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Prescription opioid painkillers are responsible for more fatal
overdoses in the U.S. than heroin and cocaine combined, according to
a new study out of Brandeis University.
Opioid painkillers include prescription narcotics such as like Vicodin
(hydrocodone), OxyContin (oxycodone), Opana (oxymorphone) and methodone.
An epidemic of prescription drug abuse is devastating American
families and draining state and federal time, money and manpower, Rep.
Hal Rogers (R-Ky.), chairman of the House Appropriations Committee,
said in a press release.
The authors recommended that prescription drug monitoring programs
shift from a reactive to a proactive approach by actions such as
collecting prescribing data for all controlled substances, sending
alerts about possible abuse to physicians and pharmacists, analyzing
trend data to help law enforcement agencies identify pill mills that
illicitly distribute prescription painkillers.
Below is a presentation from the Pew Health Group (which funded
the study) that lays out the extent of the problem:
DEA, 2010
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
The medical and pharmaceutical industries prey on the ignorance of
people to convince them to be on their medications like Valtrex.
That is the truth, plain and simple. Anti-bodies really should be
called Pro-bodies when they are produced naturally, because they are
for or to help the body, not against (anti.) Now, if the body is
tricked into producing antibodies by adding antigens injected into
the blood stream to generate an antibody response, then are we getting
a true measure of the antibodies by these blood tests? Are these
antibodies always going to show up on their tests to produce false
positives? Is that their goal? And what about the adjuvants that are
added. If an adjuvant such as Squalene has been introduced into the
bloodstream, then the bodys own immune system will attack itself,
causing an auto immune disease which we are seeing a lot of today -
especially in regard to HIV. Many of the health issues we see today are
really an artificially implanted auto immune response from the body and
misdiagnosed as something different.
Here is some very good reading in regard to this topic. Included is a
quote from Andreas Moritzs book, Vaccine-nation, poisoning the
population one shot at a time:
The fact is that in order to create natural and real immunity to
disease, a pathogen must provoke the complete inflammatory and immune
response. This is a complex response that resonates throughout
the bodys equally complex immune system. When this happens naturally,
the body acquires life-long immunity to a particular germ. But for this
to happen, the pathogen must pass through natural channels, from
outside to inside. For instance, the pathogen must pass from the
respiratory system or through the saliva or skin and then to the other
organs involved in filtering it out such as the mucus membranes,
thymus, liver and spleen.
Vaccines do not do this. Instead, they completely bypass the outside-
to-inside process by being directly injected, thereby failing to
provoke the full immune response.
By injecting a live but attenuated virus, parts of a virus or a dead
virus, vaccines trick the immune system into releasing antibodies
against a particular pathogen. This shortcut, as it were, is what
vaccine theory is based on and is seriously flawed.
For instance, it was only later discovered that the immune system is
composed of two parts. While one part is active, it suppresses the
other part and vice-versa. Artificially stimulating one part of the
system to produce antibodies abnormally inhibits the other part of the
system and thus throws the entire immunological response out of gear.
One of the major repercussions of this is that the body sometimes
begins to produce antibodies that attack its own cells, thus
creating an autoimmune disease. At least thats the theory behind such
autoimmune disorders; but I will offer a slightly different
explanation below. The organ that is affected depends on which tissues
are attacked by the antibodies.
Note: Again, it really doesnt matter what your tests results are