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Forest of Dean and the Wye Valley. mature trees. the MGC celebrated its’ centenary in 1996 and has been at it’s present location since 1921. half a mile north of Monmouth Town. in the direction of Ross on Wye. The eighth hole. Monmouth was extended to 18 holes in 1992.40 . superbly maintained throughout the year by head greenkeeper Lee Williams and his team is 5698 yards off the white tees .uk Course Vitals Holes 18 Yards 5582 Slope 4 SSS 68 Par 69 Par 70 . “Devil’s Bunker” and “Last Gasp” give clues to the test in store. the year in which the “new” clubhouse was opened.Monmouth Golf Club Type Parkland Country Wales Region Wales County Monmouthshire Town Monmouth Address Leasbrook Lane Dixton Monmouth Postcode NP25 3SN Phone 01600 712212 Email info@monmouthgolfclub. SSS 67) and 5118 yards off the Ladies’red tees (Par 72 SSS72) Each aptly named hole offers a different challenge and names such as “Cannes Folly”.(Ladies & Juniors) Playing Card 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 Hole Par 4 3 4 4 4 3 4 4 4 3 5 4 3 4 4 3 5 4 Par (Ld's & Juniors) 4 3 4 4 4 3 4 5 4 3 5 4 3 4 4 3 5 4 Stroke Index 9 9 7 15 3 11 13 1 5 14 2 12 16 6 10 8 18 4 Club Features Club House Club Hire Putting Green Pro Shop Practice Area Club Bar Driving Range Restaurant Trolley Hire Changing Rooms Buggy Hire Lessons The Club A parkland course in scenic setting high undulating land with good views. As you leave the clubhouse you become aware of the tranquillity of the verdant surroundings. The course stands on high ground above the Town with superb views of the Welsh Hills. The undulating parkland course.5507 off yellow (Par 69. “The Oasis”. The Course Arguably the prettiest course in the entire Pricipality. was featured amongst Britain's most extraordinary golf holes. Undulating parkland with views that are simply stunning !! The eighth hole (Cresta Run). Visit the MGC. Pheasant and Rabbit in Website www. Monmouth certainly has every justification for its claim to be one of the prettiest courses in Wales and is undoubtedly one that is renowned for the warm welcome offered to its’ offering a most comfortable location for a drink or a meal with magnificent views of the course and the surrounding countryside. Turn left into Leasbrook Lane and continue for approximately half a mile – you can’t miss it. “Kymin View”. wild flowers and an abundance of wild life. .monmouthgolfclub. Nor would you want to. “ Cresta Run” was recently included in “Britain’s 100 most extraordinary golf holes” which also nominated Monmouth as having the best value green fees in the country.The Mulligan+ Course Guide for Monmouth Golf Club .you will not be disappointed. “The Struggle”. “Long Haul”. Originally a nine hole MONMOUTH GOLF CLUB Monmouth Golf Club is conveniently situated along the A.

00 Price £10.00 (Juniors) MARCH 18 HOLES PLUS A ONE COURSE MEAL.50 Price £10.00 Price £14.Ross road .00 Price £10.00 (Juniors) OCTOBER 18 HOLES WEEKDAY SUMMER 1 APRIL-31 Price £24.00 (Juniors) OCTOBER DAY TICKET WEEKEND WINTER OFFER 1 NOVEMBER .Green Fees SUMMER 1 APRIL-31 Price £20.00 (Juniors) OCTOBER 18 HOLES WEEKEND SUMMER 1 APRIL-31 Price £28.00 (Juniors) OCTOBER DAY TICKET-WEEKDAY SUMMER 1 APRIL-31 Price £30. Directions Signposted 150 yards past Dixton roundabout on A40 Monmouth .00 Price £15.31 Price £14.

(Ladies & Juniors) Stroke Index 9 Championship .1 .Named after Leslie Arnott.180 Regular .173 Ladies & Juniors . 2 .MANSON'S CROSS Par 4 Par 4 . The fairway then slopes to the right and continues uo a moderate incline to a long narrow plateau green .314 Ladies & Juniors . a member who used it as a landing strip for his Tiger Moth back in the "Roaring Twenties".CANNES FOLLY Par 3 Par 3 .ARNOTTS Par 4 Par 4 . The direction of the approach shot is critical as there is a long bunker protecting the right of the green.332 Regular .(Ladies & Juniors) Stroke Index 7 Championship .268 A drive which is uphill and complicated by out of bounds on the left and trees on the right.170 C'ship Ladies . It should be a two shot hole to the green for the average golfer who can hit a straight ball ?? The out of bounds on the left will punish a hooked shot and the clump of trees on the right can be a problem. . It was then the second hole of the old nine hole course and was played in the opposite direction to today's first.319 Regular .(Ladies & Juniors) Stroke Index 9 Championship .319 Medal .180 Medal .314 C'ship Ladies .332 Medal .320 C'ship Ladies .268 Ladies & Juniors .314 . 3 . The out of bounds "donkey paddock" to the left of the green seems to impart a magnetic influence on any semblance of a hooked shot.173 A lovely drop hole over a valley which contains the roadway to the greenkeepers premises. protected by a bunker on the left.

