Sajdah (Prostration) and its beneficial effect on the Pineal Gland

by An’Nur El Muhammad ﷲ
What benefits do SAJA! ("rostration) ha#e on the Pineal Gland$
And ho% does this &orres"ond %ith &osmolo'y and Scri"ture$
SAJDAH (PROSTRATION) is the bowing position in which the palms of both
hands the toes both !nees and the fo"ehead (S#$#N bod% pa"ts in all) a"e
to&ching g"o&nd' P"ost"ation is the onl% position in which the hea"t is positioned
A(O$# the ("ain and Pineal )land whe"e the ci"c&lation of (lood f"om the hea"t
* to the ("ain and Pineal goes +ITH g"a,it% and not against it'
In the position of P"ost"ation d&e to the inc"eased blood flow to the head a"ea
both the (RAIN and the PIN#A- )-AND . which is located in the cente" of the
b"ain "ecei,es mo"e no&"ishment (o/%gen n&t"ients etc) f"om the blood s&ppl%'
This has positi,e effects on memo"% ,ision hea"ing concent"ation ps%che and
all othe" cogniti,e abilities that a"e p"ocessed in the (RAIN * which is the
THRON# of A--AH *the Di,ine Infinite -i,ing 0nseen 1IND * of the O"iginal
1an' The H&man (RAIN is composed of SI2 basic pa"ts3 4) the 1ed&lla
Oblongata 5) the Pons 6) the 1id b"ain 7) the 8e"ebell&m 9) the Diencephalon
and :) the 8e"eb"&m * and is s&""o&nded b% an al!aline (elect"ic) salt% wate"
!nown as 8e"eb"al Spinal ;l&id'
“And He (ALLAH) it is Who created the heavens and the earth in SIX
periods; and His THRONE of o!er is ever on !ater" #Ho$% &'r(an; ))*+
The Pineal )land The PIN#A- )-AND * which is a sepa"ate component located
in the 8ente" of the (RAIN * is the chief "eg&lato" of all the bod%<s
elect"omagnetic f"e=&encies * a!a >spi"it? * o" an% fo"m of ene"g% that t"a,els in
the fo"m of wa,es s&ch as light heat so&nd tho&ght etc' In esote"ic ci"cles the
PIN#A- )-AND is "ep"esented b% the >Thi"d #%e? also associated with the @th
8ha!"a and is often "efe""ed to as the >S#AT? of )od*8onscio&sness'
The PIN#A- )-AND is A8TI$AT#D b% S&nlight' O&" Ancesto" !new of the S&n<s
abilit% to acti,ate the Pineal )land
In Abo"iginal 8osmolog% * Ao& will find within the anatom% of 1an * 45 1aBo"
O"gan S%stems * which co""espond with the 45 1aBo" Sta" S%stems of the Ta*
1oo"*ian (#g%ptian) Codiac' The 1ost Hono"able #liBah 1&hammad ta&ght of a
S&p"eme 8i"cle of 57 O"iginal Scientists * 45 1aBo" and 45 1ino"' #ach of the 45
Sta" S%stems (8onstellations) a"e "ep"esented b% two Scientists * one f"om among
the 45 1aBo" and his &nde"st&d% f"om among the 45 1ino"'
4) The ("ain and 8ent"al Ne",o&s S%stem *which is "&led b% the
5) The #ndoc"ine (ho"mone) S%stem * which is "&led b% the 8onstellation
6) The Respi"ato"% S%stem * which is "&led b% the 8onstellation )emini'
7) The -%mphatic (imm&ne) S%stem * which is "&led b% 8onstellation 8ance"
9) The Hea"t and 8i"c&lato"% S%stem * which is "&led b% the 8onstellation
:) The Digesti,e S%stem * which is "&led b% the 8onstellation $i"go'
@) The #/c"eto"% S%stem * which is "&led b% the 8onstellation -ib"a'
D) The Rep"od&cti,e S%stem and o"gans *which is "&led b% the 8onstellation
E) The 1&sc&la" S%stem * which is "&led b% the 8onstellation Sagitta"i&s'
4F) The S!eletal S%stem * which is "&led b% the 8onstellation 8ap"ico"n'
44) The 1e"idian S%stem (Ple/&ses 8ha!"as) * which is "&led b% the
8onstellation A=&a"i&s'
45) The Integ&menta"% S%stem (s!in hai" nails) * which is "&led b% the
