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Recruitment & Selection at McDonalds

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Recruitment and Selection process at Mc Donalds

Prepared By:
Atithya Vyas
Dhruvi Bhatt
Kinjal Vaghela
Dharmaraj Wala

Submitted To: MS. SHWETA
L.J .Institute of Engineering & Technology


Recruitment & Selection at McDonalds

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1 Introduction 3
2 Recruitment 6
3 Selection 13
4 Training 15
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6 Some practical examples of recruitment at Mc Donalds 18
7 Conclusion 20
Recruitment & Selection at McDonalds

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1. Introduction

1.1 Year Established

1.2 Business Information

1.2.1 McDonald's Family Restaurant in C G Road,

The restaurant
serves excellent meals at the
most affordable
prices. McDonald's is popular
Fast Food Joint. It is known by
its nickname 'Mc D'.
McDonalds in Ahmedabad is
run by the McDonald's
Corporation (NYSE: MCD),
which is the world's largest
chain of hamburger fast food

The chain of restaurants is
spread over 119 countries and territories. It serves more than 65 million customers daily. It is
headquartered in the United States of America. The brand has more than 34,000 restaurants
worldwide. The employee base of the company is more than 1.7 million people.

The concept of the restaurant was founded by Richard and Maurice McDonald's. Later on, it was
bought and incorporated by Ray Kroc. It was started with an objective to build a restaurant
system that would be famous for food of consistently high quality and uniform methods of
preparation. The Fast Food joint was established in the year 1955. It grew within a short life span
and made a record of selling 100 million hamburger by the year 1958.

Recruitment & Selection at McDonalds

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1.3 About McDonalds, Ahmedabad

The restaurant serves Vegetarian as well as Non vegetarian
food. It offers various menus such as Spicy Delights, Extra Value Meals, Happy Price Menu,
Breakfast Menu, Favorites, Happy Meals, Beverages and Desserts. The menu consists of various
types of Burgers, Sandwiches, Chicken items, Breakfast, Salads, Snacks, Sides, Beverages,
Deserts and Shakes. It also includes Nuggets, Salads, Wraps and Smoothies. Some of its famous
items topping the list are Mc Veggie, Mc Chicken, Chicken Maharaja Mc, Coke Float, Veg Pizza
McPuff, Soft Serve, McSwirl, Walnut Brownie with Hot Fudge and French Fries. One can also
organize Birthday
parties at Mc
Donald's. It offers
various Birthday
Packages for children.
Attractive Decor &
Music is arranged
with colorful
balloons, swirly
danglers & cool
Ronald McDonald
posters. Funky
Headbands are
distributed and
exciting games are
played at the
restaurant. Prizes and
Return Gifts are also
distributed among
children. A special
gift is given by Ronald McDonald to the Birthday boy or girl. The company also operates other
restaurant brands such as Piles Caf, Mc Caf, McStop and McExpress. Some of its restaurants
have indoor as well as outdoor seating. Most of the standalone restaurants of the brand offer both
counter service and drive-through service. Drive-Thru, Auto-Mac, Pay and Drive, or 'McDrive'
are separate stations for placing, paying for, and picking up orders. The restaurant also provides
Take Packages and Home Delivery service.

Recruitment & Selection at McDonalds

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1.4 Milestones in McDonald's India Journey:

Launch of First Restaurant - 1996
Introduction of Happy Meals - 1997
Introduction of Drive thru - Kalamboli outlet - 2001
Launch of Delivery - Bandra Outlet in 2004
Introduction of Happy Price Menu - 2004
Introduction of Global Menu - McNuggets - 2009
Introduction of Breakfast Menu - October 2010
HRPL awarded Development Licensee - 2010
Introduction of Global Menu - McSpicy April 2011
Introduction of Global Menu - McFlurry October 2011
Introduction of McValue Lunch Meals - January 2012

Recruitment & Selection at McDonalds

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2. Recruitment

As the biggest
family restaurant business in the
world, McDonalds vision is to
provide the best family restaurant
experience by far. To achieve
this, we put people at the centre of
everything we do, and that goes for
our employees as much as our
customers. McDonalds recognize
that people do well when they feel
good in their job, so we go all out
to create the right working
environment for everyone. Thats a
lot of people to consider, which is
why we strive to provide a variety
of rewards and benefits to suit all
kinds of lifestyles. In achieving the
best working experience for our people, we aim to provide the best restaurant experience for our
customers. In working for McDonalds, employees not only become part of one of the largest
global brands, but a constantly evolving organization that offers a culture of flexibility,
opportunity, equality and diversity.

