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WAN Link Load Balancing
Fortinets AscenLink intelligently balances internet and intranet traffic across multiple
WAN connections, providing additional low-cost incoming and outgoing bandwidth for
the enterprise and substantially increased connection reliability. AscenLink is supported
by a user-friendly UI and a flexible policy-based performance management system.
AscenLink provides a unique solution that offers comprehensive multi-WAN management
that keeps costs down as well as keeping customers and users connected.
Increase Network Performance
AscenLink intelligently aggregates multiple broadband and/or leased access lines to
significantly increase internet access performance. AscenLink load balances Internet
service requests, optimally distributing traffic across all available access links. Seven
different load balancing algorithms provide the flexibility to maximize productivity from
any network scenario.
Inbound Access Load Balancing
AscenLink also load balances service requests from Internet users accessing
Enterprise-hosted web, email or VPN servers. Multiple links, media and ISPs can
be utilized without complex interfaces or programming with your service providers.
Bandwidth can be added and removed quickly and easily.
Site-to-Site WAN Connectivity
AscenLink gives you high-performance inter-site connectivity without the need to
lease expensive links such as T1 and T3. AscenLink aggregates multiple low-cost
Internet access links to create site-to-site Virtual Private Line (VPL) tunnels of up to
1Gbit/s for LAN-like performance between company locations. By using multiple
carriers and media, reliability of these VPL tunnels can exceed that of traditional
engineered carrier links.
Tunnel Routing Virtual Private Line Services
Inter-site tunnels can be created from fractional, full, multiple and fractions of multiple
WAN links. Applications requiring large single-session bandwidth such as video
conferencing or WAN optimization can use multiple links to build the bandwidth
needed. Multi-session traffic can share an appropriately-sized tunnel. Tunnels have
the same functionality as single links, supporting load balancing, fallback, failover and
health detection within and between tunnels.
Features and Benefits
Outbound Link Load Balancing to fine-
tune traffic across up to 50 links.
Optimum routing to prioritize traffic for
mission-critical applications.
Automatic failback or failover of
WANlinks to ensure continuity of
traffic flows.
Multi-homing (Inbound Link Load
Balancing) to improve response times
and availability for incoming requests.
Virtual servers for simple server load
balancing and high availability.
GbE and 10 GbE fiber connectivity to
Carrier and LAN services.
Comprehensive usage and quality
reporting with LinkReport.
Worldwide 24x7 Support
Threat Research & Response
Load Balancing Algorithms
Weighted Round-Robin
Optimum Route
WAN Load Balancing and Fault Tolerance
Multiple Domains
DNS Relay
Bandwidth Management
Maximum and minimum bandwidth
Source/Destination IP and Application
Stateful Firewall
Access Control List
IP-MAC Mapping
Connection Limit
DoS Protection
Physical DMZ
User-configurable physical ports for LAN /WAN / DMZ
Tunnel Routing
VPN Load Balancing
AES Encryption
Dynamic IP Support
NAT Pass-Through
Peer Routing Exchange
Other Features
Server High Availability
Built-in DNS
NAT Mode / Routing Mode
RIP V1/2 and OSPF
PPPoE / DHCP WAN-Type Support
Multiple Public IP Pass-Through
IEEE 802.1q VLAN
Redundant Power Supply (AL-5000. AL-6000)
Automated Failover, N:N-1 Redundancy,
On-Demand Line Backup
HA (High Availability)3
Web Admin (SSL) / Console (DIN 9 to Ethernet, SSH)
Hardware Specifications
WAN Bandwidth 20200 Mbps* 300 Mbps1 Gbps* 13 Gbps*
WAN Links 25 50 50
Network Interfaces 4x GE/1x 100 BT 6x GE/4x GE SFP 8x GE/8x GE SFP
HA Ports Serial Serial Ethernet Xover
Management HTTPS, SSH CLI, Direct Concole DB9 CLI, SNMP
Power Supply Single Dual Dual
Height x Width x Length (in) 1.75 x 17.32 x 10.63 3.46 x 17.32 x 15.35 3.46 x 16.97 x 22.83
Height x Width x Length (mm) 44 x 440 x 270 88 x 440 x 390 88 x 431 x 580
Weight 7.3 lbs (3.3 kg) 21.6 lbs (9.8 kg) 41.9 lbs (19.0 kg)
Form Factor 1U Appliance 2U Appliance 2U Appliance
Input Voltage 100240V AC, 5060 Hz 100240V AC, 5060 Hz 100240V AC, 5060 Hz
Typical Power Consumption 24 Watts 95 Watts 150 Watts
Maximum Current 0.3A@115V / 0.16A@230V 1.2A@115V / 0.6A@230V 2.0A@115V / 1.0A@230V
Heat Dissipation 126 BTU/hr 478 BTU/hr 850 BTU/hr
Operating Temperature 32104F (040C) 32104F (040C) 4195F (535C)
Storage Temperature -4167F (-2075C) -4167F (-2075C) 32158F (070C)
Humidity 2080% non-condensing 2080% non-condensing 2090% non-condensing
Regulatory Compliance BSMI, FCC (CE, VCCI, CCC pending) BSMI, FCC (CE, VCCI, CCC pending) BSMI, FCC (CE, VCCI, CCC pending)
Safety BSMI, UL, (CE, CCC pending) BSMI, UL, (CE, CCC pending) BSMI, UL, (CE, CCC pending)
* Throughputs based on actual model chosen.
AscenLink 700 AscenLink 5000 AscenLink 6000
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Product SKU Description
AscenLink-702 AL-702 Hardware bundle with license key for AL-702 20 Mb/s.
AscenLink-703 AL-703 Hardware bundle with license key for AL-703 30 Mb/s.
AscenLink-706 AL-706 Hardware bundle with license key for AL-706 60 Mb/s.
AscenLink-710 AL-710 Hardware bundle with license key for AL-710 100 Mb/s.
AscenLink-720 AL-720 Hardware bundle with license key for AL-720 200 Mb/s.
AscenLink-5030 AL-5030 Hardware bundle with license key for AL-5030 300 Mb/s.
AscenLink-5050 AL-5050 Hardware bundle with license key for AL-5050 500 Mb/s.
AscenLink-5100 AL-5100 Hardware bundle with license key for AL-5100 1 Gb/s.
AscenLink-6100 AL-6100 Hardware bundle with license key for AL-6100 1 Gb/s.
AscenLink-6200 AL-6200 Hardware bundle with license key for AL-6200 2 Gb/s.
AscenLink-6300 AL-6300 Hardware bundle with license key for AL-6300 3 Gb/s.