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Instant Newbie Profits

Where Even Complete Online Marketing Failures Make Money

This is a Free eBook. You should have not paid for it.
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It's True! Even complete online marketing failures are hitting homeruns and getting cash
paid instantly to their a!pal or "lertpa! account in hours...
#i and welcome to Instant Newbie Proits! $f !ou are simpl! a man or woman who
wants to very quickly put some e%tra mone! in !our pocket for food& 'ills& rent& or (ust
plain& )making ends meet...* then this complete turnke! mone!+making s!stem designed
especially for beginners is the most exciting and rewarding opportunit! !ou will ever
have instant access to,
"nd here-s wh!. You see& I have revolutionized making money online '! creating a
)Newbie Friendly* program& m!self and others use to make a stead! flow of online cash
paid instantly and directly to our a!pal or "lertpa! accounts in hours . NOT da!s.
$nstead of 'eing like the other online guru-s who make their mone! off of what $ call&
)newbie stupidity...*
I Have Created a Simple and Fool-Proof Program That:
"If You Can Copy And Paste Then You Have !hat It Ta"es To #ui$"ly And
%asily &rive 'ore Cash-In-Hand %ager-To-(uy )eads And Prospe$ts That
%arn You *+,,-*-,,.day - /n$e You Start 0sing This 'agi$ In$entive1"
!" #his is a very easy way or you to make e$tra money when you nee% it the most
&" 'ou won(t nee% to uploa% your own website be)ause I personally setup an%
host your website or you
*" E$)lusive vi%eo tutorials+ e$tensive marketing tools+ training an% my personal
support tea)hes you step,by,step how to -ui)kly put money %ire)tly into your
po)ket in hours
." 'ou %on(t have to /oin any type o program
0" Cash is %eposite% instantly into your Paypal or 1lertpay a))ount 2 no waiting
or )ommission )he)ks or some )ompany to pay you
3" 'ou keep !445 o the money you re)eive 2 no splitting it with anybo%y
6" #here are no marketing e$penses re-uire%
7" 'ou won(t nee% to sell your )ar+ rob a train or %rain your bank a))ount to get
starte% an% bringing in the )ash
8" 'ou )an be totally up an% running in &. hours an% )an e$pe)t your irst )ash
%eposits in less than .7 hours
!4" 'ou )an stop wasting your time an% money on all the /unk an% hype out there
an% going hea%,to,hea% against people that have a whole lot more e$perien)e
than you.
. !nd all you need to get started is a domain name
"!#T$ Most people never make mone! online
$-m fairl! certain that !ou have alread! 'een down this path and know for !ourself how
discouraging this can 'e . and unfortunatel!& this has 'ecome the norm 'ecause most
people can-t compete on the traditional pla!ing field.
%o "irst %tep$ %top Trying To %ell &our 'ay To (nline Profits! )ake 'em %ay
*&es!+ 'ith The )agic Incentive ,elow That -ets &our 'ebsite .isitors ,uying...
%top *convincing+ prospects and start /ffortlessly !TT0!#TIN- them instead!
B! using the Magic Incentive inside $nstant New'ie rofits& !ou )attract* prospects&
perhaps for the first time in !our life& instead of chasing them down like a cra/! person.
You never would of thought this was possi'le& 'ut this is exactly what happens. Matter of
fact& after !ears of nothing 'ut frustration& hopelessness and an%iet!...
%uddenly... Prospects #an't %eem To 0esist &ou!
The good news is1 there is only (N/ thing you need to understand. $n this s!stem
$-m going to show !ou how to give something awa! 0for F1EE2 that in this econom!&
ever! person on the planet is interested in and almost ever! time $ give it awa!& $ make
mone!, $magine 'eing a'le to offer something that 'asicall! ever! person in the world
wants and reall! needs right now for F1EE and make mone! at the same time.
This alone1 gives me the power and control to make money online1 plain and
simple. !nd1 it also gives me an unfair advantage over every other competitor of
mine out there in the marketplace.
This s!stem is so powerful and fool+proof that almost an!one that tries it& can start
making a significant income almost immediatel! . usuall! within hours.
The even 'etter news& is that !ou can use MY s!stem for !ourself. "nd !ou-ll make the
mone!...not me. You keep 223 of the income for !ourself and it-s paid directl! to !our
a!pal or "lertpa! account 0the choice is !ours2,
"ll !ou have to do is (ust follow a simple step+'!+step plan that $ have tested m!self to
generate an!where from 3455+3655 per da!.
The s!stem is alread! completel! setup and waiting on !ou. That means !ou could 'e
plugged in and read! to start making mone! in (ust 78 hours from right now.
$ said that we are giving awa! a Free roduct 'ut common sense will tell !ou that if
!ou-re going to make mone!& !ou have to sell )something*9 a product& service or
something. O'viousl! mone! has to e%change hands if an! of it is going to land in !our
pocket& right:
&ou'd be correct1 but hear me out! This is probably the nearest thing to a perfect
money maker ever created! !nd if you think you know what's coming ne4t... I
guarantee you don't.
You see& although this s!stem gives something awa! for free& it is also selling
something. $t has to if !ou-re going to 'e getting instant cash pa!ments direct to !ou
a!pal or "lertpa! account& right:
;hat makes this even more e%traordinar! however& is the fact that what $ sell is not
actuall! all that different from what other people sell. $n fact& !ou ma! well see other
people selling similar things.