While our people come from all walks of life, they share a common approach: a
positive one. When recruiting Crew Members, our policy is to hire the smile. This helps to
foster a workforce of people with a positive outlook and approach, which in turn creates an
upbeat and friendly atmosphere. Of course, its not just about hiring happy people its about
doing everything we can to keep them smiling. How? By offering rewards and benefits that fit in
with their lifestyle, whether theyre a part-time employee working to fund their college education
or a Trainee Business Manager straight out of university.

2.1 Recruiting suitable applicants

Whether employees join as a Crew Member or a Trainee Business
Manager, we can provide exceptional support, real progression opportunities, a range of
excellent rewards and all the potential associated with working for a world-famous global brand.
Recruitment & Selection at McDonalds

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2.1.1 Crew Members
To make sure were right for each other, weve designed a
two-step application process for potential Crew Members. The first phase of the application is an
online application. If successful, the candidate will be invited to a restaurant for an On Job
Evaluation (OJE) and interview. The OJE serves two purposes: it gives a good opportunity to
evaluate the candidates customer service skills against whats needed to be a successful member
of the McDonalds team, and it allows the candidate to see if the McDonalds high-energy
environment suits their preferred style of working. During the process, which only lasts about 15
minutes, the candidate will work in one of our customer facing areas and will be given full
instruction on what to do. In addition, they will have an interview with the Business Manager.
The whole process should take about 30 minutes.

The responsibilities that go with this job include the following duties:
1. Greeting customers while offering super customer service attention, taking, assembling and
presenting food orders, requesting and receiving payment, operating the cash register (Constant
movement, frequent bending and stooping)
2. Assisting new crew members in learning their new job skills
Cooking and preparing food for sale- (Standing and constant moving)
3. Checking equipment to ensure that it is in proper working order, letting the management team
know if there might be a problem
4.Backing up other crew members in their jobs, assist in any area to ensure that the food is being
prepared, packaged and delivered to customer in a timely manner.

Eligibility Criteria for Crew Members:-
Minimum eligibility for the crew members is 10+2.
Good communication skills
Power to motivate the employees

Recruitment & Selection at McDonalds

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Welcome Meeting
Once Crew Members have been hired, they will attend a welcome meeting
at their chosen restaurant or recruitment centre. This meeting will last an hour and is designed to
engage and inform new starters. It involves viewing a DVD which gives important information
about the company, and also allows for manager/new starter interaction.

The second part of the orientation is a compulsory online Health & Safety and Food Safety test
that the new starter completes in their own time. The first shift begins with a tour of the store
highlighting key Health & Safety and Food Safety procedures. It is
recommended that this should last for the first two hours of the shift.

2.1.2 Trainee Business Manager
A Trainee Business Manager will be participating in
an awardwinning management training scheme and will need to show strong leadership skills.
Winning a place on our Management Development Programme is no small feat. Nor is it a
shortterm commitment but rather represents a long-term career decision. We want to make sure
that the candidate and McDonalds are right for each other, so the candidate goes through a four-
step selection process. The first stage is the initial screening process which ensures that the
candidate meets the basic criteria. If the candidate is successful, they will be asked to complete
the next stage, an online personality questionnaire. This will ensure that the candidate has the
desired attributes and that the McDonalds environment is suited to their preferred style of
working. The next step will be the restaurant based On Job Evaluation or OJE. The candidate
will do the job for real for a day and discover what its really like working in a McDonalds
restaurant. The final step of the selection process is an interview with a Senior Manager. Initially
the Trainee Business Manager will complete an intensive 18-week Management Development
Programme. The Management Development Programme will give the candidate a thorough
grounding in the McDonalds business and all the commercial skills needed to thrive and
develop into an effective Assistant Manager. An Assistant Manager may later progress to
become a Business Manager or an Operations Consultant (Area Manager) depending on their
desire to achieve.

