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Meeting Agenda.

[Connectivity to Easter Island]

[20:00 20:20]

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[20:00 ]

[Introduction] Chairperson.
Project, connectivity to Easter Island.

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[Organization of time] Timekeeper.

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[Points for discussion] Chairperson.
Announcement and receipt of documents.

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[Evaluation of places for

[20:00 ]
[ Evaluation of construction and cost]

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[ Implementation Procedure and
estimated length of time]

Meeting Agenda.

Additional Information:

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[ Evaluation of market competition]

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[Summary] Chairperson.

Meeting Agenda.

Chairperson: Good afternoon, as we know this is the second meeting for the
organization of the new project, this time should give me progress at agreed points in
the previous meeting for the project connectivity Easter Island.
I inform that Mr. Tapia be the timekeeper.

Chairperson: Additionally I sent an email with the agenda of this meeting. 'll read talking

Timekeeper: well I start to take the time, remember that each it will take approximately
2 or 3 minutes to perform your subject.

Chairperson: begin with the first issue that is Evaluation of places for Implementation
presentado por Mr. Gutierrez, luego continuar Mr. Muoz with the Evaluation of
construction and cost, luego Mr. Portus with the Implementation Procedure and estimated
length of time and finalmente Mr. Tapia with the Evaluation of market competition.

Mr. Gutierrez: Well, as assessed in terms of project implementation rather we can say
that despite the end of the site conditions are optimal connectivity due to good weather
throughout the year with low rainfall and relatively mild winds.
but the steepness of the terrain in general will be a greater challenge than on the
mainland but this does not affect planning time.

Chairperson: what would be the specific location of installation?

Mr. Gutierrez: In the south of the National Park Hanga Roa and in the international
airport to achieve maximum connectivity.

Gathekeeper: Time out. Then, Mr. Muoz will explain Evaluation of construction and cost.

Mr. Muoz: costs, implementation and contruccion have been divided into two parts,
the first is the feasibility studies, time and ground, they were made to see if the project
is profitable and if times were able to finance it.
the second was the related to the implementation and construction of the project itself,
including the study of the value of the costs to install equipment, tools and labor.

Chairperson: which is the total cost of the project?

Mr. Muoz: the total cost is 5 million dollars.

Meeting Agenda.
Gatekeeper: Time out. Then, Mr. Portus will explain Implementation Procedure and
estimated length of time.

Mr. Portus: within the implementation process will be the first thing the hiring and
transfer of staff to the island, after the preparation of the land where the equipment
will be installed after the construction of the infrastructure that supported the
antennas. Finally he started the trial run and were proven connectivity antennas.

Chairperson: how long it takes the execution and implementation of the project?

Mr Portus: about 1 year.

Gatekeeper: Time out. I will explain Evaluation of market competition.

Mr. Tapia: marketing will be focused on the inhabitants of the island to which they were
taught how to use this new connectivity always focused on education as a priority, in addition
to tourists they be given instructions on integrating this airport to the tourist office the island.
about direct competition devido it is a new technology on the island actulmente no
competition, except the use of mobile broadband which is much more expensive in
comparison to this project

Chairperson: where the training will take place?

Mr. Tapia: in schools and neighborhood

Chairperson: to complete and based on the above, this meeting showed that this project
is viable and profitable