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The Mulligan+ Course Guide for Leamington County Golf Course - Leamington County Golf Club

Type Parkland
Country England
Region East Midlands
County Warwickshire
Town Leamington
Address Golf Lane
Postcode CV31 2QA
Phone 01926 425961

Course Vitals
Holes 18 Yards 6439 Slope 0
SSS 71 Par 71 Par 71 - (Ladies & Juniors)
Playing Card 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Hole Par 5 4 3 4 4 4 5 3 5 4 3 4 4 5 3 4 4 4
Par (Ld's & Juniors) 5 4 3 4 4 5 5 3 4 4 3 4 4 5 3 4 4 4
Stroke Index 11 5 15 3 13 1 7 17 9 14 18 2 4 8 12 6 10 16

Club Features

Club House Club Hire Putting Green Pro Shop

Practice Area Club Bar Driving Range Restaurant
Trolley Hire Changing Rooms Buggy Hire Lessons

The Club
Established  in 1908, the Golf Course is situated approximately two miles south of the town centre of Royal Leamington Spa in
Whitnash where the road to the course, aptly named Golf Lane, is well signposted. It also is within five minutes of the M40.
Twenty minutes drive will get you to Stratford-on-Avon and very close nearby is historic Warwick. 

Founded  to satisfy the golfing needs of the thriving Victorian Spa by Town  Councillors and leading citizens - the first Club
President was Hugh de Grey, Marquess of Hereford and he was followed by Francis Richard Charles Guy, Earl of Warwick and Francis
Dudley, Lord Leigh.
Following a highly successful campaign earlier this year to introduce the club’s facilities to local ladies there has been growing
demand to expand the ‘taster sessions and tuition courses’ to include ladies, men and juniors.
The Golf Club are hosting ‘Free Taster Sessions' on Saturday 22nd September with Club PGA Professional Julian Mellor.
There are three 1 hour sessions at 9.30am, 10.30am and 11.30am.
Places will be limited so to reserve your place call Julian on 01926 428014

Ladies Tuition Follow-On Specials If you were one of the ladies attending the initial coaching / taster sessions you now have the
chance to follow up with Julian Mellor click here for details.

Whether you are a complete beginner or someone who is currently playing or previously played golf and wish to learn more about
Leamington & County Golf Club then the Open Day - Saturday 6th October will be the perfect time to visit, meet members and the
club’s promotion team.
You’ll be able to play complimentary nine holes of golf, view the professional’s Indoor Golf Academy and have a tour of the clubhouse
To book a place for the Open Day please call David Beck on 01926 425961
to email  click here. 

The Course
18 holes, par 72 course with two loops of nine on undulating parkland terrain and measures a testing 6418 yards from the white tees. 
The present day course layout by Hawtree & Son is a redesign of the original links built almost 100 years ago. 

Green Fees

Weekday April - October Price £35.00 Price £35.00 (Juniors)

Full Day Ticket - April -

Price £45.00 Price £45.00 (Juniors)

Three and a half miles from M40 south of town centre of Royal Leamington Spa 

1 - Hole 1

Par 5 Par 5 - (Ladies & Juniors) Stroke Index 11

Championship - 495 Medal - 0 Regular - 483 C'ship Ladies - 463 Ladies & Juniors - 463

A demanding shot to start you off! From the elevated mens tee you
drive over a valley to the crest. The ladies tee is less elevated.
Straying too far left or right will find you in trees and beware there is
a pond waiting on the left. If safely on the fairway and over the crest
you have full view of the green. At some stage it will be decision time,
with the ditch across the full width of the fairway, some 63 yards from
the green, you must decide whether to lay-up or, if long enough, what
club is needed to reach the green.

2 - Hole 2

Par 4 Par 4 - (Ladies & Juniors) Stroke Index 5

Championship - 358 Medal - 0 Regular - 330 C'ship Ladies - 313 Ladies & Juniors - 313

The white tee is elevated, while the yellow and ladies tees are at
ground level for this hole which is a slight dogleg left. There is trouble
on the left in the shape of a copse and if straying further left dense
Hawthorne and a likely lost ball. To the right of the fairway your route
to green will almost certainly be impeded by trees. The ground climbs
sharply uphill from 150 yard to the green and it is unlikely you will see
the bottom of the flag. One greenside bunker on either side awaits
your approach.

3 - Hole 3

Par 3 Par 3 - (Ladies & Juniors) Stroke Index 15

Championship - 199 Medal - 0 Regular - 172 C'ship Ladies - 159 Ladies & Juniors - 159

Here the all tees are on the same level for this first of the short holes.
Its uphill all the way to the left to right sloping green. A visible
bunker greenside right and another unseen left greenside will capture
most miss hit or badly directed shots. With out of bounds all the way
on your right par here is a bonus as many believe it is the hardest of
the par three holes.