Eligibility Criterion for Management Trainee:-
Candidates who possess the following qualification are eligible for the job in a McDonalds.
2. MBA graduate from well known universities like lovely professional universities etc.
Recruitment & Selection at McDonalds

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Work Conditions
Work in the restaurant. Monday-Saturday 9am-7 pm is required. Expected to be in the office
between 40-55 hours per week depending on workflow. The office is located at S.g. road opp.
Iscon temple.
Salary and compensation
4K + 1K bonus + benefits

2.1.3 Restaurant Manager
Restaurant managers ensure that restaurants operate
efficiently and profitably while maintaining their reputation. They must coordinate a variety of
activities, whatever the size or type of the outlet. Managers are responsible for the business
performance of their restaurant, as well as maintaining high standards of food, service, and
health and safety.

Business activities in McDonalds by Restaurant Manager:-
Taking responsibility for the business performance of the restaurant.
Analysing and planning restaurant sales levels and profitability.
Organising marketing activities, such as promotional events and discount schemes.
Preparing reports at the end of the shift/week, including staff control, food control and
Creating and executing plans for department sales, profit and staff development.
Setting budgets and/or agreeing them with senior management.
Planning and coordinating menus.

Eligibility Criteria for Restaurant Manager:-
Should have minimum 3 years of experience
Should obtain master degree in hotel management
Recruitment & Selection at McDonalds

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Good communication skills
Applicant who knows any foreign language like French will be prefer

2.2 Analysis of Recruitment and Selection Process in McDonalds

In the McDonalds the recruitment process consists of the following steps;
Strategic development
Evaluation and control

In the Mcd 1st step in the planning. Planning also gave an clear idea about number of candidate
and the type of candidate applying for the job. An important part of the planning is to attract
more people than the organisation needed so that they can choose the right candidate and also
attracting the type of candidate similar to the advertisement.

Strategic Development
After deciding how many people are required and what qualification required the McDonalds
concentrate in the strategic development. Different companies have different view about strategic
development. The first thing is to decide in strategic development is to decide whether to recruit
someone with past experience or whether to recruit someone with fresh knowledge and invest
towards the future training of that employee. After deciding the eligibility of the employee the
organizations look different medium to advertise the job and which labor market they want to

Recruitment & Selection at McDonalds

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The searching process begins after the planning and strategic development. If the first two
processes run well then in searching process the McDonald organisation should receive many
application because at this stage the medium is activated as the HR manager gives green signal
about vacancy inside the organization. All the application must be screened and after careful
screening the candidates who passed should called for interview and the candidates did not pass
should sent letter explaining the reason of failure.

The reason for screening inside the recruitment process is that selection process starts only after
candidates are short listed for the next stage.

2.2.1 Sources Of recruitment
Two types of sources are there which the McDonalds use;
1. Internal Sources
2. External Sources.

When the McDonalds do recruitment process inside the organization it refers to the internal
sources. Some of the internal sources of McDonalds are:
Through promotions and transfers
Through employees referrals
Formal employees:- Former employees sometimes return to the organization for better
career growth and also sometime after in another job they can compare which is better
this way they can differentiate which employee is better.

Recruitment & Selection at McDonalds

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External recruitment makes is possible interview a wide a range of candidate and chose from that
selection. Sometimes employer need to pump some fresh blood inside their organization to get
some new business ideas and also to put some energy inside the organization. But sometimes
company end up with huge cost for hiring external employees but they are not as qualified as
their curriculum vita says.