<o& even though this program does NOT have an! one+of+a+kind or uni=ue product& it
does have one ver! uni=ue ke!& almost magic ingredient that no one else has>
/veryone else is selling these products and as a result they only manage to make
between 56 sales for every 22 people they present it to. That's crazy and a very
difficult way to try and make any money.
But remem'er what $ said a'out the magic incentive that makes m! we'site visitors sa!
YE<. $-ve given people a real incentive to 'u! from me. $ make them an offer the! can-t
resist9 an offer so appealing& that practicall! ever!one $ show it to simpl! can-t help 'ut
make the purchase.
Oka!& $ ma! have gotten a 'it carried awa! . it-s actuall! a'out ?5@+A5@ which is a little
short of ever!one.
T#$< is what makes m! prospects want ME& as opposed to wanting m! competitors...
m! magic incentive gives ME a lot more leverage and 'etter positioning& which is exactly
what makes $nstant New'ie rofits convert at rates up to A5@ and sometimes even
Bust think a'out it for a second. "lmost ever! single person who takes what $ give out
for free& usuall! alwa!s ends up 'u!ing what $-m selling. "nd remem'er that (ust a'out
ever!one in this econom! wants what $ give awa!9 the!-re almost lining up to get what $
give out for free...and a huge ma(orit! of them will certainl! end up 'u!ing what $-m
Now don-t !ou dare walk awa! or close this 'ook when $ e%plain this ne%t 'it. You-ll 'e
walking awa! from eas! income simpl! 'ecause !ou )think* !ou know what $-m tr!ing to
offer or where $-m going 'ut !ou are almost certainl! not right. 1ead on and 'e
'hat I'm about to say is a 7/& P!0T of my system1 but IT I% N(T the final twist
that makes this system so brutally effective for the average person with no
e4perience. &ou have to stay with me and hear me out. Trust me it's worth it!
$t-s simple& $ sell a collection of software and e'ooks that teach& train& and assist people
in 'ecoming successful and more profita'le online marketers. $t contains ever!thing the!
need to 'uild a profita'le online 'usiness9 platinum software& social media tactics& sales
tactics& an in+depth 6C video course on making more mone! from their we'site traffic& list
'uilders& tips& tricks& techni=ues and strategies...!ou name it& it-s in this package.
You Dan <ee the Entire ackage at the End of This eBook
"n!one who-s interested in starting or is working with $nternet Marketing as a means to
create additional income in this econom! is going to want at least some of these things
that this package offers. Most people have alread! 'ought products that are similar to or
on the same topics as some of the items included in this collection& 'ut there are 'ound
to 'e some the! don-t !et have and will appreciate getting their hands on them to
use...especiall! at such a ridiculousl! cheap discounted price and each with "ull
)aster 0esell 0ights!
<till& if $ (ust tried to sell them from a normal we'site like ever!one else is doing& $ would
pro'a'l! get the normal results9 'etween 4+6@ sales and even getting those returns
would 'e difficult& time consuming and costl! to advertise. ;ho can afford that in this
Even though an!one who-s tr!ing to make mone! online is going to )need* these
products as some point& the fact is that the vast ma(orit! of people simpl! won-t 'u!
these e%act items from me or one of m! we'sites . (ust too much competition out there.
There are so man! other people selling the same information and tools under different
names and from different we'sites& that competition is e%tremel! fierce and 4+6@ is all a
normal we'site with normal selling strategies could ever e%pect to make.
But $-ve flipped the situation on its head and 'oiled ever!thing $Eve learned a'out making
mone! online& creating emotionall! compelling magic incentives& sales messages and
effective direct+marketing strategies& into a uni=ue selling s!stem that lets me cut right
through all the clutter in m! prospects nois! lives.
$nstant New'ie rofits gives me the power to make m! prospects take action& NO;,
$nstead of having onl! 4+6@ of people who see m! offer actuall! 'u! from me...$ now
actuall! have da!s where onl! 4+6@ of people walk awa! and don-t 'u! from me.
$-ve completel! reverse the trend and achieved all this without ever *trying+ to sell
anything. $ don-t need a first page listing on Foogle& an e%pensive pa!+per+click 0D2
campaign& or knowledge of comple% online marketing strategies.
;hat $ do have is an incredi'le incentive that convinces an e%tremel! high percentage of
people when the! see this offer& that onl! a person that (ust plain doesn-t )get it* would
pass this purchase up.
$t-s an incentive that makes ever! sale almost a foregone conclusion. "n incentive that
means making the sale is a virtual certaint!.
$t-s an incentive that means m! computer 'ecomes almost like m! own personal !T)
that I can withdraw money from whenever I want.
,ut 'hat If It 'as &ou Instead of )e8
'hat if you could somehow magically *step into the shoes+ of a veteran
7eep reading and get ready to use a little imagination on that last thought....
Before $ reveal the final twist& $ want !ou to imagine that this fantastic system $-ve
descri'ed is not's &(90%,
$magine it was not me selling this product with the magic incentive that converts up to
A5@ is &(9!
$magine that !ou were giving awa! for free& something that people were lining up to get
and then up to A5@ of those people ended up stuffing cash in !our pocket for a product
!ou promote.
