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Gopal Chandu

Permanent Address:
Panangat (H)
Kanakamala (P.O)
Mobile ~08943331215.
Email ~
Home Tel: 04802725855

Current Occupation: Working as a Non-Official Cover for Central Intelligence Agency as
well as Research and Analysis Wing (RAW). Considered a VVIP by RAW, Intelligence
Bureau, CIA, Indian Army, Pentagon. Please consider the situation working as a non-official
cover for any agency means working freelance.. Without experience certificate. As proof that I
have worked and do work for these agencies can only proved by a) CIA: A tweet I sent to
Fatima Bhutto informing her about the Osama Bin Laden operation 9 days before it actually
happened. b) RAW: HRD Ministry Notification List including Ravinder Singh, Praveen Garg, and
a certain Gopal on the list of notifications available for scrutiny on the HRD Ministry website in
the year 2013. I was and still am working for CIA as a NOC for the past ten years and its only
recently that RAW took notice and published notifications on its behalf for me in 2013.

Previous Occupation: Completed coursework. Got postgraduate degree in May 2014 in Master
of Arts in Education (Elementary) from the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Chembur, Mumbai.
Tata Institute of Social Sciences: Masters in Elementary Education
Pedagogy of Mathematics
With Jayshree Subramanian (Phd) and K. Subramanium (Phd)
Gender and Education
With Nandini Manjrekar (Phd)
Education Policy, Institutions and Practices
With Denzil Saldanha (Phd) and Archana Mehendale (Phd)
Language Mind and Society
With Ramakant Agnihotri (Phd) and Rajesh Kumar (Phd)
Research Methods in Education
With Padma Sarangapani (Phd) and Jacob Tharu (Phd)
Curriculum and School
With Padma Sarangapani (Phd) and Disha Nawani (Phd)
Child Development, Cognition and Learning 1 and 2
With Sujata Sriram (Phd), Rakhi Banerjee (Phd), Ritesh Khunyakari (Phd), Usha Nayar (Phd),
Ravi Subramanium
Sociology of Education Part 1 and 2
With Leena Abraham (Phd), Ranu Jain (Phd) and Nandini Manjrekar
Material Design and Development
With Disha Nawani (Phd) and Hridaynath Dewan (Hardy) (Phd)
Philosophy of Education
With Alok Mathur (Harvard) and Rohit Dhanker (Phd), Navneet Sharma (Phd), Neeta
Field Attachment: How do children make their own teaching learning
materials and the classroom reflective process. Field Mentor: Jane Sahi (Sita School,
Tata Institute of Social Sciences: Masters in Elementary Education
Previous employment: Over the past ten years, I got interested in the education sector and
started taking my own programmes in schools. I have worked in CMI Public School(Chalakudy)
teaching English Grammar to 6th Std A,B,C division, English Language to 7th A,B, etc and
English Language to 11th Std on a temporary scale. I also implemented Spoken English
programmes in Vyasa Vidyaniketan, Potta and Saraswati Vidyaniketan Kodakara. I have
published my own textbook of Communicative English
Previous employment: Football Development Officer
Brazilian Soccer Schools
Delineation of work profile: A) Locking in venues. B) Appointing Coaches C) Ensuring
minimum registration of children for the program
Previous employment: Customer Relationship Associate
Epicenter Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Certified for successfully completing Credit Services Training for Providian Financial.
Certified for maximum production hours in the project for Providian in the month of
February 2004
Repeatedly received stellar call appreciation from client in U.S.A.
Delineation of Work Profile: U.S.P. Providing customers appropriate {<WIIFMS> Whats In It
For Me} opportunity and effective reasons to make effective payments towards paying off their
credit card balance. Assisting customers in saving their credit through collection efforts in the
outbound collections department of Providian. Informing customers effective modes of making
payments and thereby effectively clear their debts, save on additional fees and finance charges,
save their credit from getting hampered, etc. Submitting daily reports to Team Manager to
facilitate performance analysis and proceeding as per development plan.
Previous Employment: Tele Sales Representative Level 2
E3r Infosystems Pvt. Ltd.
Joined at Level 2 and worked for a period of 3 months from August 4, 2003 to November 22,
