Salaat: Divine Yoga of the Gods

By Maliki Fard
Salaat is the divine yoga of the Gods. As we know Salaat is a slight innovation to
the ancient Kemetic sun salute. The times of Salaat are designed to attune us to
the universe; its function is perfectly designed to align the chakras. For instance,
iyaam has the same affect of the yogic mountain pose and activates the !th
chakra. "uku is the yogic forward #end and activates the #ase or root chakra.
Sa$da activates the root and the heart chakra. %uwls is similar to the yogic dragon
pose and activates the root chakra, also the &nd through the 'th. The left foot
folded a certain way as to put pressure with the left foot heel into the upper part
of the #uttocks over time with direction of the will activates the coiled dragon
causing its head to rise. Sa$da is considered the perfect position and the position
of the most #lessings, not #ecause, Sa$da represents total su#mission alone, #ut
#ecause, during the #owing position, #lood rushes over the #rain causing
o(ygenation etc. etc. The #ending motion during Salaat massages and realigns
the spine.
)uring Salaat the #ody must remain in a perfect posture, #ack straight, even
during ruku. *any don+t know that $ust #y the change of diet many of our latent
faculties #egin to awaken.
The study and memori,ation of the lessons redirects the mind and trains the
many animals that run a muck unrestrained in the ,oo. *inister Farrakhan once
stated that when we study the lessons, that we, are actually communicating with
*F* t+ala and the *essenger. -f we are communicating with these two divine
personages we are actually #eing drawn up into their minds and thus their way of
thinking. *any do not apply the teachings thus we don+t actually attain such a
lofty position.
.reliminary Science/
The control of #reath is the key to the control of or the slowing down of thought,
thus the 0uieting of the mind. 1ur *essenger in 2Theology of Time3 taught us
that if we wanted to communicate from mind to mind, to go somewhere where it
is 0uiet and we won+t #e distur#ed and concentrate 4visuali,e5 on the person or
thing that we want to communicate with. .arenthesis added. 1ur *essenger also
taught us how to will things into #eing. 6e stated that he would think a#out a
thing and forget a#out it and it would come into #eing. 7ow let us look deeply at
the *inister+s divine words. The mind is the repository of Allah; and that 2.rayer
is the reaffirmation of desire83
To prove this, the 7a#i *uhammad 4..9.:.6.5 stated that we should pray as if
we see Allah, #ut if you do not see him, he sees you. The a#ove statement clearly
shows the difference of those who approach prayer from a God state and those
who do not. The Sufi *aster *.". 9awa *uhayadeen stated that in prayer you
will only see to the limit of what you bring with you to prayer. 6e
said that *an is God and that if what man wants to attain is God, that he must
only #ring God with him to prayer. 6e said God has to pray to God.
1ur *essenger in his divine wisdom said that we have #een praying to ourselves
all this time unknowingly; that we are the Gods that we are to #ow and worship;
that we are the direction that we should look for God, and that we answer our
;hen we approach prayer we must approach it hum#ly #ecause at that moment
we are in conscious communication with the )ivine *ind of the universe. 1ur
minds ascend #eyond conditioning and mortality and #egin to #reak free from
the fetters of form, and stretches forth into the infinite.
;hen we step on the prayer rug we are told to hold our ga,e on one spot. ;e are
in reality are slowly reaching dharma or one sightedness. The prayer rug or flying
carpet 4smile5 is o#long in shape. The oblong shape symbolized the earth
in some traditions and the universe in others. So, when we stand alone
on the prayer rug with our ga,e fi(ed in one location we have at that minute made
the earth our footstool as we ga,e into the world of the finite, till #y divine will
and concentration the rug disappears and everything around it and All that
remains is where our ga,e is affi(ed; we are slowly perceiving the infinite.
;hen we are in prayer we are to have our legs spread a part shoulder distance.
The human #ody has si( sides the same as a cu#e; therefore the #ody is a cu#e.
The cu#e in alchemy is associated with salt and salt is considered to #e in which
all of creation is concentrated, therefore is divine the human form; the product of
the e0uili#ration of all the elements and forces of the universe. So in reality
during prayer man is actually God standing upon the earth 4his footstool steering
into the infinite. 1nly God can attain to God. 1nly Allah can see Allah.
The 7ew -slam must #e reali,ed8
7ote/ -t is very important to commit Salaat constantly; at times ignore the
num#er of rakats, $ust flow with the inner urge, that inner intuition. The inner
voice will tell you when it is enough. -f you continue in Salaat at some point you
will #ecome totally engulfed in the divine worship of Allah. -t+s important to take
your time and e(amine the #eauty of each word #eing said in Salaat, know that
you are uttering these words<will into the universe. ;hen you have finally
ascended in a sense during Salaat you will forget everything #ut devotion; you
will #egin to utter the words with all your emotion; all your mind and energies of
your #eing. =ou will #ecome overwhelmed and may #egin to cry. After long
periods of time, it may #e shorter with others; you will #egin to feel an itching
sensation #etween your eye #rows, at that time your lower ego will urge you to
stop, and scratch etc. #ut ignore the feeling keep your #eing to worship. )o not #e
alarmed the itching sensation is the slight awakening of your A$na center. This is
the written name of God in the forehead.
;e already have everything we need we $ust don+t utili,e the Supreme ;isdom.
The teachings are complete our understanding of them are incomplete. ;e are
undergoing the greatest e(periment under way, the grafting #ack of the mem#ers
of the >ost Found 7ation of -slam #ack into the 1riginal *an8
Study your lessons; they will keep the Spirit of life in you8 T.6.?.*.
To the angels their lessons are their #lessings8 T.6.?.*.
S1*? 1F *= F1>>1;?"S A"? -7 T6? 6?"?AFT?" 71; 9?@A:S? T6?=
:7)?"ST11)8 T.6.?.*.
The Savior and the *essenger gave us true ;orship, .roper diet, how to o#tain
"ight thinking. They taught us how to awaken our latent powers, if we $ust apply
the teachings and adhere to the laws .erfectly. -t+s hard #ut it can #e done8

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