That would 'e the dream s!stem for !ou wouldn-t it:
;ell that-s precisel! what You-re going to get,
Get me tell !ou what m! s!stem is. "nd remem'er>
T:I% I% N(T T:/ "IN!; T'I%T! &(9 :!./ T( 7//P 0/!<IN-!
$ give awa! something for free that ever! person on the planet is interested in. $ give
awa! an e'ook that e%plains a s!stem that shows people how the! can make eas!
mone! online...this free e'ook.
"nd $-d 'e willing to 'et all the tea in Dhina that !ou too wanted to find out for free how
!ou could make eas! mone!& so !ou downloaded this e'ook without hesitation....and
that-s e%actl! what ever!one else does. 0Hon-t walk awa! thinking this is (ust a 'ig con9
!ou haven-t heard the whole stor! !et,2.
Get-s 'e candid. $t doesn-t take a lot of effort or talent to give awa!
a F1EE e'ook on )#ow to Make Fast& Eas! Mone! Online*
0in fact it-s a'out as eas! as an!thing could possi'l! 'e2
$n this free e'ook& $ promote and sell a product which is a collection of software and
marketing information and the clever part is $ manage to sell this product to over half the
people who read this free e'ook.
Yes that even includes !ou. $n fact $ can almost guarantee that !ou will 'u! the product
'eing sold here and so will almost ever!one else who reads this after !ou.
NOT 'ecause it-s a collection of products that has 'een keeping !ou awake at night
'ecause !ou wanted them so 'adl!& 'ut 'ecause the! are in fact good& usa'le products
that can 'e helpful to an!one looking to make mone! online and MID# MO1E
$MO1T"NT is that the! are the gatewa! to plugging !ou into a s!stem that can almost
effortlessl! 'ring !ou in a 3455+3655 dollars a da! or more in income. That-s wh!,
$ think $ know what !ou-re thinking& 'ut sta! with me 'ecause here comes the 'est part...
The "inal Twist!
;hen people hit the pa!ment 'utton and 'u! the product from this e'ook& it-s not m!
pa!ment 'utton.... IT'% &(90%!
eople will visit !our personal we'site that looks identical to mine and download this
same free e'ook9 'ut it won-t 'e mine& it will 'e !ours.
0$ even set it up for !ou& so there is no hassle and !ou get to own a turnke! $nternet
'usiness that makes 3455+3655 a da! or more2.
"lso& $ even set up !our customers we'sites and their customers& customers...all you
do is send people to your website and collect your money...that-s it,
$ could easil! 'et that !ou are not reading what is reall! m! we' page right now. <ure& $
wrote it and $ created the s!stem& 'ut odds are this is some'od! else-s site that has
alread! gra''ed this ama/ing s!stem to use as their own (ust like !ou can now.
;hen a person decides 0like the! most often do2 to 'u! the product& every penny they
pay will go directly to you. $ won-t get a cent& there-s nothing in it for me9 it all goes to
!ou. You are not an affiliate that onl! gets a percentage of the pa!ment . &(9 -/T !;;
(" IT!
<id I =ust hear your brain go #a5#hing!!!!8
That is the real secret to wh! this is so powerful. ;hen !ou 'u! the product from this
e'ook& !ou-ll get one other ./0& I)P(0T!NT thing thrown in as an added "0//
,(N9%. The magic incentive that convinces almost ever! reader of this free e'ook to
make a purchase,
You-ll get the right to re+sell this collection of products as if it was !our own using your
own personal identical copy of my website that I set up& m! marketing materials and
a cop! of this e%act e'ook with &(90 pa!ment link.
"ll !ou need to do is fill out a ver! =uick and eas! form after !ou purchase telling me
some ver! 'asic information and the email address associated with !our Paypal& or
!lertpay account and click )su'mit*. ;hen !ou do that& !our we'site will 'e set up with
your payment button in this free e'ook instead of mine and you will start to receive
223 of the payment directly into your account!
From then on& whenever someone downloads !our )cop!* of this e'ook& !ou-ll 'e the
one the! 'u! the product from. You keep ever! single penn! and $ get a'solutel!
nothing. Bust like what is happening right now as $-m sure the pa!ment 'utton in this
free e'ook !ou-re reading is pro'a'l! not actuall! mine.
You can see how the s!stem effectivel! 'ecomes completel! !ours. $ set up
the we'site& $ set up !our customers we'site and their customers customers& $
wrote the free e'ook& $ put together the product package and $ created all of
the marketing and sales materials. #eck& $ even handle the hosting and
deliver! of the products and $-m here to work with an!'od! that needs help&
but now you are making 223 of the money from it. You might want to re-
read this paragraph as yes9 !ou get ever!thing $ have created and 'uilt to use
as !our own& totally yours > 223
$f !ou can (ust get !our head around how unusual this is& $-m prett! sure !ou-ll agree this
is pro'a'l! the easiest no+'rainer thing !ou-ve ever seen right:
;ell that-s wh! this is so fantastic. "lmost ever!one who reads this thinks e%actl! the
same thing and 'u!s so the! can get in on this cra/! deal. "t this point& people don-t
care whose pa!ment 'utton it is . it makes a'solutel! no difference in what the! get. "s
$ said earlier& $-m sure !ou are pro'a'l! not on m! personal site right now . so what: +
(f course1 you want it to be your payment button on the system. <o !ou 'u! the
product to 'e a'le to add !our pa! link into this e'ook...and that-s precisel! what
ever!one else does and it-s what generates up to A5@ conversion rates. %imple but
e4tremely effective!
