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JVM stands for

A. Java Verified Machine
B. Java Virtual Machine
C. Java Very large Machine
D. Java Very small Machine

2. ___________ is a name given to a variable, class or method
A. Constant
B. Reference
C. Identifier
D. Modifier

3. Java source codes are compiled and converted to
A. Objectcodes
B. Assemblycodes
C. Binarycodes
D. Bytecodes

4. Which of the following can not be used as the first letter to form a valid java identifier?
(Choose all that apply)
A. $
B. &
C. _
D. Any Alphabet (A-Z or a-z)
E. Any Number

5. Which class cannot be a subclass in java
A. abstract class
B. parent class
C. Final class
D. None of above

6. Which method is used to perform DML statements in JDBC
A. execute()
B. executeUpdate()
C. executeQuery()
D. None of above

7. Why we use array as a parameter of main method
A. it is syntax
B. Can store multiple values
C. Both of above
D. None of above

8. Runnable is a ___________________
A. Class
B. Method
C. Variable
D. Interface

9. If the argument passed to the threads method setPriority( ) is not in the range of 1 to 10
(both inclusive), the method throws
A. ArithmeticException
B. IllegalArgumentException
C. IllegalValueException
D. none

10. sleep(50);
The above statement of a thread implies that the thread will get the processor-time
A. any moment after 50 milliseconds
B. exactly after 50 milliseconds
C. even before 50 milliseconds if the processor is idle
D. none

11. Program which executes applet is known as
A. applet engine
B. virtual machine
D. None of above

12. JAR file contains the compressed version of
A. .java file
B. .class file
C. .jsp file
D. None of above

13. A JSP is transformed into a(n):
A. Java applet.
B. Java servlet.
C. Either 1 or 2 above.
D. Neither 1 nor 2 above.

14. What programming language(s) or scripting language(s) does Java Server Pages (JSP)
A. VBScript only
B. Jscript only
C. Java only
D. All of the above are supported

15. What is invoked via HTTP on the Web server computer when it responds to requests
from a user's Web browser?
A. A Java application
B. A Java applet
C. A Java servlet
D. None of the above is correct.

16. What servlet processor was developed by Apache Foundation and Sun?
A. Apache Tomcat
B. Apache Web server
C. Sun servlet processor
D. None of the above is correct.

17. Which HTTP method gets invoked when a user clicks on a link? Select the one correct
A. GET method
B. POST method
C. HEAD method
D. PUT method

18. Name the class that includes the getSession method that is used to get the HttpSession
A. HttpServletRequest
B. HttpServletResponse
C. SessionContext
D. SessionConfig

19. Name the method defined in the HttpServletResponse class that may be used to set the
content type. Select the one correct answer.
A. setType
B. setContent
C. setContentType
D. setResponseContentType

20. JSP embeds in ................ in......................
A. Servlet, HTML
B. HTML, Java
C. HTML, Servlet
D. Java, HTML