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it was almost the nineteenth century before a long sleep on the Carnoustie links (forced on an exhausted joiner who was making his way home to Barry after a long day's work in Arbroath) kick-started the growth of the town.(Ladies & Juniors) Playing Card 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 Hole Par 4 4 4 4 4 5 4 3 4 4 4 5 3 5 4 3 4 4 Par (Ld's & Juniors) 4 4 4 4 4 5 4 3 5 4 4 4 3 5 5 4 4 4 Stroke Index 10 4 14 16 12 2 8 18 6 3 15 9 17 1 7 13 5 11 Club Features Club House Club Hire Putting Green Pro Shop Practice Area Club Bar Driving Range Restaurant Trolley Hire Changing Rooms Buggy Hire Lessons The Club Check out the hole by hole descriptions and images above. the greatest golfer of his time and the man generally acknowledged to be the first golf professional. both from home and abroad. Six Open Golf Championships have been staged at Carnoustie and the seventh will be held there in July 2007. in short. the course was allowed to deteriorate but. Carnoustie’s first golfer might well have been a gentleman called Sir Robert Maule (1497-1560). still has not been made obsolete by advances in modern equipment. The first indication that the game was being played there can be found in the Parish Records of 1560 when the game of gowff was mentioned and there is every indication that the game has played an important part in the town’s life ever since. nobody knows how proficient Maule was at “gawf” or. Although there have been countless moments of golfing drama in every one. John Philp. and most challenging.” and who was “given to leicherie” and other sports such as “hawking. of hie stature. that the course became ready to receive the Open Championship. the Carnoustie course consisted of 10 the near-pantomime at the 18th hole in Jean Van de Velde's final round in 1999 will never be forgotten. hunting and the gawf. when the great James Braid was brought in to overseas sweeping changes. Tom Morris extended the course to 18 holes but it was not until 1926. Carnoustie is visited by countless thousands of tourists. . Carnoustie’s championship course has become regarded as one of Britain’s finest. thankfully. for that the greatest golfers in the world will return to Carnoustie in the hope that they might (for once) put a dent in its reputation as a "Tiger" golf course which takes no prisoners. Today. in 1867. “leicherie”. The Course Carnoustie is another of those quaint Scottish seaside towns where golf was played long before a community evolved. under the watchful eye of current Course Superintendent. What they find is a course that is difficult but still eminently playable. It is. a local landowner who was described as “a gentleman of comlie Course Vitals Holes 18 Yards 6941 Slope 145 SSS 75 Par 72 Par 70 . there is no point within any of the six closing holes at which a golfer can allow himself the slightest feeling of complacency. tests of golf.carnoustiegolflinks. a wonderful test of golf. We do not know where Maule and his colleagues “exercisit the gowf” in the 15th century but we do know that by 1839 the Carnoustie Golf Club had been formed. In July 2007. it has been restored and is now. but also one of the best-conditioned courses in the country as well. from time to time. Since then.The Mulligan+ Course Guide for Championship Course . Later. sanguine in colour both of hyd and haire. Carnoustie's finishing stretch is recognised as the stiffest in the British Open rota. Carnoustie is widely acknowledged as the hardest links in the world.” Unfortunately. To begin Website www. provided the golfer hits the right shots at the right time. and one that. Historical records prove that "duntin' the gutty" had begun on the links by 1527. Centuries later. Believe it or not. Occasionally. As with so many of the older Scottish golf towns. laid out by Allan Robertson. making it the oldest artisan club in the world. not just a formidable challenge. the history of Carnoustie is not well recorded.Carnoustie Golf Links Type Links Country Scotland Region Scotland County Angus Town Carnoustie Address Links Parade Postcode DD77JE Phone 01241 853789 Email golf@carnoustiegolflinks. Golf in Carnoustie The game of golf has been played in Carnoustie for well over four centuries.

.Green Fees Directions 12 Miles north of Dundee. In the centre of Carnoustie.

Too cautious a tee shot will leave a shot of about 170 yards over Jockies Burn to a tight and undulating green. 3 .306 Ladies & Juniors . the shortest par four on the course.316 C'ship Ladies . over a mound.(Ladies & Juniors) Stroke Index 14 Championship . .301 The third. and over a deep bunker to a green that is difficult to hit from that angle. a finger of rough extends out into the fairway at around 230 yards.395 Ladies & Juniors .Cup Par 4 Par 4 . has been extensively re-modelled in time for the 2007 Open. Here. Following the changes.(Ladies & Juniors) Stroke Index 10 Championship . the ideal drive is down the left. In contrast.Jockie's Burn Par 4 Par 4 . and is guarded down both flanks by bunkers and rough.391 C'ship Ladies .(Ladies & Juniors) Stroke Index 4 Championship .409 Medal . meaning the player has to decide whether to carry this but still stop short of the ditch in front of the green. Then.412 C'ship Ladies . but not without difficulty because a new island of rough also sits in the centre of the fairway and must be avoided.401 Regular . albeit not so far left that it goes out of bounds.363 Right from the start.382 The second hole features one of the tightest landing areas on the course. 2 . the visitor to Carnoustie learns the importance of hitting the tee shot into the right place. if you hit a drive down the right you will face a blind second shot. thereby affording a sight of a sunken green built behind a sand dune. or else lay up. making the tee shot much more challenging than it used to be. the new design provides a series of options from the tee which will make even the worlds best golfers pause and think. protected by Braids bunker in the middle of the fairway and others to the left and right.381 Ladies & Juniors . The lay up option is the safest.337 Regular .435 Regular .Gulley Par 4 Par 4 . narrow green that measures 50 yards from front to back. the fairway sweeps slightly to the right to a long.342 Medal .459 Medal .1 . While still measuring 337 from the Championship tee.

