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A Look Back
This short week was spent reviewing quite a bit of information. We reviewed and talked about flips, turns, and slides with shapes. We also reviewed the term “congruent.” On the back of this newsletter are some questions about those. Please ask these to help your child become better at these concepts. We also continued practicing addition and multiplication facts by completing some computation sheets and activities. During reading we reviewed how to use the Star Method. This is an amazing tool that will help your child become a more thorough reader and effective question answerer. To go along with this strategy, we read a short story about the first Thanksgiving. Following the story, the students had to answer questions and prove their answers by showing what paragraph they found the information in. We spent the week talking about the first Thanksgiving and what the culture was like at that time. We’ve learned a lot of neat things! Have a great Thanksgiving! I hope that you get to spend some much needed quality time with your family. We’re off to West Plains and Kansas City for an eventful weekend of fun. My family is going to take in a basketball game at K.U. (This is where Kaitlyn thinks she should go to college!) A little rivalry trivia: I went to school (for a while) at the rival! Most of you probably know that it’s M.U.

Classroom Rule:

11/25 Early out for Thanksgiving vacation 11/26-1127 No School—Thanksgiving vacation Book Orders due 12/1

A Peek to Next Week
We’ll come back full swing after our bellies are full! In math we will continue working on multiplication. Our practice will focus on word problems and quick recall of multiplication facts. We’re also working on critical thinking skills. My goal is to have everyone thinking more deeply about math problems. We’ll be getting into some pretty tough ones now

Choose your lunch in the morning, so no one else chooses for you.

that we’re well into the school year. We will begin a new story called Tornado Alert. During this story we will focus on context clues, fact and opinion, and summarizing.



Next Week Cont.
We will start a new writing prompt about holidays. With this we will concentrate on capitalization, punctuation, the use of figurative language, and having a strong voice in writing the paper. I anticipate starting a unit about the Constitution and Declaration of Independence this week. Students will learn vocabulary and the history behind each of these documents. We will also look at citizenship and what our government consists of. I love this unit! I always have a great time teaching the preamble and branches of government! If anyone wants extra points on Monday, bring in the Ask Me, I Know section of this newsletter answered and I will give a few bonus points!

Ask Me, I Know!
Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire. -William Butler Yeats Anything multiplied by 0 is always ______ Anything multiplied by one is always the _______ _______. When do you change a Y to an I at the end of the word? Draw an array that represents 25. Draw an array with the dimensions of 6 x 8.

Appreciation and Reminders
Thank you to everyone who could be sending in cleaning wipes! We try to keep our room clean and these help out a lot! Please remember to sign your child’s assignment book each night. Don’t forget to sign and return the math check-ups that come home each Friday. Thank you for helping your child be successful in third grade! No school Thursday or Friday! Have a great break!




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