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The Mulligan+ Course Guide for Stoneham Golf Course - Stoneham Golf Club

Type Parkland
Country England
Region South East
County Hampshire
Town Southampton
Address Monks Wood Close
Postcode SO16 3TT
Phone 023 8076 9272

Course Vitals
Holes 18 Yards 6392 Slope 0
SSS 72 Par 72 Par 72 - (Ladies & Juniors)
Playing Card 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Hole Par 5 3 4 4 4 5 3 3 4 3 4 5 4 5 4 3 4 5
Par (Ld's & Juniors) 5 3 4 4 4 5 3 3 4 3 4 4 3 5 4 3 4 5
Stroke Index 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Club Features

Club House Club Hire Putting Green Pro Shop

Practice Area Club Bar Driving Range Restaurant
Trolley Hire Changing Rooms Buggy Hire Lessons

The Club
The course was designed by Willie Park Junior, who also designed Old Course at Sunningdale and Stoneham shares a lot of the characteristics
that can be seen there. The course retains the parkland character of the historical landscape improved upon in 1775 by Lancelot 'Capability'
Brown. It was opened in 1908 with a match between J H Taylor and James Braid.

Willie Park Junior laid out the original course in a deer park a mere three miles from the
centre of Southampton, yet its hilly nature and the depth of its gorse and heather come as
a pleasant surprise to most visitors. Stoneham is one of a select band of courses, of
which it can be said that there is not an uninteresting hole in the round. The course is
6392 yards from the back tees, with a par of 72 and a SSS of 70. It provides a good
challenge to golfers of all abilities as the course favours brain over brawn. Many of the
approach shots here are uncompromising - you simply must make it onto the putting
surface or face some serious recovery work.
The return of the Brabazon Trophy in 1993 was only the latest in a line of important
tournaments held at Stoneham going back to 1946 when Bobby Locke and Jimmy Adams
tied for the very first Dunlop Masters, an event still played for today on the European Tour
as the British Masters. Other recent events include the English Ladies Strokeplay
Championship and the English Club Championship.
Now the course hosts a number of annual events including the Solent Salver, a well
recognised open tournament held over two days at Stoneham and Brockenhurst Manor
Golf Clubs.
Traditionally, the Club gives strong encouragement to its Junior section where it is
recognised that the future of the game and the Club are to be found. Our Professional
assists with the coaching of our Juniors, helped by grants from the Golf Foundation and some of them attend the County coaching scheme which
many of our senior members help to organise. As a result, our Juniors continue to achieve low handicaps and figure strongly in National
competitions whilst some go on to take up the game as a profession.

The Course
The course at Stoneham is laid out over a beautiful undulating landscape which is a combination of heathland and parkland.
Of the long par- 4s the 4th is exhilarating, driving out over heather before plunging steeply downhill. A stream crossing 90 yards short of the green is
of concern to most golfers.
The 11th involves a sizeable carry over a cross-bunker from the tee followed by an uncompromising approach over a deep gully to a green perched
on a ledge on the far side.
The Club employs a 3 colour system to indicate the position of the flag on the green. Red indicates a flag on the front third of the green, yellow for
the middle and white for the back third. 150 yard to the centre of the green is marked by green posts with yellow tops on either side of the fairway.
Green Fees

Weekdays Price £45.00 Price £20.00 (Juniors)

Weekday 36 Holes Price £60.00 Price £25.00 (Juniors)

Weekends Price £50.00 Price £50.00 (Juniors)

Special Offer Price £135.00 Price £135.00 (Juniors)

Special Green Fee Rates At any time on Mondays we are offering tee times for a total green fee of 135, saving 45 again
price of 180. This offer will also apply any time after midday on Tuesday to Friday afternoons. As we do not use an on

From M3 take M27 either East or West and follow signs for A33 Southampton At the 1st roundabout turn left and the Club is 1 2 a mile on the left
From M27 take Junction 5 Airport and head into Southampton At 1st traffic lights filter right and keep going up the hill for 15 miles and we are on the
1 - Hole 1

Par 5 Par 5 - (Ladies & Juniors) Stroke Index 1

Championship 499
- Medal -499 Regular -459 C'ship Ladies 443
- Ladies & Juniors 443

A generous opening hole that has wrecked many a card. A drive to the right hand side of the fairway gives a sight of th
otherwise aim at the large tree behind the middle of the green. Green slopes from front to back.