The fourth features the only double green on the course.364 Ladies & Juniors . extending the carry to 310 yards.375 Medal . Like on the second. The green itself is heavily contoured and protected by bunkers at the front and rear.500 C'ship Ladies .4 . The competitors at the 2007 Open will find the tee shot even more demanding than in Hogans time.(Ladies & Juniors) Stroke Index 16 Championship .(Ladies & Juniors) Stroke Index 2 Championship . but risky Hogan Alley route and. Jockies Burn can also be a problem as it crosses the fairway 300 yards from the Championship tees. 6 .358 Into the prevailing wind.(Ladies & Juniors) Stroke Index 12 Championship . he will be rewarded with a more straightforward second shot down the fairway.583 Medal .387 Regular . were deemed not to offer a sufficient threat to the modern golfer so a new bunker has been added behind and slightly to the right of the existing bunkers.490 Ladies & Juniors . The second shot then has to be hit to a flat green protected by bunkers to the left and the right green.Brae Par 4 Par 4 . the green is over 50 yards long and also features two distinct tiers. . the fourth hole requires a good drive to carry a bunker built into the corner of the dogleg.485 The sixth is one of the most famous holes in Championship golf and is known as Hogans Alley in recognition of Ben Hogans exploits at the 1953 Open when on all four days of the Championship he elected to hit his drive down the narrow gap separating the fairway bunkers and the out-of-bounds fence on the left. Down wind. shared with the 14th.408 Medal .375 C'ship Ladies .Hillocks Par 4 Par 4 . 5 .350 The fifth is a left to right dogleg protected by two bunkers built into the left and the right of the landing area. The intention is to tempt the golfer to go down the traditional.375 Regular .Hogan's Alley Par 5 Par 5 .374 C'ship Ladies .520 Regular . situated 280 yards from the tee. if successful. The existing fairway bunkers. A drainage ditch narrows that fairway about 80 yards short of the green.363 Ladies & Juniors .

On the face of it.350 Like on the sixth.420 C'ship Ladies . it provided all sorts of problems to competitors in the 1999 Open.181 Medal . Here. 9 . the seventh does not seem as demanding as some of Carnousties other holes but dont let appearances deceive you. making it even more difficult target to hit. you have to send your tee shot out over the out of bound fence and back to a green protected by bunkers to the left and right.480 Medal . narrow green. when the wind is left to right. the tee shot has to be accurate or else.7 .(Ladies & Juniors) Stroke Index 8 Championship . making club selection difficult. The hole also has a long. there is out-of-bounds all the way down the left.133 The eighth is the first of Carnousties par-3s and can be a real card-wrecker.Short Par 3 Par 3 .413 Regular . Sometimes.409 Medal .(Ladies & Juniors) Stroke Index 18 Championship . a sea of heather and gorse obscure the view of the green.373 C'ship Ladies .394 Regular .Plantation Par 4 Par 4 . The tee shot has to avoid bunkers built into the left and right of the landing area and the second then has to be threaded between two other bunkers that protect the shallow green. measuring 43 yards from back to front and protected by bunkers on both sides.401 Ladies & Juniors . The fairway is well bunkered in the driving area and further protected by trees to the left and a ditch that meanders its way down the right rough.362 Ladies & Juniors .(Ladies & Juniors) Stroke Index 6 Championship .402 Carnousties front nine closes with a classic par four that was rated as the toughest hole during the 1999 Open Championship. The green itself falls away at the back and front. particularly in a cross wind.157 C'ship Ladies . Here. .167 Regular . 8 .Railway Par 4 Par 5 .147 Ladies & Juniors .

