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Jasmine Ramirez 11/3/07

History Test corrections 30yr War Kruzeck

1. The Thirty Years War began in 1618 and ended in 1648 it was between the Protestants

and the Catholics. Fred IV was in regain when the Thirty Years War was in reign.

However, Fred III was ruling before the Thirty Years War began. He was from the

Palatinate he was Calvinists and his intentions were illegal because Calvinism was

illegal. He ruled from 1559 until 1576. Then Fred IV came in and he was also from the

Palatinate and was also Calvinists. He wanted Lutherans and Protestants to form against

the Catholic. This in turn became Lutherans against the Catholics. Under his reign did

the Protestant union come about. The protestant union banded Calvinists and Lutherans

together to form against the Catholics before they consolidated.

However in 1608, the Lutherans joined the Protestant union and the Catholics

backfired and created the Catholic League in 609 to protect themselves. The Protestants

wanted to halt the spread of Catholicism before the Catholics consolidated. The Catholic

League was led by General Count Johann VonTilly and was also a great organizer. John

George I of Saxony also came in and was a Lutheran elector joined the Catholics and was

a politique. Max I Duke of Bavaria didn’t want the war to happen but was also on the

side of the Catholics. There were three supporters of the Catholic League whom where

Max I Duke of Bavaria, Spain, and the Lutheran elector John George I of Saxony.

In 1618 in Bohemia Ferdinand becomes the Habsburg king of Bohemia.

Ferdinand is an outsider he is from Austria and speaks German. He is also Catholic and

in Bohemia the major religion was Protestant and speak a different language. He revokes

religious freedom of the Protestants in Bohemia thus starting the 30 years war. He
becomes a dictator and wants to make entire Habsburg Empire Catholic and he starts in

Bohemia. The nobles in Bohemia fight and say no. Then the Defenestration of Prague

happens. In 1516 Ferdinand sends regents to Bohemian nobles to go and talk to them and

the Bohemian nobles throw them out the window. Because Ferdinand’s regents got

tossed out it shows that know one liked Ferdinand and especially the nobles. After the

Defenestration of Prague the 30 Years war was inevitable. Everyone threw their weight

to Ferdinand V.

Fredrick V leads the people in to the thirty years war. Christian II who ruled

Denmark he is tired and he tries to save the Protestants in 1626 when going to Germany

and is instead forced to run away. The Bohemians refused to accept jurisdiction of

Ferdinand. There were four phases, The Bohemian Phase, which is from 1618-1625, the

Dutch Phase from 1625 to 1629, the Swedish Phase from 1630 to 1635 and the French

Phase from 1636 to 1648.

During the first phase the Battle of White Mountain occurs. Ferdinand and Tilly

on the Catholic side come out successful and beat the Protestants led by Fredrick.

Maximillium goes around country-by-country conquering and soon conquers the entire


During the second phase Albrecht Von Wallenstein comes in and instead of paying

his army with money he pays they by allowing them to pillage German cities. In 1629,

Ferdinand comes in and has the audacity to issue the Edict of Restitution. This stated that

all land taken from the church since 1552 must be given back. This angered the people

and especially Protestants.

During the third Phase the people send out Gustavus Adolphus on behalf of

Sweden. The Battle of Breitenfeld then comes along. Gustavus Adolphus begins killing

Catholics. The Catholics have won twelve years and the Protestants have won for

eighteen years. The in the Battle of Lutzen Gustavus Adolphus dies. The Peace of Prague

occurs. Ferdinand decides to call everything off and begin to compromise instead.

Everyone aggress except for Sweden. The people who support Sweden tell them to

continue fighting. The Netherlands becomes the center of banking and France gets

Cardinal Richelieu whom is a politique. He also supplies Protestants with money because

he feels Habsburgs have too much power.

During the last phase the German population lost 1/3 of there population. They

had no monarchy no government and no central power.

Then in 1664 The Treaty of Westphalia was signed and this treaty ended the thirty

years war. It gave Germans complete control over their territory and no longer has to

listen to the empire. France gets a portion of land and becomes bigger. The Swiss

Confederacy and the united Netherlands was extracted form this and also Calvinists

became a legal religion.