I know of no better way to instantly be plugged into a proven money5making
business that has already been totally set5up for you.
Ne%t& $-ve put together some of the most common =uestions people ask to tr! and help
clear up an! =uestions !ou ma! have starting with the B$F ONE that ever!'od! asks>
?uestion$ This (ust doesn-t make an! logical sense. ;h! would !ou give me
something that $ earn 455@ on when !ou did all of the work: ;here-s the catch:
;hat-s in it for !ou: No one would do something like this unless the! were up to
!nswer$ There is no )catch* 'ut !es& $ am )up to something* and there is something in it
for me.
$ promise !ou that $ make no mone! when someone 'u!s from !our pa!ment link. There
are no hidden secrets or e%tra e%penses !ou will get surprised with. No mem'erships&
no recurring 'illing& no su'scriptions& $ don-t take a commission& percentage or cut . this
whole s!stem 'ecomes totall! )!our deal.*
#owever& $ do admit that there is something in it for me and it-s called Branding. M!
name reall! is Gaur!n #er'ert and $-ve =uietl! made thousands in online marketing over
the !ears and $-m read! to take it to the ne%t level.
Even though the we'site !ou-ll 'e using and this e'ook will 'e !ours . the fact remains
that 'oth have m! name all over them& so in effect !ou are helping to advertise me. This
means that m! reputation as a )go to* person that helps people will 'e enhanced and
good 1 is alwa!s an asset. "lso& it means loads of new people like !ou that will
eventuall! come 'ack to me as pa!ing customers for m! other products and services
that $ sell. <o !es& $ have a lot to gain over the long run.
"dded to this fact that this costs me nothing . /ip& nada& 35 . so $ get this advertising
and 'randing promotion for free. The we' page is done and in place& this e'ook is
finished and on m! personal we'site hosting server& the products are digital and all
read! to download . it-s going to cost me a'solutel! nothing to fulfill this order for
whosoever we'site !ou ma! 'e on right now.
The important thing is that I know it works for you and the hard work has already
all been done for you. Otherwise& $ guarantee $ would 'e hiding 'ehind an assumed
name or pen name to avoid reverse+'randing,
?uestion$ OJ . 'ut how can $ make it work if $ don-t know an!thing a'out
how to market: #ow do $ get people to m! we'site:
!nswer$ Not a pro'lem as $ have put together a complete )arketing %ection@
e4tensive "0// marketing tools and even video tutorials found in m! mem'ers area
that !ou-ll receive as part of !our product download& which will show !ou e%actl! the 'est
step+'!+step methods to promote !our site that are all either free or ver! low+cost and
proven to work.
Hid $ mention that $-ve also created an $ncredible "0// )arketing Tools %ection and
.ideo Tutorials that !ou can access at an! time: You-ll find lots of sample ads&
guidance and e%act direction there. Bust sign+up for m! ongoing updates once !ou get to
m! mem'ers area.
Jeep in mind that the conversions are VE1Y #$F# so that !ou reall! onl! need to show
it to a moderate amount of people each da! to make a decent income. You can promote
it through classified ads 0ver!& ver! effective2& email promotions& pa!+per+click& e/ines&
!our own we'site and an!thing else !ou can think of and $ will 'e giving !ou m!
Marketing materials with e%actl! the wa!s $ personall! have found to 'e the most
effective and least e%pensive 0mostl! free2 wa!s to e%pose people to !our we'site and
generate traffic.
?uestion$ $ have promoted other products online 'ut never got an!one to 'u! from me.
#ow is this different:
!nswer$ ;ell& think a'out it for a second. You are going to offer a Free e'ook that
almost ever!one on this planet wants to read. ;ho doesn-t want to make mone! right
now in this econom!: You didn-t hesitate to gra' !our cop! of this free 'ook did !ou:
"lmost ever!one that !ou send to !our we'site will download the e'ook and man! of
them will then make the purchase so the! can start selling it themselves and make the
eas! profit with a totall! turn+ke!& automated s!stem (ust like !ou will 'e doing.
#onestl!& once !ou see how eas! it is to make mone! with it and gain some momentum&
!ou won-t 'e a'le to stop it.
?uestion$ But wh! is this so popular: ;h! are so man! people prepared to
'u! this product compared to an! other:
!nswer$ <imple. You will 'e giving awa! a free e'ook that tells people how the! can
make mone! without the need of knowing how to set up a we'site& without ever tr!ing to
sell an!thing& without having to share an! of the mone! the! make and without an!
ongoing fees or e%penses. ;ho wouldn-t 'e interested in reading a free e'ook that
does all that:
You-ll 'e a'le to give this awa! to (ust a'out an!one and ever!one with ease 'ecause
the!-re actuall! out searching for this kind of information and solutions to helping them
make ends meet. "lmost ever!one who sees m! site downloads the 'ook without an!
hesitation. You did didn-t !ou:

Most importantl! is that if the! understand the s!stem after reading the 'ook& the! will
want to 'u! the product 'ecause of the free incentive 'onus $ throw in to get their own
pa!ment link in a cop! of the 'ook so that the! can plug into this eas! mone! making
s!stem (ust like !ou have. The! can 'e in 'usiness in no time,
Ever!one who reads this can see the same potential which is what makes it so effective&
0unless the! (ust plain don-t understand it and $ pro'a'l! reall! can-t help those people2.
