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Inspection Questions for Governors

For each of Achievement, Teaching, Behaviour & Safety, Leadership

and Management:

1 How good is it? (Strengths / Weaknesses)
2 How do you know? How do you monitor this? Why has it been like
it is?
3 What have you done to challenge / support / bring about
4 What has been the impact of this?
5 What needs to happen to get to good / outstanding?


How (how well?) does the GB monitor the progress of pupils in the
Where / what aspects of their work are pupils doing well at? Where
are they not doing so well? Why has it been like it is? Gaps between
achievement of different groups of pupils? Boy/Girl FSM/EAL/WB etc
How do standards at the school compare with National Standards?
Are standards rising / falling / static? Are pupils making good
progress over time? How do you know?
What has GB done to support/challenge the school to promote higher
standards? Impact of GB on this?
Next steps to good?


How (how well?) does the GB monitor the quality of teaching in the
How good is teaching? What are the strengths / weaknesses?
What have you done to challenge / support / bring about
improvements in T&L? What has the impact been?
How to get teaching to be securely at least good?

Behaviour and Safety?

How good is behaviour at the school? What is the level of exclusions?
How good is attendance? What are the issues?
How does the GB know? What monitoring is there?
What do parents/ children say about behaviour?
What has the GB done to challenge/support/ bring about
improvements to behaviour? Impact of this?
How safe is the school? How does the GB discharge its
responsibilities for H&S?
Now can B&S become good? What next?

Leadership and Management

How well does Leadership in the school (including GB) work to drive
How does the GB help shape planning for improvement? How
strategic is it?
How does GB seek views of stakeholders / pupils / parents etc?
Role of GB in ensuring effective performance management and
tackling of underperformance?
How does GB evaluate its own work and develop its own skills in
supporting leadership?
How does GB ensure it meets all statutory duties
How does GB ensure the effective management of finance?
How does GB ensure effective use of the Pupil Premium?
How does GB ensure there are effective safeguarding arrangements
(inc. SCR)