The overhit tee shot is punished.161 Ladies & Juniors . once your tee shot has been threaded through a narrow avenue of trees to reach the fairway and always providing that you do not visit the wood on the right hand side or the "out of bounds" on the left. A reasonably straightforward par four.(Ladies & Juniors) Stroke Index 15 Championship .254 Ladies & Juniors .254 Considered by many to be one of the prettiest holes on the course .KYMIN VIEW Par 4 Par 4 . The approach to the green is uphill with bunkers on either side. A tricky par three with the green well protected by a ditch and overhanging trees. 6 .(Ladies & Juniors) Stroke Index 3 Championship . There is a marsh pond at the bottom of the fairway which can be reached from the tee and the only flattish area is to the right hand side of the pond. also.296 Medal .161 C'ship Ladies .389 Medal . as there is a pond at the back of the green.287 C'ship Ladies .. which must clear the pond.389 Regular . It is a left hand dogleg with a sloping fairway from right to left. Any mishit shot and the chance of a par is remote.175 Regular . The left of the fairway has a stream awaiting the hooked drive and a slice is punished by a difficult stance for the next shot. who are running a nearest the pin competition.(Ladies & Juniors) Stroke Index 11 Championship .THE OASIS Par 3 Par 3 .296 Regular .367 Ladies & Juniors .367 Another hole where the scenery compensates for the golfing problems which it poses.367 C'ship Ladies . .4 . 5 . but now you can truly enjoy the "Kymin View".161 A firm favourite for societies etc.175 Medal .THE BUCKHOLT Par 4 Par 4 .

411 An unusual hole which was recently included in the book " Britain's 100 Extraordinary Golf Holes".439 Medal .319 This is a left hand dogleg around the farmyard and buildings.319 Ladies & Juniors .316 Regular .CRESTA RUN Par 4 Par 5 .422 C'ship Ladies . if too long his line could be obstructed by tall trees. to the ideal line to the green which is well bunkered. The hole is well named being downhill and almost a double dogleg. if not out of bounds. Once again the drive is critical.7 . but if too short will.315 C'ship Ladies . but the average club golfer will be happy to get there for three and down for a five. The average golfer will play around the dogleg and will then have a longer approach shot to the green off a fairly level stance. The approach to the green is narrow so accuracy is required.225 You either love it or hate it !! the name is almost self explanatory as the hole is almost all uphill.316 Medal .439 Regular . The second shot can be influenced by the close proximity of the farm buildings.350 Medal .THE STRUGGLE Par 4 Par 4 . the long hitter will aim over the corner of the buildings and expect to have a short iron shot to the green.(Ladies & Juniors) Stroke Index 1 Championship . 9 .(Ladies & Juniors) Stroke Index 5 Championship .350 Regular .THE ELBOW Par 4 Par 4 .411 Ladies & Juniors .(Ladies & Juniors) Stroke Index 13 Championship . 8 .225 Ladies & Juniors . . The long driver will reach the plateau green in two with ease. The placing of the drive is very important with " out of bounds " on the right and considerable areas of rough on the left.346 C'ship Ladies . and the trees which camouflage them. have to play a shot off a steep slope.

154 Ladies & Juniors . particularly if you tend to be a little on the wayward side.350 Medal . 12 .(Ladies & Juniors) Stroke Index 2 Championship .hence " Cole's Hole".339 This is the old First hole of the old nine hole course but played in the opposite direction to a new green adjacent to the new clubhouse. and is then uphill all the way to a split level green. which has tall trees lining a ditch just inside the course.THE LONG HAUL Par 5 Par 5 .165 C'ship Ladies . and the clubhouse garden and practise putting green are " out of bounds" to gather in the stray shot on the right.154 A tricky par three as the ideal line to the green skirts the "out of bounds" on the left.10 . professional and greenkeeper in the late sixties.396 The longest hole on the course is certainly aptly named. Near the green the ground slopes from the right towards these bunkers.339 Ladies & Juniors . . All in all.350 Regular . A fair drive will finish at the foot of a hill about 200 yards from the men's tee. downhill to a green well bunkered on the left.COLE'S HOLE Par 4 Par 4 .174 Medal .396 Ladies & Juniors .344 C'ship Ladies . a "Long Haul". This alteration was originally suggested by Bill Cole.481 C'ship Ladies .THE RABBITS Par 3 Par 3 .492 Regular . 11 .174 Regular .(Ladies & Juniors) Stroke Index 14 Championship . the tee being near the site of the old green. An average straight drive will leave a second shot of about 170 yards. The lie of the land slopes steeply from left to right and this will prevent a short hit shot from reaching the green.(Ladies & Juniors) Stroke Index 12 Championship . A large tree guards the centre of the fairway in the dropping zone of an average drive and a hedge up the last hand side has those amazing magnetic properties.492 Medal .

