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Social Media Strategic Plan for Robert Haack Diamonds:

This plan has been created for the purpose of advancing the social media pages of Robert
Haack Diamonds, a client of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.
. !ncrease social media traffic
". #reate new customer base from social fans
$. Turn Robert Haack Diamonds into a brand that is thriving on social media instead of
%ust e&isting
Overarching Social Strategy:
Turn Robert Haack Diamonds into a brand that has a strong voice on social media that
is concise and helps to advance the stores brand and customer involvement.
How the Contract ill ork:
'ach month, (ret will receive a different strateg) document about the overall strateg) of
that month to come. That strateg) document will come out on the *
of each month +or
a da) or two earlier if it lands on a weekend,. This strateg) document will alwa)s have
the same format and the same basic information.
-rom there, (ret will be asked to come into the Journal to walk through all of the different
parts of the strateg). This is where input will come into pla). Two da)s after that
meeting, a second version of the strateg) will be sent out to all parties. .fter this second
strateg) is sent out, there will be one last round of changes and then it will be finali/ed
for the month.
(efore we can e&plore our ob%ectives, there are a few ground floor things that can be
done to advance the social media brand0
. Send e0mail to all customers on the Robert Haack Diamonds e0mail list0 .sk each of
the people on the e0mail list to follow the page. !nside the e0mail, point them to a landing
page that will have them like the facebook page to receive a coupon. This coupon will be
open to an)one that is alread) on the page. This is a great wa) to interact with )our
users and reward them for being on the page. !t also will create a new wa) of tracking
)our involvement
". .sk people what the) want to see on the page1 .sking )our followers what the) would
like to see on the facebook page will help to see what content we should be creating.
2la)ing into fans needs helps to show that the brand reall) cares about those on the
page and wants to help learn about the fans needs.
3nce these two steps are done, we will be able to move forward with defining content
and content needs.
"dvancing Objective # in Month #:
$ncrease Social Media %raffic:
Pros!ective amo&nt of fans added in this month: "44
%actic #: Monthly content !&shes:
Possible content !&sh ideas: .cadem) .wards1 Show pieces of %ewelr)
like the stars wear. 3ffer a percentage off of all of the pieces that are on
trend with those on the red carpet1 create a photo album with all of the
pieces like what the stars are wearing and then offer 567 off the price in
the week after the award ceremon) if )ou print out a code word from
Practical "!!lication: #reating these albums will make )our page
content strong. 2osting content that ties directl) to the store will help to
advance the brand on social media. This is what )our competitors that are
sociall) successful are doing
%actic (: Market )vents in the Store:
'&lfillment: (ret will send #aroline a list of events that will be happening
in store that month. .n) event that is happening will be turned into a
facebook event. #aroline will build out said events and then create
content to promote each of the events in 8uestion. 2ossible events could
include0 trunk shows, Southridge 2romotion, et al
Practical "!!lication: !nviting people to facebook events will remind
them that the) wanted to attend something that is happening in store.
This will help to advance the brand in the e)es of the consumers
%actic *: Cross Promote:
'&lfillment: -or ever) post that is made on the Robert Haack Diamonds
facebook page, we will create a separate post that can also be used on
the twitter page. This will help to build both audiences and promote
people coming and checking out multiple social mediums.
Practical "!!lication: 2romoting across multiple pages will help to
advance the demographics targeted and gain more overall followers
"dvancing Objective ( in Month #:
Creating a new c&stomer base from social fans:
%actic #: Promote the Store+ C&rrent Cam!aigns:
'&lfillment: .n)thing that is happening in the store should also be promoted on
social media. -or e&ample, (ret and 9ori will send #aroline all of the print ads
that are running for the month that include some form of a sale. #aroline will turn
all of this into images that can be shared on the facebook page and twitter to
drive customers into the store. 2romoting the store itself on social media will help
advance the brand in the minds of consumers
Practical "!!lication: Some of the people on )our social media might not see
these sales in the mediums that the) are currentl) being promoted in. :e want to
make sure that the) are all engaged and interested.
%actic (: Promote the ,ewelry:
'&lfillment: Did someone come in a bu) a piece of %ewelr); .sk them to share a
picture of it on social media. #aroline will find all of these pictures across the
different mediums and put them into an album. ! will also then tag the people that
have bought %ewelr) so that the) can share with their friends.
The same should go with when new pieces come into the store. :hen a new
piece comes in, (ret will send #aroline pictures and descriptions of the piece.
#aroline will post that piece on social media and also put it into a photo album so
that it will forever live on the page.
Practical "!!lication: .ll content should be driven b) things that are in the store
instead of things that are ma)be %ust interesting. The %ewelr) is the reason wh)
people should come to )our store, so wh) not promote it;
%actic *: Create a Call to "ction:
'&lfillment: :hen writing posts, we will make sure to alwa)s have a call to
action included in them. #all to actions will include things like reminding people to
come to the store and see the %ewelr) in person or driving them to the website to
get them involved with other posts.
Practical "!!lication: .t times, prospective customers don<t see the link
between the store and the social media page. Reminding them will help to
advance the customers that come into the store from social media.
"dvancing Objective * in Month #:
%&rn the Robert Haack Diamonds brand into a brand that thrives in social media
instead of j&st e-isting
%actic #: Make Social )asy:
'&lfillment: #aroline will set (ret up with a dashboard account so that he can
learn how to schedule out posts and not %ust post adnauseum. The dashboard
will help to see all of the things that are happening on social media and will
promote an educated view of the best practices.
Practical "!!lication: 9earning about the importance of scheduling will help to
show how man) posts per da) is best through a concrete measuring s)stem.
This will also help to advance the best practices that we are e&ploring with this
social media campaign= contract.
%actic (: Create a Social Media .oice:
'&lfillment: #aroline will work to craft a social media voice that will be able to be
carried through all of the different social channels. :e will walk through the
importance of that voice at our strateg) meetings monthl) and figure out wa)s to
advance that voice or how we can change it to match the customer<s needs.
Practical "!!lication: Having a defined voice is !M2'R.T!>' to social media
success. :ithout this voice, the social media looks as if it is unplanned,
unprofessional and will not be able to succeed at the level that is re8uired to be
deemed successful.