It can be through:

The most popular method of job recruitment in the McDonalds is advertisement through
different medium. Employers describe the job responsibilities and requirement of the job
followed by how to apply and by which date they have to apply. The most popular medium of
advertisement are the newspaper, company website and different jobsite which post job from
different company.
2. Professional and trade association
Professional association for trade and technical bodied are very active in the field of recruitment
and selection. They provide employer with people according to their need and those
professionals are trained with international standard. Like for accountant and technical jobs are
always preferred by the professional bodies. Now days there are some websites like linked in
which network among different professional people.
3. Through official website of McDonalds
4. Another popular method among the employee or job seeker for different store and food shops
are known as walk in store. Company advertise in front of the stores or there is a particular place
where companies hired.

Recruitment & Selection at McDonalds

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3. Selection

The McDonalds Corporation mostly did the selection process for the new hires in an

The following process is followed in McDonalds for selecting the candidate;

1. Preliminary Interview:-In McDonalds they firstly do the preliminary screening of application
of forms which enables the manager to eliminate the candidates who dont full fill the required
the qualification.

2. Selection Tests:- When they do the screening of a application forms the next step in
McDonalds is that they take some selection tests which are;

Ability Test
Intelligence Test
Interest Test
Personality Questionnaire

3. Employment Interview: - After the selection tests then the next step is Employment
interview which involves a formal depth interview conducted by a employer to judge a
candidates suitability for the job.

4.Refrence and Background Checks:- After the employment interview then the next step is
reference and background checks so to verify the information and to obtain more information
about a candidate, if need be.

Recruitment & Selection at McDonalds

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5. Selection Decision:-the final selection is made from among those candidates who have
successfully cleared the tests, interview and reference checks. The manager, selects the
candidates is held partly responsible for subsequent performance of the employee.

Medical examination is really necessary in McDonalds because it is the fast food restaurant
where the crew members are providing the foods like burger, lava cake etc if they have a disease
like chicken pox that can be easily spreaded so the medical examination is a main part of

6. Job Offer: - when the candidate passes all the stages of a selection process which are given by
McDonalds the McDonalds organization provides the job offer to the applicant.

7.Contract of Employment:- Contract of employment is a written contract which contains the
following checklists;
Job title
Duties and responsibilities
Date of joining
Leave rules
Work rules

Recruitment & Selection at McDonalds

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4. Training at McDonalds
McDonalds continued success is built on the highest standards of quality, service
and cleanliness delivered to customers in each of its restaurants. Well trained crew and managers
are the first step to achieving these standards. It is company policy to provide career
opportunities that allow all employees to develop their full potential. This policy includes a
comprehensive development program for crew and operations management, and career
progression that enables a first job employee to progress to a senior management position
through merit-based promotions.

4.1 Crew Development Programme
The first stage of training is at the Welcome Meetings where the Company
standards and expectations are explained. This is followed by a structured training programme
that provides training in all areas of the business. Crew Trainers work shoulder-to-shoulder with
trainees while they learn the skills necessary to run each of the workstations in the restaurant,
from the front counter to the grill area. The majority of the training is floor based, or on-the-job
training, because people learn more and are more likely to retain information if they are able to
practise while they learn. All new employees have an initial training period. During this period
they are shown the basics and given the chance to develop their skills to a level where they are
competent in each area within the restaurant. The time scale for this will depend on their status
i.e. whether they are full or part-time employees. They will also complete workbooks and unit
tests in the areas of quality, service and cleanliness. After the initial training period all employees
receive ongoing training. This is done with the aid of Station Observation Checklists, a score
sheet for the skills needed to work in each part of the restaurant. The ratings from the checklist
will go towards their Performance Review.

4.2 Management Opportunities

Restaurants do promote Crew Members to hourly paid management
positions where they have the responsibility for shift running within the restaurant. The training
begins within the restaurants with a Shift Management Development Programme and
development days which cover areas such as Customer Care, First Aid, Taste of Quality and
Food & Restaurant Safety. On successful completion of a management entrance exam,
employees will attend a training course held by the Training Department before returning to the
restaurant in a management position.

