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April 4 1658

James Akers
Arrived at Galapagos Islands. The captain says we will spend at
least the net three days eploring the islands. !et the men have a
"reak #or a while. $e worked #orever and a day to get the ship here.
%al# the men were too tired to stand yesterday. I gave the order #or
etra rations. $e can get more #ood on the Galapagos Islands i# we r&n
o&t. There were some #lightless cormorants that looked mighty good.
The #irst island we landed on was a"o&t si and a hal# days o##
the coast o# 'o&th America. A small island( may"e a day)s walk aro&nd
it. *ld !es the medic( a yo&ng ca"in "oy and I went walking aro&nd
the island. $e #o&nd a new species o# dragon li+ard that act&ally
swims, !es was ecited a"o&t that. The king will reward him greatly i#
he "rings a li+ard "ack home to -ngland. $e spent the rest o# the day
catching a male and #emale li+ard( which !es can disting&ish #rom the
markings on their skin. The captain had some news #or &s when we got
"ack to the ship. %e was devoting the net #ew days to sailing aro&nd
the islands( allowing !es to st&dy the creat&res there to his hearts
content. %is #ace was shining with .oy when the captain made that
April 5 1658
James Akers
$e sailed to the net island today. There was a strong wind
coming #rom o&r port side( so we simply #ollowed that to o&r
destination. The captain was tired #rom o&r .o&rney to the Galapagos(
so I navigated the ship. I)m not as skilled as the captain( "&t I can keep
the ship on co&rse thro&gh any storm or rain. The ship was already set
on a co&rse #or the net island( so all I had to do was make s&re the
wind didn)t "low &s o## co&rse.
This new island was slightly larger than the previo&s one. $e
went ashore and into the small #orest on the island. In there( we #o&nd
several monkeys and colo&r#&l "irds. %owever( the captain wanted me
"ack at the ship #or the rest o# the night. 'o I said #arewell to !es( who
was going to eplore the island( and headed "ack to the ship. *n my
way "ack( I saw some o# the #lightless cormorants #rom o&r arrival in
the Galapagos Islands. I shot one o# them and ate it #or l&nch. They
were /&ite good( so I resolved to take a h&nting party o&t later and #ill
the ships stores with meat.
$hen I arrived at the ship( the captain immediately p&t me to
work overseeing a gro&p o# men that were replacing some o# the ropes
on the rigging. The captain had noticed that some o# them were
#raying( and he wanted them #ied while we weren)t &sing the sails. $e
worked long into the night( and there was a great cry o# relie# when the
order came to stand down and head to /&arters #or the night.
April 6

James Akers( 0irst mate
Today was o&r last day in the Galapagos. To make the most o#
o&r time( we only sailed to the nearest island( only a hal# ho&rs sailing.
$hen we arrived( I gathered a h&nting party( while les organi+ed a
gro&p to #ind #resh water. I took the h&nting party over to the rocks(
and sho&ted. 1y #irst shot scared o&t the cormorants( and we /&ickly
shot them. In all( we killed #i#ty2two o# them. 3lenty o# meat #or the
voyage "ack to -ngland. The men have also "een #ishing d&ring the
previo&s two days. The captain said it was "etter to have too many
provisions than too little.
$e ret&rned to the ship aro&nd midday. !es was already "ack(
and was helping to load the #resh water #rom a near"y stream into the
ships holds. A glance at his "ag showed me he had capt&red some
specimens while o&t gathering water. The king is going to "e very
happy with him when we get home. %is interest in new species is very
well known.
0or the rest o# the day( the crew worked on the ship. Inspecting
sails #or tears( scr&""ing the deck( and taking inventory. I was
assigned to inventory. An o##icer m&st "e the one to take inventory "y
$e set sail the net morning. The ship was almost #lying over
the water( the wind was so great.
Galapagos Islands.
James Akers( #irst mate
April 4 1658