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You Can Own A Gun (For Now)

The second amendment of the constitution which allows an individual to keep and bear Arms, permits the right to obtain a gun license for
personal protection. This right of protection allows that a US citizen may defend himself/herself as long as he/she abides to the conditions
and restrictions of their gun license. The act of acquiring a gun license for the state in relation to the gun user undergoes the process of
gun safety courses, firearms identification application, and turning in all necessary documentation and fees to the local police department.
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Get A Li cense
In order to get a license for personal protection, a citizen must first meet the requirements of gun ownership. The applicant must be at least
21 years of age, must be a US citizen, must have no prior convictions or restraining orders, and must comply with the standards of mental
health. These requirements are substantial to determining an applicants ability to be responsible with a personal firearm. If the applicant fits
all of these descriptions, he/she may proceed with the process of obtaining a gun license. Applicants should keep in mind that a gun license
permits use of personal firearms in the counties of which applied for and all fees are non refundable.
Safety And Knowl edge
The first important factor of acquiring a gun license is obtaining the knowledge of safety and proper use of firearms regardless of your
shooting experience. This ensures that a gun user is prepared to operating a firearmsafely and within reasonable means. These courses
consists of a curriculumbased on handgun use, state laws, and unit quizzes/tests. Students receive a Handgun Safety Certificate upon
completion of meeting the educational standards of his/her courses (pass exam). This certification is required when submitting
documentation and fees to obtain a gun license.
Gun Li cense Courses
After passing courses, it is time to complete a Gun Licensing Application Formfor personal protection. These applications can be found
and printed fromgovernment websites in relation to the state of which the gun owner will be operating his/her firearmor contact a local
office of Public Safety and Security. This application formconsist of series of questions to indicate what type of gun license is being
applied for and compile personal information of the applicant. Several personal references and an explanation (personal protection) may be
requested to complete the licensing form. It is important that all information is correct for approval and a valid date and signature is signed.
Documentati on to Local Pol i ce Print web pages, createPDFs
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Now that all safety requirements have been met and documentation has been properly
filled, it is time to submit all documentation and fees to the local police department.
This consist of a printed copy of Handgun Safety Certificate, Gun Licensing
Application Form, and application fee in accordance to the type of gun license. Upon
review of your filed documentation, it is on behalf of the Police Department to record
the applicants fingerprints and run a thorough background check with the provided
information. Once eligibility has been confirmed for allowance of a gun license, the
Police Department will then provide you with the time frame of which an applicant may
receive his/her gun license.
This licensing process ensures that all applicants have done their part in informing
legal authorities of their gun ownership. American citizens are not authorized to
operate person firearms if the legal systemdoesnt concur. To keep both individuals
and their families safe, citizens should file for a gun license of personal protection with a Safety Certificate and Proper Gun License Form.
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