2 - Hole 2

Par 3 Par 3 - (Ladies & Juniors) Stroke Index 2

Championship 190
- Medal -190 Regular -182 C'ship Ladies 126
- Ladies & Juniors 126

The large green on this Par 3 is protected on both sides by bunkers and slopes from front to back. But if you go too long
chipping back up a big ridge to the green. The practice ground to the right of this hole is out of bounds.

3 - Hole 3

Par 4 Par 4 - (Ladies & Juniors) Stroke Index 3

Championship 355
- Medal -355 Regular -336 C'ship Ladies 287
- Ladies & Juniors 287

A drive down the right hand side gives the shortest carry to the upper level of the fairway. Anything left will roll back d
or kick left in to the heather. Take an extra club for your approach to compensate the upslope & playing into the prevai
4 - Hole 4

Par 4 Par 4 - (Ladies & Juniors) Stroke Index 4

Championship 462
- Medal -462 Regular -447 C'ship Ladies 403
- Ladies & Juniors 403

Aim to the right of the path on your drive as the fairway slopes right to left. Your next shot will be played with the ball
inches above your feet to an approach that slopes from left to right. Try to finish below the flag with your approach bel
for an easier putt. Long hitters can leave the driver in the bag during the summer, otherwise they risk having a drop ou
stream as their second shot!

5 - Hole 5

Par 4 Par 4 - (Ladies & Juniors) Stroke Index 5

Championship 326
- Medal -326 Regular -291 C'ship Ladies 276
- Ladies & Juniors 276

The safe way to the play the hole is with an iron off the tee as out of bounds guards the right hand side of the hole and
away from the bunker on the left edge of the fairway. However, if you are confident hitting a fade then a well hit drive
leave a wedge into the green.

6 - Hole 6

Par 5 Par 5 - (Ladies & Juniors) Stroke Index 6

Championship 506
- Medal -506 Regular -481 C'ship Ladies 460
- Ladies & Juniors 460

A long Par 5 that plays into the prevailing wind and has out of bounds down the right hand side. A drive down the right
will give a sight of the green but only the best drive will give a chance of getting up in two. The sensible shot is to play
130 yards from the green. Go too far and you are in the hollow with no sight of the flag. Try to stay below the flag beca
downhill putts and fast with a lot of break to the front left corner of the green.
7 - Hole 7

Par 3 Par 3 - (Ladies & Juniors) Stroke Index 7

Championship 231
- Medal -231 Regular -227 C'ship Ladies 222
- Ladies & Juniors 222

Any par on this hole feels like a birdie as not only is it long, but it is also uphill and into the prevailing wind. Favour the
side as this keeps you away from the bunker that protects the front left hand edge of the green.

8 - Hole 8

Par 3 Par 3 - (Ladies & Juniors) Stroke Index 8

Championship 167
- Medal -167 Regular -145 C'ship Ladies 119
- Ladies & Juniors 119

Take an extra club when playing in to this green unless the flag is at the front. Another green where you dont want to g
the flag as downhill putts are fast and break a lot. Finishing on the right of the green will make par very difficult.

9 - Hole 9

Par 4 Par 4 - (Ladies & Juniors) Stroke Index 9

Championship 383
- Medal -383 Regular -332 C'ship Ladies 258
- Ladies & Juniors 258

A long drive down the left hand side will kick on and roll back into the fairway whilst playing down the right will mean
the rough or possibly the rhodededrons! Play the approach to this green as either a bump & run or fly the ball to the gr
Anything in between & landing just short of the green is likely to get thrown across the green and down the steep bank
10 - Hole 10

Par 3 Par 3 - (Ladies & Juniors) Stroke Index 10

Championship 182
- Medal -182 Regular -163 C'ship Ladies 159
- Ladies & Juniors 159

Aim at the left hand side of the green and ball will feed down to the flag. Miss the green left and a par will be very diffic

