Fall 2013, opening of the new
Jean Calvin database
• More than 100’000 pages available
• Full text online
• Link to the PDF page or the image from
the Droz publication
• Search forms with various parameters
(author, publisher, collection, title)
• Ability to export and save search results
In collaboration with City and Library of Geneva
ht t p/ / e- l i brai ri e. droz. org/ cal vi n
1564-2014 : The 450
of the Death of Calvin
Principles of digital publishing:
• These texts result from exact conversion of the paper version
• The page numbers of the paper version have been preserved in order to allow an
identical citation. They appear in the right margin of the text in the form {p. aaa}.
• The cutting out of the preliminary pages was reviewed and references for the digital
version were added.
• References to the original publications are given between square brackets [ ].
his portal presents
all the texts by
or about John
Calvin which have been
published by the Librairie
Droz from 1960 to 2012,
with an initial focus on
Geneva, Calvin, and the
beginnings of the French
evangelical movement
with Lefèvre d’Etaples
and Marguerite de
162 texts are currently
available. New Droz
releases will be added
to the portal as they are
published as well as other
books and series from
and about Calvin.
Technical specifcations
Droz’s online portals meet the following standards.
• Open URL: This is a specification for representing a bibliographical citation in the form of a
URL. It permits communication of precise references (to the page) between different systems on
the internet. Open URL enables researchers to automatically communicate references to other
• OAI-PMH Depot: OAI-PMH is a protocol permitting exchange of free document notices. It is
implemented by all the large libraries and research institutions.
• UNIMARC: Every resource available on Droz’s online portal presents a UNIMARC notice for
library cataloging.
• COUNTER: The COUNTER norm is promoted by subscribers to electronic publications, notably
libraries, in order to measure the usage of digital resources by their members.
The following COUNTER reports (Book Reports) will be available for each subscriber:
BR 1: books consulted per month,
BR 2: sections consulted per book and per month,
BR 5: searches and sessions per title and per month,
BR 6: total searches and sessions per collection and per month.
To obtain these reports: esubscriptions@droz.org
• Identity federation of the Shibboleth type:
Shibboleth is an IT protocol which divides up the certification of a user between the provider
of identity (for example, a university) and the provider of the resource (the publisher). It thus
standardizes distant access and facilitates itineraries through the documents.
• TEIpot
The Calvin portal of the Librairie Droz uses the free software TEIpot developed by Algone :

• The Librairie Droz’s Calvin portal will be permanently hosted by the secure server of the City of
Geneva and of the Library of Geneva (BGE), which are partners in this project.
Subscriptions types
ht t p/ / e- l i brai ri e. droz. org/ cal vi n
11, rue Firmin-Massot
CH-1206 Genève - GE
0041 22 346 66 66 (t.)
Standard Licence
• Offers access to the full information and includes remote access
• Access is by IP address(es)
Campus Wide Licence
• Access is unlimited by IP address(es)
• Access also includes remote access
Consortium / Multiple-Campus Subscription
• Volume discounts are available for qualifying groups of
institutions and multi-site licences
Individual subscription
• For personal use only
• It offers a single username and password that must not be
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