Recruitment & Selection at McDonalds

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4.3 Curriculum

The McDonalds Management Development Curriculum takes new
recruits from Trainee Manager to Business Manager. The curriculum consists of on-the-job
training and open learning development modules supported by courses and seminars at National
and Regional Training Centres. The Shift Management Development Curriculum is divided into
four key programmes: Shift Management - Enabling Trainee Managers to develop
the skills and techniques required to become effective in all aspects of running a shift.
Systems Management - Targeting Second Assistant and newly promoted First Assistant
managers, this programme covers all areas of McDonalds systems, increasing the managers
business knowledge. It also develops the individuals management skills. Restaurant Leadership
- Introducing managers to the key skills needed to become effective leaders, e.g. team-building,
decision-making and communication. Business Leadership Focuses experienced Business
Managers on the need to develop a business strategy that encompasses both internal and external
factors. Most departments offer Business Managers opportunities to be seconded to work in a
regional office. This gives an experienced manager a chance to develop and learn new skills, to
see a different side of the business and to experience how each departments strategies have a
role in achieving the companys goals. A training curriculum is available to office based
employees that combines online learning, IT training and soft-skills development to help
individuals further develop and progress in their roles.

Recruitment & Selection at McDonalds

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5. Words By Manager Mr.Sitesh Singh:-

At McDonalds we believe in lifelong learning. We provide training and development at all
levels to help you refine your skills, grow in your current position or transition to a new role in
the company.
Especially for crew members we provide them the training like how they handle the customer at
We provide them the training of how to speak fluently through English speaking course.

At McDonalds, trainings are conducted in phases and each phase aims at developing a particular
competency. The various training phases comprise of:
New Hire Training
Pre-Process Training
Process Training
On-Job Training
Refresher Training
Remedial Training
Development Training
New Hire Training is carried out in four different phases Induction, Pre-Process Training,
Process Training and On-Job Training. Training is typically instructor led (in most of the
business processes) and focuses on classroom sessions, group activities, role plays,
demonstrations and hands-on practice. The image below highlights the salient features of each
phase of training.

On-Job Training (OJT) is normally included as part of the New Hire Training, post completion
of Classroom / Buddy Training. In most businesses / accounts (back-office business) in
McDonalds, an OJT program exists but not in a structured form. In most cases it does not factor
in / include all the critical components to help make a new hire successful at the start of their Job.
McDonalds has the most experienced Development Team in the restaurant sector specialising in
acquiring leasehold and freehold sites for development. We can also take the hassle out of the
leasing process for site owners by taking care of everything from planning/change of use
applications to surveys and construction (subject to agreed contribution to fees).

Recruitment & Selection at McDonalds

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6. Some practical examples of recruitment at Mc Donalds

Recruitment & Selection at McDonalds

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A. Crew Member Interview
Crew Member

I applied through other source and the process took a day interviewed at McDonald's inMay
Interview Details :
First the interviewer took the PI round. Then he asked me about the salary expectations & my
willingness to work for overtime if required. I replied calmly & positively. I got through it.
Interview Questions
If required are you willing to work till late night..
Salary will be paid to you by per hour rate, Are you ok with it..

B. Crew Member Interview
Anonymous Employee
I applied online and the process took 2 days - interviewed at McDonald's in January 2014.
Interview Details I walked into the store and asked for the hiring manager. They were currently
hiring so when I asked for an application and she told me it was all online. She took down my
name and I went home and applied. Later that night I go a call for an interview. On the day of
my interview I was interviewed by 2 people. They ask the standard questions like;

What would you do in this situation...etc...
Recruitment & Selection at McDonalds

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Explain a difficult time you had with a co-worker.

How would you greet the customers.

They basically asked the same questions twice.

I got hired on the spot and took the offer.
Interview Question
Explain a time when you needed to get something done quickly.
Negotiation Details
no negotiation

C. Management Trainee Interview
Anonymous Employee

I applied in-person and the process took 4+ weeks - interviewed at McDonald's inJanuary 2010.
Interview Details
Was monotonus based on checklist, mostly focussed on team work, initiative skills and
leadership skills.

7. Conclusion

McDonalds believes that the success of the restaurants and the company is
achieved through their people. The company aims to recruit the best people, to retain them by
offering ongoing training relevant to their position and to promote them when they are ready.
The recruitment policies, procedures and practices reflect the companys determination to fulfill
its aim.