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John Dave Cabaltero, a 7 y/o grade one student, living in 627-B Nicodemus St. Tondo
Manila, male, born June 24 at Manila, was admitted at Chinese General Hospital due his rashes
and was diagnosed having hypersensitivity reaction. He belongs in a Catholic family and uses
Filipino as their primary language.
B. Past Health History
He was hospitalized before due to high fever and convulsions. He has complete
immunizations. Hes taking vitamins such as PedZinc and Cherifer.
C. Family History of Illness
His 32 year old father has a family history of Diabetes Mellitus while his 29 y/o mom has
asthma and a family history of hypertension.
D. Health Perception and Health Management
As a part of his health management, he had his monthly check-up till he was 2 y/o and
currently having his annual check-up. They do not practice any traditional concepts about
health. He do hygienic practices such as taking a bath regularly, doing proper hand washing,
trimming of fingernails every weekend, wearing of slippers, using colognes, brushing teeth twice
a day, and having his dental check-up annually.

E. Nutritional and Metabolic Pattern

The patients appetite in eating is good and loves to eat viands with sauce and soup. He
drinks 6-8 glasses of fluids a day that includes water juices and milk. He eats with his lolo, lola,
and sometimes with his mom when shes not at work. He experiences decaying of his teeth like
normal school age child experiences.

F. Elimination Pattern
Hes having daily bowel elimination with a semi solid, brown and free of blood stool and
urinates at least 4 times a day. He experience excessive perspiration yet not experiencing any
odour problem.
G. Activity-Exercise pattern

Every week days he goes to school from 7:00 am to 3:30 pm then after, he will go back
home, do home works, watch tv and sleep at 9 pm. And during weekends, he plays basketball,
PSP, ride a bike and watch TV as a form of enjoyment.

H. Sleep-Rest Pattern
Every night he takes 8-9 hours of continuous sleep from 9pm 6am. He doesnt
experience any difficulty in falling to sleep as long as he rubs his elbow and knuckles to make his
body relaxed and fall asleep.
I. Cognitive-Perceptual Pattern
Hes not experiencing any difficulty in reading, writing, hearing and in his vision which
makes him comfortable at school. He is being reviewed by his mom. And loves writing writing
when hes at his good mood.

J. Role Relationship Pattern
He lives with his lolo, lola and his mom. Hes open and transparent to his family most
especially to his dad who stays abroad. He always wants to play with his friends and cousins and
hates to be alone since hes the one and only child of his mom and dad.