Delineation of Work Profile: Informing prospective clients of credit repair and the
of establishing a good credit rating. Explaining clients the numerous ways of improving their
credit and how to go about getting a better deal on debts and mortgages. Pouring over the
advantages of our credit card and upselling
credit correction kit along with the credit card.
Aggression and persuasive sugar coating of speech with suitable confidence building measures
resulting in sales.
Previous employment: Customer Service Executive Level 2
Msource (India) Pvt. Ltd. now Mphasis (India) Pvt. Ltd.
Joined as Trainee Customer Service Executive for a period of six months and after six months
from joining date got promoted to Customer Service Executive.
Experience in Msource (Mphasis):
Worked from 13th August 2001 to 30th January 2003 in both inbound and outbound projects in
realm of IT enabled services involving Customer Relationship Management and Competitive
Business Intelligence.
Silhouette of work profile in Inbound Project:
Customer Support: Customer support provided to recipients of social security benefits in 18
states in the United States of America. Each state has its own rules regarding operating
procedures. Work requirements entailed assistance in filing investigative claim reports in case
irregularities in transaction processing at retail stores and ATMs, checking and reporting on
status of claim filed on earlier date, training clients to the use of the debit card, troubleshooting
problems with dysfunctional CAPS machine (machines used by government representatives to
issue debit cards and pin numbers), enrolling clients into the program, making changes in
account information within purview of authority, assisting clients in finding ATMs located in
vicinity, issuing replacement cards, replacement PIN numbers, assisting clients in knowing
benefit availability dates, assisting with balance inquiry, detailed transaction inquiries,
call escalations, making three way calls with Arabic interpreters for Arabic callers, making
detailed call logs and submitting all activities while on calls for Quality Analysis.
Silhouette of work profile in Outbound Project:
Competitive Business Intelligence: Making outbound calls to competitors of the client posing
as prospective customers. The competition consists of 5 to 6 major players in the market with
ten to fifteen thousand outlets (shops) each. The products offered by them could be ordered on
the telephone. Deceptive calling involved calling as prospective customers ordering a specific
product or products over the phone and placing a lien on them and never actually purchasing
Final aim and advantage of such an outbound calling venture was multipronged:
1. Artificial sales projection by competitors that never actually get converted into sales.
2. A product ordered over the phone is kept reserved for the next 24 hours that actually
leads to loss in sales when some other authentic customer tries to purchase the same
product within 24 hours.
3. Prices of products are compared and competitive prices for our clients product is set.
4. The shop attendants are distracted and their precious time is diverted from serving
authentic clients.
5. After four months of calling the competitors got suspicious of the orders placed over the
phone and now even authentic customers on the phone are treated with disdain and
contempt. Killing competition is the name of the game.
Certified for successfully completing a workshop on delivering excellent customer
service on 26th April 2002.
S.S.C from E.N.N.S.S. Boarding School with French as main subject
H.S.C from Ness Wadia College of Commerce with French as main subject
Bachelor of Commerce from Ness Wadia under University of Pune
Diploma in French from University of Pune
Certificate of French (elementary) Alliance Francaise de Poona
Certificate of French (intermediate) Alliance Francaise de Poona
Completed M.A. in Elementary Education at Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai.
Age: 34
Nationality: Indian
Marital Status: Single
Languages known: English, Hindi, French, Malayalam, Marathi
Interests: Film aficionado, avid reader, soccer crazy football worshipper, encouraging
children to better themselves and finding an audience in them, storyteller, social activist
Family Profile
P.S Chandu ~ Father ~ Bsc, Btech, LLB ~ Retired