8onstellation Pisces'
The ;IRST S%stem to de,elop in 1an * the ("ain and 8ent"al Ne",o&s S%stem * is
"&led b% the ;i"st 8onstellation A"ies * which has fo" its Sign * a Ram o" a -A1('
>+hen the -A1( had ta!en the sc"oll the fo&" li,ing c"eat&"es and the twent%*
fo&" elde"s bowed down in f"ont of him' #ach held a ha"p and a gold bowl f&ll of
incense the p"a%e"s of the saints'? * Re,elation 93D *Inte"national Standa"d
$e"sion (G5FFD)' All of this is s%mbolic of that which ta!es place within the
Temple of )od (bod% of 1an) when 1an is in the position of SaBdah
(P"ost"ation)' How soH
D&"ing Salat * when 1an is in the position of SaBdah (P"ost"ation) * all the 45
1aBo" S%stems and thei" s&b*s%stems a"e bowing to and sending ene"g%
(wo"ship) towa"ds the -A1( * which "ep"esents the (RAIN * which is the
THRON# of A--AH * the Infinite 0nseen 1IND of the O"iginal 1an and the
PIN#A- )-AND * the S#AT of the All Seeing #%e' This is wh% it is said that 1an
is in His 1ost #/alted State when in P"ost"ation'
In Islam the times of P"a%e" and P"ost"ation co""espond with the positioning of
the S&n' Thei" a"e NO obligato"% p"ost"ations established between ;aB" (p"e*
dawn) and C&h" (sho"tl% afte" the S&n "eaches its pea!)' +h% * %o& ma% as!H
This is beca&se the bod% (in gene"al) and the Pineal )land (in pa"tic&la") is being
fed and !ept A-IA-IN# b% the light of the S&n and it<s st"ong p"esence between
the time the S&n fi"st appea"s on the ho"iJon while it RIS#S on it<s wa% to it<s
pea! o" PRI1# (noon) and then begins to decline (set)'
Again * the"e a"e no p"ost"ations (p"a%e"s) made obligato"% while the S&n is
"ising on its wa% to its f&ll st"ength and b"illiance'
The fi/ed P"a%e" and P"ost"ation times a"e (#;OR# S&n "ise (;aB") immediatel%
A;T#R the S&n "eaches its PRI1# (C&h") and on the S&n<s D#8-IN# (setting)
in light and powe" (As" 1ahg"ib Isha)' +h%H
The S&n !eeps 1an<s $ib"ation le,el high and !eeps His bod% at an al!aline
balance' As the S&n fades in st"ength 1an too fades in both ph%sical and
Spi"it&al st"ength' The fi/ed ties of Salat a"e done so to !eep the Pineal )land
O&" Tho&ghts and O&"sel,es at an al!aline balance and to !eep f"om waning in
st"ength and falling into wea!ness K wic!edness * as the S&n is waning in its
st"ength' These a"e B&st SO1# of the man% "easons that the fi/ed times of Salat
a"e set befo"e the S&n appea"s and while it is still da"! (;aB") and when it is
fading in st"ength * C&h" As" 1agh"ib Isha'
Hadith (&!ha"i A na""ation att"ib&ted to Ab& H&"ai"ah "epo"ts3
>One da% while the P"ophet was sitting in the compan% of some people (The
angel) )ab"iel came and as!ed >+hat is faithH? Allah<s Apostle "eplied L;aith is
to belie,e in Allah His angels (the) meeting with Him His Apostles and to
belie,e in Res&""ection'? Then he f&"the" as!ed >+hat is IslamH? Allah<s Apostle
"eplied >To wo"ship Allah Alone and none else to offe" p"a%e"s pe"fectl% to pa%
the comp&lso"% cha"it% (Ca!at) and to obse",e fasts d&"ing the month of
Ramadan'? Then he f&"the" as!ed >+hat is Ihsan (pe"fection)H? Allah<s Apostle
"eplied >To wo"ship Allah as if %o& see Him and if %o& cannot achie,e this state
of de,otion then %o& m&st conside" that He is loo!ing at %o&'?

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