4 - Hole 4

Par 4 Par 4 - (Ladies & Juniors) Stroke Index 3

Championship - 432 Medal - 0 Regular - 422 C'ship Ladies - 399 Ladies & Juniors - 399

A testing par 4 from all tees, there is a gentle left to right dog-leg
shape but with plenty of trouble lurking ahead despite its inviting
fairway. Out of bounds on your right all the way to the green. Longer
hitters may have the advantage as the hole opens up beyond 260
yards. Greenside bunkers on both sides and trees immediately beyond
the green will concentrate the mind as you plan your approach.

5 - Hole 5

Par 4 Par 4 - (Ladies & Juniors) Stroke Index 13

Championship - 347 Medal - 0 Regular - 337 C'ship Ladies - 316 Ladies & Juniors - 316

Here the tees are well below the target fairway and the drive is
through the funnel effect created by trees left and right. Out of bounds
is immediately right. The marker post is the sensible line but the sharp
90-degree dogleg means your second shot can be anything from a
wedge to a mid-iron or even a fairway wood, depending on how
attacking or safe you have played from the tee. The relatively small
green is well protected. Please remember to ring the bell as you go
toward the green to advise the match following that you are clear.

6 - Hole 6

Par 4 Par 5 - (Ladies & Juniors) Stroke Index 1

Championship - 446 Medal - 0 Regular - 436 C'ship Ladies - 0 Ladies & Juniors - 419

Stroke one index for the men is fully justified. Driving uphill you must
first avoid the fairway bunker. A long straight drive will present the
opportunity to take on the tough second shot to the large plateau
green ahead otherwise laying up and trusting your short game is
highly recommended. Dense thickets of Hawthorn are located on both
sides at 100 yards from the green and the spine of ground splitting the
fairway can easily kick your ball into trouble. The good news is you
have only one large bunker greenside right for you to worry about.


7 - Hole 7

Par 5 Par 5 - (Ladies & Juniors) Stroke Index 7

Championship - 520 Medal - 0 Regular - 485 C'ship Ladies - 0 Ladies & Juniors - 433

Mens tees are at ground level while the ladies are slightly elevated
and at a different angle. The hole plays its full length but offers a
realistic birdie chance.
The fairway bunker on the right can snare the average length drive
straying down that side. Of greater danger though to the longer drive
is the pond on the left and a ditch crossing the fairway at 335 yards. to
add to Three bunkers protect one of the smaller greens on the course.

8 - Hole 8

Par 3 Par 3 - (Ladies & Juniors) Stroke Index 17

Championship - 171 Medal - 0 Regular - 154 C'ship Ladies - 0 Ladies & Juniors - 112

A relatively easy hole if able to play a straight shot. There is a large

green if you carry the front bunker but further bunkers are out of
view, one right, one left. Go too long and you could find your ball in
the ditch. Beware also of out of bounds and a ditch along the left hand
side from tee to green.

9 - Hole 9

Par 5 Par 4 - (Ladies & Juniors) Stroke Index 9

Championship - 451 Medal - 0 Regular - 442 C'ship Ladies - 0 Ladies & Juniors - 383

Good finishing hole to outward half. Drive needs to be straight to

avoid the trees left and right. The longer drives, if straight, travel on
and down the hill leaving the men only a medium to short iron to get
home and a possible eagle. There is always the safer route and if
under control an uphill pitch for the third shot to the plateau green
could still lead to a birdie or secure par. Bunkers are located left and
right of the green and thick bushes at the back can cause concern. For
the ladies this is the stroke one index and plays as a long par 4.


10 - Hole 10

Par 4 Par 4 - (Ladies & Juniors) Stroke Index 14

Championship - 326 Medal - 0 Regular - 316 C'ship Ladies - 0 Ladies & Juniors - 300

We start the back nine outside the clubhouse again. Similarly to the
first hole you are driving over a valley to the uphill fairway. Only a
straight drive can be sure of safety as there are plenty of trees and a
fairway bunker to cause you trouble. At the green the left bunker eats
across the approach area and a smaller bunker right is unseen. Only
the longest drives will have full sight of the flag position.

11 - Hole 11

Par 3 Par 3 - (Ladies & Juniors) Stroke Index 18

Championship - 130 Medal - 0 Regular - 120 C'ship Ladies - 0 Ladies & Juniors - 114

The shortest hole on the course but for many it is the signature hole.
The ideal shot is a towering short iron over the tall pines to the small
but receptive green. Beware again as there is danger if you are not
straight. One large bunker protects the left front of the green.

