness and money by taking photographs
and recording lm. Coventry Saracens a local rugby club in Binley, Coventry approached and
asked for photographs to be taken, these photographs then went on to be used on a website i
had put together for the club.

Arranged a charity football match with others to raise money for Teenage Cancer trust and was
the individual in charge or ticket making and web design for the day. Also made advertisements
that was then put up around coventry to attract attention an increase ticket sales. On the day of
the match i recorded and then edited the day being made into a short lm to then be placed on
sale with all proceeds going to charity.

Consulted with clients to establish dates in which to take photographs of whoever they wished to
have the images on. Have produced images of new born babies, elderly people to football
presentation nights.


Through out my time at university i have had the pleasure of working alone or individually,
producing some work that i have been very proud to showcase to target audiences that they are
produced for. The work i have produced have been from a variety of different media elds from
photography to short lm and documentary. I am an avid lm enthusiast- studyingmedia
production and all of its aspectsfor a number ofyears and I am still currently increasing my
knowledge on a day-to-day basis by experimenting and working on various projects. All are lmed
and edited by myself.

ADDICTION This is my nished product for my Final media piece. It is a representation of a

music video but also has the aspects of a hard hitting moral of the story and a dark theme, I
wanted to create something that would be visually stimulating as well as something that was also
informative to the target audience. I did not want to go for the stereotypical short lm for example
a love story or Rom Com, i wanted my nal production to be something i have never done or
tried before, this being a music video i have been able to produce something i am proud to show
and i feel it represents modern society and how easy to get and common drug use is today.
I was fortunate enough to have the music produced specically for my theme of work and it was
made by a very talented producer Ranj Dhami, Who has in fact made the track available online
to purchase.

REMAKE PULP FICTION As one of our tasks while studying Media Production as a group we
were asked to remake Pulp Fiction and make it into our own style something that we could then
show to the rest of the group. This is the end product that had been edited and made into
something as a group we thought represented our style of work well and stimulating to view.

SHOWREEL This media piece is a collective of all the work i had previously done and taken part
of in my second year at University, I feel it represents my work in a way that is enjoyable to watch
as well as shows the key parts of the lm work i have really stood out at and made to a high

CINEMATIC CITY This short lm was created and edited by myself and was used to represent
something in the place we live in and call home, the brief was to create something to a
cinematography representation of the city and this is the end product i had produced.

GIRL WITH HANDS RAISEDThis was a short lm that portrayed the representation of a
photograph by Oskar Koloschka it was made to show what we as a group had taken from the
photograph and then put a narrative to the image to create a short lm.The lm was then made
into a story as we had made up what we as a group thought was the events leading up to the
image that the photograph represented.This was our end production and our representation of
what we thought the narrative behind the photograph would be..