11 - Hole 11

Par 4 Par 4 - (Ladies & Juniors) Stroke Index 11

Championship 405
- Medal -405 Regular -361 C'ship Ladies 339
- Ladies & Juniors 339

The centre of the fairway is over the right side of the bunker that guards the drive. There is a stream at the bottom of t
guarding this green so take an extra club to ensure you reach the putting green. All the putts break towards the stream

12 - Hole 12

Par 5 Par 4 - (Ladies & Juniors) Stroke Index 12

Championship 494
- Medal -516 Regular -494 C'ship Ladies 392
- Ladies & Juniors 392

The drive on this hole needs to go down the left hand side of the fairway otherwise it will finish in the right hand rough
down wind this green is reachable in two despite being over 500 yards. All the putts break to the front right corner.
13 - Hole 13

Par 4 Par 3 - (Ladies & Juniors) Stroke Index 13

Championship 250
- Medal -273 Regular -250 C'ship Ladies 160
- Ladies & Juniors 160

A driveable Par 4, but you need to be accurate as it is a small green and anything right will lead to a difficult approach
can check where the pin is on this green when you are playing the 5th as it will help you decide which side you need to
are not going for the green.

14 - Hole 14

Par 5 Par 5 - (Ladies & Juniors) Stroke Index 14

Championship 458
- Medal -481 Regular -458 C'ship Ladies 454
- Ladies & Juniors 454

If you are driving well then take your driver otherwise anything to get you safely to the bottom of the hollow. Anything
lead to chipping out sideways. Beware the gully down the right hand side with your second shots as finishing here can
being blocked out from the green. If the pin is back right then dont go past the flag!

15 - Hole 15

Par 4 Par 4 - (Ladies & Juniors) Stroke Index 15

Championship 410
- Medal -423 Regular -410 C'ship Ladies 376
- Ladies & Juniors 376

Driving down the right hand side of the fairway keeps you away from the heather and the grassy hollow on the right ha
the 150 yard marker. Take club less for the approach shot as your lie will generally by downhill and the green slopes to
Players not going for the green in two can play to the generous landing area 70yds short of the green and leave themse
easy pitch to the green.
16 - Hole 16

Par 3 Par 3 - (Ladies & Juniors) Stroke Index 16

Championship 106
- Medal -134 Regular -106 C'ship Ladies 114
- Ladies & Juniors 114

It is worth checking the pin position of the shortest hole on the course once you have teed off on the 14th. Beware the
cuts in to the left hand side of this kidney shaped green. Long and on the green is better than short and in the bunker t
the front and right of this hole.

17 - Hole 17

Par 4 Par 4 - (Ladies & Juniors) Stroke Index 17

Championship 354
- Medal -380 Regular -354 C'ship Ladies 353
- Ladies & Juniors 353

Drive down the left hand side of the fairway aiming at the two willows on the corner of the dog leg to give a good view
green. The green slopes towards you and away from the stream and as the hole plays in to the prevailing wind you can
aggressive with your approach shot. This will help you forget the fact that the green and the approach are protected on
a stream.

18 - Hole 18

Par 5 Par 5 - (Ladies & Juniors) Stroke Index 18

Championship 460
- Medal -479 Regular -460 C'ship Ladies 402
- Ladies & Juniors 402

The final climb of the round begins with a drive to one of the most generous fairways on the course. Avoid getting behi
copper beech on the right hand side of the fairway. Keep your second as straight as you can to avoid the drops on the r
left sides of the fairway. The approach looks shorter than it is so dont under club.
Holes 18 Yards 6392 Slope 0
SSS 72 Par 72 Par 72 - (Ladies & Juniors)
Playing Card - OUT 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 OUT HCP NET
Stroke Index 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Hole Par 5 3 4 4 4 5 3 3 4 35 35
Par (Ld's/Jn'rs) 5 3 4 4 4 5 3 3 4 35 35

Playing Card - IN 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 IN HCP NET

Stroke Index 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Hole Par 3 4 5 4 5 4 3 4 5 37 72
Par (Ld's/Jn'rs) 3 4 4 3 5 4 3 4 5 37 72

Tees Played
Championship Medal Regular C'ship Ladies Ladies & Juniors

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