415 Ladies & Juniors . both from the tee and into the green. It got its name from the exploits of a local caddie who announced he was emigrating to South America. 11 . the tee shot has to be hit down the left. Bunkers eat into the left and right of the landing area.362 Regular .(Ladies & Juniors) Stroke Index 3 Championship . to a green built below the level of the fairway. . As on the ninth.352 C'ship Ladies . which crosses the fairway 30 yards short of the green. The second shot then has to clear the Barry Burn.330 The 11th is another hole that demands great accuracy.405 Ladies & Juniors .462 C'ship Ladies .Dyke Par 4 Par 4 .425 C'ship Ladies .465 Medal . away from two bunkers and an unseen ditch.10 . both protected by bunkers. making it even more difficult to hit. with a tough par four.504 Medal .Southward Ho! Par 5 Par 4 . The approach then has to be threaded between two mounds. but who got no further than this hole before deciding to stop and sleep off the effects of the whisky he had consumed at his farewell party.332 Carnousties back nine starts like its front nine ended.446 Regular .395 On the 12th.(Ladies & Juniors) Stroke Index 9 Championship . bunkers pose the biggest threat from the tee.(Ladies & Juniors) Stroke Index 15 Championship .South America Par 4 Par 4 . The putting surface is wide but also surprisingly narrow.479 Regular .342 Ladies & Juniors .380 Medal . the second of Carnousties par fives. and meanders behind a sole tree to the right of the putting surface. and four other traps also protect both sides of the green 12 . The hole is called South America.

141 C'ship Ladies . rises from front to back and is protected by two bunkers.471 Medal .(Ladies & Juniors) Stroke Index 1 Championship . completely obscure the view of the green. either to lay up or to hit a long second shot over two huge bunkers situated about 50 yards short of the green. the second shot has to be guided over a nest of bunkers to a green that is largely hidden from view.483 Regular .425 Ladies & Juniors .171 Medal . 15 .510 Medal . throwing any loose tee shots towards two bunkers.459 Regular . There is also a large horseshoe-shaped bunker to the front of the green.(Ladies & Juniors) Stroke Index 17 Championship .13 . Then. .442 C'ship Ladies . he has an option.161 Regular . one on the left and one on the right.418 The 15th starts what is sometimes considered to be the toughest closing stretch in British Championship golf.456 Ladies & Juniors . the fairway slopes from left to right. It catches anything that is under-clubbed and also masks the fact that the green is 40 yards in length. 14 . Then.Lucky Slap Par 4 Par 5 .Whins Par 3 Par 3 .Spectacles Par 5 Par 5 . The green.(Ladies & Juniors) Stroke Index 7 Championship . These bunkers.130 Ladies & Juniors . known as the Spectacles.440 On the 14th the golfer faces a blind drive over an expanse of gorse and rough to a landing area protected by three bunkers on the left and another on the right. which narrows in the middle. Here.468 C'ship Ladies .118 The 13th is the shortest hole at Carnoustie but is certainly no pushover. They also hide two bunkers that guard the entrance to a double green shared with the 4th.

433 Regular . 17 .245 Regular . a par would be considered to be an excellent result. and could only have been worse had he also hit a ball over the out of bounds fence that is situated all the way down the left of the hole. Sadly for him.421 C'ship Ladies .16 . Bernard Darwin.212 The 16th at Carnoustie is often described as the hardest par-three in golf.(Ladies & Juniors) Stroke Index 5 Championship .411 Ladies & Juniors . Here. Leading by three. It was arguably the greatest catalogue of disasters that any golfer has ever experienced on one hole.(Ladies & Juniors) Stroke Index 13 Championship . For the 2007 Open. For most others. the burn loops backwards and forwards across the fairway creating an island into which the tee shot should be hit.374 Revered golf writer. 18 . once described Carnousties Barry Burn as the ubiquitous circumbendibus and it is easy to see why once you reach the 17th hole. Paul Lawrie birdied this hole during the play-off for the 1999 Open.444 Regular . his second shot struck a grandstand and rebounded into the rough on the right side of the fairway. this tee shot has also been made more challenging by the addition of a series of dips and swales down the right side of the fairway where rough will be encouraged to grow.454 Medal . situated short and to the left and right of the putting surface.389 Ladies & Juniors . however.382 Carnousties 18th hole will always be remembered as the scene of Frenchman.Home Par 4 Par 4 . Dropping out under penalty. The second shot has to be hit to a green that is protected by a mound on the left and bunkers on the right.428 C'ship Ladies . The green itself is long but slopes off on all sides. His third found the Barry Burn where it crosses the fairway just short of the green. Jean Van de Veldes amazing capitulation during the 1999 Open.249 Medal . he hit his fifth shot into the bunker that guards the right of the green before blasting out and holing a 10-foot putt for his triple bogey.223 Ladies & Juniors .Barry Burn Par 3 Par 4 .500 Medal . into an easterly wind it is practically impossible to hit the green from the tee.(Ladies & Juniors) Stroke Index 11 Championship .Island Par 4 Par 4 .235 C'ship Ladies . Downwind it is difficult. On that occasion. Van de Velde drove right but avoided the Barry Burn. he needed only a six or less to win the title but contrived to take seven and then lost the ensuing play-off to Scotlands Paul Lawrie. It is also protected by five bunkers. .

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