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The method of poetry

If we really look at it,it is clear to us that most of the poets say more than that contuined by
words or combination of words on their other words,little words want to describe or
say something as clearly and widely as accomplish this purpose,it need a good
method a long with the necessary means for it.
The most important things are:
1. Diction
Diction,or a writers choice of words,has a particulary important place in poetry,as the
meaning,sound,and number of syllables in each word is often vey important,the words used in
the worlds of poetry do not entirely depend on denotative meaning,but rather on the connotative
meaning,while,scientific descriptions are usually more concerned with denotation,that is why
people of ten say that scientific language is denotative and the literury language is connotative in
nature, a winter can often spend,several paragraph on description apoet often needs to convey a
significant piece of information about something in only a few well chosen words.
2. Imagery
All the poets want to servethe inner esperience ever. Happened to him to the readers of
his works. The stadi of any poem often begins with it is imagery. As a general term,imegeri is
the use of langguage represent achon feeling and other sensori and extra-sensori experience.
Imageri in poenty is what the words of the poet make the reader see in the their imagination.
So that the audience can feel, hear, touch, ever feelings evoked by the poet. If neededs to
experience everythink contuined in the poems, because that is the only way he could convince
his readers of the reality of everythink beiring hummed.
3. The concreate word
One of the ways to stimulase. The imagination of the lovers of opoem is to use the right
words, concrete words that suggest a though understanding. The more precise a poet puls
assosiotion words in his imagery, so that the lovers believe that they actually saw, heard , felt, in
the short, the experience everything experieced by the poet we can conclude that the real
meaning of the concrete word is concrete and specific words, not abstruct and general words.
4. Figurative language
Another method is often used by the poets to evoke imagination is the use figure of speech or
the use of figurative language , which is the language of methapore . Figurative language is the
use of words that go beyond.Their ordinary language meaning, sometimes word are not yet so
clearly to explain something , therefore the poet use equations , comparisons and other metapor
words. It requires you to use your imagination to figure out the authors meaning. For example if
some one tells you that it is raining cats and dogs, you know that there are not actually cats and
dogs feelling from the sky you know it really means that is rainning very hard.
5. Rhythm and Rhyme
Rhythm and Rhyme have huge influence to clurify the meaning of poem.the rhythm and
Rhyme.of a poem to be intimately linked with the sense,feeling,tone and interition contuined
therein,Rhythm is how the poem sounds like when you say it,for example : try saying a common
nursery rhyme like the beat of the poem.Rhyme is basically,it is wordyouand is how the words rhyme, whereas ryme is voice resemblance.