$t-s awesomel! powerful in the wa! it makes mone!.
"lso& the price is so low. There-s virtuall! no one on the planet who can-t afford a one
time pa!ment of onl! 37K with no ongoing hosting or mem'ership fees to have their
'usiness totall! taken care of for them.

0The product sells for 37K '! the wa!2. $f it was an! higher& people would ma!'e have to
give it some thought& 'ut give them all of this for onl! 37K and most people won-t even
think twice. "nd that-s great news for !ou.
"or most folks who contemplate a home business1 a low5cost or no5cost solution
is not only nice1 but also very necessary.
eople also know that with (ust one sale the! will make their mone! 'ack completel!.
;hich makes this a practicall! risk+free& no 'rainer opportunit! too good to pass up,
There-s no waiting around to recoup the costs of starting !our 'usiness.
?uestion$ $-m a total computer dunce& is this complicated: ;hat do $ have to do:
!nswer$ $t-s simple. First !ou 'u! the product '! clicking the a!ment Gink at the end
of this section of the e'ook. You-ll then get redirected to the we'site this e'ook is
connected to. <impl! scroll down to the 'ottom of the we'site and click the )'u! now*
'utton. You-ll then get redirected to the mem'ers area where !ou can get !our product
and !our mone! making we'site after !ou successfull! make !our pa!ment.
In the members area1 there are simple step5by5step instructions and a form with (ust
a few fields in it. $t asks !ou to enter !our a!pal or "lertpa! email address& !our
domain name and that-s 'asicall! it and !ou (ust click su'mit. Once !ou press su'mit& $-ll
make !our we'site live and insert !our email address into the pa!ment details of the
e'ook and we'site within 78 hours and !ou will 'e read! to promote !our 'usiness.
Now ever! time someone clicks that link& the! will 'e sent to !our we'site homepage
that looks identical to mine 0(ust like where !ou got this free e'ook from2 'ut instead of
downloading m! e'ook& the!-ll download !ours. $t looks identical to this one& 'ut it will
have !our a!ment Button in it instead of the pa!ment 'utton of the person that sent
!ou here toda!.
Now you =ust give people your link and send them to your website to download
the book. You can do this in an! wa! !ou like. $nclude !our link as a signature line in
!our emails& offer it to people as an incentive to (oin !our mailing list& give it as a free gift
for other promotions !ou-re making...etc.& etc. $ will 'e giving !ou 'unches of no+cost
and low+cost wa!s in the Marketing Fuide and Marketing Tools <ection of the mem'ers
area that !ou will receive with !our product download.
?uestion$ ;hat is a!pal& or "lertpa!: #ow do $ open an account with them:
!nswer$ "lertpa! and a!pal are ver! simple online pa!ment processors used for
selling things online from we'sites. To open an account& !ou (ust need to visit their
respective we'sites at> www.a! or www."lerta!.com. <elect an account t!pe
'ased on !our specific needs.
The email address that !ou suppl! will then 'e added into the e'ook so that the 37K
pa!ments go directl! to !our account where the! can 'e transferred immediatel! to !our
?uestion$ <o $ don-t need to change the e'ook m!self or upload an!thing to a we'site:
!nswer$ "'solutel! not, Ever!thing gets done for !ou. You don-t need to do an!thing
'esides send people to !our we'site and collect !our mone!. There is no special re+
'randing or uploading of an!thing. 1emem'er this is designed to 'e simple and eas!.
?uestion$ ;ill $ ever have to give refunds to people who 'u! from m! 'ook:
!nswer$ $ actuall! can-t imagine wh! an!'od! would ever ask for a refund as a'solutel!
ever!thing is full! disclosed 'efore the! 'u!.
:owever1 no1 there are never any refunds from purchases of this product. You-ll
never have to worr! that someone will come to !ou and ask for their mone! 'ack. The
product on sale is a collection of digital information 'ooks and software that is
impossi'le to reall! return once the! are downloaded. /veryone who buys the
package agrees that they can not reAuest a refund. !ll sales are final1 which
means you always keep every penny.
?uestion$ ;hat if someone has a pro'lem with the download of the software package:
!nswer$ Hon-t worr!& the!-ll never contact !ou. I deal with all the customer support
issues for you. $ give out m! email address to all customers in the mem'ers area& so
the!-ll come straight to me if the! ever have an! pro'lems or even (ust =uestions the!
need answered.
?uestion$ ;hat if someone has a =uestion a'out the s!stem or how it works:
!nswer$ "lmost the same as a'ove. This is the reall! great part. The! will never email
!ou with an! =uestions...the! come straight to me and $ do all the answering for !ou. I
will actually do my best to close the sale on your behalf. I will do the work and
you will make the money. I never get a penny...ever!
?uestion$ <o how long will it take me to set this up:
!nswer$ From hitting that pa!ment 'utton to filing out the simple form with !our a!pal
or "lertpa! email address will 'e less than ? minutes. From there& $ will have your
website live and online within BC hours.
