Question: What does ISO? Its Standards? What are its Functions?

ISO stands for International organization for standardization.It is world’s
largest developer of standards. ISO’s principal activity is the development of
technical standards,ISO standards also have important economic and social
reprecussions. ISO standards make a positive difference,not just to engineers
and manufacturers for whom they solve basic problems in production and
distribution,but to society as a whole. ISO, officially began operations on 23

ISO standards contribute to making the
development,manufacturing and supply of products and services more
efficient,safer and cleaner. They make trade between countries and fairer.
They provide governments with a technical base for health, safety and
environmental lagislation.They aid in transferring technology to developing
countries. ISO standards also serve to safeguard consumers and users in
general,of products and services as well as to make their lives simpler. When
system,machinery and devices work well and safety then it is because they conform
to standards.
ISO is a non_governmental orgaanization. Its members are not,
as is the case in the united nations systems, delegations of national governments.
Nevertheless, ISO occupies a social position between the public and private
sectors. ISO is able to act as a bridging organization in which a consensus can be
reached on solutions thst meet both the requirments of business and the boarder
needs of society.

International standards provide a reference framework, or a
common technological language , between suppliers and their consumers – which
facilitates trade and the transfer of technology.
1. For Businesses
2. For Customers
3. For Governments
4. For Trade Officials
5. For Developing Countries
6. For Consumers
7. For Every One
8. For The Planet
ISO developments are very usefull for
industries and business organization of all types, to governments
and the regulatory bodies, to trade officials, to conformity
assesment professionals and ultimately, to people in general in
their roles as consumers and end users.
( aQeel subTain )

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