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VSRD International Journal of Computer Science &Information Technology, Vol.

IV Issue VI June 2014 / 1

e-ISSN : 2231-2471, p-ISSN : 2319-2224 VSRD International Journals :
Dipak Vinayak Shirbhate* and
D.S. Ingole
Principal, Department of Mechanical Engineering,
Vikramshila Polytechnic, Darapur, Maharashtra, INDIA.
Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering,
Prof. Ram Meghe Institute of Engineering, Technology & Research, Amravati, Maharashtra, INDIA.
*Corresponding Author:
In this paper we present Vivaty Studio, a fully distributed virtual environments browser, which has a special support for personal
computer clusters and immersive visualization devices. The presented mechanism intends to be fast and easy to use to develop virtual
reality applications based on the X3D format, enabling great flexibility for displays and interaction devices, allowing users to
concentrate only on content creation. Vivaty Studio is an interactive tool for creating interactive and animated 3D worlds. It allows the
user to create all aspects of an X3D world with a graphical user interface. Vivaty Studio is useful for beginners and advanced users,
who want to create interactive and 3D worlds quickly and export them in serveral formats, including VRML, X3D, 3DS, etc. Formerly
Flux Studio 2 (MediaMachines), it is a web3D authoring tool for creating geometry, animation, and interactivity. It imports from a
variety of formats, exports the open standard (X3D,X3dv,VRML) formats and Vivaty's own encrypted fx3d format.
Keywords: X3D, VR, CAD, UI .

Three-dimensional virtual experiences are important steps
in many fields of science and industry, and one of the
reasons of their success is the availability of personal
computers with powerful 3D resources. Therefore
personal computer clusters are becoming a feasible
solution for immersive visualization systems, since they
provide the necessary hardware to support screens
Virtual reality has been used for a long time in different
application domains like science, engineering and art. But
there are still many possible fields of research and
applications that create a new demand for hardware and
software solutions. An attractive and yet expensive
solution for immersive visualization systems is the use of
graphical supercomputer based upon which many tools
for the development of virtual reality immersive systems
were developed. Nevertheless, this kind of solution
creates a great dependency on the manufacturer. We
strongly believe that the personal cluster technology can
facilitate the access to powerful and low cost virtual
reality systems.
Vivaty, is opening up its platform, extending more
custom options to developers and users. This is occurring
more quickly than we typically see with other similar
virtual environments, as Vivaty just launched a few years
ago, but the competition is getting pretty steep for Web-
based virtual worlds and increased user interaction will
help Vivaty attract users on a widened scale.
Vivaty Create and Vivaty Studio will work in tandem,
and will allow developers and users to have an
application for building and creating their own virtual
items and scenes, with an accompanying platform on
which to share their finished products.
The Vivaty Studio works on the X3D standard, and
supports import capabilities from other professional
design studios, offering some fluidity amongst those
developers that have already created items for other
virtual environments. The good thing about this is that it
doesnt limit developers to items created from scratch,
using Vivaty Studio. With hoards of competition coming
from a number of other virtual environments and
platforms like Google 3D and its own Lively, such a
concession from Vivaty is necessary for encouraging the
developer community.
The Vivaty platform for sharing creations, however,
doesnt appear to be self-sustaining, as Vivaty will
determine what designs are presented as integrated
content available to all users. The niche markets in which
Vivaty operates are probably a factor in this decision, and
I dont think it will hinder the platforms long-term
The introduction of Vivaty Create and Vivaty Studio help
Vivaty appeal to both the consumer and the developer
market, as it, just like many other Web-based virtual
environments, allows media-sharing amongst its users,
such as video embeds and image streams.
Dipak Vinayak Shirbhate and D.S. Ingole VSRDIJCSIT, Vol. IV (VI) June 2014 / 2

Fig. 1 : An Image of the Software (Vivaty Studio) Interface

In past, Virtual scene creators were creating scene in 3D
Commercial available pakages like AutoCAD,Pro/E,
Catia Etc. Simulations were carried out in Pakages like
Maya or 3dMax studio. Finally, The entire scene was
exported to VRML. VRML browsers like CortVRML or
Cosmo Player was allowing user to view the contents.
User was able to view contents from different viewpoints.
Tools like PAN,WALK,STUDY were giving some sort
of interactivity. These browsers do not allow user to
create contents. A small modification will require user to
go back to his original 3D modeling package thereby 3D
content creation and Modification was tedious task. A
little variation in the graphical simulation will ask user to
go back to Pakages like Maya or 3Ds Max Studio. VR
community was looking for a software having integrated
approach like 3D content creation, Simulation and
Visualization. Vivaty studio is answer to this problem.
With Vivaty Studio, users can create content for Scenes,
as well as any 3D model, but also optimises what content
they make in other programs; using other professional
tools. Studio uses COLLADA [an open XML format] so
it can interact with 3D Studio Max, Maya, Blender and
Photoshop [CS3 and above]. After that, it exports to X3D
format to make it browser compatible."
In addition to basic File, View, Edit, Selection Vivaty
gives you following tool bars for 3D virtual world
creation and manupulation.
Dipak Vinayak Shirbhate and D.S. Ingole VSRDIJCSIT, Vol. IV (VI) June 2014 / 3

Fig. 2 : Create, Tools, Animation, Interaction,
Character and Publish Toolbars
Although Vivaty Studio is a 3D modeling and animation
application, the real value add of this application is the
web3D authoring. We highly recommend Vivaty Studio
for 3D artists and programmers.
For artists and those slightly familiar with standard 3D
modeling software, it has a user-friendly UI to get one
creating interactive content in no time. Simple wizards
and drag/drop menu features can add basic functionality
to 3D objects in a few clicks. Animations can be made in
Vivaty Studio with a simple animation time-line or
imported directly from other DCC tools (personally found
COLLADA imports work best). Most of the 3D artists
love working with Vivaty Studio as it allows them to
create interactive 3D without having to know anything
about programming. For programmers, a great tool to
quickly assemble scenes in, more fun to look at than code
all the time, and an "Advanced" menu where you can add
Scripts, Routes, and more for deeper levels of interaction
and functionality. Users love the "Export text to
clipboard" feature as it is great when user want to hack
the code in a standard text editor (Notepad, Wordpad) or
X3D Edit.
Billions of dollars are invested in CAD and technical
product information. But 3D data created with CAD
applications, is difficult to share with other users across
the enterprise. Integrating 3D data, such as CAD
engineering files, into other applications for sales &
marketing or training is time consuming and difficult.
The open standards X3D CAD initiative with the help of
Vivaty Studio will let customers access and repurpose
complex 3D and technical data and seamlessly integrate it
into other common desktop applications across the
enterprise. Professionals outside of CAD and engineering
will be able to access this graphical data, including
animation, materials and textures, to increase
productivity, cut costs and generate new revenue streams.
This increases the value of the CAD data and reduces
costs in other areas. Applications include customer
visualization, design communication, training, technical
documentation, sales and marketing, and customer
Dipak Vinayak Shirbhate and D.S. Ingole VSRDIJCSIT, Vol. IV (VI) June 2014 / 4

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