T!picall!& $ will have !our we'site live in a matter of hours& 'ut sometimes& due to the
volume of orders& it ma! take a little longer as all we'sites are manuall! made active.
$ think 78 hours or less 0guaranteed2 is a short time to wait for a turnke! 'usiness that
will pa! !ou over and over again almost effortlessl!.
N(T/$ To make this process more streamlined and to get your website online
Auicker1 I (N;& use domain names registered through -o<addy. It's simply too
time consuming to learn the many different back5office control panels of the
countless host providers out there to be efficient.
&ou can purchase a domain name from -o<addy for as cheap as D.EE for a .info
domain name.
I do personally host your website1 Fad freeG for life. There is a one5time D2 setup
fee and you don't pay that until you get to the members area. &ou =ust need to
purchase your domain name through -o<addy.
?uestion$ No wa!& $ still can-t 'elieve this is real,
!nswer$ OJ& wh! don-t !ou email me with !our =uestions and see for !ourself that
there is a real person read! to help 'ehind this idea. M! email address is>
?uestion$ $t sounds like it-s pro'a'l! a good deal 'ut $-m going to have to think a'out it
as $ reall! don-t completel! understand it all !et.
!nswer$ Thinking a'out it is good. $ often even )sleep on something* overnight if $ have
=uestions 'ut let me take a minute and give !ou a =uick summar! that might make this
whole thing easier to understand.
%elling on the Internet is hard. There is a lot of competition and many of those
competitors are very e4perienced and have deep pockets for advertising.
Fiving something awa! for free& especiall! something like a 'ook on how to make
money is easy.
&ou still with me8 %omething :!0< vs. %omething /!%&
Man! people will take !ou up on !our offer for this free 'ook on how to make eas!
mone! online and then will 'e e%posed to this simple s!stem& where the! will not need
to create or even upload a we'site& do not have to worr! a'out products or deliver!& do
not have to deal with an! customer support issues and they receive 223 of the
money > no splitting with anybody.
"lso& the! receive a collection of software& e'ooks and marketing tools that are currentl!
'eing sold online for over 34555 and this has to 'e a great deal for them even if the!
end up personall! using onl! 7 or 6 of them.
"inally and very important is you receive my marketing and training materials1
which are packed with information on how to use no5cost and low5cost methods
to drive a ton of traffic to any website. This alone contains some of the 'est
information condensed 0!eah& $-ve taken out the fluff and filler2 on driving traffic to !our
<o& a complete turn+ke! online 'usiness& over 34555 worth of roducts that !ou can use
and resell& Marketing Tools& Video Training Tutorials& M! ersonal #elp and all for a one+
time investment of onl! 37K . a domain name purchased and registered through
FoHadd!.com and a one+time setup fee to have !our we'site displa!ed online and
hosted for life,
"ll the! have to do is click the )Fet Me <tarted* link and the! are in 'usiness and !ou
have 37K in !our a!pal& or "lertpa! account (ust like that.
,elieve me 555 )aking money online =ust does not get any simpler or easier than
?uestion$ OJ& this sounds good& 'ut how long will it take for me to get started: $ need
mone! right awa!.
!nswer$ " good =uestion 'ut almost impossi'le for me to answer as it depends so
much on the individual. $ have people all of the time that email me sa!ing how the!
'ought the s!stem a week ago or 7 weeks ago and are (ust now looking at ever!thing
and have a =uestion.
$f !ou are one of those people and let the information collect virtual dust on !our
computer then it could 'e a ver! long time indeed 'efore !ou make an! mone!.
On the other hand& if !ou immediatel! dive in& place an ad using one of the pre+written
ads from m! e%tensive )free marketing tools* section of m! mem'ers area on Draigslist
0!ep& one of the free places $ love2 and use m! special M"ocus TechniAue in !our ads
as taught in m! Nuick+<tart Marketing Fuide& then !ou could easil! have a couple sales
overnight with the cash sitting in !our a!pal& or "lertpa! account waiting on !ou '!
?uestion$ ;hat if $ 'u! this and then need some help writing m! ads or something like
!nswer$ The Free marketing Tools and m! New <trategic Marketing lan includes
suggested ads that have alread! 'een tested and proven to 'e ver! effective and all !ou
reall! have to do is cop! and paste. #owever& $ am usuall! prett! close to m! email on A
da!s of the week 0never on <unda!2 and $-m alwa!s read! to help and give suggestions
on an! marketing challenges !ou ma! have.
?uestion$ OJ& $ 'elieve !ou. This reall! is the 'est thing $-ve ever seen. $-m still in
shock 'ut $-m not going to waste another do $ get started:
!nswer$ "ll !ou have to do is click on the )Fet Me <tarted* link 'elow and !ou will 'e
done in (ust a few minutes.
You will 'e ama/ed how eas! and simple this is 'ut remem'er that $ am personall! onl!
an email awa! if !ou have =uestions or need help.
$f !ou are still not sure if this is the right thing for !ou& then go ahead and read this e'ook
again. <ooner or later !ou are pro'a'l! going to reali/e that this is flat out the easiest
wa! to generate some fast& e%tra cash that !ou will ever find.
That-s all there is to it.