(Ladies & Juniors) Stroke Index 16 Championship .140 Named after George Waldon who designed the 1921 course on which this was the third hole. the keyword. A bunker and a small clump of trees make an approach from the left a less attractive proposition and so. A straightforward one shot hole over a shallow valley to a sloping green marshalled by bunkers on either side.295 C'ship Ladies . itself.294 Another attractive hole with ponds on the left of the fairway and Malley Brook on the right. the choice is yours !! 15 .140 Ladies & Juniors .147 C'ship Ladies .152 Medal . It has a gradual uphill gradient with a small group of trees and a hedge row to trap the wayward or over ambitious .295 This is a combination of the fifth and sixth holes of the old nine hole course. .(Ladies & Juniors) Stroke Index 10 Championship . The approach to the green is narrow and the green.13 . When the hole is on the lower right of the green. 14 .(Ladies & Juniors) Stroke Index 6 Championship .294 Ladies & Juniors .323 Medal .323 Regular . A good drive downhill from the tee gives an interesting approach to a built up small green over a further pond.301 Medal . reader.295 Ladies & Juniors . yet again.THE LAGOON sponsored by South Hereford Garages Par 4 Par 4 .301 Regular .152 Regular . is sloping and the trickiest on the course. four putts are quite common.WALDON PULPIT Par 3 Par 3 .297 C'ship Ladies .TWO IN ONE Par 4 Par 4 . Accuracy is.

344 C'ship Ladies .460 C'ship Ladies .(Ladies & Juniors) Stroke Index 18 Championship . down and across a valley to the upward sloping fairway. accuracy is paramount if one is to reach the green which has been cut out of a hill. leaving an open approach to the green.172 Medal . There are no serious dangers though the " out of bounds " hedge on the left may easily catch either a hooked drive or second shot.436 The drive is from a high tee with "out of bounds" on the left .436 Ladies & Juniors .16 .472 Regular . .343 This hole runs parallel to the seventeenth in the opposite direction.(Ladies & Juniors) Stroke Index 8 Championship .(Ladies & Juniors) Stroke Index 4 Championship . back towards the Clubhouse.172 A one shot hole where.343 Ladies & Juniors .172 Regular . The hole is named after Howard Jones who dominated Monmouth Golf during the sixties and seventies and.350 Medal .472 Medal . The steep sides of this bunker account for the name of the hole and make recovery shots very difficult. The rough on the right is fringed by a row of Silver Birch trees and the green guarded on the right by a large bunker.172 Ladies & Juniors . The second shot should reach the crest of the hill . 18 . 17 . on one occasion.164 C'ship Ladies .350 Regular . A mishit tee shot is likeky to hit the large Oak tree on the right and anything other than a straight shot to the green is likely to run into the long bunker on the left. again.LAST GASP Par 4 Par 4 . sloping from the right to the left. A row of trees fringes the right hand rough and the green is guarded on both sided by bunkers.DEVIL'S BUNKER Par 3 Par 3 . required only five shots to complete holes seventeen (2) AND eighteen (3) .HOWARD'S WAY Par 5 Par 5 . © Mulligan ∞ .OUT 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 OUT HCP NET Stroke Index 9 9 7 15 3 11 13 1 5 Hole Par 4 3 4 4 4 3 4 4 4 34 34 Par (Ld's/Jn'rs) 4 3 4 4 4 3 4 5 4 34 34 Playing Card .IN 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 IN HCP NET Stroke Index 14 2 12 16 6 10 8 18 4 Hole Par 3 5 4 3 4 4 3 5 4 35 69 Par (Ld's/Jn'rs) 3 5 4 3 4 4 3 5 4 35 69 Tees Played Championship Medal Regular C'ship Ladies Ladies & Juniors Find more course guides at www.Scorecard Holes 18 Yards 5582 Slope 4 SSS 68 Par 69 Par 70 .com Created By Tayfusion. All rights reserved.(Ladies & Juniors) Playing Card . www. 2007 .mulliganplus.