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Name of programme Management and Business Administration

Qualification awarded Bachelor in business and management
Level Bachelor
Study field Business and Management
Scope of programme (ECTS) 240 ECTS
Language of instruction English*
Length of programme (years) 4 years
Tuition fee 650 EUR per semester
*Currently, just Marketing and Global Business concentration is delivered in English language;
more options will be offered in the upcoming years.
Programme description

The objective of the programme

The main aim of management and business administration programme, marketing and global business
concentration is to prepare highly-qualified marketing experts who are able to work in dynamic
environment of global business.

Career opportunities and access to further studies


A graduate of management and business administration programme with marketing and global
business concentration are ready to work in companies and organisations that are involved in
international/global activities. They are widely spread across sectors: business (manufacturing,
commerce, services), public sector, non-profit (non-governmental).
Marketing expertise of the graduates is high demand in two types of organisations: (a) businesses
and non-business institutions that need experts to develop their marketing activities; (b)
companies that offer marketing-related services (marketing, advertising and communications
agencies, consulting and research firms, various international programmes and organisations.

Programme structure
The first two years of the programme consists of both compulsory and elective courses that are the
same for all concentrations. Students will be given an opportunity to choose elective courses according
to their interest. Each semester students will work on research projects in line with the selected courses.
The third and the final years will be dedicated for further specialization in the students area of interest.
At the moment only Marketing and Global Business concentration is delivered in English language, the
other choices in English will be offered in upcoming years.
Marketing and Global Business students during the last years of studies not just concentrate on the
specialty, but also have opportunities to (a) study, develop projects and communicate with the
ERASMUS programme exchange students from numerous countries; (b) participate in numerous
extracurricular projects and contests (marketing project Ideja; B2B marketing project TEO bures (solving
real cases suggested by TEO company); international marketing contest Brandstorm, organised by
LOreal company, etc.).

The programme has the following structure:
First year (Semester I) ECTS
Compulsory courses:
Introduction to Studies 5
Higher mathematics I 5
Economics Theory (microeconomics I) 5
Residents and Economic Development 5
Elective courses (10 ECTS):
Philosophy 5
Lithuanian Language 5
Psychology 5
First year (Semester II) ECTS
Compulsory courses:
Economics Theory (microeconomics II) 5
Information and Communication Technologies 10
Business Statistics 5
Elective courses (10 ECTS):
Classical Ethics and Modern Leadership 5
Business English 5
Sociology 5
Second year (Semester I) ECTS
Compulsory courses:
Civil and Business Law 5
Economics Theory (macroeconomics) 5
Management 5
Business Economics 5
Business Ethics 5
Elective courses (5 ECTS):
Insurance Business 5
Tourism Business 5
Knowledge Economics and Management 5
Second year (Semester II) ECTS
Compulsory courses:
Principles of Accounting and Audit 15
Personnel Management 5
Management of Business Operations 5
Elective courses (5 ECTS):
History of Economic Thought 5
Econometrics 5
Logistics 5
Innovation Management 5
Third year (Semester I) ECTS
Compulsory courses:
Global Business 5
Marketing 5
Consumer Behaviour 5
Business Strategies 5
Elective courses (10 ECTS):
Quality Management 5
Principles of Cross-cultural Management 5
Business in Emerging Economics 5
Third year (Semester I) ECTS
Compulsory courses:
Business English 5
Course project 5
International Economics 5
Essentials of Marketing Research 5
Marketing Management 5
Elective courses (5 ECTS):
Retail Management and Marketing 5
Export Management 5
Management Information Systems 5
Electronic Marketing 5
Fourth year (Semester I) ECTS
Compulsory courses:
Global Electronic Business 5
Integrated Marketing Communication 5
International Marketing 5
International Advertising Business 5
Essentials of Corporate Finance 5
Elective courses (5 ECTS):
Global Operations and Logistics 5
Forest Products and Markets Development 5
Public Relations 5
Fourth year (Semester I) ECTS
Internship 15
Final Thesis 15


Management and Business Administration undergraduate studies are completed with public defence of
final bachelor thesis.

Each applicant is required to have a secondary school diploma or its equivalent.
The selection criteria are based on the weighted average of relevant grades recorded in the
transcript of the students academic record.
All applicants have to prove their English proficiency.

Academic contact Admission contact

Prof. Algirdas Miskinis
tel. (370 5) 2366156
Ms. Ingrida Kelpsaite
tel. (+370 5) 2687183