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Index to Theses Online

Index to Theses Online covers theses accepted for higher degrees through research by the universities of
Great Britain and Ireland, with the earliest thesis being 1716. Abstracts are included for most theses since

You can combine terms with AND or OR or AND
Getting started NOT, for example Welsh and education; language
Go to the Information Services Electronic or speech; Shakespeare and not sonnets.
Resources web pages at and click A word stem can be included, for example
on Databases. Click on the letter I. Scroll feminis* will find feminist, feminists and feminism .
down to Index to Theses and select the link.
A search can combine all of these features, for
example “roman catholic*” and reformation.
Index to Theses Online offers four different ways Simple search
of searching: Quick, Simple, Standard, and
You can search for theses by words in the title,
Advanced. Click Search on the home page to go
author, abstract, year, university and class
to the Quick Search option. From this page you
can click on the appropriate button to change to (subject grouping).
Simple, Standard or Advanced searches.
Enter your word or words in the text boxes and
In each search option you can choose how many highlight a single appropriate line in choice boxes.
If you leave the line Anything highlighted in a
hits (results) per web page to show: the number of
choice box the search will include all the options;
theses found is usually set to 25 but it can be
limited to 10 or increased up to 500. for example, Anything in the Class contains box
will search for all subjects. If you use more than
one box you can connect them with AND or OR.
Subject classification
Each entry in the Index to Theses Online includes For example, Author contains Jones and Abstract
a letter and figure code for the main subject area contains national* and University contains Wales,
of the thesis. For example, all theses on literature Cardiff. Click on Start search.
have a classification with A8: theses on
nineteenth century literature will have the code Standard search
A8h. Select Class List from the menu on the left
hand side of the screen to view all the subject This search uses multiple drop-down menu boxes
and text boxes. Click on the right of the option
box for choices: the Any field option searches the
Quick search author, title and abstract together. Lines can be
connected with AND or OR. For example, Any
Enter a single keyword and click on Start search. field contains roman and Class contains A9b
You can use phrases in quotes as keywords, for (archaeology). Click on Start search.
example “black death”.
Advanced search. Other information on theses
This is the most exact search option but requires Dissertation Abstracts is an online catalogue of
a familiarity with the database and the correct American and other international dissertations. It
method of entering searches. There are basic is available from the Databases list, or directly
instructions on the page, or you can select from
Search Tips or Various examples for more
details. Cardiff University theses can be traced through
Voyager. To find theses on a subject use a
Viewing the results keyword search and include the word thesis. To
find theses from a School use the classmark
The entries for the theses that match your search
search: enter thesis- and then add the School
will be shown in a numbered list of author and title
acronym, for example thesis-encap.
lines. These are in relevance order. Select any
title to see the complete entry: this includes the
Obtaining theses
full title; the type of degree and the university; the
subject classification; the volume and page For Cardiff University theses, Voyager will show
reference of the printed version; and, for most where the thesis is held. The most recent are
entries, an abstract of the content. The letters held in the library serving the School, but older
(BL) after the title show that a microfilm copy is theses are generally in store and have to be
held in the British Library. ordered through the information desk. Theses are
always for use only in a library.
Changing searches If the thesis is from another university it may be
Select one of the menu choices on the left hand possible to borrow it through inter-library loan.
side to change to a new type of search. You can The thesis may be supplied as a microfilm or
also switch between previously used screens by microfiche: reading and copying facilities are
clicking on the Back and Forward buttons. available in the Arts & Social Studies Library and
in some other Cardiff University libraries.
Printing and saving
To print click on File and then on Print. If you
want to see how the printed text will look click on For further information or assistance contact Arts
File and then on Print Preview. You can print and Social Studies Library
directly from Preview. Tel: 029 2087 4818
To download the information, click on File and
then on Save as. Choose the drive to save it to, ASS-002-Q-6 / July 2006 /KB
usually a:\, e:\ or h:\ from the Save in: box at the
top. The Save dialog box will offer you the default
name of a file to be saved as an HTML Files type.
You can change the filename to one of your
choice. To save the file as a text file that can be
used in a word processing application you should
change the Save as type option to Text File.
Click on Save to complete the download.