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Client Digital Publishing and Brand Communication Services
Brands will need to become Mastheads in the digital world and the
power of companies will be the power of their digital dialogues.

Mastering the Digital space is critically dependent on direct
dialogues with customers, stakeholders and business partners.

Funded by e-Infochips and Indian Angels Network’s Rajan
Anandan and Puneet Vatsayan

“The issue in brand communications is no longer about how many people see you but how
many talk to you. The Digital Spaces on the web and mobile present companies the
opportunity for direct conversations with clients, customers and stakeholders without third
party inter-mediation or interpretation.

Second, people gather directly around the content of the brand. Most importantly, in the
years ahead, companies and brands will measure customer engagement by the audiences
they gather directly, the manner in which they respond directly to the community and the
extent to which they are able to directly arm their customers with first hand information.”

Digilogue Communications ( ) is India’s first comprehensive, integrated
digital brand publishing and communications service.


Digilogue Communications is promoted by media and communications professional, Supriyo
Gupta. The digital services foray is being funded by e-infochips and Indian Angel’s Network’s
Rajan Anandan and Puneet Vatsayan. The Client Digital Publishing and Brand Management
Services market is the fastest growing marketing communications sphere.


Digilogue Communications has over a short time worked on complex brand communications,
business networking and community development projects for the largest names in Indian
Media, Energy Companies, Global Foundations, Defence Companies and Companies in
Travel. The projects include an online crisis communications & reputation management programme
for a media conglomerate(which entailed SEM, SEO, SERP & SERM), online community
development & management programme for Shell Foundation (which entailed building facebook
community & application, blog management other other social media formats), development of
a global microsite on Indoor Air Pollution and online link building and business alliances of TripAdvisor
with over 1000 hotels in the country.


Digilogue Communications is being staffed over the next year with over a hundred software
developers, web designers, graphic artists, brand specialists, business strategists, content
writers to provide clients the power of a digital media house. Digilogue has also tied up with
companies engaged in development of mobile applications, blue tooth, animation, content
sourcing and video and audio content.


Digilogue services comprise Digital Content Publishing Services, Social Media Marketing,
Online Public Relations, Digital CRM, Online Video Broadcasting Services, Mobile Marketing
& Outreach, Online Brand Building, Search Marketing and Corporate Internet services.


Digilogue uniquely brings together brand communications, creative content and technology
providers through alliances and partnerships that would provide clients the strategy, creative
content and technology solutions at one service location.

Digital Dialogues is a Universal Digital Content Publishing & Broadcasting service.

SUPRIYO GUPTA is a leading communications consultant with over a decade of experience
in journalism and over a dozen years of public relations consulting to India’s leading
companies and a host of Fortune 500 firms. Over the past decade, he has built two leading
public relations firm, including Torque Communications.

E-INFOCHIPS is led by Pratul Shroff who brings his formidable definition, vision and
architecture skills to each project. E-Infochips is an IP driven Spec-to-Silicon-to-System
solutions company, all under the one roof. eInfochips’ Headquarters are Ahmedabad, India
while the USA headquarters are at Sunnyvale, CA . He has worked for 9 years at Intel and
Daisy Systems. At Intel, he was one of the designers of the 80186 chip, fountainhead of the
PC era.

INDIAN ANGEL NETWORK is India’s first & largest Angel network with successful
entrepreneurs and high profile CEOs interested in investing in early stage businesses across
India, which have potential to create disproportionate value.

PUNEET VATSAYAN is a serial entrepreneur, international business executive, and mentor.
Prior to founding Mobera Systems, Puneet co-founded a venture-backed company in Silicon

RAJAN ANANDAN is an active angel investor in the US and in India. Rajan focuses on early
stage investments in education, clean technology, internet, software and healthcare. Rajan,
who is investing in his personal capacity, is currently the Managing Director of Microsoft
India. Prior to joining Microsoft Rajan was the Vice President and Country General Manager
of Dell in India. Prior to joining Dell, Rajan was a Partner with McKinsey & Company in

Digital Media Publishing Services
a. Content buying and online placement (text, video, audio, music,
films, tv clips, FM broadcasts, program s)
b. Online content broadcasting, Flickr, You Tube etc
c. Podcasting, Vidoecasting
d. Mobile Content / WAP based content media
e. Video Blogs
f. Online recruitment publishing
g. Online investor publishing

Client Community Development
i. Social brand networks
j. Online Community development
k. Wiki, Swiki

Applied Communication Products
l. Content application development
m. Gaming
n. Mobile Web Applications
o. Second life

Digital PR Interactivity (Engaging existing TA clusters)
p. Blogs,
q. Forums, Message boards
r. Chat Rooms

Online Research
s. Information
t. Database mining
u. Community identification and tracking
v. Online VOX Analysis
w. Identification of individual or group targets

Online Campaigns
x. Brand content placement
y. Promotions, contests

Online Crisis Management
z. Content Combat & Engagem ent

Amandeep S Kaur
Vice President
Digilogue Communications
Mobile: 98995 22336
Phone: +91 0124 4292111