12 - Hole 12

Par 4 Par 4 - (Ladies & Juniors) Stroke Index 2

Championship - 407 Medal - 0 Regular - 397 C'ship Ladies - 0 Ladies & Juniors - 387

From the elevated tees you drive downhill and can clearly see what
awaits as the Poplar trees shape the left to right dogleg. The large
Pear tree on the left side of the fairway adds to the degree difficulty. A
bunker on either side guards the two-tier green and further trouble is
in store for errant golf balls on all sides around the green.


13 - Hole 13

Par 4 Par 4 - (Ladies & Juniors) Stroke Index 4

Championship - 381 Medal - 0 Regular - 371 C'ship Ladies - 0 Ladies & Juniors - 318

A stiff test for everyone here. Uphill all the way and requiring a long
straight drive to enable you to be comfortable in hitting the green in
regulation two shots. A lost ball is likely if you stray into the thicket
left and trees all the way to the green if choose the route to the right.
With a bunker on either side the green is well protected and has a
steep apron to negotiate at the front.

14 - Hole 14

Par 5 Par 5 - (Ladies & Juniors) Stroke Index 8

Championship - 545 Medal - 0 Regular - 533 C'ship Ladies - 0 Ladies & Juniors - 318

You are now taking on the longest hole on the course. Elevated tees
provide the perfect view but you must first carry the 100 yards of
gorse to reach the fairway. One fairway bunker partially out of sight to
be aware of then it is straight forward, provided you keep it straight,
to the green where the customary two bunkers are set to catch you if
not accurate.

15 - Hole 15

Par 3 Par 3 - (Ladies & Juniors) Stroke Index 12

Championship - 190 Medal - 0 Regular - 179 C'ship Ladies - 0 Ladies & Juniors - 151

Turning for home and the final four holes begin at this par three which
is another with a trademark-elevated tee that provides full view of
your target and three bunkers. Depending on the wind direction club
selection will be anything from a short/medium iron to a wood. Out of
bounds returns to the scene all the way down the right and at the back
right of the green.


16 - Hole 16

Par 4 Par 4 - (Ladies & Juniors) Stroke Index 6

Championship - 366 Medal - 0 Regular - 355 C'ship Ladies - 0 Ladies & Juniors - 332

If you have a good card to this point this is probably the biggest
threat of the remaining holes. A sharp dogleg right to left and trouble
surrounding you makes this hole a potential card wrecker. The
percentage play is to drive short of the ditch at the corner, which lies
about 220 from the back tee. If safely on the fairway you will have a
clear sight of the green where one large, half moon shaped, bunker
guards the right front and side. Be mindful too of the large shrub that
is situated short right.

17 - Hole 17

Par 4 Par 4 - (Ladies & Juniors) Stroke Index 10

Championship - 384 Medal - 0 Regular - 365 C'ship Ladies - 0 Ladies & Juniors - 297

Youll see the clubhouse in the far distance but not the green on this
straight away hole. The marker post is the ideal line as the men drive,
elevated again, across an unseen pond and the road trying to avoid
the small pot fairway bunker, with out of bounds down the right you
cannot afford to be too careless. The ladies have the easier if slightly
blind drive. The green runs away sharply front to back and the
approach plays at least a club shorter than the distance suggests.
Once again youll need to miss the bunkers on either side of the

18 - Hole 18

Par 4 Par 4 - (Ladies & Juniors) Stroke Index 16

Championship - 299 Medal - 0 Regular - 289 C'ship Ladies - 0 Ladies & Juniors - 261

The final hole may well be the shortest of the par fours but it presents
many dangers. No bunkers on this one but you must first thread your
tee shot between trees left and right, crossing the valley to a narrow
uphill fairway. Out of bounds is all the way on your right. A good drive
means your approach shot will not have far to travel but you will not
be able see the hole, merely the top of the flag. With the clubhouse,
out of bounds and a shrubbery only a few yards beyond the green you
can ill afford to overshoot the long, narrow two tier green.

Holes 18 Yards 6439 Slope 0
SSS 71 Par 71 Par 71 - (Ladies & Juniors)
Playing Card - OUT 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 OUT HCP NET
Stroke Index 11 5 15 3 13 1 7 17 9

Hole Par 5 4 3 4 4 4 5 3 5 37 37
Par (Ld's/Jn'rs) 5 4 3 4 4 5 5 3 4 37 37

Playing Card - IN 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 IN HCP NET

Stroke Index 14 18 2 4 8 12 6 10 16

Hole Par 4 3 4 4 5 3 4 4 4 35 72
Par (Ld's/Jn'rs) 4 3 4 4 5 3 4 4 4 35 72

Tees Played
Championship Medal Regular C'ship Ladies Ladies & Juniors

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