Dlick that link 'elow and let-s get !ou going and making some MONEY...
To !our success& Gaur!n #er'ert
0!our products are listed 'elow2
#lick The ;ink ,elow To -et %tarted
0Dlicking link will take !ou 'ack to homepage . simpl! scroll down to purchase2
-et )e %tarted Now
You will receive the Full Instant Newbie ro!its ackage with all 6
products listed 'elow along with Inlimited 1esale 1ights& F1EE
affiliate we'site to receive 455@ commission on all !our sales and
lifetime support for onl! 37K
"greement> B! completing the order !ou agree to the following . This e'ook is selling a package of $nternet Marketing
Tools 0the 64 e'ooks2 at a price of 37K. There are no refunds and all sales are final. You also recogni/e and agree that
!ou are not pa!ing for a 'usiness opportunit! or )make mone!* program. The a'ilit! to resell the products at 455@
commission pa!out and to use $nstant New'ie rofits is (ust a F1EE 'onus added as an incentive to !our purchase.
!ll 6 Products ,elow #ome 'ith "ull )aster 0esell 0ights
BH /ssential 0ules of
Internet )arketing
Fet More Traffic& <ales and Geads
For Your $nternet Business Bust B!
Following These 7K Essential 1ules
and Tactics of $nternet Marketing.
(nline Time )anagement %ecrets
Gearn #ow You Dan <pend Onl! 7
#ours On Your Online Business
Each Ha!& Fet More ;ork Hone
"nd #ave "mple Time Geft For Your
Twitter Traffic %warm
Fet More Traffic From This Newl!+
Tapped 0"nd F1EE2 <ource Than
Most Big <penders Blow+Through $n
Their aid "ccounts,
"#wo $olume %et&
6I2 %ales J )arketing Tactics
Hiscover 6?5 powerful sales and
marketing tactics !ou can
implement to !our 'usiness right
now for more profit.
9ltimate Internet
)arketing Toolkit
" Dollection of 64 rofessionall!
1ecorded Videos+This complete
video series will teach !ou
ever!thing !ou need to know a'out
getting started with internet and
affiliate marketing online.
,ecoming a #omputer
/4pert In H <ays
;orried that !our computer crashes
or doesn-t print especiall! when
!ou-re working on an important
$t-s hard to 'elieve that computers
are so common in our societ!& !et
few users know what to do when
the! have pro'lems with their ever+
so important D.
(ne )onth To
1222 ;ist )embers
Gearn how to 'uild 4555 Gist
Mem'ers $n Gess Than One Month,

These strategies for creating a
mailing list of targeted 'u!ers that
will return to !our site again and
again can earn !ou thousands and
thousands of dollars.
#opywriters ,lueprint
;ithin the pages of the Dop!writers
Blueprint& !ou will 'e given an in+
depth look at how cop!writers use
the power of words to invoke
powerful emotion+driven responses
that will drive !our conversion rates
through the roof,
%uper %ign59p %ystem
One of the =uickest wa!s to make
mone! on the $nternet is to 'uild a
list of prospects. You 'uild a
relationship with them '! providing
=ualit! content for them to read and
watch and then promote useful
products to them ever! so often. $t
reall! is as simple as that,
Instant .ideo )arketing %ecrets
$f You Dan 1ecord " <imple Video&
Then $ Dan <how You Video
Marketing <trategies That E%plodes
Your <u'scri'er GistO Makes You
<alesO "nd #elps You Don=uer
Your MarketO
H <ay Profit %ystem
" <imple <tep+'!+<tep <!stem That
Bleeds "NY Niche Hr!& The More
Dompetition the Better,... 455@
9psell ,uzz
"utomatic Ipsell age Dreator
#elps You Fenerate More <ales
er Dustomer& Getting You rofit
Much More ;ith Gess Effort,
:ow To )ake )oney "rom Traffic
"t Gast& " <tep B! <tep Fuide
1evealing E%actl! #ow To Make
More Mone! From Your Traffic

$n depth video course guides !ou
step '! step through moneti/ing
!our we'site traffic and earning
EVEN more from ever! visitor&
ethicall!& easil! and Ever!da!,
'eginner(s )evel * +, $ideos
:ow To )ake )oney "rom Traffic
"dvanced Fuide 1eveals
Moneti/ation <ecrets Of The
E%perts On #ow To Make Mone!
From Your ;e'site.
-dvanced )evel * ++ $ideos
:ow To )ake )oney "rom Traffic
Even More Top rofessional
Moneti/ation <ecrets 1evealed $n
This Masters Edition Dourse.
Masters )evel * +. $ideos
.iral Profit )achine
Hiscover #ow YOI Dan
Make M"Q$MIM rofits
;ith Minimum Effort B!
Traffic :eist
Follow " <tep B! <tep
Blueprint To Gegall! <teal&
<wipe "nd Funnel "s
:ow To Pull )oney "rom
!ny 0esell 0ights
$f !ouEve 'een struggling
with how to reall! make it
and send !our online
The Internet )arketing
Profit Plan
No more magic pills + (ust
the missing pieces of the
pu//le to help !ou start
'uilding a real online
Fetting Other eople To
;illingl! Market For You,
Much Targeted F1EE
Traffic "s Your <erver Dan
profits through the roof +
then this is definitel! the
most important information
!ou will ever read on the
Internet )arketing
/ssentials "or Newbies
You no longer have to
worr! a'out how !ou are
going to get started as an
online marketer. This 'ook
will end up saving !ou
time& mone! and make
!our da!s a lot less stress
"orum "inder ,uzz
Nuickl! get hold of a list of
niche forums where !our
postings not onl! get !ou
customers& 'ut also =ualit!
'ack+links to !our niche
%oftware Platinum
45 First Dlass <oftware
Each software product
comes with a simple setup
tool and detailed step+'!+
step instructions& to make
it =uick and eas!& even for
complete 'eginners.
6I2 %ocial )edia Tactics
$f !ou-re struggling tr!ing
to get more clients&
customers& su'scri'ers&
traffic and sales& then
!ou-re pro'a'l! not
implementing the right
marketing strategies.
Twitter ,uzz
Fain rapid e%posure
through Twitter without
having to ph!sicall! 'e
involved in tweeting all
.iral )arketing %ecrets
Hiscover inside the no
holds 'arred& straight
forward guide how to
utili/e proven and eas!
methods to create viral
products that will spread
over the net rapidl!&
'ringing !our we'site and
'usiness profile along with
/omes 0ith 1 $ideo
,uilding The Perfect
%ales "unnel
Hon-t let another potential
customer escape !our
clutches ever again, Fine
tune !our online 'usiness
'! making !our sales
funnel as efficient as
(peration !ffiliate #ash
Hiscover #ow "n "verage
Boe ;ent From 35 +
3?&555.55 " ;eek ;ithout
Ever #aving To Dreate Or
<ell " roduct Of #is Own,

0"nd how !ou can
replicate his strateg! in K7
hours or less..2
:ow To 9psell Now
You-ve got a we'site to
sell !our product. You-ve
spent mone!& effort and
time to promote !our
we'site so that !ou can
make mone! when !our
visitors make a purchase.
;hat happens ne%t:
-udio /ourse
/mail <emon
NOT#$NF used to
frustrate me more than
working so hard at
-'uilding m! list-& (ust to
finall! send out an email
offer with a'solutel! no
results...$ couldn-t
understand it,...
<iscover The %imple
'ay of 'riting /mails
That )akes )oney
/very Time
++ $ideos Included
'ords To Profits
;ords can have a magical
effect on !our 'ank
Gearn what words gra'
!our prospects '! their
e!e'alls& 'uild
unshakea'le trust and
gentl! guide them to the
'u! 'utton.
)astering the !dwords
#ash )ountain
Tame the "dwords Beast
R Tap $nto a Tsunami of
eople Eager to <pend
Mone! on ;hatever
You-re Offering:
;hew,, "n!'od! that canEt find at least a couple hundred dollars worth of useful products and value
in that package must alread! have one of the 'iggest li'raries on the planet and canEt possi'l! 'e a
64 roducts worth slightl! over 34&555 . all with full 0esale 0ights so that !ou can sell them
an!place !ou want for an! price !ou want.
:INT> You could sell even 4 cop! of each for a piddling 3K each and !ou would have made more
than C+times !our mone! on this investment.
;ell& thatEs it. $ hope to personall! 'e working with !ou soon& as $ trul!
en(o! helping new people get their )feet wet* and start making mone!
online and $ know !ou will never find an easier or simpler method than
this to get !ou started as a successful online marketer. . Gaur!n #er'ert
#lick ;ink ,elow
0Dlicking 'elow link will take !ou 'ack to homepage . simpl! scroll down to purchase2
-et )e %tarted Now
You will receive the Full Instant Newbie ro!its ackage with all 6
products listed 'elow along with Inlimited 1esale 1ights& F1EE
affiliate we'site to receive 455@ commission on all !our sales and
lifetime support for onl! 37K
*DISCLOSURE: The Focus tech!"ue #et!oe$ %&o'e !s t%u(ht ! #) *u!c+,St%-t .%-+et!( /u!$e 0h!ch )ou 0!11 -ece!'e %$
0!11 %t 1e%st $ou&1e the -es2ose )ou (et o %) %$ )ou 21%ce %)0he-e o1!e 3o- %)th!( /U4R45TEED6 7o0e'e-8 )ou ee$
to +o0 th%t !t 0!11 cost )ou %22-o9!#%te1) :1600 , :11600 % )e%- 3o- u1!#!te$ use 0h!ch !s 2%!$ to % !$e2e$et 3-$ 2%-t); ot
#e o- oe o3 #) #e#&e-s<6 Th!s 3ocus tech!"ue !'o1'es % 'e-) 2%-t!cu1%- 0%) )ou choose )ou- $o#%! %#e6
COPYRIGHT Lauryn Herbert. All Rights Reserved:
5o 2%-t o3 th!s #%te-!%1 #%) &e -e2-o$uce$ o- t-%s#!tte$ ! %) 3o-# 0h%tsoe'e-8 e1ect-o!c8 o- #ech%!c%18 !c1u$!(
2hotoco2)!(8 -eco-$!(8 o- &) %) !3o-#%t!o%1 sto-%(e o- -et-!e'%1 s)ste# 0!thout e92-ess 0-!tte8 $%te$8 %$ s!(e$
2e-#!ss!o 3-o# the %utho-=s<6